Pick Or Pass On Exotic Travel Locations And We'll Suggest The Perfect Destination

Who doesn't want to take a whirlwind trip around the world?

Imagine seeing exotic lands, meeting interesting people and tasting some of the best cuisines that the globe has to offer! Getting off the beaten path is a refreshing way to learn more about oneself and develop empathy for all of the other people who inhabit our planet.

From dazzling ancient monuments like Easter Island, Stonehenge and the ruins of Ayutthaya, Thailand to the pristine beaches of Bali and the Caribbean, the world is a spectacular place. Imagine laying back on a sun-dappled beach and watching the blue waves wash up on a faraway shore, or trekking some of the most challenging and intriguing mountains on the planet. Thanks to our handy passports, the world is wide open to us. We can go wherever we want! The globe is our oyster!

But what destination is the best? It is different for everyone, but this quiz will reveal which faraway land fits best with the answers provided. Simply pick or pass for a clue into future destinations! In short, we will peek into the crystal ball and see where to globetrot next! Ready for a great global adventure!?

Question 1


For wilderness lovers, there is no better place than Tanzania! With vast vistas of some of the best grassland in the world, plus more animals than in most countries combined, Tanzania is a paradise for people who love the great outdoors. It is one of the best places to check out the “big five”; elephant, leopard, buffalo, lion and rhino, from a safe distance of course!

Question 2

South Africa

The continent of Africa is a tourist hotspot, but no place more so than South Africa. Nature lovers and adrenaline junkies flock to South Africa for great trekking and surfing, as well as checking out some of the best wildlife in the region. Mountaineers love to test their skills on Table Mountain. South Africa has something for everyone! Pick or pass?

Question 3


Singapore is one of the most prominent spots for business in all of Southeast Asia. Known for its extremely low crime, great infrastructure and interesting mascot, the MerLion, Singapore is a destination like no other. This beautiful tiny island nation is wealthier than most of its neighbors and just a hop, skip and a jump from both Malaysia and Indonesia.

Question 4


Mother Russia is the largest country in the world and has one of the most diverse landscapes on the entire planet! With beaches and massive mountain ranges, one could spend months exploring this mega country and not even scratch the surface! Russia is culturally significant and has some of the most beautiful architecture in the entire world. Pick or Pass?

Question 5


This tiny Arabic country is extremely well developed and has a spectacular skyline as well as some of the best beaches in that part of the world! The capital, Doha, has been described as “futuristic” and on the edge of modernity. Sophisticated buildings rub shoulders with ancient Islamic artifacts, making this country a great one to visit for people who love history.

Question 6


If one is looking for natural beauty, they need not look any further than Peru. Everyone can agree that this country that is home to the glorious Andes mountain range and the beautiful Amazon rainforest, is one of the most interesting in the entire world. Nature lovers will be ecstatic about the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. Pick or Pass?

Question 7

North Korea

This country is known as “The Hermit Kingdom” and is absolutely not for the faint of heart. Only people who are looking to collect all the passport stamps for bragging rights would really want to venture to North Korea. Its regime is famously ruled by Kim Jong Un, the unpredictable dictator of this tiny country in Southeast Asia. Pick or Pass on North Korea?

Question 8


Myanmar was once known as Burma and recently opened up its doors to visitors. This country is home to some of the most interesting ruins in the world, as well as a ton of amazing things to see! Night markets with delicious regional dishes, Buddhist temples and glorious parks are all part of what Myanmar has to offer. Who wants to take a trip there?

Question 9


Mexico is a massive and fascinating country that really has it all. From mountain climbing to basking on beautiful sun-kissed beaches, it is hard to go wrong in Mexico. Did we mention the food? Mexican food is among the best in the world! Plus, there are multiple Mayan ruins like Chichen Itza where history buffs can soak in some ancient culture.

Question 10


If one wants to check out some of the best and most diverse wildlife on the planet, Kenya needs to be on the bucket list! This country has some of the most breathtaking natural features that exist on the planet, plus “big five” wildlife and first-rate cities like Nairobi! Trekking, sightseeing and soaking in the culture are all great activities to do in Kenya.

Question 11


Japan is one country that most people dream of seeing at least once in their lifetimes. It is the small, beautiful island nation that combines state-of-the-art cities with some of the most beautiful natural elements that one will ever see! Mt. Fuji is a popular destination for people visiting Japan and draws thousands of tourists each year. Pick or Pass?

Question 12


If by the luck of the Irish one gets to check out this spectacular nation in the northern latitudes, they are sure to have a great time! Known for its amazing coastlines and wonderful cities like Dublin, Ireland is historically and culturally rich. Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway has some of the best views in the entire world. Pick or Pass?

Question 13


Surfs up! Only Australia rivals this country for the best surfing destination in the world! The beaches of Indonesia are pristine and perfect for hitting the waves. The cities in this country are absolutely thriving with energy and entertainment, and the quiet natural places are a good spot to realign and assess. Who doesn’t want to travel to Indonesia? It’s paradise!

Question 14


For one to really get a good handle on what India has to offer, one has to spend at least a few months traveling through this fascinating country. From the lovely beaches of Goa, to the bustling cities of New Delhi and Mumbai, India is a diverse and wonderful tapestry of cultures, cuisines and history. Who wants to travel to India?

Question 15


Known for its amazing celebrations like Oktoberfest and some of the best food on the planet, Germany is a country that has cemented its place on the world stage. With cosmopolitan cities, quaint little towns and some of the best landscapes in the entire world, Germany is in a league of its own. Who wants to travel to the land of sausages and pretzels?

Question 16

Easter Island

Easter Island is one of the last places in the world where one can enjoy some serious bragging rights for getting the stamp. It is the most remote habitable island on the planet and only serious travelers will ever make it there. Known for its mysterious statues that look like giant heads, Easter Island is an adventurer’s dream! Pick or Pass?

Question 17


Everyone has had, and loved, a Cuban sandwich. Cubano music is second to none, and we have all seen the amazing pictures of antique cars driving down the winding streets of old Havana. This country has a rich culture, fascinating history and some of the best food on the planet! Who wants to make the journey to Cuba? Let us know!

Question 18


Colombia has shaken its reputation of being a dangerous destination and emerged as one of the top places for travelers to visit. With gorgeous coastline on two oceans, quaint Andean villages and cosmopolitan cities like Bogota and Medellin, Colombia is a first-class destination full of amazing things to see and do. Not to mention, the food is nothing short of spectacular!

Question 19


This massive country is full of diversity and some of the best architecture in the entire world. The Great Wall of China is a modern marvel, and the bustling cities of Beijing and Shanghai are visited by thousands of tourists each and every year. China’s beaches are stunning, as are their wild natural preserves. One simply can’t go wrong with China!

Question 20


Nature lovers can’t go wrong with this vast country in North America. Canada is one of the most interesting places in the world for natural wonders, including the chilly province of Yukon and the seaside mecca of Nova Scotia. There is much to see and do in Canada, including visiting the cosmopolitan cities of Toronto and Ottawa, as well as trekking the national parks.

Question 21


Cambodia is home to one of the wonders of the ancient world, Angkor Wat. Popularized in movies, film, images and folklore, Angkor Wat is visited by thousands of tourists every year. In addition to this ancient architectural feat, Cambodia also has a thriving food culture and some of the most interesting cities in all of Southeast Asia. Pick or Pass?

Question 22


Up until recently, nobody was able to visit Bhutan. Now, people are free to see this tiny nation, but they have to pay a hefty price for a visa. The reason is that Bhutan wishes to keep its doors shut to anyone who isn’t serious about visiting and learning about the culture. This land is shrouded in mystery and lore.

Question 23


The land of delicious waffles, cheese, architecture and art is calling! Belgium is one of the most popular European countries to visit- for good reason. The cities are bursting with cosmopolitan life and diversity, and the countryside is rich, green and absolutely beautiful. This small country has a big personality and a whole lot to offer! Who wants to visit Belgium?

Question 24


Australia is the only place in the world that is both a country and a continent, making it a totally unique and a great place to visit! From the coastlines to the gorgeous, sophisticated cities and the wild outback, Australia has something for everyone. Many people dream of making the trip to this wonderful place. Who is among them? Pick or Pass?

Question 25


Ukraine is a place that is steeped in centuries of history. People who are fascinated by times past will love to wander through the fascinating catacombs of Ukraine’s major cities. The Black Sea boasts some of the most beautiful coast line in the world, and the mountains are great for trekking and exploring. Ukraine has a lot to offer! Pick or Pass?

Question 26


Malaysia is a land of diversity and boasts large cities coupled with small island towns and villages. It has some of the best food in the world, like curries, rice dishes, bread and coffee. Malaysia has had plenty of international influences, like Indian and Chinese, and all have come together to shape this wonderful land and culture. Pick or Pass?

Question 27


Thailand has been consistently one of the most popular places for international visitors to flock to for years. It is easy to understand why! It is relatively inexpensive, absolutely stunning and has some of the best food in Southeast Asia. Thailand also has some of the most modern, sophisticated cities in that part of the world, making it perfect for everyone.

Question 28


Ready to go off the beaten path…. Way off the beaten path? Antarctic is a place that most people have only ever seen on television, but more and more adventurers are trekking to this unspoiled natural wonderland to check out what life is like at the poles! This stamp will give anyone serious bragging rights! Pick or Pass on Antarctic?

Question 29


Argentina is one of the largest countries in the entire world and is comprised of cosmopolitan cities and quaint villages, as well as some of the best hiking in the entire world. It is diverse, interesting and a popular destination for people from all around the world. Plan to stay for at least a month because there are tons of things to do in this South American country!

Question 30


This largest country in South America is one of the most diverse and interesting in the world. Famous for its Carnivale and beautiful city of Rio, Brazil also boasts some of the best beaches on the planet. Plus, the great Amazon river cuts through this country so it is a favorite of nature lovers everywhere. Pick or Pass on Brazil?

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