Rank These Musicians And We'll Guess Your Favorite Classic Rock Band

Music is almost certainly the form of entertainment people absorb the most. Catchy melodies flow freely through the air in shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, gas stations, barbershops, you name it, all the way down to our cars, making it literally impossible to ignore the biggest hits of the day. Of course, the mere fact we’re forced to listen to popular music on an almost constant basis hardly means everybody is going to like it.

Chances are the very second Billboard introduced their Hot 100 charts, there were some critics out there complaining about how making an appearance on it would ruin an artist’s credibility. Well, until one of their favorite bands finally made their first hit, anyway, at which point it would be an exception that proves the rule, or something like that. The point is, some people just refuse to listen to what’s popular on the radio, and to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with this at all.

If modern radio isn’t your thing, though, that doesn’t mean you should give up on music entirely. The past has plenty of great options for your ear drums as well, and that’s true for people who hate recent Billboard hits and those of us who loved them. No matter which side you fall on, keep reading to rate all your favorite (or least favorite) modern musicians, and we’ll guess your favorite classic rock band.

1How many stars would you rate Taylor Swift?

Fearlessly deciding to speak now with red in her eyes, Taylor Swift was destined to dominate radio from the day she was born in 1989. The teardrops have long since washed off her guitars, replaced with endlessly catchy tunes the world can’t get enough of. Are you singing along?

2How would you rate the music of Kanye West?

I’mma let you finish, but Kanye West is one of the greatest artists of this generation of this decade…in his own mind, at least. Of course, with albums like The College Dropout, 808s & Heartbreak, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, millions of fans around the world agree. Do you?

3What rating would you give One Direction?

After staying up all night, anyone could get lulled to sleep with melodies about what makes them beautiful. Teenage girls especially are susceptible to this message, making One Direction perhaps the most popular boy band around. Older fans may not be so fond of the midnight memories, though. Are you?

4How many stars would you rate Katy Perry?

When Katy Perry kissed a girl to become one of the boys, the pop world immediately embraced her for it, and the world only seems to love her more with each passing release. Of course, teenage dreams and California gurls aren’t enough to catch everyone’s attention. Does Katy have yours?

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