Pick A Reality Star And We'll Tell You Your TV Soulmate


"Having a reality TV show, everyone feels like they know you, but that's only 10% of my life. There's a whole other side of me that people don't see." -- Kylie Jenner

As part of the modern Famous Family in the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner makes a good point. Who are these reality TV stars when the cameras are turned off? Is Simon Cowell as mean and bitter at the dinner table as he is to contestants? The people always so positive and optimistic on shows like The Real World or Jersey Shore, are they always like that? Are the Robertson brothers - oh wait, we know the answer to that.

Today, as you probably guessed by the title, you're going to pick your favorite reality stars and we'll tell you which TV character (not one that is in reality TV, meaning you won't be landing with Kim Kardashian or The Situation) is your soulmate. Will you land with someone that is a total jerk? Here, there are no ground rules other than there are four potential TV soulmates; there are two males and two females. If you're ready to think about one of TV's more controversial genres and the numbness that comes with watching the same people get drunk, scream, and have sex, let's quiz!

Question 1

Do you prefer Kim or Khloe Kardashian?

You can't really do a reality TV quiz without mentioning the Kardashian sisters, especially not Kim and Khloe. Probably two of the most influential reality TV stars in history, they're usually among the first to come to mind when the topic is discussed. Whether it's for their brains, their business, or if you're just into their looks, which one do you prefer?

Question 2

Did you prefer The Situation or DJ Pauly D?

While Snooki was easily Jersey Shore's breakout character, don't forget about characters like DJ Pauly D and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Pauly D was able to parlay his talents and success on Jersey Shore into a deal with 50 Cent's G-Unit Records brand his own TV show, while The Situation is currently facing the possibility of prison time for tax evasion. I guess you can say Mike is in...a bit of a Situation. Woof.

Question 3

Which Robertson is your favorite?

Was Duck Dynasty truly a fascinating show about a country culture we've turned to mocking, or did it further extreme stereotypes about the south? Should Phil Robertson have been allowed back on Duck Dynasty in 2013 after his "anti-gay" comments? Who would have thought a simple show about duck hunting and a quarterback who started ahead of Terry Bradshaw at La. Tech would cause so much controversy?

Question 4

Who was your favorite American Idol winner?

If the ABC reboot of American Idol can have at least half the success that the original show did in its prime, it'll be a success. Of the show's 15 winners - Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McCreery, Phillip Phillips, Candice Glover, Caleb Johnson, Nick Fradiani, and Trent Harmon - look how many of those enjoyed stardom. Carrie Underwood gets bonus points for #CarrieTime

Question 5

Which Basketball Wives wife was your favorite?

Even if you weren't the biggest NBA fan, you could still get some satisfaction watching Basketball Wives, especially when the catfights broke out. Look, it was a reality show that starred women who had a ton of money based off their husband's accolades and achievements, so obviously there we going to be conflicts at some point. Who was your favorite character?

Question 6

Do you prefer Kylie Jenner or Kourtney Kardashian?

More questions about the Kardashians? Like I said, they're the family of reality television, so they're going to be around plenty of times throughout this quiz. Keeping up with the Kardashians? More like keeping up with all of these different reality shows that have helped contribute to cable being discarded. But you're answering this question with a focus on the Kardashian family, so just pick one.

Question 7

Who was your favorite Celebrity Apprentice winner?

Say what you want about Donald Trump as president, but there has to be some part of you that respects what he was able to do with The Apprentice franchise. Remember when we could make fun of Trump's hair and "you're fired" because he was nothing more than a celebrity? It should go without saying that those days are certainly well behind us...

Question 8

Who was your favorite Survivor?

If you really stop and think about the entire premise of Survivor, it actually sounds so much more badass than one would expect from a reality TV show. You have all of these strangers stranded on an island put into "tribes" and they, literally, need to survive using their brains and life skills. That's not to say the show is bad, but how many other shows in this quiz are that interesting.

Question 9

Who was your favorite winner from The Voice?

It didn't take long for The Voice to take over the top reality music show from American Idol, but that seemed to be a given as the original three judges - Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson - began to leave the show. Don't let that make you think, however, that The Voice is at all a bad show. Make sure to check out Danielle Bradbury's work!

Question 10

Who is your favorite America's Next Top Model?

I'm sure I wasn't alone in sitting down to watch America's Next Top Model as a kid and look out not only for beauty, but for how these people behaved. Luckily, the majority of the winners demonstrated both and became fan favorites for good reason. Of the following winners from America's Next Top Model, who was your favorite? Looks aren't everything!

Question 11

Who was your favorite X-Factor winner?

For this question, winners from both the U.S. version of The X Factor and its sister show from the United Kingdom are included because, let's face it, both shows were great. We say were because the U.S. version was cancelled after three seasons when Simon Cowell returned across the pond, but we didn't want to be xenophobic. Pick your favorite of these four!

Question 12

Who was your favorite American Idol cast member?

True, the winners for these shows are extremely important, but let's not forget about the hosts. From Simon ripping each of the contestants to shreds with a perfection no one had ever seen on live television before to Randy Jackson calling everyone "dawg", you couldn't go wrong with these four. Most people are likely to answer Simon, but what about you?

Question 13

Who was your favorite Real World character?

"As much as I adored that first season, and as many times as I will recite “Do you sell drugs? Why do you have a beeper?” whenever I see a beeper in an old TV show or movie, not to mention how many times I rewatch the clip where Gouda the dog breaks out in a run and drags Heather behind her and she yells “THIS DOG MADE ME FALL!”—ultimately, the cast members I fell in love with when I was 13 don’t compare to the cast members I fell in love with at ages 16-18. That’s just science." -- Joe Reid of The Atlantic on The Real world. I think that says it all.

Question 14

Did you prefer Bruce Jenner or Caitlyn Jenner?

True, Bruce Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner are the same people, but which one did you prefer when they were on TV? Do you enjoy Caitlyn more now that she's undergone her transformation or were you more a fan of Bruce because of his Olympic accolades under that name? Forget your views on bathroom bills or this question's morality to pick an answer!

Question 15

What was your favorite Hard Knocks season?

Does HBO's Hard Knocks count as a reality show? Some have wondered that over the years, but the inside access into NFL locker rooms, the uncensored fights and sounds, and Rex Ryan telling everyone to get a "goddamn snack" has made for great television since the series returned in 2007. Of the following four seasons, which was your favorite?

Question 16

Who was your favorite Drag Queen?

"Because you get to a point where if you're smart and you're sensitive, you see how this all works on this planet. It's like when Dorothy looks behind the curtain. Like, "Wait a minute. You're the wizard?" And you figure out the hoax. That this is all an illusion." -- RuPaul on drag. Who was your favorite queen?

Question 17

Who is your favorite Pawn Star?

When I was making this quiz, Rick Harrison approached me and asked if I wanted to sell the rights to this quiz and all further quizzes. "I see you do a ton of these," Rick said, "so I'm willing to pay you five dollars and seventeen cents for your likeness." Thanks, Rick. I'm sure I can buy some Skittles with that.

Question 18

Lamar Odom or Kanye West?

Lamar Odom, in his prime, was one of the NBA's elite bench players and helped the Lakers to multiple world titles. Kanye West, in his prime, was one of the rap game's elite and won several Grammys in the process. But, by way of their marriages to Khloe and Kim respectively, they've become reality TV stars. Who do you like more?

Question 19

More forgettable reality show?

In 2008, 50 Cent launched his own reality show - 50 Cent: The Money and the Power - which was set to be a rap version of American Idol. This show, cancelled after only one season, was two years after Ice T's Rap School, where the "Cop Killer" rapper taught teens how to wear gold chains and freestyle. Which show was more forgettable?

Question 20

Who is your favorite Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood character?

Technically, there's three Love & Hip Hop franchises - Hollywood, Atlanta, and New York - and we'll do our best to cover all three. Why? I'm entitled to like at least one reality TV show and one that combines hip hop, basketball, and people arguing over nonsense fits my criteria exactly. Of the following characters from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, who is your favorite?

Question 21

Who is your favorite Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta character?

The sister show to Love & Hip Hop: New York, Atlanta is best known not only for taking place in the Dirty South, but for its compelling storyline featuring Rasheeda. We'll try not to spoil too much, but if you find yourself enjoying Hollywood, definitely give Atlanta a chance. Of the following characters from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, who is your favorite?

Question 22

Who is your favorite Love & Hip Hop: New York character?

The show that started it all, there's now a renewed interest in Love and Hip Hop: New York after Felicia "Snoop" Pearson joined the cast. A former prison inmate best known for playing a fictional version of herself on The Wire, Pearson is now a manager. We only hope it goes better than her time with Marlo. Of the following characters, who is your favorite?

Question 23

Who are you most excited to see on Love & Hip Hop: Miami?

Set to premiere in January 2018, Love & Hip Hop: Miami will star such players as Trina, Trick Daddy, Gunplay, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood's Shay Johnson, and more. Will Trick Daddy, the "Mayor of the 305", clash with "Prince of South Beach" Christopher Michael Harty? Will Rick Ross show up to host a dinner at Wingstop? Find out in the coming months, but answer this question first!

Question 24

Did you prefer Snooki or J-Woww?

When you think of Jersey Shore, it's these two women - but not Angelina because no one liked Angelina - who should immediately come to mind. From Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's delightful innocence to Jennifer "J-Woww" Farley's partying, fun times were abound when these two came on the screen. Nothing is going to beat their season in Miami, though. Which of the two did you like more?

Question 25

The Kardashians or The Osbournes?

Perhaps the two most famous reality TV families, both the Osbournes and the Kardashians have certainly seen their brands grow both before and after their shows premiered. With the Osbournes, you have Ozzy and Black Sabbath. The Kardashians have Kanye West, Lamar Odom, and all of the jokes about Kim Kardashian's behind you can possibly make. Which famous family are you choosing?

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