Pick Or Pass On These 2018 Blockbusters And Get A Hollywood Wifey

2018 was a great year for movies!

There were epically animated soon-to-be-classics like Into The Spider-Verse and unique thrillers like A Quiet Place, which showed that John Krasinski's range and talent extended far beyond his portrayal of Jim in The Office (although we'd never knock The Office- it's a fantastic show). Avengers: Infinity War was also released in 2018 and we loved seeing our favorite characters like Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor battle for the future of the universe. 2018 brought us some amazing storylines and tons of amazing special effects. Many of the stories, like Welcome to Marwen, were based on true tales of people overcoming major traumas in their lives. First Man took us to the outer reaches of the universe and BlacKkKlansman reminded us how the bravery of one person can take down a hateful organization.

We've outlined some of the best movies of 2018 (and a handful from late 2017), so grab your popcorn because it's time to pick or pass on these classic flicks and find out who everyone's Hollywood wifey would be. Let us look into the future and reveal everyone's future celebrity soulmate. Who is ready to discover their Hollywood wifey? It's time to get started now!

Question 1

Into The Spider-Verse:

Into the Spider-Verse is the brainchild of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who designed a fresh new look at the Spider-Man Universe where just about anyone could wear the iconic mask and turn into Spider-Man. With incredible visuals and a riveting storyline, this immediate cult favorite movie grossed an astounding $35,363,376 in its opening weekend according to IMDb. Who loves this glimpse into an unlimited Spider-Verse? Who will choose to pass on this one? Select pick or pass from the two options listed.

Question 2


Overlord is the story of an alternate reality on D-Day where an unlucky group of paratroopers winds up finding more than they bargained for inside of an old church. When they come across an experiment gone wrong, they wind up in a fierce battle against an army of ghosts. This movie combines history with an unimaginable twist for a truly unique and riveting movie experience. Who agrees? It’s time to pick or pass on this 2018 movie classic. Choose now.

Question 3

Mission Impossible Fallout:

This installment of the Mission Impossible franchise grossed $61,236,534 in its opening weekend according to IMDb and follows the story of Ethan Hunt as he hunts down a brand new organization called the Apostles. This organization formed from the rest of the Syndicate and is intent on finding and exploiting plutonium cores. In the ultimate battle between the forces of good and the members of the Apostles, Ethan Hunt is in a race against time. Who loves this fan favorite installment?

Question 4

The Mule:

Clint Eastwood shines in this blockbuster that opened on December 16th and told the story of an aging horticulturist and vet who is working for a cartel. This deeply personal story explores familial relationships as well as our own perceptions of different people- and how we never really know our neighbors. The Mule is a unique gem in a year full of stars. Who agrees with us? It’s time to pick or pass on this super interesting and engaging story.

Question 5

The Incredibles 2

We fell in love with the Incredibles family back in 2004 when they made their debut, and the second installment on their story is just as engaging. The Incredibles 2 delves into family dynamics in the superhero family, when Mr. Incredible is tasked with taking on the role of stay-at-home dad in charge of their precious and misbehaving little boy Jack-Jack. Not to mention- the animation is completely on point. We’d always pick The Incredibles 2. Who agrees with us?

Question 6

The Favourite:

The Favourite features one of our Hollywood Wifeys- Emma Stone in a role where she is vying for the attention of Queen Anne. This period piece has everything; a rivalry, great acting and a true life historical premise of animosity between two rival countries. It grossed $23,567,164 total dollars over its run in theaters, according to IMDb, and is an engrossing and entertaining look into the palace politics at the time. Who loved The Favourite as much as we did?

Question 7

The Guilty:

This film revolves around most peoples’ last line of defense in the event of an emergency- their phones. When alarm dispatcher Asger Holm gets a call that sounds a little more than troubling, he sets out on a personal mission to rescue the woman in question before it is too late. Unfortunately, he winds up getting involved in a crime that is way above his pay grade. This movie deals with the ultimate plot switch situation and we totally love it.

Question 8

The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs:

When you get Netflix and the Coen Brothers together, you know that they are going to come up with something good! The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is just that- part Spaghetti Western, part drama, part comedy, and even part musical- this totally watchable Netflix fave tells the story of the Old West through six different, equally engaging tales. We think that Ethan and Joel Coen can do no wrong. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on this Netflix favorite and get a Hollywood wifey!

Question 9

6 Balloons:

Netflix delivers again with another story that we can’t get enough of. 6 Balloons is a family drama with a lot of heart. Is it just us, or does Netflix constantly get it out of the park with their original movies? 6 Balloons is no exception as it follows the story of a woman who is trying to help her brother rid himself of his addiction. The movie covers their eventful trek across Los Angeles and tells a rich and engaging story.

Question 10

Sorry To Bother You:

Magical reality meets comedy in this soon-to-be cult favorite. Sorry to Bother You is the story of Cassius Green, a telemarketer who learns that simply by switching up one or two little things he can become much more successful at his job. Of course, all of that success comes with a lot of new twists and turns as the movie explores some of the more sinister elements of our culture. We would always pick Sorry to Bother You. Who agrees?

Question 11

Roxanne Roxanne:

This true story of Roxanne Shante is captured perfectly in Roxanne Roxanne- the tale of one of the most prolific female rappers in the world during the late 1980s and early 1990s. We follow her story of growing up in Queens New York and dealing with the heavily male-dominated world of rap music. It’s a truly inspirational tale that we’d always pick. Who would pick Roxanne Roxanne too? Who would prefer to pass on this classic story? Choose one now.

Question 12

Welcome To Marwen:

Steve Carell plays a perfect Mark Hogancamp in this (also true!) story of a man who came up with a creative method of dealing with his past. Hogancamp ran afoul of some unsavory characters who left him in a dire state after he disclosed some personal information to them at a bar. This experience led to some serious PTSD and a unique way of dealing with it through the creation of Marwen, a town where Hogancamp is able to triumph over his assailants.

Question 13

Bohemian Rhapsody:

Anyone who loves music is probably a fan of Bohemian Rhapsody already. This musical celebration of the iconic band Queen is one of the best offerings of 2018. Focusing largely on the life of legendary Freddie Mercury, Bohemian Rhapsody looks at the evolution of Queen and the life of this wildly talented and prolific musician. It has grossed $203,346,796 since it first came out in theaters, according to IMDb. Who loves Bohemian Rhapsody as much as we do? It’s time to pick or pass.

Question 14

The Ritual:

The Ritual is one of those films that make us want to sleep with the lights on. When college buddies go off to find themselves and reconnect in the middle of the forest, you know that it’s about to go down! Unfortunately for them, they are not alone and the sinister forces of the woods soon make for a… not-so-pleasant… ending for our three heroes. This movie is for anyone who loves suspense and a good artsy flick. Pick or pass.

Question 15


Roma is one of those movies that stays with you for a long time after it’s finished. Following the story of Cleo, a housekeeper in Mexico City during the 1970s, it highlights family drama and love. It’s shot in black and white- which makes it all the more artistic and beautiful. We would always pick Roma. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on this classic black and white flick and get a Hollywood wifey. It’s time to choose now.

Question 16

Private Life:

Speaking of family drama, Private Life gives us a good insight into the private struggles and tribulations of Richard and Rachel who want to begin their family but are experiencing infertility. It’s equal parts comedy and drama and it is totally true to life for anyone who has ever gone through any serious familial struggles. With some stellar acting and a plot that explores the depths of familial love and inclusion, Private Life is a true winner in our books!

Question 17

Pacific Rim Uprising:

Pacific Rim Uprising is on point with its visuals and it has a pretty great story to go along with them too. Set in 2035, this story takes place ten years after the Battle of the Breach and features former Jaeger pilot Jack Pentecost working in the black market on the streets of Los Angeles until he is called on to take over where his father left off. We would totally watch Pacific Rim Uprising again and again. Pick or pass.

Question 18

Ralph Breaks The Internet:

This widely anticipated follow-up to Wreck-It Ralph is another chapter in the adventures of Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz as they wander through the internet looking for a way to save Vanellope’s game- Sugar Rush. Anyone who saw the original movie knows that the adventures of these two characters are totally entertaining and well worth watching! Ralph Breaks the Internet is one of the most charming movies of the last few years. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on this one.

Question 19


Mandy is one of those movies that everyone will automatically want to either pick or pass on. You really just don’t have lukewarm feelings about this one! Set in 1983, it’s the story of Red and Mandy who live a life of idyllic seclusion in the woods until a cult leader sets his sights on Mandy and tries to take her away. As anyone can guess, this does not go over so well with Red! Pick or pass on Mandy.

Question 20

The Rider:

Anyone who likes awesome set design will love The Rider- because all of the landscapes are so incredible and full of life. It’s the story of Brady Blackburn, a star of the rodeo who is recovering from an accident and learning how to put the past behind him. He is attempting to get back into his old life and recover from his injuries in this epic film that is part drama, part Western and all heart. Pick or pass on The Rider.

Question 21

Let The Sunshine In:

This is one of those chick flicks that guys love because of Juliette Binoche’s amazing performance. Anyone who has loved or lost has lived her story, making Let the Sunshine in a totally understandable film about relationships that did not go the way that we wanted them to. With a rocking soundtrack featuring favorites like At Last by Etta James, we would always pick Let the Sunshine in. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on this amazing movie now.

Question 22

Leave No Trace:

What happens when you live off the grid and suddenly have to re-enter society? Leave No Trace examines the impact of taking someone who has spent the majority of their life off the grid and introducing them to the “real world”. As expected, the two main characters- Will and his daughter decide to try to make it back to their original place of origin. Who loves this movie as much as we do? It’s time to pick or pass on it.

Question 23

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom:

Who didn’t love the original Jurassic Park as a child? Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom takes things to the next level in an epic film where the original dinos from the Jurassic Park amusement park are in a bit of trouble. It turns out that their island is volcanic and Owen and Claire need to figure out how to deal with prehistoric dinosaurs in an age of people. Add in a nefarious plot to sell the dinos and you have a winner!

Question 24

Isle Of Dogs:

The canine residents of Megasaki, Japan are in trouble after an outbreak of the dog flu gets them all quarantined to Trash Island. Fortunately, a hero arrives in the form of Atari- who lost his dog and needs some help finding him. This heartwarming little film, Isle Of Dogs, will always get a pick from us. Who here agrees with us? It’s time to pick or pass on Isle Of Dogs and get a Hollywood wifey! Choose one answer now.

Question 25

Avengers: Infinity War:

Who doesn’t love The Avengers? They are one of Marvel’s greatest creations and we can’t get enough of their movies. Avengers: Infinity War is absolutely no exception. In this version, the Avengers have to save the world (again) from Thanos- who is trying to capture all of the lost Infinity Stones. It’s a fun romp through the galaxy and we totally love it. Who here agrees with us? It’s time to pick or pass on this latest amazing Marvel offering.

Question 26

Hold The Dark:

Alaska only attracts the biggest and bravest, right? In this soon-to-be classic film, Russell Core is tasked with finding the pack of wolves that made off with some of the children of the village. Part nature story, part thrilling epic, Hold the Dark is one of those movies that stick with us for long after we’ve stopped watching them. Who loved Hold the Dark as much as we did? It’s time to pick or pass on this classic. Choose now.

Question 27

If Beale Street Could Talk:

This critically acclaimed movie is set in the 1970s and centers around two teenage sweethearts living in Harlem; Tish and Fonny. Fonny is accused of a crime that he didn’t commit when Tish is pregnant with their child- and she is trying to prove his innocence against overwhelming odds. It’s a period-era movie that showcases the power of a community to come together against insurmountable odds. We love this movie. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on If Beale Street Could Talk.

Question 28

Green Book:

The title of this movie refers to a real book that showed black people a way to get safe passage through segregated US states during the 1960s. The south was notoriously a very dangerous place for black people to travel- and this book acted as a guide for classical pianist Don Shirley and his white driver Tony “Lip” Vallelonga. The two men develop an uneasy friendship and bond as Tony escorts Don through the deeply racist and segregated southern states.

Question 29


Gemini is the interesting story of a star and her assistant- and what happens when that relationship is tested. When the young Hollywood starlet is found not alive, her assistant comes under fire for the crime. Gemini deals with how crime scenes are studied and also talks about a lot of different power dynamics. It is a juicy and fun film to watch! We would pick Gemini any day of the week. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on this one.

Question 30

Game Night:

Game Night deals with what happens when the tables are totally flipped and the night goes as was not intended! Initially revolving around six friends who meet up to face-off in various board games, the film focuses closely in on Max and Annie who are having marital troubles. When Max’s questionable brother shows up and wants in on the fun the couple agrees to hold the next game night at his house- with very interesting results. Pick or pass on this movie.

Question 31

First Man:

First Man enjoyed a worldwide gross of $100,546,153 according to IMDb and it’s easy to see why. This epic tale explores the story of the first person to walk on the moon. Neil Armstrong is now famous for those iconic words…. “a small step for man and a giant leap for mankind”. If you’re looking for some serious inspiration, look no further than this gem that makes us all want to shoot for the moon. Pick or pass on First Man.

Question 32

Ant-Man And The Wasp:

Ant-Man and the Wasp is a follow-up story that tells the tale of what happened to Scott Lang after the last Civil War. Initially, he struggles with his identity as Ant-Man and his responsibilities at home, but soon realizes that he has to listen to Dr. Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne and join forces with the Wasp in order to save the world again! We would always pick this special effects-heavy soon-to-be classic film. Who agrees with us on this one?

Question 33

Black Panther:

Black Panther is the tale of Prince T’Challa and his quest to save Wakanda. Black Panther enjoyed a very impressive $700,059,566 total gross in the US, according to IMDb and it’s easy to see why. The special effects of this iconic film are inspiring, and the story of Prince T’Challa’s quest is amazing! We loved the tale of Black Panther and technologically advanced Wakanda. Who agrees with us? It’s time to pick or pass on this classic film. Choose one now.

Question 34

First Reformed:

In this deeply complicated and engaging story of redemption, choices and consequences, Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried shine as two of the main characters who come together in fate. It is not a tale for the faint hearted- as First Reformed does not shy away from sensitive subject matter and there are some unpleasant scenes, but it brings up some of the big questions that we should ask. We would always pick First Reformed. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass.

Question 35


Here’s another movie that touches a little bit on religion, but is a love story at its core. Disobedience is one of those stories that stays with us long after we finish it. It’s the tale of two women who meet up in their hometown and realize that their friendship has blossomed into something a little more. Against the backdrop of orthodox religion, Disobedience is a complicated and intriguing look into religion, love, and taboos. Pick or pass on Disobedience.

Question 36


BlacKkKlansman is a Spike Lee movie based on a true story- and examines the bravery and ability of Ron Stallworth to go undercover in the klan and help take the organization down from the inside. Since it’s based on true events, the story is even more compelling and fascinating. We loved the quick paced story and the amazing acting in this movie. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on BlacKkKlansman and we will give you a unique Hollywood wifey.

Question 37

Eighth Grade:

Who remembers how awkward those teenage years were? All of us who survived through middle school, braces, and awkward school dances and lived to tell the tale will appreciate Eighth Grade, a film debut by comedian Bo Burnham. Eighth Grade is the story of Kayla- an insecure teen who creates an online persona where she has it all together. It is about how the internet can warp our perceptions and the inner struggle of every one of us. Pick or pass.

Question 38

Den Of Thieves:

We love crime stories and we are willing to bet that there are plenty of people out there who agree with us! Den of Thieves is one of the best, set in Los Angeles and following the police department and a group of bank robbers through a complicated and fascinating storyline as they try to pull off one of the biggest heists of all time. Who loves Den of Thieves as much as we do? We’d always pick this slick crime flick.

Question 39

Deadpool 2:

Who doesn’t love the original Deadpool? Deadpool 2 has more of the same- more drama, more comedy, more slick visuals and your favorite foul-mouthed superhero who is back for action! In this installment, Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool matches wits with a super soldier from the future named Cable. When Cable sets his sights on Russell- an angry mutant that comes under Deadpool’s care, Deadpool has his work cut out for him trying to save the day. Pick or pass on Deadpool 2.

Question 40

Crazy Rich Asians:

This blockbuster film grossed $238,532,921 worldwide (IMDb) and became an instant classic! Featuring a love story between Rachel Chu and her boyfriend Nick, Crazy Rich Asians is the ultimate tale of keeping things from your significant other and eventually having things work out in the end. Nick turns out to be immensely wealthy (hence the name of the movie) and Rachel soon finds herself the rival of every single woman in Singapore. It’s a cute movie with enough wit to be both sweet and charming.

Question 41


Blindspotting is one of those movies that we could totally watch a million times in a row. It is the story of Collin and Miles, as well as trying to beat the odds and make a new beginning in your life. Collin only has three days of probation left before he can make a new start, but Miles has other ideas. While Collin wants to stay on the straight and narrow, Miles wants to return to his many troublemaking ways.

Question 42

Assassination Nation:

This movie is every high school kid (and probably every adult’s) nightmare. A group of high school students has all of their selfies, posts, and texts hacked and posted for all to see. The result is just like what happened when the Mean Girl’s burn book was exposed- except much, much more serious. The girls wind up facing down a mob of people who are less than pleased with some of the things that came out. Watch what you text!

Question 43


This Netflix fave proves that the on-demand service is seriously on-point with the quality of its entertainment. Apostle is the story of Thomas Richardson’s quest to rescue his sister from an isolated island at the turn of the 19th century. What he learns is totally stunning. Who loved this darkly intriguing Netflix gem as much as we did? It’s time to pick or pass on Apostle and we will assign everyone their very own Hollywood wifey. Pick or pass now.

Question 44

Ready Player One:

In this futuristic movie set in 2045, Wade Watts spends most of his time in OASIS, a virtual world where there are no limitations. His imagination is free to go wild in OASIS, which is good because the outside world leaves a lot to be desired. In a bit of a Willy Wonka style twist, the creator of OASIS creates a contest to see who he will relinquish power to- and of course, Watts signs up. It’s a quirky and cute movie and we love it.

Question 45

A Star Is Born:

We all know that when one star rises- another fades, as is the story of Ally and Jack in A Star is Born. Lady Gaga plays Ally, an aspiring artist who meets Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper. Jack helps Ally find her place in the sun and falls in love with her in the process but just as her star is rising, his falling. This film explores some big topics of love and loss and has a great soundtrack.

Question 46

A Quiet Place:

We said it before and we’ll say it again- Jim from the Office can do no wrong. In A Quiet Place (which he starred in and directed), John Krasinski plays the patriarch of a family who survived some kind of monster takeover, although we never find out what the catalyst for it is. These monsters are totally blind and only hunt by sound- so it’s important to go through life completely quiet. We love this movie. Who here agrees with us?

Question 47

You Were Never Really Here:

You Were Never Really Here is a tear-jerker and a deeply engrossing movie that deals with lots of different themes of loss and how reality can be distorted. It centers around Joe, who survived the Gulf War only to find himself living in a dream state until he is called upon to save the small child of a prominent political figure. We would always pick You Were Never Really Here. Who agrees with us? Pick or pass on this one.

Question 48

Black Mirror- Bandersnatch:

Black Mirror is one of Netflix’s series that brought us some of the most original programming in recent years. A Twilight Zone for the new generation, Black Mirror is fresh, jarring and totally engrossing. Bandersnatch- Black Mirror’s interactive mini-movie lives up to the epic series. In it, the viewer can control what happens to Stefan as he struggles to develop a winning video game in 1984. As the movie/game goes on, Stefan becomes even more unhinged and questions his own free will.

Question 49

A Prayer Before Dawn:

There is nothing more unsettling than the thought of being put behind bars in a foreign country- but that’s exactly the subject of A Prayer Before Dawn, which deals with Billy Moore, a boxer from the UK who traveled to Thailand and got involved with some of the more unsavory elements. He is imprisoned in the north of Thailand and winds up using his boxing abilities to win back his freedom and his dignity. We love A Prayer Before Dawn.

Question 50


Over the course of the last few years, Transformer movies have been really popular and Bumblebee is absolutely no exception. This movie centers around Bumblebee, a yellow VW bug that is a little more special than he originally seems. Grossing $21,654,047 in its opening US weekend according to IMDb, Bumblebee is one epic tale of a girl and her car/walking talking robot friend. It’s the last question of the quiz, so make it a good one and pick or pass.

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