Pick Or Pass On These Breathtaking Villas And We’ll Reveal The Perfect Seaside Retreat

Is anyone up for a trip? Well, get those suitcases packed, kiss work goodbye for a week or so, and let's get going! Though, maybe don't be so quick to tell the boss about the vacation, since this is only a virtual quiz that will probably take a couple minutes or so to complete. Disappointed? Well, so are we!

As much as we'd love for this to be a real tour through some of the nicest villas in the world, we'll have to settle for a pixelated vacation in the internet for now. Still, as far as virtual tours go, this one's definitely among the best - if we really put our minds to it, we can imagine what life would be like if we could stay a while in one of these breathtaking villas. Besides, though accommodations in these places tend to get quite costly, we can all set our minds to booking one quite affordably one day - anything's possible.

Until then, let's see what some of these villas look like. Ready the eyes, because we're all in for a spectacular show. Let's pick or pass on these gorgeous villas, and discover the perfect seaside retreat awaiting us at the end of the quiz.

1Pick or pass?

Anyone claiming that the villa life is overrated might have their minds changed if they spent a week or two in this lovely retreat. Doing so doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world, does it? If it does, give this a pass.

2Pick or pass?

Wherever in the world this next villa is, we'll gladly spend some time tracking it down in order to squat in it until we're found out. Of course, we can go the old fashioned way and just book it, but these things tend to be costly.

3Pick or pass?

What a glorious villa this is! How can we resist plunging into our screens in order to hang out by its wonderful pool for a few idle hours? We wouldn't have a care in the world, and we'll gladly stay here for the whole summer.

4Pick or pass?

This luxurious villa is next, and it's definitely worth a solid pick without even thinking. Of course, it's possible that a certain quiz taker has higher standards than we do, in which case we'd love to see which villa they'd actually pick.

5Pick or pass?

While this villa is relatively simple compared to the others, that's just because we've included a number of breathtaking structures in this quiz. Judging it on its own, we don't see how a stay here could be passed up.

6Pick or pass?

Here's a villa that seems plucked right out of the pages of a classic fantasy novel, one we wouldn't mind entering if it meant we could stay here for a while. It's a gorgeous retreat that's definitely worth picking, regardless of standards.

7Pick or pass?

This next villa is fit for a family of twenty, if that's the sort of retreat that a quiz taker is looking for. Though, if they can afford to book this thing by themselves, they might have fun hearing the echoes of their footsteps as they walk through its halls.

8Pick or pass?

There's no way we can resist this next villa, with its undeniable appeal. Any country in Europe would be worth visiting if it means we'd get to stay in a lovely place like this one. Pick it or pass it up, and we'll move on.

9Pick or pass?

Here's a unique villa compared to some of the other entries in this quiz. It's definitely more on the modern side, which is a good thing for quiz takers with modern sensibilities, but others might prefer something more classic.

10Pick or pass?

While this villa isn't the most secluded one, that's not a bad thing for travelers looking to socialize with others in the community. When that's all done, though, this place seems like the perfect villa to go back home to.

11Pick or pass?

Such a monumental structure is hard to pass up on, unless a certain quiz taker is looking for a villa with less walking around room. If they are, maybe another selection in this quiz would be better, but don't mind us as we pick this one.

12Pick or pass?

Here's a unique villa if ever we've seen one. It's a solitary, classical structure, though don't mind us as we gasp at this secluded wonder. That ocean is just begging for us to take a quick dip, so we think we'll do just that.

13Pick or pass?

We're not sure if this is a place we can actually rent out or a museum that's open to the public, though let's just assume the former for now. Walking from one side of this place to the other would take forever, and we'll gladly do just that.

14Pick or pass?

This one is far from being the average villa, as it was clearly given a modern twist by its designer. Still, when it comes to the choice of whether to pick it or pass it up, we don't see how anyone can go with the latter option.

15Pick or pass?

This sturdy villa is the perfect place to chill out for a while and let the idle hours and days go by. As nice as it is, this place is best enjoyed with some good company, though solo travelers will definitely enjoy the accommodations.

16Pick or pass?

This next villa follows this quiz's trend of being impossibly hard to resist, and it's easy to see why. With such a nice place to stay in, it's hard to find a reason to ever leave it, though of course the outside world will beckon eventually.

17Pick or pass?

What a regal villa this next one is! In fact, we're trying to hack our way past this quiz's code right now in order to bring it to the real world from its pixelated form. While we try to work that out, let's see if this one's worth picking.

18Pick or pass?

This stoic villa looks almost too good to be true, though it actually is a place that exists in the real world. Travelers willing to seek it out can enjoy one of the best retreats available, unless of course they're looking to pass.

19Pick or pass?

Here's a classic villa that even the most distinguished traveler will gladly take up. We can't imagine who would ever pass this one up, though it's certainly possible that a quiz taker would. Let's find out which way we'll go.

20Pick or pass?

We're well on our way to determining the perfect seaside retreat, though of course we have a few more villas to go through before we can do so - and that's not the worst thing in the world, is it? Pick or pass.

21Pick or pass?

Here's another villa that isn't situated in rural isolation, so anyone looking to be closed off from the rest of the world during their stay will likely pass it up. Anyone else, though, might find a nice home here.

22Pick or pass?

At this point, we doubt there are still villa skeptics taking this quiz who think that the villa life is totally over rated. Anyone who does, however, will find a change of heart if they stay in this lovely little heaven. Pick or pass?

23Pick or pass?

This next villa looks like it belongs in a classic rom com about going to Europe in order to start a new life. If that's what a certain quiz taker is looking to do, then this definitely might be the structure to pick. Is it?

24Pick or pass?

As original as many of the villas in here are, this one still manages to stand out quite favorably. Anyone who passes on this one must not like staying in paradise during their vacations, for whatever reason. Should we pick it?

25Pick or pass?

This villa seems like the perfect place to enjoy the nice European weather. Indeed, even in a tumultuous downpour, we wouldn't mind enjoying a cup of tea by one of its many windows and just watch the rain fall.

26Pick or pass?

This classical European villa is up next, and once again, we find that Pick button super hard to resist. Even though it isn't the flashiest villa in this quiz, we definitely wouldn't mind having a temporary - or permanent - stay here.

27Pick or pass?

How are we supposed to say no to this next villa - we don't possibly see how? This is one of those quizzes that leads to the Pass button picking up a lot of virtual dust, it would seem. Let's see if the dust is cleared on this one.

28Pick or pass?

Only a few more clicks before we can reveal the perfect seaside retreat! It's been a long journey so far, but not much of an arduous one, since we had the chance to have a virtual stay in some of the world's best villas.

29Pick or pass?

Even a person used to staying the absolute best places in the world would have a hard time finding a reason to pass this next villa up. As nice as it looks on the outside, we can hardly imagine what wonders the interior design holds.

30Pick or pass?

We wouldn't mind lodging in with a hundred others if it meant we could share this beautiful space. Situated in complete isolation, it seems like the perfect setting to help separate us from our regular lives - till it's time to come back.

31Pick or pass?

It looks like we have yet another breathtaking villa in our hands - surprise, right? This quiz has shown nothing but wonders so far, and it will continue doing so until the very end. Let's pick or pass on this one so we can move on.

32Pick or pass?

Anyone out there who still thinks that the European villa life isn't all that it's cut out to be? No? That's what we thought. When all is said and done, spending time in a European villa is far from the worst way to go.

33Pick or pass?

Pick or pass on this next villa, and once again, the decision shouldn't be a very hard one. Anyone who passes this one up must be used to staying up in Mount Olympus with the gods of Greek mythology. If that's the case, feel free to pass.

34Pick or pass?

While this is definitely a rustic villa compared to some of the other entries in here, we still find ourselves having a hard time seeing the value in that Pass button. Let's see who else is willing to give this one a shot.

35Pick or pass?

Now we're talking - a beautiful villa lit gorgeously by the European sun. We'd be happy to stay pretty much anywhere during our travels, but this sort of accommodation definitely wouldn't hurt our getaway. Pick or pass?

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