Pick One Food To Eat For The Rest Of Your Life And Get A Street Smart Score!

Imagine only being able to consume one food for the rest of an entire life! It would be a really tough decision to make, seeing as there are so many options to choose from. Savory foods like pizza, corndogs, and cheeseburgers would be hard to pick between for just about anybody. Sweet treats like ice cream cake, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies would be just as difficult to choose between! What if the decision-making process got a little bit more complicated with a mixture of savory and sweet foods to choose between? That would make it way tougher since most of the world loves to indulge their taste for sweet and salty foods without having to ever neglect one of the two! Food is way too much of a big deal in society today to ever be narrowed down into a few choice options or dishes. Luckily there are way too many brands, flavor varieties, restaurants, grocery stores, and hungry individuals to allow something like that to ever happen!

Chocolate dipped strawberries, hot dogs, lemon meringue pie, meatloaf, Skittles, tacos, gingerbread cookies, calzones, burritos, and chili cheese fries are just some of the yummy food options to pick from on this quiz! Give it a shot and pick one food to enjoy forever in order to get a street-smart score!

1Pick one food!

Between a cheeseburger, nachos, chocolate chip cookies, and popcorn, which food would be the right one to pick for the rest of life? That's a hard one because cheeseburgers are so filling, nachos are so versatile in flavor, chocolate chip cookies are so sweet, and popcorn is so salty!

2Pick one food!

Pizza is always a number one choice for people when they feel their tummies start to growl. Pizza satisfies hunger and it tastes amazing! It is also convenient because it can be ordered to be delivered right to the front door! Will it be pizza for life or one of these other options?

3Pick one food!

Sour gummy bears are fun to chew on at the movie theater as a great snack! When sour gummy bears are up against hot dogs, donuts, and Twizzlers though, it might be hard to decide that they are the best option to pick!


4Pick one food!

Spaghetti is a great dish that tastes good whether it cooked at home or ordered at an Italian restaurant! It can be topped off with parmesan cheese for extra flavor! Spaghetti is up against Cheetos chips, popcorn, and BBQ ribs!

5Pick one food!

Churros, fruit snacks, vanilla sundaes, and tacos are up against each other for this next round. Each of these foods tastes good in their own way whether it is about being sweet, savory, or just purely flavorful. Which of these foods should get picked?


6Pick one food!

S'mores, tacos, Snickers bars, and Skittles are battling it out for this round. S'mores a great campfire treat, tacos are an excellent traditional Mexican dish, Snickers satisfies hunger, and Skittles satisfies sweet tooths! Which of these items should be picked?

7Pick one food!

Hot wings, Dippin' dots, chili cheese dogs, and lemon meringue pie are going against each other for this round. Hot wings are the best to order because they are so spicy and delectable! These other food options are also great choices!


8Pick one food!

Fortune cookies are an amazing food choice because they are such a simple cookie, made of very few ingredients. They also always come with a little message inside, whether it be a fortune, piece of advice, or compliment. Will it be fortune cookies or macarons, oatmeal cookies, or carrot cake?

9Pick one food!

Caramel covered apples, chili cheese dogs, peanut butter cookies, and chili cheese fries are up against each other for this round! Caramel covered apples aren't just reserved for days at the fair either! This sweet treat can be enjoyed any time!


10Pick one food!

Between Tater tots, Doritos chips, Runts candy, Beef Jerky, which of these foods should be the one to be picked? Tater tots are an easy choice because potatoes taste good in almost every form and with almost every type of dipping sauce.

11Pick one food!

When it comes down to choosing between foods like donuts, rib steak, brownies, and burritos, it is not an easy choice to make! It is definitely not an easy call when each of these foods is so special and delicious.


12Pick one food!

Gingerbread cookies are typically baked and decorated around the holiday season. Christmas is not the only time for these festive cookies enjoyed though. How do fried chicken, blondies, and cinnamon rolls hold up against gingerbread cookies? Pick one of these foods!

13Pick one food!

Grilled cheese sandwiches are some of the most popular sandwiches to be eaten for lunch or dinner. The melted cheese pairs so well with the toasted, buttery slices of bread! Should grilled cheese sandwiches be chosen, or one of these other foods?


14Pick one food!

Sponge cake, rum cake, tiramisu, and chocolate ice cream the sweet treats up against each other for this round! Sponge cake is yummy because when one bites into it, it has a very squishy and soft texture. Pick of these sweet foods!

15Pick one food!

Sloppy joes, Jell-O, chicken fried rice, and mint chip ice cream are up against each other for this round! Sloppy joes might be "sloppy" and messy to eat but that doesn't make them any less delicious! Pick one of these foods!


16Pick one food!

Boston cream pie, coconut cake, shepherd's pie, and toffee nut bars are some of the best dessert food options anyone could pick. Boston cream pie is light and fluffy, coconut cake is elegant, shepherd's pie is classic, and toffee nut bars are heavenly!

17Pick one food!

Onion rings, chocolate cake, apple pie, and baked potatoes are the foods that are against each other for this particular round! Onion rings are so exceptionally superb that kids and adults alike enjoy them while dining out at various restaurants!


18Pick one food!

French fries, Pez candy, M&M's, and corndogs are the food items that are going against each other now! French fries are a kid favorite but adults enjoy them just as much, if not more! Which of these four foods will be chosen?

19Pick one food!

Cheeto chips are the perfect addition to any lunch! They are crunchy and cheesy so they taste good alongside most meals! They are up against chocolate chip muffins, cheeseburgers, and cinnamon rolls for this round. Which of these foods should get picked?


20Pick one food!

Fried chicken, peanut butter cookies, cinnamon rolls, and Rice Krispy treats are up against each other for this round! Fried chicken is a crispy, crunchy, greasy dish to be enjoyed. Peanut butter cookies are a tasty dessert. Pick one of these four foods!

21Pick one food!

Oreo Cookies, Reese’s Pieces Chocolate, red velvet cake, and animal crackers are very different but they all have one thing in common-- they are sweet treats! Oreos are super classic and are considered the perfect cookie to be dipped into a glass of milk!


22Pick one food!

Funnel cakes are most popularly ordered at fairs and carnivals! They are so sweet and covered in powdered sugar. Funnel cakes are up against mac & cheese, pancakes, and watermelon for this round! Pick one of these foods to be the only food to eat!

23Pick one food!

This one is the battle of Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Cherry Pie, Fruit Popsicles, and Bananas. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries are always a great gift on Valentines Day. Cherry Pie is a delightful treat on Thanksgiving. Fruit Popsicles are always great on a hot summer day. Bananas are great for a solid dose of potassium.


24Pick one food!

Here is the battle of Lasagna, Apple Pie, Nachos, and the Caramel Apple. Caramel Apple and Apple Pie are both great depending on the occasion. Nachos are always great on game day. Lasagna is great when we want a nice home-cooked meal. Take a pick of these four.

25Pick one food!

This is the battle of Eclairs, Lemon Meringue Pie, Madeleines, and the great Chips and Salsa. Eclairs and Lemon Meringue Pie are always a great choice for dessert. Madeleines are usually found at grandma's house. Take a pick of these four.


26Pick one food!

Hot dogs, banana, beef jerky, and sponge cake are all such yummy food options to choose from! Hot dogs are such a good food choice for a baseball game! Bananas are best for potassium and natural sweetness. Beef jerky can be very filling and sponge cake can satisfy a sweet tooth!

27Pick one food!

This is an odd battle of Chilli Cheese Fries, Rum Cake, Jolly Ranchers, and Chocolate Chip Muffins. Chili Cheese Fries are the best at a baseball game. Jolly Ranchers are fantastic on Halloween night. Take a pick of these four great treats.


28Pick one food!

Here is the battle of Vegetable Soup, Boston Cream Pie, Pound Cake, and Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Boston Cream Pie and Pound Cake are fantastic if one is at a carnival. Grilled Cheese Sandwich is amazing at all times and anywhere in the world. And Vegetable Soup hits the spot on a cold day. Which will be chosen?

29Pick one food!

This is the battle of Fruit Snacks, a Cheeseburger, Donuts, and of course Lucky Charms Cereal. Cheeseburgers are always great in paradise. Eating a bowl of Lucky Charms Cereal always makes one feel lucky. Take a pick of these four.


30Pick one food!

Pumpkin pie is a very traditional dessert to be served on days like Thanksgiving and Christmas! It can also be baked and served without a special holiday as the reason! How do turkey roast, cheesecake, and ice cream cake compare?

31Pick one food!

This is a very rare comparison of Cake Pops, Devil's Food Cake, Chips and Salsa, and of course BBQ Chicken. Cake Pops are a fantastic way to feel festive anywhere. Chips and Salsa always get the party started just right. And there's nothing like a good BBQ Chicken.


32Pick one food!

This is another very rare comparison of Chocolate Cake, Onion Rings, Apple Pie, and the very delicious Potato Chips. Onion Rings or Potato Chips are always great next to a Cheeseburger. To finish things off grab a piece of Chocolate Cake or Apple Pie.

33Pick one food!

This is an original battle between Ice Cream Cake, Jell-O, Funyons, and Snickerdoodles. Ice Cream Cake is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Snickerdoodles is another great invention. Funyons and Jell-O could always be fantastic together on a rainy day.


34Pick one food!

This battle takes place between a Burrito, Taco, Gingerbread Cookies, and Sponge cake. A Burrito or Taco can be had together almost every time. On the other hand, Gingerbread Cookies and Sponge cake seem to be worlds apart. Take a pick of one of the four.

35Pick one food!

This is another very rare battle of Meat Loaf, French Fries, Oatmeal Cookies, and Watermelon. Meat Loaf with French Fries makes for a great homemade dinner. Some Watermelon on the side would go great. A great dessert to all of that would be Oatmeal Cookies.


36Pick one food!

This is another rare battle of Chocolate Chip Cookies, Vanilla Sundae, Carrot Cake, and Pepperoni Pizza. Chocolate Chip Cookies are always a favorite with milk. Pepperoni Pizza is fantastic on a movie night at home. Take a pick of one of these four.

37Pick one food!

This is the battle of Tomato Soup, S'mores, Animal Crackers, and Cheetos Chips. Tomato soup is always great on a chilly day. S'mores are the best when around the campfire. Cheetos Chips are a lunchtime favorite. Animal crackers remind us of our childhood. Take a pick of one of these four.


38Pick one food!

This is the battle of Red Velvet Cake, Popcorn, Apple Pie, and Chocolate Ice Cream. Red Velvet Cake is another great surprise on Valentines Day. Popcorn is a must at the movie theatre. Take a pick of one of these four.

39Pick one food!

Mac & cheese, funnel cakes, fruit popsicles, and chocolate dipped strawberries are the food items being pitted against each other for this round! Mac & cheese is such a hearty, homestyle dish and it would be hard not to pick it!


40Pick one food!

Nachos are an obvious top choice when it comes to food selection. There is such a variety of flavor that is involved when eating a plate of nachos! Nachos are up against Angel's food cake, Twizzlers candy, and Snickers bars!

41Pick one food!

French fries are one of the tastiest food options to ever exist. They are so salty and amazing! On top of that, they taste good as a side to any main course or entree. French fries are up against M&M's, cherry pie, and chocolate cake!


42Pick one food!

Brownies are some of the most common options to be sold at local bake sales! They are easy to cut up and serve with a glass of milk! Brownies are up against donuts, onion rings, and coconut cake for this round!

43Pick one food!

Doritos chips, sour gummy bears, Pez candy, and calzones are up against each other for this fun round! Doritos chips come in different flavors including nacho and cool ranch! The other food options are just as delicious! Pick one food!


44Pick one food!

Cotton candy, churros, calzones, and tiramisu are against each other as food options here! Cotton candy is a soft and fluffy confection that both kids and adults know and love! The other food options listed here are yummy too! Pick one!

45Pick one food!

Potato chips, fortune cookies, eclairs, and sloppy joes are the food options to choose from here! Potato chips come in many forms and most of those forms are absolutely delicious so it is hard to go wrong! Pick one food!


46Pick one food!

Cinnamon rolls, macarons, cheesecake, and apple pie are the food options to be pitted against each other for this question. Cinnamon rolls are a great breakfast option, macarons are a delicious dessert, cheesecake is very classy, and apple pie is very traditional.

47Pick one food!

Mint chip ice cream, vanilla sundae, carrot cake, and chocolate chip cookies have the fact they are all so very sweet in common! Aside from being sweet, these food choices are vastly different. Between these yummy food items, pick one!


48Pick one food!

Watermelon is one of the best fruits out there-- especially during the summertime and especially when it is served without all of the seeds! Watermelon is up against French fries, oatmeal cookies, and tacos for this round. Pick one food!

49Pick one food!

Fruit popsicles, chocolate dipped strawberries, spaghetti, and Dippin' dots are the food options to pick from for this question! Fruit popsicles do not always have to come with actual chunks of fruit inside of them but they taste best when they do!


50Pick one food!

Popcorn is the perfect movie date snack. Popcorn tastes good with cheese powder, caramel drizzle, and really any topping one might think of. Popcorn is up against coconut cake, pepperoni pizza, and onion rings for this question! Pick one food!

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