Rank These Musicians And We'll Guess Your Favorite Classic Rock Band

Music is almost certainly the form of entertainment people absorb the most. Catchy melodies flow freely through the air in shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, gas stations, barbershops, you name it, all the way down to our cars, making it literally impossible to ignore the biggest hits of the day. Of course, the mere fact we’re forced to listen to popular music on an almost constant basis hardly means everybody is going to like it.

Chances are the very second Billboard introduced their Hot 100 charts, there were some critics out there complaining about how making an appearance on it would ruin an artist’s credibility. Well, until one of their favorite bands finally made their first hit, anyway, at which point it would be an exception that proves the rule, or something like that. The point is, some people just refuse to listen to what’s popular on the radio, and to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with this at all.

If modern radio isn’t your thing, though, that doesn’t mean you should give up on music entirely. The past has plenty of great options for your ear drums as well, and that’s true for people who hate recent Billboard hits and those of us who loved them. No matter which side you fall on, keep reading to rate all your favorite (or least favorite) modern musicians, and we’ll guess your favorite classic rock band.

Question 1

How many stars would you rate Taylor Swift?

Fearlessly deciding to speak now with red in her eyes, Taylor Swift was destined to dominate radio from the day she was born in 1989. The teardrops have long since washed off her guitars, replaced with endlessly catchy tunes the world can’t get enough of. Are you singing along?

Question 2

How would you rate the music of Kanye West?

I’mma let you finish, but Kanye West is one of the greatest artists of this generation of this decade…in his own mind, at least. Of course, with albums like The College Dropout, 808s & Heartbreak, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, millions of fans around the world agree. Do you?

Question 3

What rating would you give One Direction?

After staying up all night, anyone could get lulled to sleep with melodies about what makes them beautiful. Teenage girls especially are susceptible to this message, making One Direction perhaps the most popular boy band around. Older fans may not be so fond of the midnight memories, though. Are you?

Question 4

How many stars would you rate Katy Perry?

When Katy Perry kissed a girl to become one of the boys, the pop world immediately embraced her for it, and the world only seems to love her more with each passing release. Of course, teenage dreams and California gurls aren’t enough to catch everyone’s attention. Does Katy have yours?

Question 5

Which star rating would you give to Drake?

Not that long ago, Drake was just a teenage actor on Degrassi: The Next Generation. From the moment he told the world to thank him later, nothing was the same, with his views and opinions so far gone from that past it’s clear he knew there was room for improvement.

Question 6

How would you rate the music of Beyoncé?

Most of the world was already dangerously in love with Beyoncé from her early days as the star of Destiny’s Child. That said, everything Queen Bey has produced since going solo was irresistible and irreplaceable, smooth and digestible like a delicious lemonade. Are you drinking it?

Question 7

What rating would you give Rihanna?

When a good girl goes bad, the results are rarely anywhere near as electric as the unapologetically loud, rated R talk that only Rihanna can talk. The diamond clad singer has come a long way from the days she hid under her umbrella, even finding love in a hopeless place.

Question 8

How many stars would you rate Justin Timberlake?

Looking back on Justin Timberlake’s career with retrospective 20/20 vision, it feels justified that the self-professed man of the woods would vastly overshadow his former band mates in ‘N Sync. After all, what goes around comes around, especially when sheer talent is concerned. Do you love his sounds?

Question 9

Which star rating would you give to Bruno Mars?

One of the most unorthodox living jukeboxes of his day, Bruno Mars nonetheless has a tendency produce 24K Magic every time he sings. Definitely not lazy by any stretch of the word, Mars is always working to create what the public likes. Can you count on him for good music?

Question 10

What rating would you give The Weeknd?

A vanguard of distribution before he took over the pop charts, The Weeknd released a great trilogy of mixtapes before hitting it big with Kiss Land. Since then, he’s become a Starboy of the highest order, showing off the beauty behind his madness. Are you paying attention?

Question 11

How many stars would you rate Ed Sheeran?

Always think out loud about how to add or multiply his fan base, hopefully not dividing them, Ed Sheeran’s heartfelt songs have captured virtually every young female music lover in the world. As he sings about the shape of those ladies, male fans are getting entertained, as well. Are you?

Question 12

How would you rate the music of Bon Iver?

Starting with a few songs written for Emma, forever ago, Bon Iver have since made anywhere from 22 to a million fans with their soft harmonies and acoustic guitars. Falling in with Kanye West’s crowd didn’t hurt. Do you like their work alone or with Ye?

Question 13

Which star rating would you give to Jay-Z?

There’s no reasonable doubt about it: Jay-Z wrote the blueprint for hip hop success in the modern era, and now he holds both the Magna Carta and Holy Grail to prove it. Jay might have 99 problems, and whether or not you like him isn’t one. Even so, do you?

Question 14

What rating would you give Rae Sremmurd?

A confusing, difficult to say name has never stopped a musical act from attaining success, and Rae Sremmurd look to attain just that, seeking high status as the next Black Beatles. T’d up, looking alive, and representing swang, this Mississippi duo has just begun to live the Sremmlife.

Question 15

How many stars would you rate Gucci Mane?

Call him Mr. Zone 6, Mr. Davis, El Gato, or just the Trap God, Gucci Mane always “gets the bag” when it comes to topping the rap and pop charts. Not even a prison sentences or stints in rehab could stop this spring breaker from dominating the radio.

Question 16

How would you rate the music of Daft Punk?

Hit play on the stereo one more time and get ready to dance all night with two robots possessing the most rhythmic random access memory imaginable. This discovery is no homework, as Daft Punk’s brand of digital love can help anybody do it right and get lucky all night long.

Question 17

Which rating does Migos deserve?

Being bad and boujee used to be major negatives until Migos turned it into a lifestyle all it’s own. On their young rich nation timeline, that hit song turned the Georgia trio into a national sensation, stirring up the charts with their slippery motorsports and southern-fried t-shirts.

Question 18

What rating would you give Kendrick Lamar?

Plenty of good kids come from mad cities, and many of them are unable to evade the lure of pimps and butterflies. However, the overly dedicated can never have their vibe killed, with Kendrick Lamar proving a rapper from Compton can still reach the top of the charts.

Question 19

How many stars would you rate Justin Bieber?

Believe it or not, the world may indeed belong to Justin Bieber. It’s certainly looked that way ever since he sang a song about his baby and became an international superstar, and now that the young musician seems to have purpose, the sky is the limit for his fame.

Question 20

Which star rating would you give to DJ Khaled?

Far more than just a man spinning the records, DJ Khaled is one of the most visible hip hop producers in the world today. Suffering from the success of being global, Khaled changed a lot from the foolish kid he once was, but that just means he’s extremely rich.

Question 21

How would you rate the music of Post Malone?

At once a stoney rapper and a self-proclaimed rock star, Post Malone always goes flex when releasing his chart topping hits. Though critics say he was too young for his fame and will fall apart, each new song feels like déjà vu in the fact it’s another radio smash.

Question 22

How many stars would you rate Pentatonix?

Most musicians have the benefit of whatever instrument they choose to pick up, while others like Pentatonix feel their voices can do it all. Based on their success, they must be right, guaranteed to top the charts every Christmas season, and sometimes even during the rest of the year.

Question 23

What rating would you give Lorde?

Not everyone gets to be a royal, but sometimes reigning as a pure heroine made of homemade dynamite can be even better. That’s been the case with Lorde, getting the green light to travel through perfect places spreading her glory and melodrama wherever she goes.

Question 24

Which star rating would you give to Arcade Fire?

Writing a neon bible only to spread it through the suburbs, Arcade Fire were one of the last bands anyone expected to hit it big. Not that they lacked the songs to back it up, as diehard fans knew they wrote classic after classic long before winning any Grammys.

Question 25

How would you rate the music of Kesha?

From an animal to a warrior to a survivor who sees rainbows, Kesha has always commanded us to dance in deconstructed, cannibalistic fashion. Her crazy beautiful life has had many ups and downs, but the one constant has always been incredible music. Have you been dancing to it?

Question 26

How many stars would you rate LCD Soundsystem?

If this is a band losing their edge, we can’t wait for our own inevitable downfall. LCD Soundsystem have been giving fans the sounds of silver since Daft Punk was playing at their house, making all our friends have been dancing themselves clean. Are you a disco infiltrator, as well?

Question 27

What rating would you give The Killers?

Causing a hot fuss from their first album, few bands in this day and age can match the wonderful wonderful success of The Killers. Smiling like they mean it, all these things the Killers have done make them a massively popular band, their fame expanding with each single.

Question 28

How would you rate the music of Maroon 5?

With unmatchable moves like Jagger, Maroon 5 have been doing what musically talented lovers do, telling fans they will be loved. Adam Levine’s bustling TV career hasn’t stopped him from singing about sugar and climbing up the pop charts, showing his protégés on The Voice how to get things done.

Question 29

How many stars would you rate Miley Cyrus?

Some people can’t be tamed, refusing to stop partying in the USA and releasing club bangerz no matter how badly it damages their reputation. Miley Cyrus went from a pop princess to a artsy weirdo in record time, but to her fans, the transformation couldn’t have gone better.

Question 30

Which star rating would you give to Charlie Puth?

Long gone are the days of the eight track, yet singers like Charlie Puth still have it in mind with their nine track minds. Puth and his exes may not talk anymore, but fans around the world are paying attention as he sings about them in his Marvin Gaye-influenced tunes.

Question 31

What rating would you give Imagine Dragons?

It’s a whole lot more than smoke and mirrors. Imagine Dragons have evolved from believers to thunderous rock gods standing on top of the world. Well, in terms of chart success anyway, as critics are a little less sold on their ability to rock out. How do you feel?

Question 32

How would you rate the music of Sam Smith?

In the lonely hours, it’s easy to forget about the thrill of it all and wax philosophical about the past, wishing past loves who weren’t too good at goodbyes would stay a little bit longer. Sam Smith knows these feelings well, and has achieved incredible fame singing about them.

Question 33

How many stars would you rate Adele?

From the young age of 19, Adele has been chasing pavements and setting fire to the rain, at least not when rolling in the deep of all that she could have had. Fans have loved watching her take this emotional journey, thanks to the songs she’s made through living it.

Question 34

What rating would you give Demi Lovato?

Confident and unbroken though unable to forget past mistakes, Demi Lovato is the latest Disney princess to become a superstar all on her own. Having graduated Camp Rock with an impeccable record, Lovato will never be sorry about who she is, overcoming all obstacles to remain successful.

Question 35

Which star rating would you give to The Chainsmokers?

Theoretically, consuming large amounts of tobacco is a terrible idea for an aspiring musician, as their voice is too fragile to go through that sort of trauma. Oddly enough, for the Chainsmokers, this isn’t an issue, getting closer to fame with each puff. Are you smoking along?

Question 36

How many stars would you rate Lady Gaga?

Born this way into the fame with an insatiable desire for artistic pop, Lady Gaga was a monster of music from her very first release. She’s come a long way from imploring fans just to dance, but little monsters hold that message to heart when listening to Gaga’s best tunes.

Question 37

What rating would you give Lil Wayne?

Whether he’s really a human being or not, Lil Wayne’s rebirth as Tha Carter has made him one of the most visible and successful rappers in the world. In his own words, this makes Wayne rich as…well, any of the other musicians on this list.

Question 38

How would you rate the music of A$AP Rocky?

As the most successful solo artist in the A$AP mop, A$AP Rocky is a brand in and of himself. This fashion killa is wild for the night every day, at long last having achieved the notoriety he always knew he’d attain as soon as possible.

Question 39

How many stars would you rate Lil B?

Endlessly positive as he releases an unprecedented number of mixtapes and uniquely crafted soundscapes, Lil B the Based God has come a long way from singing about his Vans with the Pack. Always controversial, some say Lil B just mumbles over random beats, but others know he’s a true original.

Question 40

What rating would you give Childish Gambino?

Awaken, my love, because the Internet has helped usher in one of pop music’s latest and greatest talents. Whether he’s making us laugh on TV or getting us to dance on record, Childish Gambino’s presence is always welcome in our lives. Is he welcome in yours?

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