Pick A Saiyan And We'll Tell You Which Real-Life Fighter You Are


This may sound fairly obvious given the anime is all about outrageous fights, but the parallels between modern fighting in both boxing and MMA and the Dragon Ball franchise are interesting. There's lots of yelling, lots of nonsense, and a feeling of dissatisfaction when the fight ends.

(Speaking of drawing, the cover art of Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather in a Dragon Ball Z-like style comes from the brilliant YairSassonArt. Make sure to look Yair up.)

Today, you're going to take a personality quiz that blends the Dragon Ball franchise - primarily Z and Super - with boxing and MMA to help us determine which current fighter you are. Are you Mayweather or are you Conor McGregor? Or, are you some third option that we're not revealing and may not even exist?

Because we're talking about a show that is still running in Dragon Ball Super, there will be some slight spoilers, but nothing you really need to worry about. If you're worried about spoilers from Dragon Ball Z, there are some, but they're also the same spoilers everyone knows - and if you don't know them, why take a Dragon Ball Z quiz?

Step into the ring, begin screaming as loud as you can, and let's get to fighting!

Question 1

Who do you like more: Goku or Vegeta?

There are few more iconic duos in any franchise - and anime-wise, I'd say Ash Ketchum and Pikachu may be the only duo that comes even close - than Son Goku and Vegeta. Any scene with these two is bound to be gold, whether they're sparring and testing their Super Saiyan Blue forms or arguing over the last piece of pork being taken. Who do you like more?

Question 2

How do you best prepare for a fight?

To prepare for a fight - really, when you're preparing for anything - you can't just rely on one method of success. How will you pass your driving test if you only practice driving on the highway? If you're preparing for a fight and you have all these different ways of getting ready, which are you choosing? Don't doubt the importance of being mentally ready!

Question 3

Who do you like more: Goten or Trunks?

The duo of Goten and Trunks are far from what their fathers are, but can you blame them? Both were written in as the next generation, especially following Trunks' future counterpart being such a key character in the Android Saga, and they quickly became overshadowed by the older fighters. Now, they're just there, failing to bring anything to the table. Of these two, which do you like more?

Question 4

Which of Vegeta's personality flaws do you think you suffer from?

Vegeta may be a fan favorite, especially in the past decade with the rise of message board arguments about him getting screwed over by the writers, but it's hard to deny his faults. Arrogance? Check. Allowing villains to power up and proceed to beat him within an inch of his life? Yes. Even Vegeta's hair is a fault! Of the following options, which do you think you share with the Prince of All Saiyans?

Question 5

Which of these is Gohan's best arc?

But if Vegeta and his story are divided among fans, what is there to say about Son Gohan? At times, he looks like the perfect replacement for Goku and it seems the story is set to follow his; then, Gohan gets overshadowed by his father or Vegeta and retreats to doing absolutely nothing. Of the show's main arcs, which Gohan did you enjoy the most?

Question 6

Who do you prefer: Bardock or Turles?

If I haven't mentioned it before, Bardock is one of my favorite Dragon Ball characters. How much, you ask? Enough to where I wouldn't mind writing a long fan fiction about Bardock landing in the present timeline at the start of Dragon Ball Z and - oh wait, I said too much. Anyways, if you had to pick between Bardock and Turles, the evil Saiyan from Tree of Might, who are you going with?

Question 7

Which Broly movie did you like more?

I have no shame in admitting the three Broly movies - Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan; Broly: Second Coming; and Bio-Broly - are among the franchise's worst movies. In theory, movies about another Super Saiyan should work, but Broly was created with absolutely no character and you can tell they were made for the same fanboys that would wind up liking the Star Wars prequels. Because Bio-Broly is on its own level of bad, we'll offer the first two movies as choices here.

Question 8

Who do you like more: Raditz or Nappa?

When introduced, Raditz was a terrifying menace who eventually became comic relief by the fanbase because of how quickly he was forgotten. When introduced, Nappa was a terrifying menace who eventually became comic relief by the fanbase because of...well, everything Team Four Star did to perfection. Ghost Nappa, much? But of these two Saiyans and what they did in the main show, who do you like more?

Question 9

Do you prefer Future Gohan or Future Trunks?

Introducing Future Trunks and the Android Saga, both of which took cues from the Terminator series (tell me Android 16 doesn't look like a T-800), was one of series creator Akira Toriyama's smartest choices. Probably my biggest regret with this arc, however, is that we didn't get to see as much of the desolated future as we probably should have. True, The History of Trunks TV movie somewhat fixed that problem, but I wanted to see more adventures of Future Gohan and Trunks. Who do you prefer?

Question 10

Which of these Saiyan deaths was the best - and saddest?

While Dragon Ball often traded emotional moments for fighting and screaming, that's not to say the series lacked its share of tearjerking moments. These four deaths, more often than not, are regarded as some of the best scenes in the entire franchise not because of the character's death, but how and why. Vegeta dying against Frieza was pretty much a given, but how he looks death in the face and talks to Goku? You can't go wrong with these picks...

Question 11

Which "Dragon Ball Super" Saiyan do you like most?

Would anyone have expected Dragon Ball Super to introduce not one and not two, but three major Saiyan characters? No, we're not counting Goku Black here because Zamasu is technically not a Saiyan. But with Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla, we have three new Saiyans that have quickly become fan favorites and for good reason. Of those three, who has become your favorite?

Question 12

Which Bruce Faulconer song would you walk up to?

For those of you unfamiliar with Bruce Faulconer, you'll likely recognize his music upon hearing it; Faulconer was the man behind the Funimation dub (not the Kai one) that used metal and rock in most of his songs. The iconic scene of Goku going Super Saiyan with the signature music behind him, for instance, was done by Faulconer. Of these four songs, which would you pick as your walk up song? Feel free to look them up too.

Question 13

Where would you try to aim your hit?

Why do people seem to think the key to winning a fight is just punching over and over? Why would you do that? You're just going to wind up tiring yourself out that way. The true key is mixing up your attacks while aiming at precise spots you think will do the most damage? Of the following options, which area are you prioritizing?

Question 14

Which villain's death did you most enjoy?

And while few of the true villainous deaths were heartbreaking (off the top of my head, Nappa is really the only one that comes to mind), I think we can all agree the main ones were all enjoyable. Even Frieza's death by way of Future Trunks was awesome despite the later reveal that he didn't quite die...or did he? Super kind of made that a gray area, but pick which one you enjoyed most!

Question 15

What is your favorite pre-Dragon Ball Super Super Saiyan form?

No, we didn't forget Dragon Ball GT's Super Saiyan 4 form, although we certainly wouldn't mind forgetting the show. Well, GT did actually have some emotional moments, so we should probably get back to the Super Saiyan forms before I get obliterated for praising GT. Of the three main Super Saiyan forms and the ascended form Vegeta uses against Cell, which did you enjoy most?

Question 16

What is your favorite Dragon Ball Z game series?

What? You can be a successful fighter and still make time for the virtual sticks? While I'm far from a fan of the Xenoverse series and am holding optimism about FighterZ, I will say that the older games - Budokai, Budokai Tenkaichi, and even the fairly-recent Raging Blast series - all hold up extremely well in my heart. Personally, I'd probably vote Budokai Tenkaichi here, but what about you?

Question 17

Do you prefer Super Saiyan God's design or Super Saiyan Blue?

While we've yet to see Vegeta rock his Buu Saga jumpsuit in Dragon Ball Super to this point, I think this picture gets the point across well enough. Do you like Super Saiyan God's red flare more than the blue hue that Super Saiyan...Blue...provides? Super Saiyan God seemed like a callback to the Kaio-Ken and the series' earlier power ups, but it's a fair debate. What do you think?

Question 18

What was your favorite Dragon Ball saga?

We've mentioned the supervillains and the protagonists to this point, but which of the four main sagas - Saiyan, Namek (also containing the Frieza arc), Android (also including the entire Cell arc), and Buu - do you like most? All of these, with maybe the exception of the Android arc, really seem to stretch on - Kai somewhat helped fix this problem - but that doesn't remove their charm, right?

Question 19

Which of these underrated DBZ movies is your favorite?

Underrated may not be the right word here because I think each of these movies have their own fanbase, but they do get forgotten by many fans for not featuring Cooler or Broly. Though Wrath of the Dragon tried to do too much in the end with Trunks getting the sword and that supposedly being the same sword his future version had, these four movies are all extremely enjoyable. Which is your favorite?

Question 20

Which non-Saiyan do you prefer: Tien or Krillin?

We had to show the non-Saiyan heroes some love eventually! Everyone loves Piccolo and Yamcha is more or less the laughing stock of the entire franchise, so we couldn't use those two. Besides, when Super was announced, wasn't everyone rooting for Tien and Krillin to get some badass moments? Luckily, each have had plenty of screentime and should continue to with Super nowhere close to ending. Who do you like more?

Question 21

Who do you prefer: Android 17 or Android 18?

With the obvious exception of Cell, are any of the legitimate androids - we're not counting Dr. Gero, who turned himself into Android 20 - interesting besides 16, 17 and 18? Android 19 is obviously a no, while the movie ones - 13, 14, and 15 - don't really have much going for them. Maybe if Android 15 had been voiced by Charlie Murphy, we'd have a different story. Between Android 17 and 18, who do you prefer?

Question 22

Excluding Conor McGregor, who is your favorite UFC fighter?

Is UFC in a good position right now? That depends on who you ask, especially with Ronda Rousey potentially facing retirement and Jon Jones suspended once more for drugs. Really, I don't see how UFC would be in a perilous position, especially not with Dana White's leadership and everything Conor McGregor has done for the sport, but everyone wants to root for sports leagues to fail. Who is your favorite UFC fighter?

Question 23

Excluding Floyd Mayweather, who is your favorite boxer?

There's plenty of great boxers out there, don't get me wrong, but how could I snub Joe Smith Jr. The Irish Bomber, they call him. Why is that? "They call me the Irish Bomber because I'm Irish and I hit hard," Smith once told me. Seriously. You have to love a nickname like that and its fascinating backstory. Which of these boxers do you like most?

Question 24

Which signature Saiyan move do you prefer?

What kind of quiz would this be if we didn't ask about signature moves? Goku and Vegeta have plenty, we all know this, but we picked four that stand out: the Kamehameha (duh), the Big Bang Attack (more memorable and used more than the Galick Gun), the Final Flash (again, duh), and the Spirit Bomb - the move that almost never works. Which is your favorite?

Question 25

Who do you like more? McGregor or Mayweather?

It was all going to come down to this from the second you started the quiz...you knew that, right? In the way that a Goku vs. Vegeta final fight was - and continues to be - hyped, August's Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather bout defied all odds not only in that it actually happened, but that it was actually a fairly good fight. Remember all of the people who thought it'd be over with one punch? Which fighter do you prefer?

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