Pick Your Favorite Movies And We'll Guess How Old You Are

Heading out to the movies to check out the latest releases is something that people cannot pass up, and each year, the newest releases are able to haul in tons of cash. Of course, people will always go back and watch their favorite films, and they will even make sure to watch the films that they missed out on back in the day. As such, people will get to experience films from different eras, and their taste in movies usually reflects this. It is common to see someone that has favorite movies from different genres and decades, and a person's taste says a lot about their age in general.

Talking about movies is a popular subject for many people, and as we get to know new individuals, we will make some critiques about them when it comes to what they enjoy watching. Even though answers can range wildly, a person's age is usually a good indicator of how they feel about certain movies.

Today, we are going to put this notion to the test. We will be offering movies from different eras to pick from, and in the end, we will guess each person's age! Simply choose yes or no on each entry.

Question 1


Question 2

A Star Is Born

Question 3

50 First Dates

Question 4

Walk the Line

Question 5

Sin City

Question 6

The Prestige

Question 7

No Strings Attached

Question 8

Don Jon

Question 9

Step Brothers

Question 10

The King's Speech

Question 11

The Departed

Question 12

Pulp Fiction

Question 13

The Heat

Question 14


Question 15

Red Sparrow

Question 16


Question 17


Question 18


Question 19


Question 20

Captain Phillips

Question 21


Question 22


Question 23

Baby Driver

Question 24

Burn After Reading

Question 25

Bad Moms

Question 26

I, Tonya

Question 27

Ocean's 8

Question 28

The Maze Runner

Question 29


Question 30


Question 31

Blade Runner 2049

Question 32


Question 33


Question 34

Hot Fuzz

Question 35

Straight Outta Compton

Question 36

True Grit

Question 37


Question 38

Get Out

Question 39

Pineapple Express

Question 40


Question 41

22 Jump Street

Question 42

Crazy Rich Asians

Question 43

The Godfather

Question 44


Question 45

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Question 46

Edge of Tomorrow

Question 47

Jerry Maguire

Question 48

Rain Man

Question 49

Jack Reacher

Question 50

Rogue One

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