Pick Your Favorite Actors And We'll Guess How Old You Are

Alright movie fans, today we have lined up the best of the best! While there could be many reasons why a movie is our favorite, one of the most important deciding factors will always be the actors associated with the film. Whether we like them for their talent or for their faces, actors will always have the power to make or break a film.

In this quiz, we will be looking at 50 of Hollywood's most talented men. Some have been in the industry for decades, while others are new to the big screen. All we are asking, is for everyone to pick out all of their favorites. Once we know who likes who, we will take a shot at guessing everybody's age! Who thinks we can guess right?

Question 1

Jame McAvoy

Question 2

Robert Downey, Jr.

Question 3

Ansel Elgort

Question 4

Zac Efron

Question 5

Brad Pitt

Question 6

Dwayne Johnson

Question 7

Alexander Skarsgård

Question 8

Jason Segel

Question 9

Chris Pine

Question 10

Mark Ruffalo

Question 11

James Franco

Question 12

Chris Pratt

Question 13

Keanu Reeves

Question 14

Tom Holland

Question 15

Ryan Gosling

Question 16

Finn Wolfhard

Question 17

Chris Hemsworth

Question 18

Harrison Ford

Question 19

Joaquin Phoenix

Question 20

Will Smith

Question 21

Jon Hamm

Question 22

Idris Elba

Question 23

Johnny Depp

Question 24

Christian Bale

Question 25

George Clooney

Question 26

Daniel Radcliffe

Question 27

Adam Sandler

Question 28

Shia LaBeouf

Question 29

John Krasinski

Question 30

Bradley Cooper

Question 31

Seth Rogen

Question 32

Hugh Jackman

Question 33

Andrew Garfield

Question 34

Mark Wahlberg

Question 35

Samuel L. Jackson

Question 36

Jamie Foxx

Question 37

Henry Cavill

Question 38

Benedict Cumberbatch

Question 39

Jason Momoa

Question 40

Adam Driver

Question 41

Ryan Reynolds

Question 42

Jake Gyllenhaal

Question 43

Steve Carell

Question 44

Tom Hanks

Question 45

Jamie Dornan

Question 46

Chris Evans

Question 47

Ben Affleck

Question 48

Leonardo DiCaprio

Question 49

Robert Pattinson

Question 50

Matthew McConaughey

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