Pick Only The Best Actors And We'll Guess Everyone's Favorite Superhero

The acting world is filled with talented people, talented people who have spent their entire lives honing their craft in an attempt to get themselves recognised in the acting world. However, some people are just in it for the money or the prestige, rather than for the brilliant things that can be achieved by creative people taking part in the acting world. We think it's time to decide which are doing their best and which aren't...

What we've done is pulled together some of the best actors out there, the men and women who are really putting in the work, and we want people to decide whether or not they're doing the best they can. We want people to pick or pass on them, and once we've got that information, we reckon we'll be able to guess people's favorite superhero. People will be surprised to see how much their favorite actors can end up informing who their favorite superhero is!

So, are people ready to start deciding which actors are doing their best and which are just in it for the money? We want to take a look at what everyone thinks! The only way we're going to get that is by getting started!

1Amy Schumer

Schumer started out as a stand up comedian and has worked on her own incredibly popular sketch show. However, she is now making her way into the world of films, both as an actor and as a writer.

2Andy Serkis

This man has taken to technology in a big way, taking on roles that call for him to act within a suit before being put into the movie he's starring in. This is what turned him into Golem and even put him into a video game!

3Chuck Norris

This man is known not only for his work in martial arts movies, but has since become a serious internet meme. Crazy to think that this man has gone from being a famous actor to being an internet joke!

4David Thewlis

Thewlis is known for taking on completely different roles, with some of them being in movies for children and others going to very dark places. This man knows how to bring out some versatile talent.

5Dennis Hopper

This guy ended up fading into the background after his first foray into the world of fame, before seeing a resurgence in the form of Blue Velvet. Most people don't get a second chance like this guy did!

6Eddie Murphy

This guy started out as a stand up comedian, but it wasn't long before he ended up working on a lot of feature films. His acting was what propelled him into household game.

7Eric Bana

This Australian actor has been working in the business for decades at this point, with the height of his working life coming when he took on the starring role in Chopper. Surprising seeing as he started out in sketch comedy!

8Vincent Gallo

This guy is one of the most independent actors and filmmakers out there. He has worked on a lot of movies, both behind the camera and in front of it, that have gone on to surprise a lot of audiences across the world.

9Steve Buscemi

This guy refuses to be typecast or fall into a specific form of movie, always moving from blockbuster to independent and then back again. He is well loved by both critics and audiences.

10Simon Pegg

This guy started out in smaller stuff, television shows that he both wrote and starred in, as well as small comedy movies. Since then, he has gone on to work in some pretty huge movies.

11Seth Macfarlane

He is arguably best known for his work behind the scenes, but that hasn't stopped him from appearing in so many different projects in the past. Not only has he voiced characters, but he has also worked on live action productions.

12Imelda Staunton

Her work with Harry Potter is arguably why she's best known around the world, but she has actually spent decades working on her craft when it comes to acting on stage!

13J.K Simmons

This man has worked on some great movies in the past, and he is highly regarded by pretty much every film fanatic and critic out there, no matter what sort of writing or acting they usually like.

14Jacki Weaver

This woman has been doing a lot of work in Australian for decades at this point, but she has also done work on international productions, which is exactly what has put her into people's minds.

15Jackie Earle Haley

This guy is best known for playing supporting roles, which takes a real talent. Only the best actors are able to take on a role that means they have stay in the background, away from the limelight.

16James Gandolfini

Through his work on The Sopranos, and the work he put in on his feature film appearances as well, this man left a legacy that will not be forgotten anytime soon by everyone in the acting world.

17Jet Li

Not only did this guy end up making it big in martial arts movies, he was actually a Wushu champion before he found worldwide fame. Now, he's moved into retirement, where we imagine he continues to train in private...

18John Malkovich

This guy is one of the most prolific actors of all time, having worked on over seventy films at the time of writing. Not only that, but he has also put in work as a fashion designer during his off time!

19Samantha Morton

This woman has managed to gain critical acclaim in pretty much every production she has found herself in, which is a real show of acting talent. She has had numerous breakthrough roles.

20Sam Rockwell

This guy seems to consistently put in good work, work that is well regarded by every critic out there, but he never finds his way onto the favorite lists of anyone in the audience! How is that possible?!

21Salma Hayek

This actor found her major breakthrough role when she appeared as the artist Frida Kahlo. The biopic lead to her being nominated for an Academy Award, so people really started to take notice!

22Jon Heder

While he is best known for his work on Napoleon Dynamite, this guy has consistently worked on a lot of comedy movies. It seems like this man never gives up on his passion!

23Richard E. Grant

This man found his breakthrough role in Withnail & I, but he has actually been working for years, both on screen and on stage. He has classical training that many other actors can only dream of.

24Ray Winstone

Winstone started out in the world of acting playing a lot of tough men and gangsters, but he has managed to push through that at times, showing that he has genuine acting talent beyond how he has been typecast.

25Paddy Considine

Considine isn't often talked about much among film audiences, even though any critic would agree that he manages to bring a seriously impressive performance to any role that he chooses to appear as.

26Oscar Isaac

Isaac has spent the last decade appearing numerous films that have found critical acclaim, while also showing that he has what it takes to become one of the most exciting voices in Hollywood.

27Nick Frost

This man is arguably best known for his work with Simon Pegg, appearing alongside him and even writing with him in the past. However, he has also put in work on other movies and various television shows.

28Miles Teller

Teller found his big break when he appeared in Whiplash, putting both his acting and musical talent to the test. It paid off, as it ended up gaining him serious critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike.

29Michael Shannon

This guy isn't well known by a lot of the people out there, but he is well known by critics. This is because he has brought a brilliant acting talent to both the movie world and television world.

30Michael J. Fox

This guy is best known for his work on Back To The Future when he was younger, before moving onto Spin City. From there, he moved away from the world of showbiz as his health started to deteriorate.

31Kerry Washington

After years of impressive television work, this woman broke through into the limelight. She has been nominated for numerous awards because of this role, and has won many of them as well.

32Amy Adams

There aren't many actors in their early forties that can say they've been nominated for five different Academy Awards. That is an accolade that we're sure many people want achieve at some point in their life!

33Benicio Del Toro

This man is a Puerto Rican actor that is best known for his well received work in Traffic. He won a lot of awards for this role, but that isn't the only work he has put his mind to throughout the his time in the world of acting.

34Bill Murray

Murray started out in the world of comedy, showing up in a lot of television work. That being said, it wasn't until he put his mind to the world of movies that he found his audience, and audience that still watches him to this day.

35Denzel Washington

Playing a lot of strong characters means this man is known for his work in the world of Hollywood for taking on roles that other actors may shy away from, with the movies Training Day and Malcolm X being perfect example of this!

36Drew Barrymore

Barrymore has been acting for a long time. She found fame at a young age, before moving onto work in both television and film as she grew up. Her most recent critically acclaimed work is on the Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet.

37Faye Dunaway

Dunaway was the first person to receive the Leopard Club Award, an award given to people who have left a mark on the collective imagination. That is a pretty amazing accolade, one that most creatives would love to have!

38Frances McDormand

McDormand has worked numerous times with the Coen Brothers and has put the time in on both the big and small screen. This has meant she has gained a lot of fans as well as been handed numerous accolades.

39Julia Roberts

This actor moved into household fame after her work on Pretty Woman. She has taken on numerous other roles, such as Erin Brockovich, which have lead both critics and fans to fall for her in a big way.

40Jonah Hill

He may have started out as a comedy actor, but Hill has worked hard to get taken seriously by the acting world. He's now working on much more serious projects, projects that get the best out of him as well!

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