Pick Or Pass On These Baby Names And We'll Reveal How Your Kid Will Look

When it comes to babies, there are two things that parents seem to enjoy picking out: names and clothes. That being said, we have combined these aspects of parenthood into one fun quiz! Yes, down below there, everyone who is here today will find different baby names, and for each name, we must click on “pick” if we like the name or click on “pass” if we do not care for the name.

And there are tons of different styles and varieties, for both genders and for all types of parents. Then, after all the names have been gone through, that is when everyone will receive their results: What type of clothing style will our future kid have? Will this baby be a modern and contemporary child? Will he/she be found in items with an old-fashioned flair? Will his/her wardrobe be full of glamorous items? Or will this child go for a casual look?

We will all find out, at the end of this quiz, after all the names are given a green light, a yes and a thumbs up or given a no go, a skip and a thumbs down. Ready for it all? Great - Let us get started, right here and right now!

Question 1

Pick or pass on Baylor?

The first name up is Baylor, which is different and which could work for a baby boy or a baby girl. Do we like it? Do we not care for it? That is the decision here today! So think about the name Baylor. Picture it monogrammed on items and said aloud, every time a child is acknowledged. After that, look down below there at the two answer choices that are provided - pick or pass. Will Baylor be picked, since it is such a unique name, or will it be passed on over, since it may be too different?

Question 2

Pick or pass on Slate?

Slate is the next name to think about, and as usual, it needs to either be picked or passed on. Since it is another unique one, this is a name that could work for anyone, but we love it for a modern-age little boy who dresses in hipster clothing - How cool and cute! Are we digging this name? Can we see it working? Or are we not a fan of names associated with rocks and such?

Question 3

Pick or pass on Dallas?

Dallas is a bustling and stylish city in Texas, but it can also be used as a name - like Paris, Chicago and London. Once again, it could work for males and for females, but we are picturing a glam little girl in a furry vest and a headband with a big bow. So think hard about this name and what it means and how it could work, then click on one of the answers down below.

Question 4

Pick or pass on Ledger?

Another name that is not heard a lot (except when talking about the late and great actor Heath) is Ledger. It is strong. It is sleek. And it is one that can either be selected (for anyone here today who likes this name) or that can not be selected (by anyone here today who is not into Ledger). So what will it be? What will be clicked on below? Do it now, please!

Question 5

Pick or pass on Henley?

Remember: Parents who want a name that not many other kids will have can draw from anything: nature, fashion terms or words pulled out of thin air! For some, Henley sounds like such a pretty girl’s name or such a quirky boy’s name. And, of course, we need all quiz-takers to tell us: Will this one be picked, or will this one be passed on over? Either way, select an answer now.

Question 6

Pick or pass on Lennon?

Another name inspired by another late and great celeb (John of The Beatles) is Lennon. How do we feel about this as a first name? What are we thinking and feeling in regards to it? Which answer will we select? There are two down below - labeled “pick” and “pass” - so think about this name, decide on an answer, click on an answer choice, then move along in this quiz (since there are several more baby names to go over here!).

Question 7

Pick or pass on Quinn?

Imagine a little baby girl named Quinn, like the character from Glee. Or imagine a little baby boy named Quinn - a name that conjures about thoughts of past leaders, with its strength and dignity, but that is still fitting for a child, since it is a bit funky. There is something for everyone on this quiz, but when it comes to Quinn specifically, tell us if it is a pick or a pass.

Question 8

Pick or pass on Reign?

Reign has become a popular name in recent years, due to the fact that Kourtney Kardashian named her third child this. She has a boy, but it is another one that is good for either gender. Do we like it? Do we love it? Will we pick it? Or do we not like it? Are we not into it? And will we just pass on over it? Click on an answer down below, where the two options are waiting.

Question 9

Pick or pass on Landree?

The last funky and modern name on this quiz is Landree. Can we just imagine a smart and silly little girl with this name - and do we love the idea so much that we will click on “pick”? Can we picture a talented and talkative little boy with this name - and is it such a great picture that we can’t help but click on “pick”? Or will we pass on this one, due to not really loving Landree?

Question 10

Pick or pass on Wren?

Sometimes, parents go for names of yesteryear, and many are making a comeback - like Wren. There are old men who have this name, there are TV characters who have this name (like Ren from Even Stevens or Wren from Pretty Little Liars), and there could be a baby in the house with this name, too! So think about it, then do the usual - Click on pick or on pass down below there.

Question 11

Pick or pass on Maude?

Maude is another name, one that may conjure up thoughts of a grandmother or of an old TV show. But, like we said, old-fashioned names are trendy again, and many parents may be into this name here. Therefore, picture it, imagine it, and think it over...Maude, Maude, Maude...Do we like it/Will we pick it? Or do we not like it/Will we pass on it? Either way, please select one of the answers now!

Question 12

Pick or pass on Ramsey?

We are moving right along here, and there have been so many great names on this quiz from which to choose. Oh, and there are lots more, too - like Ramsey! Do we like it? Are we into this? Can we imagine naming a child this? Or do we not like it? Are we not into it? And would we never name our kid this? After deciding on a final answer, click on that down below there.

Question 13

Pick or pass on Evelyn?

Evelyn, to some, is a pretty name for a baby girl. It is feminine, and it is timeless - meaning it never really went away and came back; there are women of all ages with this name, and we just love it for a newborn! But not everyone loves it, so, depending on thoughts, opinions and preferences, click on an answer below: We can choose “pick” if we like Evelyn, or we can choose “pass” if we like something else better.

Question 14

Pick or pass on William?

Similarly, there is William for a boy - a strong and sturdy name that works for grandfathers, dads, teens and new baby boys! But, to some, it may be too ordinary (which is why we listed out all those funky names up top). Those who are here and who like William can say yes to the name, and those opposed can pass on over this one. Oh, and then move on to the next question and all the following ones that are found within this quiz!

Question 15

Pick or pass on Albert?

Albert is a name like Will. It has been around for years, and it does not appear to be going anywhere. For some parents and people, that is great news, since many name their sons Albert, and they may call him Al or Albie. For others who are here, though, this news is not so great; some don’t like this name and want it gone! Either way, everyone has to click on an answer down below.

Question 16

Pick or pass on Martha?

There are a couple of more old-fashioned names here that we are going to list out, such as Martha. This one is definitely making a comeback, and it dates back to biblical times! But today, a little girl in frills and ruffles and bows, who is named Martha...That is too cute (to those who would click “pick”...Those who would click on “pass” for this name can, of course, do so below!).

Question 17

Pick or pass on Sophia?

On a similar note, we have Sophia, an old name that works well for baby girls...if parents are into it. Yes, those who like this, who would name their child this and who are digging this name can click on “pick” down below there. And on the other hand, the people who do not like the name Sophia, who would not name their kids this and who are not digging it can click on “pass”.

Question 18

Pick or pass on Amos?

Before moving on to a new type of name, everyone here must tell us: Do we like Amos or no? Can we see a modern-day little boy with this name? And if so, would we like that? Some, of course, will not be into this name, which is why we always provide two answer options. Please click on either “pick” or “pass” below, and then continue on in this quiz all about babies.

Question 19

Pick or pass on Allegra?

Names that are different can also have a luxurious vibe (rather than just a quirky one, like the names we started out with here today). One such name is Allegra. Many people hear this name and think of the beautiful Allegra Cole from the rom-com film Hitch. However, it makes some people think of medicines! That being said, whichever side we lie on, we need to decide if this is a yay or a nay.

Question 20

Pick or pass on Antoinette?

Another name that starts with an ‘A’ and which sounds sort of fancy is Antoinette. It could be shortened to Anne or Annie or even Toni. Do we like the sound of this for a baby girl? Do we think we are going to give this one a thumbs up? Are is this too much for a baby? Do we feel like we must skip over this particular name? Look down below, and click on one of the answers that we have provided.

Question 21

Pick or pass on Coty?

Coty could work for a boy or a girl - like several of the names that are featured within this quiz. The point with all the names is to give a first impression so that we can give everyone results. So, in order to find out the clothing style of a future child, please click on an answer down below; click on either option, giving Coty a yes or a no.

Question 22

Pick or pass on Dior?

Another glam baby name is Dior, and it is another one taken from the world of fashion. That being said, we can picture tiny humans in designer clothes and with closets that look better than ours! Fashionistas who are here today may want to definitely go with this one by clicking on “pick” for Dior. But those who think that this is way too much - especially for a baby - can click on “pass” down below.

Question 23

Pick or pass on Florence?

Earlier, we talked about names that are inspired by cities, and here is another one: Florence. Do we like it? Are we digging it? Is this something we could see naming our kids? Will we give this the green light? Or do we not like it, are we not digging it, would we not use it for our kids, and will we give it a red light? Either way and as usual, click on one of the answer options that we have listed out down below there.

Question 24

Pick or pass on Ashby?

Ashby is another unique name, and while it could work for either gender, we can see a dapper little boy with this name...a little bow who wears bowties, who starts taking piano lessons at an early age and who ends up at an Ivy League school. However, it could work for a variety of kids, so tell us: Will Ashby get an A as a grade for a name here, or is this a no-go for many who are here today?

Question 25

Pick or pass on Bradford?

Wow, Ashby could have a brother named Bradford - a brother who is equally excelled and elegant. But this is just a fantasy, a made-up situation involving a name; anyone could have this name. It just depends on what individual parents like. That being said, think long and hard about the name, and then, after making a decision on it, tell us what it will be by choosing an answer down below.

Question 26

Pick or pass on Vivan?

There are a couple of more names here that are different, that are fancy and that could work for kids who live in designer clothing labels. One such name is Vivan, which is perfect for a stylish little girl. Those who are obsessed with this name can feel free to go ahead and say yes to it. But those who don’t like it...Well, as usual, just say no, nah, skip and pass to this name!

Question 27

Pick or pass on Harlow?

The last name within this category is Harlow, and it is one that has seen popularity - for both genders - in the past few years. Do we think this is a suitable name, when looking for a fun name for a new baby? Or are we going to have to pass on this name, due to not liking it, for whatever reason? Think about it, click on an answer, and then move forward to answer the last questions in this quiz!

Question 28

Pick or pass on John?

One of the most common names out there for a baby boy is John. It is old, it was used many times in the Bible, several leaders seemed to share this name, and still today, it is picked out by parents who want a good, true, real name for a kid. Decide if this name is liked or not, click on either “pick” or on “pass” down below there, then move on to the next question in this quiz.

Question 29

Pick or pass on Elizabeth?

On a similar note, one of the most common names for a baby girl is Elizabeth, and it is one of those that has been seen for years, on older woman, on middle-aged females and on newborn babies. Do we like it? Is it pretty? Or do we not like it, and is it too common and simple? Decide if this name is liked or not, click on either “pick” or on “pass” down below there, then move on to the next question in this quiz.

Question 30

Pick or pass on James?

Another ‘J’ name for a boy that is heard lots and lots is James. It is so popular that it is even used for little girls, like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughter! Is this a good one? Is it a winner? Or is this name, like the previous two, a bit too basic when it comes to naming a child? Decide if this name is liked or not, click on either “pick” or on “pass” down below there, then move on to the next question in this quiz.

Question 31

Pick or pass on Megan?

How many of us could name, like, 10 girls we know who are named Megan? This is a super popular one, and it must be used for a reason; some people are very into this sweet and simple name. However, not everyone likes it, as opinions will differ, always, on anything/everything! Decide if this name is liked or not, click on either “pick” or on “pass” down below there, then move on to the next question in this quiz.

Question 32

Pick or pass on Joe?

The last name that starts with a ‘J’ within this sector of common names is Joe. This may be the most used of all, as it even coined phrases like Average Joe. And some girls go by this, if their names are Joanna, for instance. Decide if this name is liked or not, click on either “pick” or on “pass” down below there, then move on to the next question in this quiz.

Question 33

Pick or pass on Katy?

Next up for everyone to decide on, we have Katy. Is this a good one? Is it a great one? Will it be picked by many who are here today? Or is this not good, is it not favored, and will it be passed on by many? Decide if this name is liked or not, click on either “pick” or on “pass” down below there, then move on to the next question in this quiz.

Question 34

Pick or pass on Tommy?

The last name commonly used for boys that we have (though we know some females who are named this, too) is Tommy. It can be short for Thomas, or it can stand on its own. Either way, an answer is needed for this potential name for a baby! Decide if this name is liked or not, click on either “pick” or on “pass” down below there, then move on to the next question in this quiz.

Question 35

Pick or pass on Madeline?

And, last but not least, the last name that is usually found on baby girls and the last name in this entire quiz is Madeline, which can lead to the nickname Maddie. Do we like it/Will we say yes? Or do we not care for it/Will we say no? Decide if this name is liked or not, click on either “pick” or on “pass” down below there, then get ready to get the results of this baby quiz!

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