Pick Your Favorite Men And We'll Guess Your Age

Gather round ladies, we have an extra special treat for you today! No, we are not talking about candy or flowers, but instead the handsome men that these things usually come along with. That's right, today's quiz is all about the guys!

Here is the game: We are going to show some top notch pictures of some of hollywood's finest men, and everybody here is going to get to "pick" or "pass" on each one. Everyone is free to vote as they please, since there are truly no wrong answers in this quiz. Once the choices have been made, we will do our best at guessing everyone's age. Who's up for it? We have nothing to lose, but oh so many cute boys to gain!

Question 1


Question 2

Tom Hardy

Question 3

Ashton Kutcher

Question 4

Orlando Bloom

Question 5

Chris Pratt

Question 6

Paul Rudd

Question 7

Joseph Morgan

Question 8


Question 9

Matt Bomer

Question 10

Charlie Hunnam

Question 11

Tom Brady

Question 12

Dave Franco

Question 13

Chadwick Boseman

Question 14

Jude Law

Question 15

Pete Davidson

Question 16

Darren Criss

Question 17

Robert Pattinson

Question 18

Jake Gyllenhaal

Question 19

Dylan O'Brien

Question 20

Hugh Jackman

Question 21

Ryan Reynolds

Question 22

Jamie Dornan

Question 23

Sam Heughan

Question 24

Bradley Cooper

Question 25

Nick Jonas

Question 26

Harry Styles

Question 27

Leonardo DiCaprio

Question 28

Zac Efron

Question 29

Shemar Moore

Question 30

Chris Evans

Question 31

Tom Holland

Question 32

Justin Timberlake

Question 33

KJ Apa

Question 34

Scott Eastwood

Question 35

Michael B. Jordan

Question 36

Joe Manganiello

Question 37

Zayn Malik

Question 38

Jason Momoa

Question 39


Question 40

Richard Madden

Question 41

Jonathan Groff

Question 42

Matthew McConaughey

Question 43

George Clooney

Question 44

James McAvoy

Question 45

Dwayne Johnson

Question 46

Noah Centineo

Question 47

Ezra Miller

Question 48

Taylor Lautner

Question 49

Miles Teller

Question 50

Shawn Mendes

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