Pick Or Pass On These Baby Names And We'll Guess Your Pregnancy Craving

When a baby is on its way there are so many decisions that the new parents must make: what theme to make the nursery, etc. One of the most important decisions that new parents must make is what to name their new bundle of joy. Sometimes its as simple as passing on a name that has been in the family for a long time. Other times there are no names in mind and it can be a bit tricky to chose a whole new name. A baby has to live with the name that their parents give them forever so it is important that it will fit them  in every walk of life.

There are meanings behind every single name, sometimes meanings that people don't even realize are there. This is why it is important to do research before choosing a baby's name. Another thing that comes along with pregnancy are some crazy cravings. Once a pregnant woman gets something in her mind that she wants it can be almost impossible to get it out until she gets it. Some pregnancy cravings are pretty common whereas others can get a bit weird.

Question 1


Theodore is typically a boys name and is of Greek descent. There have been a couple of famous and influential people with this name including Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Roberts and Theodore Parker. All of these men have made a mark on history that children are still learning about in school to this day.

Question 2


This name is most famous for the character that is in William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet". In the play Juliet is in love with a boy that she could never be with. Of course they are both very young and probably don't even know what love is but they end up taking things to the extreme.

Question 3


This is a classic little boys name that many chose for its simplicity. Although it is very common it is a timeless name that will probably never go out of style. This name is from several places in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the recent years this name has been been used for little girls if parents are looking for something different.

Question 4


This unique little girls name is very simple yet elegant. This name is from a 19th century diminutive of Caroline. It has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. There is a doctor on the super popular TV drama "Grey's Anatomy". This was one of the first largely known characters with this name.

Question 5


This is a male given name that is similar to the American version, Stephen. This name has a couple of different origins but the most commonly accepted places of origin are Germany and Austria. Stefan is also the name of a crater on the very far side of the moon.

Question 6


This name is perfect for a bubbly little girl as it is almost impossible to say it without smiling or at least thinking happy thoughts. This name was featured in one of the most popular Neil Diamond songs "Sweet Caroline". This song was released in 1969 but is still one of the most popular songs at events and even on the radio!

Question 7


This male name is simple and relatively popular, this does not take anything away from the name. It is an assertive name that many chose for their sons because it is in their family. John has been a popular name for little boys since the Middle Ages and can be seen in literature from the 1800's!

Question 8


Charlotte is a name that was super popular for little girls in the past and has recently made a comeback in popular culture. Charlotte is a very classic name that can be shortened to Charlie or even Lottie. Charlotte is the 17th century diminutive form of Charles. This is yet another name that can be seen in writings from the 1800's.

Question 9


Wesley is a name that was pretty rare up until the past decade, since then it has become pretty popular. Wesley originated in several places in England. This name started off as a surname but was transferred to a first name in the 18th century. Originally it had religious meaning but that seems to have drifted away.

Question 10


Margaret is a name that dates pretty far back. This name is from a legendary third century saint. This name could be seen in 1590 in one of William Shakespeare's play's titled "First Part of King Henry the Sixth". Since then it has been seen in various literatures and other forms of media like movies and television shows.

Question 11


Elijah is a Hebrew name that was seen way back in the 1600's. It has since been used with almost no religious context attached to it and is pretty popular in pop culture. There are a few derivatives of the name including "Eli" and "Lijah". Both of these are commonly used as nicknames for those with the name.

Question 12


Rebecca is a female name that has been used a lot since the Reformation, way back in the 16th century. The spelling of the name has changed a bit over time but originates from the Latin Vulgate. There are a couple of different nicknames given to girls with this name including "Becky, "Becca", "Reba" and "Bex".

Question 13


Tyler is male given name that was originally a surname. Tyler started being used as a first name in the early 1900's. This even started being used as a female name in the 1980's. Tyler also happens to be a city in Minnesota as well as a city in Texas.

Question 14


Emma was brought to England by the Normans and can be seen in literature dating way back to the 1800's. This name was used in England since the Norman Conquest among the higher classes. Then this name became popular in the United States in the 1990's and 2000's, it has since remained pretty popular.

Question 15


This name is from Hebrew descent and was first seen in scriptures from the early 1600's. This name was first used by the Puritans and has since become a pretty popular name around the globe. Caleb is a strong name that usually means dedication and love, sometimes even used to refer to the relationship between a dog and its owner.

Question 16


This cute name is perfect for a little girl who seems to have a little bit of spunk, even when she just enters the world. This song may be a bit out of the ordinary for some but it has been around for a pretty long time and is very popular in certain parts of the world.

Question 17


George is a classic name that has been around for a very long time. This was the name of an Ancient Greek that can also be seen in the early writings of William Shakespeare. This name comes from many different descendants including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Korean and Swedish.

Question 18


This name is of Latin and Italian descent, it derives from the name "Isabel". This name was first seen in the Middle Ages and became very popular in the 2000's. Since then it has remained at the top of many of the popular baby names list. This name can be seen in various literature from the 1500's forward.

Question 19


Lucas is a short and sweet name that is from Latin and Ancient Greek decent. This name could be seen at various points in history since the very early 1600's. Another form of this name is with the spelling "Lukas". This song has been popular for a long time and remains a top boy name around the globe.

Question 20


This name was first used by William Shakespeare in "Merchant of Venice". This name means "one who looks forth" and is believed to be of Hebrew descent. This name used to be pretty rare but since the 1970's it shot to popularity in all English-speaking countries. It has remained a pretty popular name since then.

Question 21


This name has a few different derivatives that it has come from. The name comes from French, Latin, Ancient Greek and Hebrew descent. This name is generally considered to be of biblical origin and dates back to the late 1700's. Since its origin it has remained one of the most popular boy names in the world.

Question 22


This short and sweet name is of German descent, despite what many think. Many people have assumed that it was of Italian descent as it has been popular amongst that community. Before the 20th century this name did not have full name status. This means that it was not considered a full name until just the 20th century.

Question 23


This name is unlike others as it comes from Old English. This name dates back to the early 1600's and can be seen in William Camden's "Remains Concerning Britain". In German, "Ed" corresponds with "wealth or riches" and "Ward" means "guard". This name was used for the main character in the very popular, Twilight franchise.

Question 24


The name is obviously quite old and associated to England, what with the leader of the UK continuously carrying on the name throughout the generations. The name also brings along with it so many nicknames, Liz, Lizzie, Betty, Beth, Lissa, Eliza. There are quite a few, so the name is incredibly versatile. Is it your cup of tea?

Question 25


Katherine is a female given name that can also be spelled as Catherine. This is also a place name given to a river and a town in Northern Territory, Australia. This name is from French and Ancient Greek descent and was once one of the most popular names for baby girls in English speaking countries.

Question 26


This male given name has been popular since the Norman Conquest way back in 1066. This name was used in a number of different cultures including Swedish. The first recorded instance that this name was used in Sweden was in 1675. Other places that use this name are France, Hungary and Norway.

Question 27


Now this is probably not one of the most popular names out there but it was used by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West so it has obviously grown a lot in popularity. It may be different and strange but this new generation is all about standing out and breaking down boundaries.

Question 28


This name is a different form of the Irish saints name, Aodhan. This name used to be a male name but in the modern ages it has been used occasionally as a female name as well. This name is of Irish and Scottish decent and remains pretty popular around the world as it is timeless and classic.

Question 29


Samantha has been pretty popular in the United States for a while now. It is classic and sweet which is why many people chose it for their baby girls. The origin of this name is a little bit uncertain but it has been recorded in England since the 17th century. This is often looked at as the feminine form of the male name "Samuel".

Question 30


Joshua is a biblical name that has been around for a very, very long time. It is often referred to in literature from the 1500 and 1600's. Joshua is of English decent and is very popular in English speaking countries. People with this name are often referred to as "Josh" as a shorter version of their actual name.

Question 31


Abigail is a classic name that never seems to get old. It can be shortened to "Abbie" as a nickname and is particularly popular among the Portuguese. This name literally means "fountain of joy" or "her Father's joy". This name has English origins but has been adapted for a few different cultures.

Question 32


Noah is another name that has biblical roots but has since broken away from its roots and has become one of the most popular boy names around the world. Noah means "rest" in a couple of different cultures so maybe so many parents name their baby this in hopes that it will set their baby on the right sleeping path!

Question 33


Marissa is a female given name that is typically used in Western civilization. It is a variation of Maris, this means "of the sea" in Latin. Marissa also means "Little Mary". Other variations of this name include Merissa or Marisa. This name is pretty popular but not popular enough that it still stands outs a bit.

Question 34


Benjamin is a Hebrew name that means "Son of my right hand". Many families use this as a name for their youngest son and there have been quite a few famous Benjamin's in the past. Benjamin Franklin is one of the most famous and is one of the Founding Fathers of The United States.

Question 35


Now this name is not so traditional and is sure to stand out in the nursery. It is short and sweet, Zoe means "life" in Greek. The name Zoe has been around since the 11th century but was never too popular. There are a couple of famous actresses with this name, some changed or shortened their true name to this because it is short and easy to announce.

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