Pick Your Favorite 90s Women And We'll Reveal Your Dream Girl

Women of the 90s totally paved the way for the way we think of starlets and actresses of today. They inspired women to be strong and courageous in the most amazing ways! One huge example of that is Sarah Michelle Gellar who spent the 90s acting as Buffy, the teenage girl who slew vampires! She did whatever it took to keep her closest friends and family members safe. There were also other women from the 90s who did more for us in the department of amusement... they made us laugh! Lisa Kudrow is a great example of a woman from the 90s to accomplish that because she acted as Phoebe Buffay from the show Friends. She successfully made all of us laugh plenty of times!

The 90s was surely a wonderful era of time and we know that these ladies had a lot to do with that! Pick or pass on these wonderful gals!

Question 1

Jessica Alba?

Question 2

Tiffani Thiessen?

Question 3

Jennifer Connelly?

Question 4

Danielle Fishel?

Question 5

Eliza Dushku?

Question 6

Alyssa Milano?

Question 7

Alicia Silverstone?

Question 8

Kate Hudson?

Question 9

Lori Loughlin?

Question 10

Jordana Brewster?

Question 11

Denise Richards?

Question 12

Melissa Joan Hart?

Question 13

Mila Kunis?

Question 14

Elisha Cuthbert?

Question 15

Sandra Bullock?

Question 16

Jodie Sweetin?

Question 17

Amy Jo Johnson?

Question 18

Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Question 19

Gabrielle Union?

Question 20

Jennifer Aniston?

Question 21

Staci Keanan?

Question 22

Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Question 23

Kaley Cuoco?

Question 24

Danica McKellar?

Question 25

Jamie Luner?

Question 26

Laura Prepon?

Question 27

Cameron Diaz?

Question 28

Vinessa Shaw?

Question 29

Reese Witherspoon?

Question 30

Rachael Leigh Cook?

Question 31

Courteney Cox?

Question 32

Katie Holmes?

Question 33

Julia Roberts?

Question 34

Kristy Swanson?

Question 35

Kate Winslet?

Question 36

Lacey Chabert?

Question 37

Nicole Eggert?

Question 38

Neve Campbell?

Question 39

Annabella Sciorra?

Question 40

Candace Cameron-Bure?

Question 41

Katherine Heigl?

Question 42

Ashley Judd?

Question 43

Keri Russell?

Question 44

Paige Turco?

Question 45

Carrie Preston?

Question 46

Anna Camp?

Question 47

Andrea Barber?

Question 48

Michelle Forbes?

Question 49

Lisa Kudrow?

Question 50

Selma Blair?

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