Pick Or Pass On These ‘90s Movies And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Boy Band

As the decades move on and we bring more people into the Earth, it's no surprise that people latch onto various parts of culture as they grow older, offering them not only a chance to be entertained but also to feel closer to their generation than they did before. The 90's is a decade that many people continue to cling onto on the internet, mainly as it's the decade that passed just before the internet came into common usage. This means that many of the people who became quickly accustomed to the internet also fondly remember the 90's.

What we've decided to do is pull together some of the most famous movies from the 90's, the ones that we all remember fondly and for good reason! Once people take a look at what we've brought together, we want them to either pick or pass on the movies, letting us know exactly how they feel about this 90's classic. Let's not forget that this sort of thing is subjective, so just because it's famous doesn't mean it's any good!

Once everyone has done that, we're going to guess which boy band is their absolute favorite. Yes, we can tell that just based on the answers given!

Question 1

10 Things I Hate About You

Based on a Shakespearean play, this is a movie that attempted to bring an old narrative into the teenage world. We all know that it can be difficult to get into the language of the Shakespeare plays, so it's no surprise that so many teens can't get into it. This is why we have to come up with ways to get the younger people to enjoy the dramatic narratives that were laid out by the man so many years ago.

Question 2

American Pie

For people of a certain age, it was impossible to get through life without seeing this movie. It came to define a certain era of teen movies. While it took from the foundations that had been placed down before it, this movie proved that film marketed towards teens could get a lot more gross than they'd ever been. When we think about it, our teen years aren't too pleasant, so it only makes sense that this is what teen movies would end up being like!

Question 3

Being John Malkovich

Anybody who has seen this movie knows that it messes with the absurd in a huge way, never wanting the audience to feel like they truly understand what is happening or how they're supposed to react to the things on screen that actually do make sense! Straight from the beginning, both the writing and direction are asking the audience to come on board climb in and buckle up, or else this wild ride is going to be a lot harder than it needs to be.

Question 4

Wayne's World

Based on an SNL sketch, this movie and its sequel follows two characters that perfectly summed up an entire generation of young people. These were slackers that had managed to make it big, refusing to conform to any sort of expectations that were placed upon them, and not wanting to take thing seriously no matter what the stakes. It continues to be funny to this day, proving that people didn't have to be alive at the time to find the humor in the writing.

Question 5

Toy Story

One of the greatest things about Pixar is that they're able to create movies that both adults and children enjoy. This was the film that made people sit up and take notice. It posits a world in which toys come to life once all of the humans have left the room. This can obviously get pretty brutal when children decide that they're no longer interested in a toy that they were once obsessed with, a concept that the show regularly plays around with.

Question 6

Big Daddy

No matter how much we may think that we would rise to the occasion if we were forced to, a lot of us just have to accept that personal growth doesn't just happen. This movie follows a man who decides to take on the responsibility of a child, despite the fact that he struggles to look after himself. He thinks that it'll be easy, but quickly realizes that if he wants to bring this kid up right, he has to grow up as well.

Question 7

Cruel Intentions

There was a period of time where Hollywood was obsessed with creating movies for teens that really keyed into the seedier side of things. Sure, a lot of other movies have been seedier, but there was a definite attempt to try and get younger people interested in this specific feature so that the creators could make some more money. Unsurprisingly, like most of the other movies with a similar vibe, it hasn't aged that well and is difficult to watch these days.

Question 8

Eyes Wide Shut

This is the movie that a lot of Kubrick fans aren't to keen on, believing that it didn't have the same high level actors in it like the rest of his features, as well as not being artistic enough to stand up next to the rest of his movies. That being said, by most standards it did pretty well and people do continue to watch it, with many people arguing that it was actually better than people remember at this point.

Question 9

Fight Club

Based on a novel, this movie follows a group of men who decide to funnel their dissatisfaction and disaffection with the world into beating each other up. It may not make much sense to some people, but to others, it perfectly encapsulates what can happen when human beings are left to the wayside. Obviously, when they started to turn this onto other people who aren't consenting, then they were entirely in the wrong. Plus, nobody should be following their lead in real life!

Question 10


The cat and mouse concept is one that a lot of different heist movies have used in the past, following two people, one on the darker side of life and the other on the lighter side. As De Niro attempts to get away with one of the biggest robberies that he has ever been a part of, he becomes acutely aware that Al Pacino is catching up to him, closing in on the criminal like no other police officer before him.

Question 11

Independence Day

For a lot of people, this movie was a look at what Will Smith would be able to achieve in the future, and he has gone onto work on a lot of different movies since this one. We have always enjoyed a movie about the human race having to band together in an attempt to take on aliens that are attempting to take over the planet. Whether or not this would work in real life doesn't matter when it's this entertaining on the big screen!

Question 12

L.A. Confidential

This movie is based on a book from 1990, while being set in the 1950s. Like many pieces of culture that fit into the neo-noir genre, it takes a look at the way the police system can become easily corrupt once it merges with the celebrity element, the type that was flourishing in Los Angeles at the time. It's an entertaining look at a world that we hope is long past, but some would argue is still alive and well.

Question 13


For a lot of people, this movie is not exactly the sort of thing they like to stick on to relax at the end of the day. What we're saying is, it has a lot of different actors in it, with a lot of different things going on and is of a real epic scale. This is the sort of movie that people put on when they want a bit of a think, something that they can sink their teeth into.

Question 14

The Usual Suspects

There are a lot of movies out there about a bunch of criminals that have been placed together purposefully, a lot of people that work together to pull off a major heist. However, we think that the better ones are those that have a group of criminals come together that were never meant to be together, that have to try and get along for the common good, as it adds a lot more dramatic tension that we think is more interesting to watch.

Question 15

The Truman Show

We've all had those moments where we look around and wonder if we're being watched, the hairs going up on the backs of arms. We've also all had those moments where we walk about feeling like we're in a movie, usually when we've got some great music playing in our ears! Well, this film asks what it would be like to slowly find out that we actually are being watched, the world we live in and our lives completely fake.

Question 16

The Sixth Sense

Despite the fact that everyone knows the ending to this movie at this point, the twist that meant the director was forced to try and up the twist every single movie he did from then on, we don't want to put it here just in case! All we'll say is, this is a movie about a young man that can see people who have passed on from this world, with the people around him trying to understand what is happening.

Question 17

The Shawshank Redemption

Based on a story created by Stephen King, this movie follows a man as he tries to come to terms with being placed in jail for a crime that he swears he didn't commit. He then starts to grow closer to the population, finding that he can make life a lot easier for himself if he wants to. It's still not enough for him though, as he wants out of the place as soon as possible, to get away and live his life.

Question 18

Notting Hill

Anybody who actually lives in Notting Hill knows that this movie doesn't really look anything like the real place in London, but that doesn't stop it from being a genuinely funny movie, one that can get genuinely touching at times depending how people are feeling when they watch it. Anyone that has struggled to make things work with a partner will understand the troubles that the characters go through in this movie, so we think everyone should be able to enjoy it.

Question 19

Office Space

There are some pretty mundane things about this world that, once they have a magnifying glass placed over them can end up being pretty funny. Anyone that has worked within an office in the past will recognize a lot of thing the things that are being made fun of in this movie. Even if they haven't, there's enough comedy in this to make it worth watching if we're honest! This one is a major cult classic for a very good reason.

Question 20

Pulp Fiction

There are very few people out there that haven't seen this movie, and that's for good reason. After Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino had a lot of things to prove as people had been blown away by his debut, so everyone was so happy when his second movie came out and was just as good if not better! Anyone that hasn't seen this classic needs to give it a watch as soon as possible. It never gets boring either, no matter how many times it's watched.

Question 21

Saving Private Ryan

There are a lot of movies out there about the many times the people of this world have decided to come up against each other for various different reasons, but this is one that people regard as being well up at the top of the list, even for people who don't usually enjoy that sort of thing. While we'll warn people now that it's obviously not a very uplifting experience, we do think it's the sort of thing that people should watch at least once.

Question 22

Schindler's List

It can be difficult to make a movie like this, one that deals with some of the darkest things that human beings have had to come up against the real world, but if it's done right, it can create one of the greatest pieces of art of all time. Honestly, this is the sort of thing that could've gone very wrong, but we think that it was handled brilliantly, to the point where it has become a real classic in the world of movies.

Question 23

The Mummy

As human beings, there are a set of universal themes and motifs that give us all the creeps. This is why we find that so many fictional pieces of media decide to rely on tropes and characters that have been used for decades at this point. Despite the fact that mummies have been used to inspire worry in audiences for a long time now, we do think that it works well in this movie, mainly because of the new use of CGI.

Question 24

The Matrix

To a lot of people, this movie continues to be a classic that everyone should watch, a look into the way that human beings can be completely unaware of a hidden reality. Sure, it's an interesting action movie in and of itself with a very smart narrative, but it has a deeper metaphorical meaning at its core. Even though things may appear one way on the surface, there can be something deeper going on that nobody can see until they're forced to look at it.

Question 25

The Lion King

Quite possibly the most popular animated movie of all time, this Disney classic is actually based on a Shakespearean play, which we're sure many of the children watching it have no idea about. It's yet another example of how many of the narratives from centuries beforehand still hold water to this day, offering a look at a universal truth, one that will never change no matter how long we happen to stick around on this planet. Well worth a watch!

Question 26


It's widely accepted that this genre has been stale for a long time at this point, which is why movies like this have been created. Put together by one of the originators of the slasher genre, this movie actually unpacked many tropes of the genre that had become standard in an attempt to point out why they had become played out by the 90s. Well worth a look for anyone that thinks this type of movie needs a lot of changes.

Question 27

She's All That

While it may not be based on anything that was written by Shakespeare, this movie is based on old plays that had come well before it. Rather than being a way to bring something old to a new audience, we actually think this was a rather cynical move on the part of the writers, wanting to try and put something together that took very little time to produce but was able to pull in as much money from the teen audience as possible.

Question 28


Taking on one of the most famous stories of all time, this animation follows a young boy that falls into the care of a colony of gorillas that take care of him as he grows older. As he gets older, he realizes that they're starting to accept him more and more, but he also comes across human beings who look just like him, and they're not all as nice to the animals as he is! Well worth a watch for both children and adults.

Question 29

Terminator 2

While the first movie is widely regarded as a cult classic, this is the movie that put the series on the map, moving Arnie from the bad guy role into the good guy role. There are some small problems with it, and the series went off the deep end after this movie, but it's still well worth a watch for anybody that likes a bit of science fiction action to get them through the day. We enjoy watching it to this day!

Question 30

The Big Lebowski

Anybody that has watched this movie knows that it's the Coen Brothers at their best, bringing together their trademark style with some great humor that others can only dream of bringing to the big screen! Not only that, but Bridges is brilliant in the main role and we don't think that this film gets boring no matter how many times it's watched. With a twisting plot that takes the characters to some ridiculous places, we think everyone should watch this.

Question 31

The Blair Witch Project

This movie was the beginning of a major thing in this genre, with many other found footage movies coming out after it. It was important at the time of release because the advertisements made it seem real, as if this movie was actually made from footage that had been found and put together for a general audience. Obviously, this wasn't true, but it was a sign that a movie can end up making a lot of money because of modern advertising techniques.

Question 32

The Bone Collector

Denzel Washington has proved himself time and time again to be worth a look, but it's well known that he's at his best in roles that bring out the serious dramatic actor within him. Beyond the genuinely darker themes that are contained within the script, this is actually a pretty standard psychological thriller that we think people would find it genuinely hard to dislike if they're just looking for something to entertain them and keep them on the edge of their seat.

Question 33

Home Alone

Despite the fact that the series was never able to live up to the brilliance of this first movie, this is a Christmas classic for a major reason. There are some people out there who don't go an entire year without watching this, which should be enough to tell everyone that there's something about it worth looking into! Anyone who didn't see this thing in their childhood, we think they should make sure it's the next thing they give a look.

Question 34

The Green Mile

Based on a short story by Stephen King, this movie follows a man who is a bad place, a man that holds a power unlike anything seen in the rest of the human world. A lot of people struggle to make it to the end of this one without crying, and we can completely understand why that is! Of all the movies contained within this quiz, we think this is the one that is most likely to end with people crying.

Question 35

Half Baked

There are a lot of movies out there that people believe are made better by watching them while not sober, and this is exactly one of those movies! It follows three slackers as they attempt to get their friend out of jail by moving as much product as physically possible. It's a comedy believe it or not, despite how depressing that description may have made it sound! We suggest that anyone who thinks this sounds interesting take a look as soon as possible.

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