Pick 25 Junk Foods And We'll Tell You What Percentage Trash You Are!

Imagine watching Netflix, you put your hands deeper and deeper in that salty, oily bag of crunchy chips and then when you’re done, you suck each of your ten fingers clean and wash it down with some orange soda. Burp! You know the saying you are what you eat? Well, that is true. All the trash you feed your body literally makes it just that, trash! In these modern times, we have gotten so lazy as a society that we eat out more and prepare home cooked meals less. We stuff our bodies with empty calories, fatty, sweet, salty foods that have little to no nutritional value to our bodies.

Then we wonder how we get sick ever so often or how we are gaining weight but we “don’t eat a lot.” We complain and still we stuff ourselves with the same crap every day. But let’s be honest with ourselves, if we had to choose between a deep dish pizza and steamed broccoli, what would we choose?

The fast food industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Last year alone a whopping profit of $198.9 billion was made. That money comes out of our pockets and all that junk comes in our bodies! But it’s delicious junk…..omg, let’s stop!

What percent trash are you? Take the quiz and find out.

1Pick a drink

Drinks can be very refreshing. We consume these things to complement our food that we eat or just as a refresher. There is a very wide variety of juices nowadays and most are not healthy, sodas for example. Some people are addicted to sodas and consume more than twelve bottles a day. It is estimated that on average, one person consumes approximately 44.7 gallons of soda per year. The sugar content in these are astronomical and can lead to many diseases.

2Choose a cookie

Who doesn’t love cookies? We leave them out for Santa, we have them with warm milk, in ice cream and deep fried. Cookies are sweet, sometimes gooey and sometimes chewy treats. They are a great way to ward off hunger pangs throughout the day. But these little treats are super high in sugar and you can gain weight by having too many. Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

3Pick a chip

Potato chips are thinly sliced pieces of Irish potatoes that are either baked or deep fried until crispy or rather crunchy. This snack has been a favorite of many people for years. Potato chip are high in sodium, Lays original for instance has 170 mg per serving, that’s a lot!


4Choose a burger

Burgers are one of the most purchased foods in America. Hundreds of burger franchises are located all over the country. No matter your taste, there is a burger for you. Burgers have many ways of preparation, they can be barbecued,pan fried or flame broiled. It is believed that hamburgers probably made their debut between the 19th and 20th centuries.

5Choose something to snack on

Ever find yourself snacking on a little bit of this and a little bit of that? Well, people snack for different reasons. At one point it was said that in order to lose weight, you should eat 6-8 small meals per day. So, people started doing that. Then you have the others…the ones who have a sweet tooth, who snack on sweet stuff. Then the serial snackers, these are people whose mouths just have to keep on moving.


6Choose any candy

Here are some fun facts: Did you know that kids’ tastes of candy are more intense than adults’ because their tongues are smaller. Growing bones increase sugar cravings…they release hormones that affect metabolism. Some hormones like insulin and leptin act on some of the areas in the brain connected to the tongue which increases cravings.

7Which cake do you choose?

Cakes are made from various combinations of wet and dry ingredients. They are sweet, soft, moist, succulent and sometimes gooey. Some people cannot get enough of this sweet treat. Once upon a time, cakes were baked for very special occasions. Nowadays, cakes are available at every store, corner, nook and cranny.


8What would you munch on while watching movies?

Some people consider that eating and watching t.v. go hand in hand. But this isn’t something to be practiced or made into the norm. It can lead to bad eating habits and obesity. But what do you consider to be the best thing to munch on while watching your favorite Twilight movie?

9What's your chocolate bar?

70% or 80%? What’s your preference? While some may prefer the traditional sweet milk chocolate, others like to up the ante a little more with something more on the bitter side of the spectrum. People love chocolate bars for different reasons. Some have a stubborn sweet tooth and others just enjoy the anandamide that causes their mood to elevate.


10Mmm pizza goodness, which topping is your pick?

Here are some fun facts about pizza. Did you know 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly? Yep, crazy huh? Also, 36% of buyers always order pepperoni as a topping. Pizzerias have spent billions of dollars on cheese alone. It is estimated that 251,770,000 pounds of pepperoni is consumed yearly.

11They’re not just for police officers! Take your pick!

While usually associated with cops, donuts are for everybody. These treats are made from dough that is deep fried and topped or dusted with various things. Powdered sugar, chocolate, bacon, sprinkles. You name it, you will find it. Vendors have started exploring many different methods and ingredients to enhance donuts and make this treat even better.


12Which is closest to your heart?

We all have that one food that we love so much and keep close to our hearts. We either cook it often or order it most times when we’re out. Just as a child has a favorite toy or sibling, so too do they have a food item that they love and can never get tired of.

13Pick a sweet treat

Have a sweet tooth? What is your run to sweet treat? That one sweet treat that when you think about it, it makes your mouth water and your belly grumble? Did you know that our DNA helps to determine how sensitive we are to certain flavors. People who have a sweet tooth might have a higher sugar threshold and craves more sugar to satisfy their needs.


14My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard….but which one?

Fun facts: The 20th of June is National Milkshake day. Can you believe this exists? Oh yea and guess what? September 12th is National Chocolate Milkshake Day. Oh and get this, some dude named Steven Poplawski invented the electric blender in the year 1922 just for milkshakes!

15Which deep fried savory goodness do you choose?

Savory foods have always been on the normal side of being deep fried. While too much oil isn’t healthy, this doesn’t stop the deep fry train. Why do we love fried stuff? Some say they are comfort or feel good foods and it brings out a special flavor that cannot be acquired any other way.


16Which deep fried sweet treats do you choose?

As if we didn’t have enough junk in our diets, they’ve started to deep fry chocolate bars. This is process where the chocolate bar is covered in a layer of batter and deep fried for a few seconds as to get the outer layer crispy and inside gooey. People surprisingly love it and keep requesting it.

17Which food would you eat at a baseball game?

For more than a century, baseball has played an integral role in American culture. Traditionally, hot dogs, peanuts, cracker jacks and beers were baseball foods. But now, you can find whatever you are looking for at these games, even sushi rolls. So what do you enjoy while watching your favorite team play?


18Oodles and oodles of…

A staple food in many countries, noodles have been around for many years and is enjoyed by adults and children alike. While made from dough in long thin strips in many countries, the shapes differ widely and can be from waves to shells. Noodles are in a wide variety of dishes enjoyed by many worldwide.

19Which one for breakfast?

People usually end up skipping breakfast for one reason or another. But, for starters, it has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Plus, when you miss breakfast, your chances of overeating during the day increases ten folds. On the other hand, if you eat breakfast, you will be energetic and ready to take on the new day and your chances of overeating during the day greatly reduced.


20Deep fried vegetables and fruits….which one?

Deep frying is the act of submerging foods in hot oil until thy have been perfectly fried… Yep, we have reached the end of the world. Deep fried fruits and veggies, the scariest sentence I’ve ever heard in my life. People literally started deep frying foods that one would refer to as healthy foods.

21Choose a cheesy snack

Cheese can make almost anything taste delicious. Cheese is quite versatile and complements many different foods well. Historians believe that cheese has been around for over 10,000 years. Now there are over 650 different varieties of cheese, so you must be able to find one that you like or even love.


22What’s your favorite cereal?

Cereals have become a staple in households nowadays. It is often used for breakfast, quick and easy to look after if you are on the go. In essence, cereal was invented to make Americans healthier by changing their diets. Kellogg developed cornflakes in the 1890s. Do you have cereal for breakfast?

23Which energy drink?

Most of these beverages usually contain some amount of caffeine in varying levels. It is said that these energy drinks should aid in concentration, alertness and athletic like performance. According to studies, college students and adolescents are the top users of energy drinks. Whatever happened to getting eight hours of sleep?


24Which sauce for your food?

Used in cooking, a sauce is a semi-solid, creamy or liquid food used to complement or help in preparing other foods. Sauces have been used in almost every dish. Some chefs even use the sauce as a decorative piece to make the presentation of their plates better. There are many different sauces, too much to count. But you can bet your bottom dollar that there is at least one that you will like.

25Choose a sandwich

When it comes to sandwiches, people don’t mess around. Without sandwiches, what would life be like? Midnight snacks would be dead and gone and our lunch time would be a drag. Is there one person that you know personally that doesn’t like sandwiches? Let us guess…umm no! That’s because sandwiches are just an all-round crowd pleaser no matter what your preferences are. Sandwiches are very versatile and can be made to accommodate anyone.

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