Pick Or Pass On These Comfort Foods And Discover Your Most Compatible Sign

Life can get pretty stressful from time to time and it's normal to feel worn out when it seems like a million things are all happening at once. We're constantly under pressure to excel at work, have a great body, keep up our homes, entertain our friends, look after our children, keep our romantic partners happy and somehow still try to squeeze in a few moments for ourselves every now and again. It's like a juggler at the circus who keeps adding more and more balls to his act until everything comes crashing down.

Now there are plenty of ways that we can relieve this pressure. We can work our routines to find better ways to perform everyday tasks, we can exercise, or play games to relax and yes, we can indulge in a little comfort food too.

When we think of comfort food, we think of soul food, the type of dishes that not only fill our stomachs but also our hearts. Things like pasta, burgers, chips, and sweets. They certainly aren't good for us in large doses but as a pick-me-up at the end of the day, they work perfectly.

For today's quiz we want everyone to pick or pass on our list of comfort foods and at the end, we'll reveal everyone's ideal star sign match.

1Mac and cheese:

Whether it's homemade, storebought, or from a restaurant menu, mac and cheese is one of the first dishes we think about when it comes to comfort food. It may be simple but when prepared properly this is a dish that's always guaranteed to make us feel better. Pick or pass on mac and cheese:


We've had a jam-packed day. We were up before sunrise and now that the sun is starting to set again things are only just starting to wind down. It's time to head home and try to relax a little bit and we think we deserve a sweet treat for all our hard work. How about a box of donuts?

3Baked potato:

Comfort food doesn't need to be expensive and in fact, some of the most amazing comfort food dishes are the simplest ones. Take baked potato for example. Potatoes are a cheap veggie, always available and very easy to cook. With the right sauce (and a generous helping of cheese of course) this is the perfect winter meal.

4Potato chips:

Potato chips are ideal for sharing with friends, as a party food and yes, as a pick-me-up snack too. After a stressful day, there's nothing like sitting down with a bag of our preferred crisps and a dip and catching up on our favorite series. Pick or pass on potato crisps as a comfort food:

5Rib burger:

There are all types of different burgers - from veggie burgers to fish, chicken, and beef, but the one burger that always stands out from the rest is the rib burger. Eating a rib burger is like eating ribs, expect a lot less messy and way more fun. Pick or pass on this one:

6Mash and gravy:

Mashed potatoes are usually served as a side dish and they go well with almost every type of meat. Mashed potatoes and gravy can be served with chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, and even pork. Provided the potatoes are smooth and creamy and the gravy is rich and flavorful every forkful should just melt in the mouth.

7Chicken nuggets:

It's lunchtime and we've managed to escape from the office for a moment. It's been a hectic morning so far and we really need some fast food to help give us energy this afternoon. What could be more suitable than a jumbo serving of chicken nuggets with our favorite dipping sauce?

8Chocolate cake:

Our birthday is coming up and for the party, we've decided to have all of our favorite foods to share with the guests. And the highlight of our menu is definitely the dessert - a rich, moist chocolate cake served with ice-cream. Pick or pass on a slice of this cake:


Burgers are without a doubt one of the most popular fast foods in the world so no list of comfort food would be complete without them. Cheeseburgers are always one of the most sought-after items on the menu so we just know everyone is going to choose "pick" on this one!

10Chicken soup:

Having a cold is just no fun right? Having a blocked nose and a stuffy head is enough to make anyone feel miserable. In order to get well again, we need to nourish our bodies and chicken soup is the perfect comfort food when we're under the weather. Pick or pass on this dish:


Fries can be eaten with bacon and eggs for breakfast, served with sandwiches or burgers for lunch, eaten with steak and veggies for dinner, and enjoyed anytime we feel like having a quick snack. Pair them up with a dipping sauce and we've got an ideal comfort food. Pick or pass on fries:


There's nothing like walking into a steakhouse and being greeted by the rich amora of slow-cooked ribs. It's enough to make anyone's mouth water. With a rich BBQ sauce ribs are certainly a comfort food, even if they are a little messy to eat. Pick or pass on a rack 'o ribs:


There's a quaint little bakery that we pass every day on our way home from work and today we spotted a sign in their window advertising a fresh selection of cheesecakes. We'd had a pretty rough day at school so we decided to go in and grab our favorite slice. Yes or no to cheesecake?

14Spaghetti and meatballs:

There are three crucial elements to the perfect spaghetti and meatball dish. Firstly, the pasta needs to be cooked properly; not too hard, not overdone, and definitely not sticky. Secondly, the meatballs need to be fresh and well seasoned, and thirdly the sauce needs to be thick enough to bring these two together.

15Chocolate chip cookies:

It's been one of those days where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong in the least convenient possible order. We missed a meeting because of a flat tire, we left our wallet at home, and we spilled our coffee in our bosses lap. How about a box of chocolate chips cookies to make it seem better?


Cornbread is a quick-make bread that is made using cornmeal. It can be served alongside almost any dish and is great for mopping up yummy sauces. When we think of soul food we can't imagine any dish that couldn't be improved by a few slices of cornbread! Pick or pass?

17Banana split:

When we were kids our parents would always give us ice-cream as a special treat. If we got good grades or didn't cry during a doctors visit we knew that we could look forward to something sweet. Everyone had their favorite but ours was always the banana split. Pick or pass on this treat as a comfort food:


Sliders are basically bite-sized burgers and honestly, what could possibly be better than a burger that you can eat in one or two bites? They come in all different flavors too which means you can have a combination of sliders. They are perfect as party food or just a quick snack.


The only problem with pancakes is knowing when to start because one just never seems to be enough. This is a comfort that not only tastes yummy but is also fun to make, especially with the kids or our friends. Pick or pass on a plate of pancakes to chase away the blues:

20Grilled cheese sandwich:

Being broke can make us feel pretty stressed out, and not having the funds to buy the food we really want can make it even worse. But there are plenty of inexpensive options when it comes to comfort food and most of the time, these are actually the best! A prime example? The grilled cheese sandwich.

21Garlic bread:

Now we would not recommend eating an entire loaf of garlic bread the day before a job interview or a big date but apart from that, there's no reason to abstain. Garlic is actually really good for us, and there's nothing like fresh bread so this combination is a comfort food winner all the way!

22Snack cake:

We're looking for a comfort food that we can carry with us while traveling and we think we've found the answer - snack cakes! Provided we keep them cool, these little guys will be perfect for nibbling on while we explore new places. Pick or pass on snack cakes as a comfort food:

23Rice crispy treats:

Rice crispy treats might be synonymous with children's birthday parties but there's no age limit when it comes to this sweet snack. They are perfect for enjoying any time we need a little pick-me-up but they are loaded with sugar so moderation is key. Who could go for one of these right now?


Ever notice how most comfort foods are made with starchy ingredients? Bread, potatoes, pasta's etc? These make the best dishes and when it comes to feel-good they will always come out on top. One of our all-time favorite comfort foods is a rich, creamy lasagne, served with a side salad.

25Onion rings:

Onion rings are the ideal way to round off a meal. Think about it. Sure, a burger served with a side of fries is delicious but we could take it to the next level simply by adding a few crispy deep-fried onion rings. We can even have them on their own for a quick snack.

26Potato salad:

There are so many ways to enjoy to enjoy potatoes that we could have them every night of the week and never get bored. Deep fried as chips, grated into hashbrowns, baked in the oven, mashed, sauteed, the list is endless. And they can even be made into a deliciously creamy potato salad.

27Tomato soup:

On a cold winter's night, there's nothing more inviting than sitting down in front of the fireplace and enjoying a bowl of hot, homemade soup. Any flavor will do but if we're really in the mood for something hearty we'll go for tomato soup, served with fresh bread, of course.

28Cheese and biscuits:

Traditionally cheese and biscuits were served at the end of a meal but not many people do this anymore. These days a selection of cheeses and savory biscuits might be served as a snack or an appetizer. We think this combination also works well as a comfort food. Who agrees with us?

29Bacon sandwich:

We've just arrived home and we're feeling pretty beat but thankfully our mom is staying over this week and she's prepared an old favorite for us tonight. Slices of crispy fried bacon sandwiched between slices of fresh white bread. Yummy! Pick or pass on bacon sandwiches as a comfort food:

30Ice cream sundae:

A girlfriend just called us up in floods of tears because she's split up with her boyfriend. She said she's coming over to our place and we know that when she gets here we should offer her something sweet to take her mind of things. How about a nice ice cream sundae?

31Roast chicken:

We've been away on a business trip for most of the weekend and now that we are finally home we're absolutely ravenous (and in the mood for something yummy to help us relax). Someone has been cooking at home and there's leftover roast chicken in the fridge. Will this fill the gap?


Not all comfort food needs to be loaded with starch, sugar, and fat. There are definitely healthy options for those who are interested. Nuts are an ideal choice for someone who needs a little pick-me-up but doesn't want to overload their body with junk food. Pick or pass on nuts as a comfort food:


Hashbrowns are usually served with breakfast meals but that doesn't mean they can't be enjoyed at other times of the day as well. Hashbrowns are ideal for adding to hamburgers and can work well as a snack food too. Pick or pass on a few hashbrowns as a comforting snack:


This is just what we needed: a relaxing evening out. We've just enjoyed a delicious meal in a restaurant and now that the evening is drawing to a close, we've decided to treat ourselves to some dessert. We see they have one of our favorite treats on the menu: chocolate brownies. Yes or no?

35Club sandwich:

Is the Club Sandwich the King of all sandwiches? We think so! Some people prefer their club with bacon and some prefer chicken but everyone can agree that when the blues hit hard this is one sandwich that will never disappoint. Who could go for one of these right now? Pick or pass:


Comfort food doesn't need to be complicated. Sometimes we crave the simplest dishes but they do need to be prepared correctly. For example, when it comes to steak, everyone has their own preferences on how the meat should be cooked. If the chef can get this right then everyone is happy.

37Mozzarella sticks:

Many of our favorite comfort foods contain cheese - think of dishes like pizza, mac and cheese, and cheeseburgers. Cheese is life and if we are feeling really low we might just eat cheese on its own. Or we might choose to coat it in batter and deep fry it...


We're hosting a little gathering at our place tonight but we're really not in the mood to cook anything. So instead we've decided to order burritos and this way everyone gets to decide exactly what they want. Sounds like a great start to a fun night! Pick or pass on burritos as a comfort food:

39Shephard's pie:

Some people confuse cottage pie with shepherds pie because they look very similar but they are not the same dish. The difference is in the meat; while shepherds pie is traditionally made with lamb, cottage pie is made with beef. Either way, this is a heart-warming comfort food. Pick or pass:

40Peanut butter and jelly sandwich:

Is anyone ever too old to enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Of course not. Whether someone is 10, 25, or 90 makes no difference when it comes to this classic comfort food. Spread it on there thick and enjoy with a glass of cold milk - mmm perfect!

41Potato Au Gratin:

This dish is made using thinly sliced potatoes which are layered in a dish, soaked with heavy cream and spices, then topped off with a generous helping of cheese before being baked in the oven. This meal is sure to satisfy anyone looking for a comforting dish. Pick or pass on potato au gratin:

42Frozen yogurt:

Today the temperatures soared and we could see that everyone was struggling a little with the heat. Even now that the sun is starting to set it's still toasty outside so we've decided to go for a walk before heading home. How about picking up some frozen yogurt along the way?

43Apple pie:

Apple pie is a classic dessert and is usually served with either cream or ice-cream. We can choose between the traditional apple pie (as made by mom or granny) or we can opt for the fast food version, which is usually deep fried. We think this just might be one of the best sweet treats around!

44Potato skins:

When we peel potatoes to make mash or potato au gratin we usually end up throwing the skins away or adding them to our compost heap. But there is something else we can do with them - fry them up! Deep fried potato skins with plenty of salt are sometimes even better than french fries.


Tonight we've decided to stay in on our own and watch one of our favorite movies. We're going to have our favorite pizza for dinner, a slice (or two) of cake for dessert, and then a huge bowl of popcorn to enjoy with the movie. Pick or pass on popcorn as a comfort food:

46Hot dogs:

We were in such a rush this morning that we left our lunch sitting on the kitchen counter. Now it's midday and our stomach is growling so it's time to head out and find something yummy to eat. There's a hot dog stand right outside the building - will that work for lunch?


When we think of home-cooked comfort food meatloaf is one of the first dishes that comes to mind. Everyone makes it slightly differently, and adding their own blend of herbs and spices, and serves it with different sides but there's something about this dish that always just feels so wholesome. Pick or pass on meatloaf as a comfort food:

48Chicken wings:

Chicken wings are perfect with a dipping sauce and great for sharing. With a few drinks, a huge helping of chicken wings, and the right bunch of friends an evening can go from zero to epic in no time at all. Pick or pass on a helping of chicken wings as a comfort food:


How could we possibly have a list of comfort food and not include pizza? We couldn't do that! Pizza is one of the most popular fast foods, great for eating alone or with our friends. Best of all we get to choose exactly what goes on it every time. Pick or pass:


On our way to the office, one of our colleagues calls us in distress. It's the receptionists birthday and everyone forgot! It's time for us to save the day by stopping at the bakery and picking up a box of cupcakes and grabbing a bunch of flowers from the florist next door.

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