Pick Or Pass On These Cartoons And We'll Guess Your 90s Crush

While it is true that cartoon are not only for kids, there are a few old school ones that will always remind us of our younger days. These cartoons were the ones we would wake up early to watch on the weekends, the ones we would race home from school to catch, or the ones we would force our parents to miss the news for. Not all of them may be on the air still, but they will always hold a special place in our hearts anyway. Today we pay tribute to some of the very best animated series we ever had.

In today's quiz, we will be looking at each animated series individually. Everyone here is going to get the chance to vote on which ones they thought were awesome and which they would usually skip over. Everyone was into something different back then, so the results of this quiz are going to be quite varied. Once we have a feel for how everyone is feeling about each cartoon, we will take a guess at who everyone's ultimate 90s crush was! Who is ready for a trip down memory lane? This one is sure to bring back some happy times!

Question 1


Most of us remember watching these guys when we were younger. Even those of us who don't, must have surely seen a meme or two of them in recent years. This show was about growing up and dealing with common issues grade schoolers have. All of the characters are animals, but for the most part they interact just like humans. Arthur is the main characters and he is an aardvark. He deals with everything from getting homework in on time, to wrangling in his wild younger sister.

Question 2

Tom and Jerry

Now here we have an extremely old school cartoon series. Tom and Jerry have been chasing each other around since the 80s (Wikipedia). They are the classic cat and mouse duo. For those unfamiliar with their routine, imagine a slightly tamer version of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Tom is the cat, and for the most part he is determined to bring and end to the small but clever mouse Jerry. How does everyone feel about this classic?

Question 3

As Told by Ginger

Ginger is not just trying to make it through middle school. There is nothing that Ginger wants more than to enjoy her time at school while also being the most popular girl there. Of course she is nowhere close to this reality, but she tries her best every day to stay up to date on the latest gossip and trends. Ginger has two best friends, and the three of them go through just about every problem a middle schooler could face.

Question 4

Alvin and the Chipmunks

If anyone thought getting a new puppy was tough, they clearly never tried adopting three orphaned chipmunks. Alvin, Theodore and Simon have just been taken in by their new human Dave. For the most part they all get along, but at least once a day these wily chipmunks find themselves in some sort of trouble. To be fair to the other two, Alvin is usually the mastermind behind most of the scheming. How are we feeling about this old school animated series?

Question 5


Here we have the animated series of the story we know all too well by this point in time. Before the majorly successful movie franchise started, we have the comic books and we had this gem of a series. Professor Xavier and his crew of mutants, go up against all kinds of threats. Their ultimate goal is to use their powers for good, while the men they are usually facing are attempting to do the opposite. Will good always prevail?!

Question 6

Family Guy

Okay so maybe this one is not the oldest cartoon out there, but to be fair its first season did air back in 1999 (Wikipedia). This show is still on today, but we know the big time fans have been watching since the very beginning. Peter is an average dude. He isn't the brightest, but he does what is necessary to supply for his family. His wife lois stays home with their three children, and their family dog Brain tends to act more human than dog.

Question 7

The Wild Thornberrys

Eliza has the coolest life of any of the kids she knows. Her parents are wildlife photographers, and she and her sister get to travel everywhere with them. They are home schooled along the way, but the rest of their time is spent exploring and playing with all kinds of new animals. Eliza's sister would probably prefer a stationary home (somewhere close to a mall), but for Eliza this life is a dream. The fact that she can talk to animals is just a bonus really.

Question 8

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Rocky and Bullwinkle are quite a team. Rocky is a flying squirrel, so he has an airborne advantage on bad guys. Bullwinkle is not exactly the smartest moose around town, but he is a moose after all, so he is all kinds of strong! These two do not only make great roommates and friends, but they are also very good at taking down villains who put their town in danger. On their own they may not look too threatening, but together these animals are unstoppable.

Question 9

The Weekenders

Now here is a show most of us can relate to even if it wasn't necessarily our favorite one to watch growing up. This show follows around a group of 4 friends, who all spend their weeks waiting to be free from school. They aren't bad students or anything, but like all of us, these kids just want to enjoy some downtime. Sometimes their weekends are filled with wild adventures, and sometimes they are merely just hanging around. Freedom is freedom!

Question 10

SpongeBob SquarePants

This show has always had a heavy fan base, so we are thinking most will be excited to see it come up in this quiz. SpongeBob lives under the sea in a giant hollowed out pineapple. It may sound strange, but SpongeBob lives a fairly regular life. He works as a cook at the local burger shop, he has a pet that he cares for, and there is no limit to the amount of fun he can have when hanging with his starfish pal Patrick!

Question 11

The Tick

Nobody ever said that superheroes have to look or even act a certain way. The Tick is not exactly traditional in the super hero sense of the word, but he does his very best to stop all forms of crime that go on in his beloved city. Sure he isn't the brightest, but just take a look at those muscles! The Tick is pretty powerful on his own, but his true powers lie in his ability to partner up with other unlikely superheroes.

Question 12

The Muppet Show

These puppets have been in the business much longer than most celebrities out there. Kermit and his buddies first became popular back in the 70s with their hit show (Wikipedia). The Muppet Show was a weekly variety hour hosted by Kermit and Mrs. Piggy. They would have famous guests every week, and their puppet pals would put on all kinds of amazing shows for the audience. They truly were the original stars of Hollywood. How do we feel about this old school hit?

Question 13

The Smurfs

Now we know these tiny guys have to have some fans out there rooting for them. The Smurfs are a funny gang of creatures. They are blue in color and live in mushroom shaped houses. Each one of them stands at exactly 3 apples tall. The eldest of them is about 530 years old, so they clearly have a hefty lifespan. These little Smurfs live happily in their forest home for the most part. They do need to keep a close eye out for the wicked Gargamel though, as he is always planning something mischievous.

Question 14

The Simpsons

This one, like Family Guy, is still on the air today. However, The Simpsons starting airing episodes all the way back in 1989 (Wikipedia). While this yellow family may look different now than they did back in the 80s, their story line has not changed all that much. Homer is a working father, Marge a stay at home mom, and the kids go off to school every day. Maggie is the youngest and since she is just a baby, she stays home with Marge.

Question 15

The Jetsons

Looking at this show now, it seems a little bizarre, although at one point in time it was the most popular series on television. This show started all the way back in the 60s, however the storyline was based on a futuristic universe (Wikipedia). George Jetson and his family enjoy life in a dream like version of what people in the 60s assumed the future would be like. They live in homes above the sky, have robot maids, and basically just fly around in hovercrafts all day.

Question 16

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

For the kids who argue against getting up and going to school every morning, they should be happy to hear that it is not just them being forced into such miserable activities. These monsters all have to attend school as well. However, their school is a little bit different. Their studies mostly revolve around monster things. They learn how to scare people and how to take full advantage of all their monsterly powers. Who will always hold a place in their hearts for this series?

Question 17

The Flintstones

In the 60s, we had the choice of watching The Jetsons in their futuristic universe, or watching The Flintstones in their stone age times. Both of these shows were extremely popular, and The Flintstones even later got a few films. Fred and Wilma are just your average cave people. They have a daughter named pebbles and a pet dinosaur name Dino. Their cave neighbours are Barney and Betty along with their son Bam Bam. Is this one bringing back any memories?

Question 18


Let's take a look at everyones favorite crew of babies. Tommy Pickles is the leader of the bunch. He and his baby pals are always off on sme wild adventure. Their parents will often place them in a playpen, and go about their chores. However, Tommy is always sure to keep a toy screwdriver in his dipey, so he can bust himself and his friends out when it is time to start adventuring. The only thing that stands in these babies way, is their older cousin Angelica...

Question 19

All Grown Up!

The same babies we were just talking about, have all grown up. This show acts as a continuation to their lives. This series was really a stroke of genius, because the children who enjoyed watching these characters as babies, would naturally be interested in seeing how they grew up once they had as well. These kids are now all in high school, and while play pens are no longer an issue, they are facing all kinds of new troubles. Of course Angelica is still around to bug them as well.

Question 20

Looney Tunes

We will allow this question to cover all forms of Looney Tune media. Like The Muppets, there was a time when these animated animals dominated the screens. Back in the 30s, these cartoons got their start (Wikipedia). They began with a few animated shorts, which eventually turned into an hour long show, and these days they have numerous series and films under their belts. So regardless of which were your favorites, we just want to know who considers themselves a fan.

Question 21


Now here is a unique series. These two were born as conjoined twins. Sure it is not the most likely scenario, but in the world of animation, anything is possible! One half is a cat. He is definitely the smarter of the two, and is often plotting ways for them to become rich and famous. The other half is a dog. He cares very little for riches or for fame, as he is pretty much content chasing the mailman around the block.

Question 22


The Animaniacs are truly a classic comedy ensemble. The three siblings all live up in the famous Warner Brothers Tower, and it is rumored that each of their personalities were based off of the original Warner Brother siblings. These crazy creatures leave their tower only to wreak havoc on all those below. For the most part they are completely out of control, but that is kind of half the fun, isn't it? Is anyone here a big time fan of these guys?

Question 23

Courage the Cowardly Dog

It is no secret that Courage is not the bravest dog. He can easily be spooked by his own shadow, although usually something quite a bit larger is chasing him. Courage lives on a farm with his two elderly owners. He loves his human owners very much, but unfortunately the farm that they live on is usually under attack by some sort of ghoul or ghost. While the humans are not able to see these things happening, Courage always makes sure that they are safe.

Question 24

Cow and Chicken

If anyone thought the whole conjoined cat and dog situation was unlikely, this series may be too far a stretch for them. Here we have two siblings. One of them is an 11 year old chicken named Chicken. The other is a 7 year old cow named Cow.They come from two human parents, so clearly something strange is going on here. Apart from being a chicken and a cow, these two kids encounter the same problems we all did at that age.

Question 25

The Angry Beavers

Whether we are humans or beavers, growing up tends to hit us all the same way. These two beavers have just hit an appropriate age to finally leave their parents place and head out on their own. These brothers are sticking together, and starting their own life in a new forest. When they left home, they thought they were embarking on a new wild bachelor life. However, living on our own can come along with all kinds of unexpected issues... Pick or pass?

Question 26


Daria is just sooo over being a high school kid. She has little patience for her fellow classmates, and if possible, even less for her teachers. She has been assigned to take low self-esteem classes, but Daria knows they are not at all necessary. Afterall, she does not have low self-esteem, she just doesn't care about anyone or anything happening around her. Thankfully she has Jane Lane. Jane Lane is her very best friend and possibly the only person who truly understands her.

Question 27

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Now these are no average superheroes. These turtles have all kinds of Martial Arts training and they are not afraid to use it against any wicked villains who threaten their city. By day, these dudes are mostly just hanging in the sewers munching on pizza, but by night, they wander the streets keeping civilians like you and me safe from all forms of danger. Does anyone here remember loving these guys back when they were kids? Are we picking or passing on them?

Question 28

South Park

Back in 1997, season 1 of this cartoon rocked the world to its very core (Wikipedia). It has continued to do so with almost every following season. In 2018, this series hit their 22nd season on the air. Since the plot of each episode is usually based around some type of current event, this show could seemingly go on forever without losing and topic ideas. It isn't exactly a great show for young children, but there is nothing stopping us from enjoying an episode of two!

Question 29

Dexter's Laboratory

There are smart kids out there, and then there is Dexter. This tiny guy is nothing short of a genius. He spends the majority of time hanging in his top secret underground laboratory, where he creates all kinds of humanity saving inventions. Unfortunately, his older sister has found his laboratory, so now she spends most of her time trying to wreck whatever project Dexter happens to be working on. There is not much Dexter can do about it, unless he wishes to fill his parents in on the major renovations he has done to their house.

Question 30

Sailor Moon

Being a teenage girl can be rough, but for Sailor Moon and the rest of the Sailor Soldiers it is almost impossible. These girls have all been chosen to protect the galaxy. They have been given special powers (and outfits) which they can use as soon as they sense danger. When they are not saving the world from villains, they are pretty much just average teenagers. They worry about boys, clothes, and of course, hair styles. Was this a favorite of anyone's?

Question 31


This series told the story of 7 kids, who somehow got stranded in a strange world populated by digital monsters. Once arriving in this world, each of the kids was paired to their very own monster pal. They and their monsters do whatever it takes to keep the world safe. It seems that there are tons of villains in their world, just like ours. These guys are never short on adventure, or love for their digital friends. Pick or pass?

Question 32

Rocko's Modern Life

Rocko has just decided to leave his home behind, to start a whole new life for himself. For some reason whenever he pictured this new life, it seemed a lot more glamorous than it is turning out to be. He is constantly finding himself in the presence of the most annoying neighbours, and he is having trouble getting the hang of the whole laundry thing. With any luck, Rocko will get the hang of independent living soon enough! How do we feel about this classic?

Question 33

Dragon Tales

Max and Emmy were pretty ordinary kids before they found the magical stone. Once they discovered the stone, they realized they had the power to transport themselves back a forth from their hometown to a magical world called Dragon Land. In Dragon Land, they have made tons of dragon friends, who help them with day to day issues. Each episode is chock full of sing-along songs and fun games the viewers can participate in at home! Does anyone remember rushing home to catch this show?

Question 34


Some of us tend to take our jobs a little more seriously than others. Fillmore is definitely the type of kid who takes things seriously. He works for his school's safety patrol squad, and there is never a shortage of mysteries for him to solve. While Fillmore may be a little intense for a kids his age, his school does seem to be the home of some pretty wicked students. Even with so much danger afoot, the kids of Fillmore's school sleep soundly knowing he is on the case.

Question 35

Ren and Stimpy

Ren is a chiuaua and Stimpy is a cat. The two are unlikely friends, but they seem to have figured things out. While they are often annoyed by one another, these two are best friends until the end. Life can get a little boring for house pets, but these two know how to have a good time. One never knows what kind of wild adventure they will be one one day to the next, but we can always count on it being exciting!

Question 36


If The Jetsons had an unreal take on the future, it was nothing compared to how the creators of Futurama saw things turning out. Fry was just a regular old pizza delivery guy. However, one day while out on the job, he was accidentally frozen. He spent 1,000 years in his frozen state and when he finally woke up, the world was not at all how he remembered it. Nowadays he works with a crew on a spaceship and he is best friends with a robot.

Question 37


Remember back when the most exciting sound in the world was the recess bell? These kids are all too aware of how magical that sound is. It seems that none of them pay much attention in class at all, and instead spend every minute counting down until it is time to run free outside. When the recess bell finally rings, these kids run a completely different world than the teachers do inside of the school. Was this one anyone's favorite?

Question 38

Hey Arnold!

This show not only lasted for a 5 seasons run, but it also got its very own movie after the series concluded. Arnold is a school kid, who lives with his grandparents. He often faces standard issues for kids his age, and he is always looking for a fair solution. His best friend is named Gerald, and nobody has a fairer mind than him. Helga, the school bully, is often picking on Arnold, but it is only because she is harboring a super secret crush on him.

Question 39

Johnny Bravo

There has never been someone with more confidence than this guy. Johnny Bravo is certain that he is the most desirable man that has ever lived. He takes excellent care of his hair, he wears the tightest clothes possible, and he is a pro at flexing his large muscles. He can often be found around town combing through his golden locks, or performing his notorious karate chops for anyone who is looking. Does anyone consider this series a true classic?

Question 40

Powerpuff Girls

These three girls were accidentally created when a professor messed up a potion in his lab. He poured in a little too much "sugar, spice, and everything nice" and the outcome was three daughters with all kinds of awesome superpowers. Blossom is the leader of the crew, Bubbles is the adorably innocent one, and Buttercup is tougher than just about any hero in existence. When fighting together, there is no villain they cant take down. Should we pick or pass?

Question 41

King of the Hill

Hank Hill lives in Texas and he is a very traditional man. He works as a propane salesman and he supports his family the best he can. His wife is an oddball and works as a substitute teacher at the local high school. While Hank had some pretty big sports dreams for his son Bobby, the boy really isn't very athletic at all. Bobby is mostly concerned about making it big in the world of comedy. It isn't the perfect family, but the love is strong!

Question 42


Ash has waited a very long time to be old enough to become a Pokemon trainer. Now that the time has finally come, he cannot wait to start catching as many of these creatures as possible. However, Ash has quite a bit to learn before he becomes a real pro. First things first, he is going to have to get his starter Pokemon to stop electrocuting him. Ash is up for the challenge though, and nothing is going to stop him from achieving his dream!

Question 43

Lloyd in Space

Lloyd is pretty much like any other teenage boy, except for a few minor differences. He and the rest of his friends and family are all aliens, and they live is a space station orbiting the galaxy. Apart from that though, Lloyd is very much a standard teenager. He goes to school, annoys his younger sister, and does his very best to not blush when pretty girls walk past him. It seems that no matter how green our skin is, life's problems remain the same for everyone.

Question 44

Pinky and the Brain

Pink and the Brain are not exactly typical mice. Brain is very clearly the smart one of the two. However, it is rare that he uses his above average brain power for anything good. His main goal in life is to take over the world. Luckily, his buddy Pinky is usually around to ruin all of his wicked plans. Not that Pinky tries to derail Brain's work, but he is simply just not very bright. Who here loved this one?

Question 45

The Magic School Bus

It is fair to say that we have all had a favorite teacher or two in the past, but none of them have ever even come close to what Mrs. Frizzle has going on. Everyday Mrs. Frizzle takes her students on a wild adventure . They use their magic school bus to bring them to all kinds of unlikely places. To learn about colors, they entered a pinball machine. To learn about space, they literally went to space. There is no lesson too small or too large for this class!

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