Pick Your Favorite Men And We'll Reveal Your Dream Guy

Alright ladies, who's ready to break some hearts? While breaking hearts may not be our intention, it is a natural part of the dating process. How would we ever be able to find Mr. Right, if we didn't date some duds along the way? Today we will be taking a shortcut, and thankfully, the breakups we're offering will be a lot less awkward.

Here is the game: We are going to present 50 of Hollywood's finest men, and everybody here is going to be asked to select either "make up" or "break up" for each one. Once all of the hard work has been done, we will then be able to match everyone up with the man of their dreams! Believe us, this is way more fun than swiping.

Question 1

Theo James

Question 2

Robert Pattinson

Question 3

Justin Bieber

Question 4

Ian Somerhalder

Question 5

Tom Cruise

Question 6

James Marsden

Question 7

Dwayne Johnson

Question 8

Charlie Hunnam

Question 9

Taylor Lautner

Question 10

Rami Malek

Question 11

Joseph Morgan

Question 12

David Beckham

Question 13

Colin Farrell

Question 14

Jon Hamm

Question 15

Dylan O'Brien

Question 16

Milo Ventimiglia

Question 17

Taylor Kitsch

Question 18

Penn Badgley

Question 19

John Krasinski

Question 20

Cole Sprouse

Question 21

Shemar Moore

Question 22

Michael B. Jordan

Question 23

Liam Payne

Question 24

Chris Pratt

Question 25

Jamie Dornan

Question 26

Shawn Mendes

Question 27

Paul Wesley

Question 28

Joe Jonas

Question 29

Chad Michael Murray

Question 30

Idris Elba

Question 31

Christian Bale

Question 32

Joe Keery

Question 33

Sam Heughan

Question 34

Noah Centineo

Question 35

Jason Momoa

Question 36

Chris Pine

Question 37

Bruno Mars

Question 38

Patrick Dempsey

Question 39

Charles Melton

Question 40

Jeremy Renner

Question 41

Tom Holland

Question 42

Ryan Reynolds

Question 43

Miles Teller

Question 44

Jake Gyllenhaal

Question 45

Chris Hemsworth

Question 46

Justin Timberlake

Question 47

Eddie Redmayne

Question 48

Zac Efron

Question 49

Nick Jonas

Question 50

Tom Hardy

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