Pick Your Favorite Wrestlers And We'll Guess Your Favorite Era

For many people, professional wrestling may be, has been or was a guilty pleasure. At times throughout its history, the sport, if you choose to call it that, was somewhat mainstream, thanks to generational Superstars. Thanks to some of these talents, names like Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant are probably familiar to people who did not even follow wrestling. Those were select names that were capable of making even the most disinterested person aware of wrestling.

Over the years, this has always been the case, to one extent or another. Any true wrestling fan knows that through the years, sports entertainment has given us many different eras. Some fans grew up on the old time, old school talents-back when when the action inside the ring was much more like the sport of wrestling, and much less glitz and glamor.

Other fans perhaps got on board in the 1980's, when Vince McMahon took over his father's company and turned the wrestling world on its head. Superstars got bigger, wrestling got louder and more theatrical, and ultimately became the sports entertainment you might know and love today. From then, the industry has provided fans with many memorable eras and events. There have been the Monday Night Wars, the Attitude Era and more. So why is this important? Simple, really-there are a plethora of notable wrestlers assembled in this quiz ahead of the reader. Pick which ones are most favorite and we will be able to tell just which wrestling era the reader was a fan of most!

Question 1

Mick Foley

Question 2


Question 3

Macho Man Randy Savage

Question 4

Hulk Hogan

Question 5

The Bella Twins

Question 6

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Question 7

Dusty Rhodes

Question 8

Alexa Bliss

Question 9

Ric Flair

Question 10

Kevin Nash

Question 11

Tommy Dreamer

Question 12

Becky Lynch

Question 13

Torrie Wilson

Question 14

Rey Mysterio

Question 15

John Cena

Question 16

CM Punk

Question 17

Irwin R Schyster

Question 18

Molly Holly

Question 19

Doink The Clown

Question 20

Bob Backlund

Question 21

Bret Hart

Question 22

Rob Van Dam

Question 23

Honky Tonk Man

Question 24


Question 25

Seth Rollins

Question 26

The Undertaker

Question 27

Legion Of Doom

Question 28

Ted DiBiase

Question 29


Question 30

New Day

Question 31

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Question 32

Bam Bam Bigelow

Question 33

Roman Reigns

Question 34

Beth Phoenix

Question 35


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