Pick The Better TV Show And We'll Guess Which One You'd Hate To Be In

Alright binge-watchers, it is finally time to put all of that television knowledge to good use! Since we basically have every bit of television available at our fingertips, it makes sense that we have pretty much seen it all at this point. Today we will be trying to figure out which series are truly the best ones. There will be two shows to pick from in each question, so everyone just has to select the shows they enjoyed most.

Once everyone has made all of their choices, we will guess which series everyone would absolutely hate to be in. We may love to watch these shows over and over, but that does not mean we would want to trade places with all of the characters!

Question 1

Bob's Burgers or Archer?

Here we have two popular animated series pitted against each other. Even though they are in fact cartoons, both of these shows feature some fairly adult-themed content. While Bob's Burgers tells the story of a family run business, Archer is all about the world's greatest spy. Which are we picking?

Question 2

Gotham or Jessica Jones?

With the success of all the superhero movies that have been released in recent years, it only makes sense that television has also cashed in on the trend. In Gotham, we learn about a young Batman and Officer Gordon. Jessica Jones on the other hand, is all about the Marvel hero herself!

Question 3

Brooklyn Nine-Nine or The Big Bang Theory?

In this question, we are looking at two hit comedy series. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we meet a precinct full of talented, yet slightly unconventional detectives. Then in The Big Bang Theory, we have four born geniuses, all trying to fit into a world full of people who don't exactly share their brain power.

Question 4

The Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars?

Things are getting a little dramatic over here in this question! The choice here comes down to a show about a girl discovering that the world is in fact filled with vampires and other such creatures, or a show about a group of girls who are all harboring one big secret.

Question 5

Black Mirror or Westworld?

Here we have two thrilling series, though they are quite a bit different from each other. Black Mirror tells a new story in every episode, all of which are about some form of dangerous technology. Westworld though, is a series all about a future where the rich can visit an amusement park and experience all of their wildest dreams.

Question 6

Parks and Recreation or 30 Rock?

Even though both of these shows ended years ago, we know for a fact people everywhere are still watching the reruns! In Parks and Recreation, we meet the staff in charge of the parks department of a small town. In 30 Rock though, we meet a fictionalized version of Tina Fey.

Question 7

Outlander or Vikings?

Here we have a couple of action packed shows, which both happen to take place in different time periods. Outlander takes place in 1743, though there is a bit of time travel involved. Obviously, Vikings takes place back when Vikings ruled the world. Which of these shows are we picking?

Question 8

Family Guy or The Simpsons?

We are thinking this one may be a tough choice for some. While The Simpsons has been around for longer, at this point in time, both of these animated series have been on the air for decades. Both shows feature a similar storyline, though neither of them were exactly created with children in mind.

Question 9

Stranger Things or The Order?

Here we are looking at a couple of Netflix original series. Even though Stranger Things has been streaming for longer, The Order has had people talking in recent months. Both shows are heavy on the mystery, though The Order does seem to be a bit more light-hearted. Which to pick?

Question 10

The Good Doctor or The Resident?

In this question, we have two medical-dramas which are still currently playing on television. The Good Doctor is about an unusually young doctor who has trouble connecting, but it all kinds of brilliant. The Resident on the other hand, is a more traditional story about a group of residents learning the ins and outs of hospital life.

Question 11

The Office or New Girl?

Fans of both these shows tend to be quite loyal, so we are thinking this one may split up the room a bit. Since Netflix decided to add The Office to their site, it has quickly become one of their most popular shows. However, many fans are still talking about the final season of New Girl that aired last year.

Question 12

Community or Modern Family?

Both hilarious, but we can only choose one! While Community is all about a group of misfits participating in a study group together, Modern Family is all about the different kinds of families that exist nowadays. Community has been off the air since 2015, though Modern Family has just announced that their final season will air this year.

Question 13

Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill?

Both of these shows were classic teen-dramas. Gossip Girl was actually based on a series of books that told the story of a few rich kids living on The Upper East Side. One Tree Hill on the other hand, was about two estranged brothers playing on the same high school basketball team.

Question 14

HIMYM or Friends?

Here we have a couple of award-winning sitcoms. Not only were both of these shows huge while they were actually on the air, but even to this day, they both remain a couple of the most streamed series of all time. Which of these hilarious sitcoms did we enjoy the most?

Question 15

This Is Us or Grey's Anatomy?

Does everyone have some tissues handy? Here we have a couple of dramas, that are both well known for pulling at their audience's heartstrings. Grey's Anatomy is currently on their 15th season, whereas This Is Us has only been around for 3 seasons so far. Which of these shows are we more attached to?

Question 16

Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad?

Let the debates begin! Many have already argued over which of these award-winning series is actually the better one. Before the final season of Game of Thrones aired, it was a real toss up. Though now that both shows have concluded, most fans have finally picked a side. Which side are we on?

Question 17

Mom or Younger?

Both of these shows do happen to be about single mothers, yet they are still very different. In the show Mom, we meet a single mother trying to juggle parenting and sobriety. In Younger, we meet a single mom who lies about her age in order to get a job.

Question 18

Big Little Lies or Sharp Objects?

Here we are looking at a couple of HBO's more recent hits. Both shows are based on popular novels. Big Little Lies is about a seemingly peaceful town, that happens to be full of secrets. Sharp Objects on the other hand, is about a woman who returns to her hometown to investigate a mystery.

Question 19

Alias Grace or The Handmaid's Tale?

Do we have any Margaret Atwood in the house? Both of these popular series were based off of books written by the legendary author herself. Alias Grace was actually based off of some true 19th-century events, whereas The Handmaid's tale was about a fictionalized version of the future. Which to pick?

Question 20

Empire or Dynasty?

Here we are looking at a couple of series, that each tell the story of a feuding family. In Empire, we meet several siblings all trying to get their hands on the rights to their sick father's record label. Similarly in Dynasty, we meet a daughter and a stepmother who are both going after the family fortune.

Question 21

Rick and Morty or Futurama?

While Rick and Morty is a show that features quite a bit of time travel, Futurama is a series that is permanently based in the future.Fans everywhere are still eagerly awaiting new episode of Rick and Morty, though fans of Futurama had to say goodbye back in 2013. Which is better?

Question 22

Master of None or The Mindy Project?

Both of these shows were actually written by the comedians who starred in them. Master of None was the creation of Aziz Ansari, while The Mindy Project was created by none other than funny-girl Mindy Kaling herself. Which of these sitcoms did everyone enjoy more? We can only pick one!

Question 23

Gilmore Girls or Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

We are heading back to the 90s for this question. Once upon a time, both of these shows were the talk of the town. Since both happen to feature such strong female characters, we figured they would make the perfect pairing! Are we going with charming small town life, or epic vampire slaying?

Question 24

The Flash or Arrow?

Here we have a couple of the more popular superhero shows to be released in recent years. Arrow was definitely around first, though with new episodes of The Flash still coming out, we are thinking some may be inclined to pick it as their favorite. Based in the same universe, we have actually had crossover episodes in both series.

Question 25

Sense8 or The 100?

Here we are looking at a couple of popular Netflix original series. Sense8 is all about 8 strangers from around the world, whose minds all connected one day. The 100 on the other hand, tells the story of a future where humans have been forced into space, after a nuclear war left Earth unlivable.

Question 26

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Arrested Development?

Here we have a long-running comedy series, up against one that many thought should have remained on the air for longer than it did. It's Always Sunny is about a group of friends who own and operate their own bar. Arrested Development though, is about dysfunctional family being held together by one somewhat stable member.

Question 27

Supergirl or Smallville?

Even though these shows were released at different times, they both share the same universe. Smallville was a popular show back in the day, about Superman and his life here on Earth. Supergirl is more recent, and obviously tells the story of Superman's legendary cousin. Which one are we picking?

Question 28

Grace and Frankie or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

These are both Netflix originals, though their storylines are pretty different. While Grace and Frankie is about two aging women trying to adjust to single-life, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is about a girl adjusting to life after having spent 15 years in an underground bunker. Which one is the better show?

Question 29

Supernatural or Riverdale?

Both of these series are pretty mysterious, but they take place in two completely different worlds. Supernatural is about a pair of demon fighting brothers. Riverdale though, is about a gang of high school kids who seem to discover more trouble and more mysteries every single day. Which to pick?

Question 30

2 Broke Girls or Good Girls?

It is true that the main characters from both of these shows were in fact broke, but the two casts had very different ways of solving the problem. In 2 Broke Girls, we watch as two waitresses try to build their own business. In Good Girls, we watch three moms try to steal their way to a better life.

Question 31

Suits or Mad Men?

Both of these series did particularly well during their time on the air. In Suits, we meet a firm full of high-powered lawyers, who were all harboring a secret or two. In Mad Men, we get a behind-the-scenes look at what life was like for advertising execs back in the 60s.

Question 32

Scrubs or House?

Even though both of these shows did take place in a hospital setting, we would not exactly categorizing them together. Scrubs was very much a comedy, and while House did have its jokes, it was definitely more of a drama than a comedy. Which one of these did we like more?

Question 33

Once Upon a Time or Lost?

Anyone who happens to be a big fan of fiction, would surely have a tough time deciding between these two series. While Once Upon a Time transported all of our beloved fairytale creatures to the modern world, Lost instead took people from our world and brought them to a strange and mysterious land. Which to pick?

Question 34

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or The Crown?

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is newer series, all about a woman in the 50s discovering a hidden talent for stand-up comedy. The Crown has released two seasons so far, and they both follow the story of a 25 year old women forced into taking over the throne after losing her father.

Question 35

Broad City or Workaholics?

As different as these shows may be, they do have a few things in common. While Broad City is about two girls trying to make the best out of their broke lives in New York, Workaholics is about three dudes trying to make the best out of their boring office jobs.

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