Pick The Best 90s Ladies And We'll Put You In A Famous Boy Band

When it comes to the beautiful ladies of Hollywood, it is no secret that each individual decade has had it's fair share. However, when looking back at the 90s specifically, it's hard to argue that it didn't hold some of the most gorgeous women of all time. In this quiz, we will be going back and remembering all of our old school 90s crushes.

Here is the game: We are going to show 90s ladies one by one, and everyone here will be asked to "date" some and to "dump" some. Once the choices have all been made, we will be able to put everybody into the perfect boy band. Get ready for this trip down memory lane fellas, things haven't been this smokin' since 99'!

Question 1

Carmen Electra

Question 2

Heather Locklear

Question 3

Sharon Stone

Question 4

Liv Tyler

Question 5

Meg Ryan

Question 6

Charlize Theron

Question 7

Jennifer Aniston

Question 8

Ashley Judd

Question 9

Heidi Klum

Question 10

Penélope Cruz

Question 11

Diane Lane

Question 12

Cameron Diaz

Question 13

Anna Kournikova

Question 14

Sandra Bullock

Question 15

Faith Hill

Question 16

Shannon Elizabeth

Question 17

Salma Hayek

Question 18

Alicia Silverstone

Question 19

Jennifer Connelly

Question 20

Kate Winslet

Question 21

Claudia Schiffer

Question 22

Elle Macpherson

Question 23

Julia Roberts

Question 24

Shania Twain

Question 25

Mandy Moore

Question 26

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Question 27

Elizabeth Hurley

Question 28

Alyssa Milano

Question 29

Heather Graham

Question 30

Denise Richards

Question 31


Question 32

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Question 33

Halle Berry

Question 34

Nicole Kidman

Question 35

Monica Bellucci

Question 36

Courtney Cox

Question 37

Michelle Pfeiffer

Question 38

Cindy Crawford

Question 39

Jenny McCarthy

Question 40

Rachel Weisz

Question 41

Victoria Silvstedt

Question 42

Reese Witherspoon

Question 43

Jessica Simpson

Question 44

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Question 45

Marisa Tomei

Question 46

Demi Moore

Question 47

Christina Applegate

Question 48

Jenna Jameson

Question 49

Pamela Anderson

Question 50

Stacey Dash

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