Say Yes (Or No) To These Dresses And We'll Give You A Wedding Theme

Have you been dreaming of your wedding day for as long as you can remember, or have you maybe been recently proposed to, and are in desperate need of advice since you've never given a wedding much thought? Maybe you are just like us, and really just love looking at wedding gowns, even if there is no wedding planned for the immediate future? Either way the quiz is going to be an absolute blast for you. We have prepared all kinds of style options for you to play pick or pass with. We have a dress in here for every bride. What is even more exciting is after you've chosen your favorites, and pushed aside the ones you don't quite love, we will be able to tell you the wedding theme, best suited for you and your most loved one of all!

Take this quiz today, and let us help you nail down the dream theme for your wedding, or at the very least let us expose you to a variety of dress idea's that may have never even crossed your mind. For those playing just for the fun of it, share it with your TLC loving friends, and compare your results!

1Yes or No?

Flared sleeves and an embellished headband, what do you think? Is this hippy take on elegance your kind of style, or are you much too traditional for something like that? The lace is still elegant and this bride to be looks amazing, so it's definitely a look people can pull off. We gotta know, would you say yes to this dress?

2Yes or No?

This gown is something special. The fit is classic elegance, and the lace overlay is breathtaking. This lower neck line would take it out of the running fr a bride looking to be more conservative, but if that isn't you it should be an obvious yes! So come on and pick or pass on this lovely, traditional fluted dress!

3Yes or No?

Now this one is a classic. The full skirt, and dipped sleeves are giving us life! After all your wedding day is the only day you can get away with that much volume in a dress. How do you feel about this one? We think it's exactly the kind of dress we could see on a Disney princess, and isn't that what every bride kind of wants to feel like?


4Yes or No?

Are you feeling this low key look? We think it's a perfect style for any bride planning an outside, simplistic wedding. We also really like the idea of being able to dance in it! You would feel right at home with a barn or country-themed wedding with this one. We can almost hear the folk music playing you down the aisle! Would you say yes to this one?

5Yes or no?

LOVE IT! What a fun way to make your dress a little more conservative. We all know flower crowns have been all the rage for several seasons now, but we think the delicate sleeves on this dress are really the show stopper. The sheer material also gives a very nice illusion while keeping the bride covered up for those more conservative guests.


6Yes or No?

Can you say BLING? Do you consider yourself a crystal goddess, because if so this one definitely has to be a yes for you! A skirt this size only means more space for more crystals! We also like the embellishments around the chest. There is absolutely no way in the world a girl wouldn't feel like a dazzling princess in this ballgown.

7Yes or No?

O.k, so forgetting about the dresses for a minute, how are you feeling about these winter wedding looks? It was only a matter of time before people found a way to integrate infinite scarves into their bridal look. What do you think? Of course, some brides absolutely pull it off, like Phoebe from Friends. Her wedding was a winter wonderland!


8Yes or No?

Here is something completely out of the ordinary, and we think it is STUNNING! The fit of it is absolutely breath taking, and the flowing accents are mesmerizing. How are you guys feeling about it? Love it or hate it? Is it every okay to go against the grain with a beautiful, satiny red dress like this? At least you won't have to worry about wine stains.

9Yes or No?

Wrapped up in lace, and tied together with a ribbon. This dress is very romantic, and gives the wearer a delicate look. They style is fairly traditional, and elegant. Does that sound like you, or is it way too standard for you? It can of course, be dressed up a little with the right accessories. Sometimes a flashy dress can clash with your something borrowed and something blue.


10Yes or No?

Here is a unique look, for a simplistic bride. It's flared, lace sleeves give it a boho feel without being overly themed. Even though the dress is understated compared to some other options, we feel like this look s timeless. Is this a dress you could see yourself wearing on your big day or are you going to pass?

11Yes or No?

Like the idea of adding a punch of color, without steering too far away from the classic ivory? This ombre look may be just the answer for you! Not only is the ombre thing super in right now, but we think if done tastefully, like this dress, it could create a truly stunning effect.


12Yes or No?

How do you guys feel about a leather on your wedding day? Definitely not the most traditional, but on this dress it really works! This would be a great choice for an off beat bride, looking to make her dress a little more unique than the rest. Is this a dress you could see yourself wearing on your big day or are you going to pass?

13Yes or No?

Tulle, tulle, tulle! We absolutely love this! This dress comes so stocked with beauty there is no need for any jewelry! Also if you can find yourself a mini me this cute, the look really can't fail. Would you say yes to this dress? Is this a dress you could see yourself wearing on your big day or are you going to pass?


14Yes or No?

This is a very ornate dress, not just something you would wear down to city hall. This would also be a bad choice if you were planning a beach wedding, however it would look stunning next to stain glass widows, or in a lush garden setting. Is this a dress you could see yourself wearing on your big day or are you going to pass?

15Yes or No?

This dress is keeping things traditional, with it's own flare. The layered style isn't something you see too often, and we think it is certainly working for this bride! It definitely gives some interest and movement while breaking up the body (something especially helpful if you aren't into that wedding diet). Do you think it would work for your big day as well?


16Yes or No?

Love, love, love this look! It is so simple, yet has such an understated beauty. A dress like this allows your wedding to be the show stopper and not the dress it self, while still making you look outrageously beautiful of course! This is exactly the kind of gown that just needs a simple piece of jewelry to set it off, but it may be too simple for some.

17Yes or No?

How do you feel about ditching the whites, and ivorys, and instead going for something completely different. While yellow may not be your go-to choice we still think the fit is fun, and love the idea of being your own bride. Of course, maybe you just like it as a bridesmaid dress. That's allowed too!


18Yes or No?

Another truly simple dress. This is really a dress for today's bride. We see more brides going towards these softer looks every year, and with the popularity of outside weddings also growing, we think it is an excellent option! Would you say yes to this dress? Is this a dress you could see yourself wearing on your big day or are you going to pass?

19Yes or No?

Now we're talking conservative. If you prefer a more covered look, this dress would allow that, and still make you look downright stunning! The train, the sleeves, the dipped back, we think it's a winner for sure. What do you think? Though it is channelling a few Twilight vibes and there's nothing wrong with that.


20Yes or No?

This dress is just too fun right?! If you've always imagined yourself looking like a fairy princess on your wedding we think this should be an automatic yes for you! It really just screams fun, and whimsy. What do you think? Is this a dress you could see yourself wearing on your big day or are you going to pass?

21Yes or No?

Would you look at that back! The lace work on this dress is to die for. We love the half way sleeves, and the flowing skirt. While we think it is gorgeous, if you are a bride about to host 500+ people in a large church, it may be too under stated for you. But again, a lot of people are going to be looking at you from behind while you say your vows and this is a showstopper!


22Yes or No?

O.k so this is clearly a dress for the rustic bride out there. While you wouldn't be obligated to accent it with wheat, we think if you planned an outside wedding, even with floras, or succulents, it would look amazing. Would you say yes to this dress? The off white fabric can be off-putting to some, but for others a little ivory or grey makes it!

23Yes or No?

We just had to toss one of these in here. The classic fairy tale dress. It's fitted up top, and the skirt is large and in charge. It really is hard not to stare at it in awe when seeing something like it in real life. Would this be a good dress for you? Is this a dress you could see yourself wearing on your big day or are you going to pass?


24Yes or No?

Now this is what we cal rustic! Beautiful, classy, understated, and not to mention COMFORTABLE! Sure the dress is a bit tight fitting, and made of lace, but you better believe it would be a lot more comfy to spend the day in this than toting around a large tulle skirt.

25Yes or No?

O.k so if you passed on our yellow, and red option, there is a good chance this orange one is a quick no from you, but if you like the idea of the colorful option, this one is super cute! Just look at the bride, and groom in the photo, clearly they are happy with their choice in color!


26Yes or No?

Wow! We absolutely love this idea. It is a tie-dye, but done in the most classy way we've ever seen, not even a little bit tacky. This short, adorable dress, is sure to make any wearer look like a magical pixie. But of course, it just might not be enough of a wow factor for some brides and that's okay too. What do you think?

27Yes or No?

Leaving the alternative behind, here we have an extremely romantic, traditional option. It is so elegant -- a real Cinderella gown. This dress would make even your most cynical guest shed a tear as you walk down the aisle in it. If you're the type who sees a wedding as an opportunity to star in your own fairytale, it might just be for you!


28Yes or No?

Ruffles galore! This dress and it's matching veil, would no doubt be the perfect choice for anyone already going above and beyond in their wedding plans. If you are an out going bride, we definitely think this should be a yes for you! Of course, some people find this style either old-fashioned or just too extra (weird since those two things are usually so far apart)!

29Yes or No?

Now this is completely out f the box. How do you feel about a 2 piece bridal option? With this many jewels on it, it would be hard for someone to accuse you of not being formal enough in it. We actually kind of like the off beat idea! A trendy halter crop top might just be the most comfortable thing we can think of to get married in.. Unless they make bridal leggings.


30Yes or No?

This is a timeless beauty. The soft sleeves, are so delicate, you may not even notice them. The tulle skirt is alive, in this option, and we can't help but imagine how fun it would be to twirl around the dance floor in it. If you're planning to be an active bride though, you might want to opt for something a little big more secure.

31Yes or No?

Do we have any goth brides in the house? Have you just been clicking pass, and waiting for something like this to come along? It is true, this may not be the dress for everyone, but we think if something matches you, and your grooms personal style, you should always go for it!


32Yes or No?

Lovely in lace, don't you think? There is nothing that can give you a more romantic look than a train, the royals have been proving that for years (also the tiara, and jewels help if you can get your hands on some). Beware though: real beading and lace is often very heavy. Best to get a dress for later if you plan to be a walking piece of art.

33Yes or No?

Hubba Hubba! This dress is sleek and classy! There is no question , this dress and what ever bride wearing it would have people dropping jaws left and right. The only potential issue here would be mobility. Would you say yes to this dress? Is this a dress you could see yourself wearing on your big day or are you going to pass?


34Yes or No?

How do you guys feel about leaving the veils at home, and opting for a hat instead? It would definitely take an off beat bride to pull it off, but we think it can be done! Would you ever consider a chapeau on your wedding day? Celine Dion had quite the headpiece at her wedding (no surprise she moved to Vegas with that one) and it strangely worked!

35Yes or No?

We absolutely love the idea of keeping things a bit more conservative on the front, but allowing for some fun by having a low back. This dress does that perfectly. You still have a low neck line, but not so plunging that anything would be on display. Super classy! Is this a dress you could see yourself wearing on your big day or are you going to pass?


36Yes or No?

We can not get enough of this open back! We love the idea of the small sleeves, that lead into the opening on the back of it. Truly a breath taking look. Any bride would be purposely turned around in every photo if wearing this masterpiece. It's such a classy and classic look! Can you see yourself wearing it down the aisle?

37Yes or No?

Class, class, class. That is really all we can say about this stunning beauty of a dress. It has volume, silk, and jewels. That means it's checking every one of our boxes! Would you say yes to this dress? A cap sleeve is something not many dresses have these days but they're just so cute and princess-like!


38Yes or No?

This look is very delicate, and soft. Definitely best suited for a garden, or outdoor wedding. If that sounds exactly like your wedding plan, than this would be a beautiful option for you. Not to mention the fact that it actually looks very comfortable!

39Yes or No?

Look at those gorgeous layers! We love that the layered effect is not overly done, or too over powering. The lace detail on the dress is so beautiful it would a shame to let it get taken over. Would you say yes to this dress? Is this a dress you could see yourself wearing on your big day or are you going to pass?


40Yes or No?

Did someone say winter wedding? This may be a little to obvious of a choice, but hey if you are both holly, and jolly, why not?! December would be the most magical month to say I do, but would you go all the way with the holiday theme?

41Yes or No?

We love this vintage style dress! It truly looks like an antique doesn't it? We are also loving the off shade of the color, for any of you who weren't sold on the overly bright color options, but still don't care for white, this could be just what you've been looking for!


42Yes or No?

Any tattoo loving brides out their, trying to rep their style? This dress will surely do that for you! The sewed in accents are awesome, and would only help draw attention to any beautiful ink you happen to be rocking yourself. What do you think?

43Yes or No?

This one is a beauty, even not while being worn. It's almost a piece of art all on its own. This looks like a dress designed for a princess no doubt.How do you feel about flowers? Would you be saying yes to this dress if you had the chance? It's just so romantic and whimsical!


44Yes or No?

This dress just screams elegance.We love the buttoned up back, and the long sleeves of course are amazing. How do you feel about that bow on the front though? Do you think you would say yes to this timeless classic?

45Yes or No?

Again this, may be a little too obvious for your taste, even if you're planning a winter wedding, but as a big fan of the holidays ourselves we think why not make a statement? Plus if you could get outside and have some forest view pictures taken in it, wow those would be amazing!

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