Pick Or Pass On These Actors And We'll Reveal The Next Superhero Movie To Watch

The world of acting and Hollywood is filled with people, so many people for us all to choose from. Not only are there people there for how they look or their charming personality, there are some who have made their way through sheer talent. They have been able to turn what they love to do into their daily work, something that we all wish we could do! Thankfully, we get to see these actors every time they choose to appear on either the big or small screen.

What we want to see is whether or not people would pick or pass on these actors based on their acting ability. Once they've done that, we will offer them the next superhero movie that we think they should watch. Whether they've seen it before or not, it is definitely what they should be watching next.

So, we think it's about time that people got a chance to either pick or pass on whichever actors they think are the best. We also want to make sure that people are seeing the best superhero movies out there. It's time for us to get started!

Question 1

Andrew Lincoln

While he may be best known for his work on the television adaptation of TWD, this man has been working as an actor for decades at this point. His other breakthrough role was in the rom com Love Actually.

Question 2

Ashton Kutcher

This guy really found a group of fans after working on That '70s Show and hosting Punk'd. After that, he has continued to find work, but has also started to move further into the world of advocacy.

Question 3

Bill Hader

Hader may have got his start on SNL like so many other great comedy actors and writers, but since then he has been working hard to make it into the world of Hollywood, which he has successfully managed to do.

Question 4

Topher Grace

His breakthrough role was on the television show That '70s Show, but since then he has worked on numerous projects, most noticeably his work on the original Spiderman trilogy.

Question 5

Billy Crudup

This man has taken on numerous roles throughout his time as an actor, playing a rockstar in Almost Famous and then eventually moving onto work playing a superhero in Watchmen. There's nothing he can't do!

Question 6

Tina Fey

This woman got her start on SNL but has since moved in various other directions, creating her own television show called 30 Rock and moving into work in comedic acting, on both the big and small screen.

Question 7

John Goodman

Goodman has been working on numerous projects throughout the decades, many that are critically acclaimed, with many critics believing that this man is incapable of doing anything wrong!

Question 8

Chris Pratt

After finding fame through his work on Parks And Recreation, Pratt turned his attention to the big screen, where he now finds himself residing. He has worked on both his acting talent and his fitness.

Question 9

Tim Allen

To this day, his best piece of work is probably on Toy Story as Buzz Lightyear, but that doesn't mean he hasn't done other movies, as well as worked on television shows such as Home Improvement as well!

Question 10

Morgan Freeman

One of the most distinctive voices in the world of acting, this man has both acted and narrated in numerous feature films at this point. His major break into the industry came later than some, but he's done a lot of work!

Question 11

Tobey Maguire

To some, he will always be the real Spider-Man, but since that trilogy he has continued to work on numerous projects, both independent and major productions, The Great Gatsby being a particular stand out.

Question 12

Daniel Craig

One someone has been James Bond, it's impossible for them to get rid of that label, so it's a good thing that most actors out there will never want to throw that job away!

Question 13

Thandie Newton

Newton's work on Westworld has brought her into the limelight most recently, but she has been working in productions from across the world for both the big screen and the little screen.

Question 14

Sofia Vergara

For some, finding a television show that makes it big is what brings them into the spotlight. After Modern Family, Vergara was essentially free to pursue any projects open to her on both the big and small screen.

Question 15

Sarah Michelle Gellar

She found it difficult to find work that didn't typecast her after the major success of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but she did go on to appear in some hugely successful movies as well.

Question 16

Richard Gere

This guy became a pop culture icon due to the work that he did in the 70s and 80s, working both supporting and starring roles for years. People also remember him for his work on the 1990 Pretty Woman.

Question 17

Ray Liotta

There are very few actors out there that are only known for one movie, but this man will only ever be remembered for the work that he did on Goodfellas. How has he never found another good movie to appear in?!

Question 18

Orlando Bloom

This guy is arguably best known for his work on movies such as Pirates Of The Caribbean and Lord Of The Rings. The guy finds his way into franchises and then sticks around for as long as possible!

Question 19

Donald Glover

Some people often forget that this guy is an actor, as he is constantly finding himself in the limelight for various forms of creativity. However, he started out as an actor, so that's how we'll always remember him!

Question 20

Alexander Skarsgard

Most people probably don't know that they actually saw this guy play a supporting role in Zoolander years before he made it big in TB, but that's just how supporting roles work we guess!

Question 21

Alexandra Daddario

This woman made waves after showing up on True Detective, and has since used that exposure to end up in bigger places, such as in the new Baywatch reboot and on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Question 22

Amanda Bynes

Bynes spent pretty much her entire youth on the television, getting her own show! She hosted it and acted in pretty much every single sketch on the show, before moving into movies as she got older.

Question 23

Anna Faris

Faris gained her fame playing female characters that were less than smart, but has branched out at various times throughout her time in Hollywood to play women unlike those she took on at the beginning!

Question 24

Billy Crystal

This man will always be known for his work on the movie When Harry Met Sally, but he has also worked with Robert De Niro and on the Monsters Inc. movies, for which he was widely loved.

Question 25

Charlie Sheen

Arguably better known at this point for his personal life over his professional life, this guy has actually worked extensively in both movie and television, although it is the television work he has focused on more recently.

Question 26

Chris Rock

He may have started out as a stand up comedian, but once he's gained some fame, he wanted to move onto bigger and better things, working on television shows and appearing in other people's movies.

Question 27

Neil Patrick Harris

For a lot of people, How I Met Your Mother was how Neil Patrick Harris entered their lives, but he has been working for years at this point. Acting isn't his only talent either, something he has proved on numerous occasions.

Question 28

Mindy Kaling

While she is known for appearing on The Office and on her own television show, she has actually been working behind the scenes for a long time, writing entire episodes for various comedy shows and directing as well.

Question 29

Mike Myers

A life of both highs and lows, Myers seems to have moved away from the public eye for the past few years after a acting life that saw him becoming one of the most beloved comedy actors.

Question 30

Maya Rudolph

She may be known for her brilliant comedy timing and acting at this point, but she actually first got a taste of the spotlight as a singer for the alternative rock band The Rentals.

Question 31

Mark Rylance

Now nearing his sixties, this man has been working on acting for a very long time, throwing himself at some really prestigious work, working for the big and small screen.

Question 32

Lucy Liu

Well known due to her work on movies such as Charlie's Angels and working with Quentin Tarantino, Liu has started to work in television recently, showing that she has a versatile talent.

Question 33

Lisa Kudrow

Moving from a show as successful as Friends into something different can be very difficult, which is why stars such as Kudrow end up finding little work after the television show ends.

Question 34

Leslie Mann

Known for appearing numerous movies put into production by her husband, Mann has found herself working mainly on the set of comedy movies, but we imagine she's got some dramatic talent deep down...

Question 35

Kate Bosworth

Both an actor and model, Bosworth has been working in the world of showbiz for a very long time. She never lets either of them get in the way of the other, so she has appeared in numerous movies.

Question 36

Jon Hamm

Mad Men put this man on the map, and since then, he has worked on numerous movie projects that have propelled him into stardom. He also does a lot of work on comedy shows.

Question 37

Felicity Jones

There are some franchises out there that will never end, so if people manage to get a role in one of the movies, they'll likely have a job for the rest of their lives if they want it!

Question 38

Eva Mendes

This actor and model has moved away from the world of showbiz over the past year or two to help look after her children while her husband continues to work in the world of Hollywood.

Question 39

Carrie Fisher

This woman has left a legacy in the world of film, proving that if somebody is able to bring a brilliant talent to a single character, that is enough to be remembered by the world.

Question 40

Christopher Lloyd

There are so many people out there who had a childhood that was filled with Back To The Future, a movie in which this man was able to shine in by bringing his fantastic over the top style of acting.

Question 41

Danny Devito

Known for working both in front of and behind the camera in the world of both television and film, this guy is well loved by every single generation for his work across the world of showbiz.

Question 42

Haley Joel Osment

Some people decide that their working life just isn't going how they want so they start to move away from what they used to do. This must be weird if their working life started when the actor was a child!

Question 43

Josh Brolin

Brolin is known for playing character that are stereotypically masculine, rugged and gruff characters that utilize his low and gravelly voice. He's done other work as well, but mostly dramatic roles.

Question 44

Lindsay Lohan

There are few child actors who manage to make it to adulthood without having some sort of lasting problems, with Lohan being the stereotype of what can happen to these poor actors.

Question 45

Norman Reedus

After appearing as a character in TWD, Reedus has managed to make his way into the world of video game acting and voicing. He's working with Hideo Kojima on his new game as we speak.

Question 46

Amy Poehler

After working for years on SNL as both a writer and an actor, this woman moved into movies and, most famously, started to star in Parks And Recreation which put her on the map.

Question 47

Andy Samberg

Another comedy actor here, a man that has worked for a long time on various comedy movies, both as an actor and as a writer. Most recently he has gained a lot of fame for his starring role in Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Question 48

Daniel Radcliffe

This man has done a lot to try and move away from the clean image he was given during his work on the Harry Potter movies. That has meant he has done a lot of weird stuff!

Question 49

Jack Black

This guy may mostly work on comedy movies due to his over the top style and charm, he has also worked on more dramatic movies, in darker roles. Take a look at Bernie to see what we mean!

Question 50

Jason Statham

Known widely for his work on action movies, Statham has been putting in work for years at this point, taking on any action roles that he can find! We say best luck to him, as he certainly entertains us.

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