Pick Or Pass On These Comedies To Get A Funny Wife

Who doesn't love a good laugh from time to time, right? Even though everyone has their own movie genre preferences, it would be tough to find someone who doesn't enjoy comedies. Sure, they don't usually have epic car chases or emotional romances, but they do always have a giggle or two to lend! What more could we really ask for from a 2-hour flick?

In today's quiz, we will be going through some of these hilarious films one by one. Everyone will get the chance to vote "pick" or "pass" on each one, and once that has been completed, we will match everyone up to their dream, funny-girl wifey! We have nothing to lose here, and only new funny movies and hilarious starlets to gain! Who's ready for this one?

Question 1

The Other Guys

These two guys were not exactly a couple of likely heroes. Working as desk cops, nothing too exciting ever happened to them while on the job. However, when one seemingly small case blew up into something huge, it was these two who not only caught it, but brought the bad guys in!

Question 2


Buddy always knew he was a little bit different. He was bigger than all of the other elves, he was louder than them, and in all fairness, he wasn't all that great at making toys. Good thing Buddy just found out that he is actually a human! Watch out New York City!

Question 3

This Is the End

In this movie, all of our favorite comedy actors actually play themselves. During one of James Franco's epic house parties, the entire world basically came to an end. That being said, a handful of guys at the party managed to survive, though things are getting more and more dangerous by the minute.

Question 4


When Mac and Kelly purchased their first family home, they though they had done all of the necessary homework. They checked for local schools, parks, and other families in the area. All the boxes were checked, except they didn't realize their direct neighbors were a wild group of fraternity boys.

Question 5

This Is 40

Pete and Debbie have both officially turned 40. While they figured they would be perfectly adjusted to family life, and of course financially stable at this point, they are both starting to show some major cracks. Pete's business is not doing well, and Debbie isn't living the romantic fairytale she had pictured. This truly is 40.

Question 6

Office Space

Peter Gibson may have been the most bored person in the world. Sure, tons of people working basic office jobs are bored, but Peter took things to a whole new level. After trying out some hypnotherapy though, it seems Peter has come into a new attitude about his day to day life.

Question 7

Pitch Perfect

It is not every kid who is super into the idea of college. Becca, just happened to be one of these kids. Even though her dad was forcing her to attend, Becca was determined to make the worst of it. Or at least she was, until she met the misfits in the school's acapella group.

Question 8

The Hangover

It is common knowledge that a man's bachelor party can get a little out of hand. However, when these three guys took their friend to Vegas to celebrate his upcoming marriage, things got more than just a little out of hand. The wedding is in a few days, and they have no idea where the groom is.

Question 9

Warm Bodies

After the zombie apocalypse hit, over half of the population was turned. While things were not looking great for humanity, when a girl named Julie was rescued from a zombie attack by an actual zombie, everything changed. This zombie could think and act. The more time Julie spent with him, the more human-like he seemed to become.

Question 10

The Heat

Both of these women are FBI agents, but that is where their similarities end. Sarah is excellent at what she does, but her arrogance tends to rub other agents the wrong way. Shannon is sloppy and rude, though she does usually wind up bringing in the bad guys. Of course, they had to get partnered together!

Question 11

We're the Millers

When David found himself in some serious trouble involving some serious bad guys, he had to get a bit creative about how he was going to solve the issue. He had to somehow get an RV across the border, without it being checked. He couldn't do it alone, but maybe hiring a fake family would be just the ticket!

Question 12

Enough Said

Neither Eva nor Albert were really in the market for a new relationship, but sometimes these things come around when we aren't looking for them at all. While the two divorcees got off to a great start, after Eva had a brief meeting with Albert's ex-wife, she began to question if she was destined for the same future.

Question 13


When these three seniors promised the girls in their class that they would supply the drinks for their final high school party, the pressure was on. They have the fake ID, but new bumps in the road seem to be popping up everywhere. All they have to do is get the stuff to the party, and they will be the ultimate heroes.

Question 14

Game Night

If there is one thing Max and Annie love in this world, it's a good game night. This couple is all kinds of competitive, and turning down a game is just not in their nature. However, when one of their game nights takes a very unexpected turn, they find themselves in the middle of a game they have no idea how to play.

Question 15

White Chicks

After FBI agents Marcus and Kevin ruined a bust in spectacular fashion, their boss assigned them to a case nobody else wanted. They were tasked with keeping two socialites safe, but even that they couldn't manage to do. To avoid getting caught, these two have decided to become the socialites themselves. Yikes!

Question 16

The Night Before

Since these guys were just kids in high school, they have spent every Christmas Eve together. They've created tons traditions for the night, and it is always the best party of the year. That being said, now that they have families of their own, this Christmas Eve will be their final bash.

Question 17


After a virus lead to over half the population turning into zombies, the few survivors who were left had to band together. These four managed to find each other, and thanks to a list of zombie-survival rules, they have remained safe. Now, they must follow these rules very closely, if they wish to make it to a rumored safe haven.

Question 18


Bianca knew she wasn't popular, but she always figured she was more invisible than anything else. After finding out that the whole school had secretly been calling her "the DUFF" though, she figured it was time to reinvent herself. With the help of one particularly cute boy, Bianca is well on her way to a new reputation.

Question 19

Wedding Crashers

Jeremy and John are pretty good guys overall. Ok, so maybe they aren't the best guys, but they surely aren't the worst ones, right? Instead of dating women, these two buddies put a ton of work into patrolling the wedding scene. Not only do they have a blast at weddings, but there are always a few cute single girls in attendance too.

Question 20

Life of the Party

Deanna never finished her degree, but she wound up happily married and the mother of a beautiful baby girl. This is how she thought her life had turned out anyway. After dropping their daughter off at her first day of college, Deanna's husband asked for a divorce. Thinking to pick up her life where it last left off, Deanna is heading back to college!

Question 21

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Mike and Dave love their baby sister more than anything in the world. That being said, when their parents tell them they will not be allowed to attend her wedding unless they find appropriate dates who can keep them in check, they know they need to follow through. Too bad picking appropriate women is not their strong suit.

Question 22

Bad Teacher

Elizabeth did not get into the teaching gig because she had a desire to mold the minds of the young. No, she was thinking it would be the easiest way to pay the bills, until she could find a wealthy man to marry. Not the most inspirational tale, but hey, at least she's honest!

Question 23

Identity Thief

Diana has a real taste for the expensive things in life, though she does not actualy have a penny to her name. To be able to support her shopping habits, Diana has become a master at stealing the identity of others. She has yet to be caught, but she may have just picked the wrong guy to steal from.

Question 24

17 Again

At one point in time, Mike was the star of his entire high school. Instead of following his dreams though, he decided to settle down and have a kid. It wasn't until he was divorced and his teenage son called him a loser, that he realized he should have tried harder to have it all. Good thing the universe is giving him a do-over!

Question 25

Big Daddy

Sonny was just about the most childish guy in town. That being said, his girlfriend inevitably left him for someone older and more mature. Trying to win her back, Sonny went out and adopted a kid. Clearly not the best idea in the world, but it seems like Sonny may actually be learning a thing or two from this new son of his.

Question 26

Girls Trip

As we get older, we naturally get busier and start to grow apart from those we used to see on a regular basis. This exact thing happened to these four best friends, but one of them has just decided to get the gang back together. As soon as these ladies get to partying, it'll be like no time has passed at all.

Question 27

DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story

Peter is the owner and operator of his very own gym. Even though this sounds somewhat impressive, the place is basically falling apart and the few members he has don't even pay. Needing some serious cash to keep his business open, Peter has just entered his team of misfits into a legendary dodgeball competition.

Question 28

Get Hard

James has spent years living the life of the rich and fabulous, but now that he has been busted for fraud, he is about to lose it all. Worse than losing all of his wealth though, he has been sentenced to hard time. Knowing nothing of prison life, James has decided to recruit Dranell for a much needed crash course.

Question 29


When John was just a boy, he made a wish. All he wanted was for his beloved teddy bear to come to life so he could be his best friend forever. Well, it has been 30 years, and John is still in fact best friends with his walking/talking teddy bear. How is this guy ever going to grow up?

Question 30

That's My Boy

When Donny had his son Todd, he was only a teenager himself. That being said, his parenting style was not exactly the most beneficial. When his son turned 18, he left the nest and never looked back. It is now the eve of his wedding day, and his dad has just showed up unannounced. Uh oh!

Question 31

That Awkward Moment

When these three best friends found themselves all single for the first time since college, they made a pact to avoid relationships and enjoy their time together. Of course, as soon as the pact was made, the perfect women for each of them just happened to show up in their lives.

Question 32

How to Be Single

Alice has just graduated college and moved to New York City. She has also left her longtime boyfriend behind. Excited about her fresh start, Alice quickly meets a fellow co-worker who is ready to show her all of the upsides to being single in the big city. This is going to be one wild ride!

Question 33

I Love You, Man

Peter was never a guy with a whole lot of friends. He was always in a relationship, but when it came to actual guy friends, he had none. This was never an issue for him before, but now that he is getting married, he is realizing he has no groomsmen at all. Time to find some!

Question 34

Without a Paddle

Three old friends have a reunion after finding out that one of their old crew members has passed away. To honor his memory, the three remaining friends head off on a camping trip. What was supposed to be a fun weekend getaway, quickly turns into an intense battle for survival.

Question 35

Meet the Parents

When Greg's girlfriend said yes to his proposal, she made him the happiest man in the world. However, now that it is time to meet her parents, the happiness has worn off and the nerves have set in. While she ensures him that everything is fine, he can't help but to notice the glances her father keeps sending his way.

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