Pick Or Pass On These Disney Characters And We’ll Reveal Your Celebrity Prince

Do we have any Disney fans in the house today? We are guessing yes! It is hard to not be a Disney fan these days. Even though a lot of the most cherished classics were released years ago, the Disney studios are still making heart warming films that fit right into the pile of classics we already have from them. Just a few years ago we got Frozen, and then Moana, and nobody can say those weren't as good as the 90's hits. Disney just knows how to make animated films that everyone will love, no matter what their age.

So, if anyone here fancies themselves a Disney expect, now is the time to step right up, and prove it! We are going to go character by character to see which ones truly are the best. After everyone has made their choices, we are going to dish out some extremely handsome real life princes for everyone! We will cover heroes, villains, side-kicks, love interests, and all everyone here has to do is vote on which ones are the best ones! Sound like a fun time? It will be! Get ready for the most magical 10 minutes of the whole day!

Question 1

Tinker Bell

This little fairy has been pretty busy since her original film was released. These days instead of hanging around Peter Pan, she's out staring in her very own line of films, and TV shows! She even has an entirely new cast of friends, and not to mention a super modern look!

Question 2

Mrs. Potts

Mrs. Potts was always the voice of reason during her film. While we had Lumière instigating all of the plans, and Cogswroth worrying about them, it was Mrs. Potts who always made the right judgement calls that eventually lead our two main characters getting together. Pick her, or pass her?

Question 3


Simba was an awesome kid, maybe a little rambunctious, but over all a pretty cool cub. After he decided to leave Pride Rock, and live the Hakuna Matata lifestyle, he became a well rounded young man. He even eventually built up enough courage to return home, and become the ruler he was always meant to be.

Question 4


Sebastian is the musical babysitting crab, who was tasked with the job of looking after Ariel. King Triton knew Ariel was eventually going to try to swim to the surface again, so Sebastian was needed to keep a very close eye on her...not that she really ever listened to him anyways.

Question 5


Lilo was very misunderstood by her peers. The other children thought she was strange, which she was, but she was strange in the best way. After her sister took her to pick out a puppy, she wound up with an alien instead. Not sure if that helped with her reputation at all, but now she has a friend for life!

Question 6


Pocahontas understands the earth in a way most people never do. She can listen to the winds, and speak with the trees. She understands that there is more to the planet than what it is worth money wise, and she knows how important it is to protect it from those who wish to harm it.

Question 7


Eeyore is a donkey who prefers to be left alone. He always appreciates his friends inviting him along, but ultimately he is happiest when he is left alone with his thoughts. His thoughts are not always the most cheerful, so, his friends know not to leave him alone for too long!

Question 8


Aladdin got a bad rap on the streets, before he fell for Princess Jasmine. He was a poor kid just looking for a break, and no one would give it to him. Luckily for him, after getting his hands on that magic lamp, everything turned around. Now, he's out there living his best life!

Question 9


Kuzco was raised very wealthy, so being humble was never exactly his strong suit. However, after one of his trusty advisers turns him into a lama, in hopes to gain his powers for herself, Kuzco has no choice but to ask the people he once called peasants for help. Pick, or pass?

Question 10


Mulan knew the future her family had planned out for her was not the path she was meant to take, but what choice did she have if she wanted to bring them honor? After finding out that a war had begun however, Mulan took her opportunity, and went to fight for their honor instead.

Question 11


This candlestick is extremely smooth talking. He fancies himself a kind of love expert, and is eager to help The Beast in his attempts to charm Belle. It certainly helped that if Belle were to fall for The Beast, Lumière and all his friends would be returned to their human states, but he definitely had fun doing it also.

Question 12


Gaston was the main villain of his movie, even though he would try to convince us that he wasn't. He was certain he was going to marry the beautiful Belle, and they would live happily ever after. If he would have just accepted no as an answer, his character would't have been so bad.

Question 13


Jasmine is a woman who knows her worth. She was certainly against marrying anyone just because her father said it was time, and even after meeting her true love she was hesitant. Eventually she let Aladdin into her heart, but she waited to make sure she had all the facts first!

Question 14


Moana was born to be the chief of her village. Knowing it was what her father wanted her to do, she tried her very best to make herself want that future. However, the song of the ocean played too loudly in the back of her head, until finally she knew she had to follow it.

Question 15


Being the only daughter of King Fergus comes with a lot of responsibility. Merida was never happy about these responsibilities, and would almost always rather be out in the forest with her bow and arrow. Once her kingdom fell into chaos however, she knew she must step up and save the day.

Question 16


Baloo is a teacher in the jungle. He teaches fellow animals, and his buddy Mowgli how to fend for themselves, and live off the natural supplies of the jungle. He is also an avid singer and dancer. He often decides to teach his lessons through the use of song. Pick or pass?

Question 17


Maximus takes his job very seriously, maybe even too seriously. He is better and braver than any knight who has ever ridden him, and he knows it. After the men inevitably fall off, or get lost in the forest, Maximus continues the hunt, never stopping until he has caught the bad guy.

Question 18


Anyone who betrays their own brother, has to be a villain. All Scar ever wanted was to be king, but he had no claim to the throne. So, what did he do? He decided to ensure there was nobody left to take it other than himself. Fortunately for Pride Rock, he was not thorough enough in his scheming...

Question 19


Hercules always knew he didn't fit in. No matter how hard he tried to be helpful, or even just normal, he always stuck out like a sore thumb. So, once he finally found out that the reason for all of this was because he was meant to live with the gods, he knew he had to make his way to them.

Question 20


Maleficent is one of the original villains. She was the one who put the sleeping curse on poor Princess Aurora when she was just a baby. Of course, now after her own movie has come out, we know the truth behind why she became so villainous in the first place...Pick, or pass?

Question 21


Ariel is the daughter of King Triton. Since he already had so many daughter before her, Ariel assumed she would be allowed to live a more carefree life than some of her older sisters. This however, was not the plan King Triton had for his youngest daughter...Pick her, or pass her?

Question 22


Kristoff is an ice salesman by trade. So, after the entire kingdom fell into a sudden winter, his business obviously took a bit of a hit. While this may be the reason he began his adventure to unfreeze the kingdom, after he met Anna, she was the only reason he did anything.

Question 23


Belle may have lived in a small town, but her dreams were always larger than life. Everyone around her wondered why someone as beautiful as she was not married, but she knew there was bigger adventures waiting in her future than just a husband. How does everyone feel about Belle? Pick, or pass?

Question 24


Woody is the bravest toy around town. Over the course of his three films, he has put himself in danger more times than anyone could ever count, and it was always because he was trying to save the life of a fellow toy. He may not like sharing his owner Andy much, but no one can say he doesn't look out for the other toys.

Question 25

Flynn Rider

Flyyn Rider was actually born Eugene Fitzherbert, but he changed it thinking his original name did not exactly fit his cool guy persona. When Rapunzel first meets Flynn he is technically on the run for theft, but once she gets to know him she realizes he actually has a heart of gold.

Question 26


Tiana is the hardest working Disney character since the seven dwarfs were around. She was raise to believe that if she worked hard enough, all of her dreams could come true. After getting tricked by a frog however, it takes a lot more than hard work to get her back to her dreams.

Question 27


Mushu was Mulan's spirit guide throughout her entire journey. He was rude, and sarcastic, but he also came along with some pretty good advice when she needed it most. This character was voiced by the hilarious Eddie Murphy, and he was a fan favorite right away. Is anyone here a big Mushu fan?

Question 28

Cruella de Vil

Now here is a villain that really does not need an introduction. She was mean from the get-go, and continued that way until the very end of the film. Her ultimate goal the entire time was to make a coat out of 101 puppies, so yea, she was as villainous as they come.

Question 29


In the movie Tangled, we meet Rapunzel, and learn her story from a completely different perspective. She was born a princess, but she was very ill, and needed to be saved by a magical flower. The flower did the trick, and also made her hair magical. That was when she was taken, and locked away by someone who wanted the power of her hair all to themselves.

Question 30


Ursula is the sea witch. She lurks deep below the waves with her pet eels, and waits for mer-people in need to seek her out and ask for help. Of course, she is always willing to help those who find her, but at what cost? She has the sign away their souls, without them even realizing what they have done.

Question 31


Bagheera is the protector of the man-cub Mowgli. He acts as his friend, his mentor, and ultimately his body guard. After all, who is messing with anyone who rolls with a black panther, right? He is a little less care free than Mowgli's other guardians, but the job gets done nonetheless.

Question 32

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz is a pretty cool guy. He has features on him that the other toys could never compete with, but he doesn't consider himself better than anyone. Sure, when he first arrived at Andy's home he didn't exactly get along with the gang, but soon enough he was everyone's favorite space soldier.

Question 33


Yzma is no doubt a villain. She was the one who turned Emperor Kuzco into a lama, in the hopes that she would instead be left in charge of the kingdom. Her biggest mistake in the film? Probably enlisting Kronk as her second in command...How does everyone feel about her? Pick, or pass?

Question 34


Olaf is the most innocent Disney character to be created since we met Flower in the film Bambi. Olaf is a snowman who was created by Elsa while she was discovering what her powers could do. When she made him she had no idea he would actually come to life, but it was certainly a happy accident!

Question 35


Mowgli is the man-cub we have already talked about. We already looked at his friends, but lets take a moment to consider Mowgli himself. He was raised by wolves, but eventually had to leave his pack. To survive in the jungle, he needed friends like Baloo and Bagheera. To make it as far as he did, you know this kid was smart.

Question 36

James P. Sullivan

Imagine what a regular office job looks like in the monster universe. James P. Sullivan doesn't just work as a "scarer", but he is the best "scarer" the monster universe has seen in years. So, after he returns from a trip to the mortal world with a human child, his entire reputation is put in jeopardy, not to mention his job...

Question 37


Anna has been looking for love since she was old enough to know what the word meant. Sadly, she grew up in a closed castle, with very little chances to meet anyone. Until one day however, when the doors finally open and she got the opportunity to meet the man of her dreams.

Question 38

Mike Wazowski

We already talked about the famous "scarer" James P. Sullivan, so now lets take a look at his scare assistant, Mike Wazowski. In terms of looks he was not built to be a "scarer", but that does not mean he can't do his part for the monster community. He actually works very hard as Sully's assistant.

Question 39


Megara is the love interest of Hercules. When she first met Hercules, she was a damsel in distress, or so we thought. After a little time we learned that she was actually faking it the whole time, and working for Hades. Of course, he was holding her soul captive, so it wasn't really her fault...

Question 40


Elsa is the ice queen. She spent years hiding her powers away, trying not to worry those around her, but in the end hiding them is what ended up causing the most intense incident of all. Now that her secret is out, and she can finally control her powers, she can use them for good!

Question 41


In her film Esmeralda is the only one who looks out for the outcasts. It helps that she is one herself, but still, she is the only one praying for everyone to have health and happiness, and not just the rich. She knows some have it worse than she does, so she never prays for herself.

Question 42


Genie is a dream best friend. When Aladdin found the magic lamp, he had no idea Genie was going to pop out of it. After he did though, everything changed for the both of them. Aladdin now had a buddy who wanted to grant him three wishes...Pick, or pass?

Question 43


Remember a while ago we talked about little Lilo, and her alien dog? Well, Stitch is that alien. He is clearly not a dog at all, but Lilo refers to him as such, so they don't weird people out more than they already do. He was the perfect match for Lilo, and the two remain the best of friends even to this day.

Question 44


Tarzan was born in the jungle to two human parents. After a twist of fate however, he was separated from them for good. Luckily, he was found and adopted by a mother gorilla. Now Tarzan lives happily in the jungle with his monkey friends. What could go wrong, right? Pick, or pass?

Question 45

Lt. Judy Hopps

Judy was raised on a carrot farm, but she always dreamed of someday leaving it behind for the big city. All she ever wanted was to become a police office, so when she finally finished all of her training, she was more than ready to finally start her life. Pick, or pass?

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