Take This Quiz And We'll Reveal If Girls Think You're A 10 (Or A Zero)

It is a known fact that being beautiful, attractive, and hot comes with numerous advantages. After all, whether we like it or not we tend to judge people on their appearance, at least at first. And it makes sense – you can’t see a person’s personality straight away, it takes time and effort. Appearance on the other hand is visible at first glance.

Being attractive can open up many doors in your life. Plus, it virtually guarantees many romantic partners – or more options at the very least. People are attracted to beautiful individuals and the hotter you are the more attention you are likely to get.

It is generally assumed that it is women who are preoccupied with beauty and being "hot". However, that is not the case at all. Men, or at least most men, are just as obsessed with their appearance as women are. After all, who doesn’t want to be considered “hot”?

So, to all the men who are wondering whether they are hot or not – take the below quiz and we’ll tell you! Be honest with us and we’ll be honest with you.

1How tall are you?

Some people are tall and some people are short. There’s no perfect height for anyone – it all depends on how well proportioned you are. However, it does seem like girls prefer taller guys. So, how tall are you? Are you very short, short, average height or tall?

2What color is your hair?

Just like guys, all girls have a preference when it comes to hair – some of us like blonde haired guys and some of us prefer guys with black hair. What color is your hair? Is your hair black, blond, brown or a completely different color?

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