Answer These Harry Potter Questions And We'll Tell You Which Character You're Most Like

Since the latter part of the 90s, the story of Harry Potter and his friends has captivated the globe and has continued to thrive. There have been books, movies and supplemental material produced over the years, and the franchise has recently seen an expansion in films with the release of the Fantastic Beasts series. Fans can even get a taste of the real thing at Universal Studios, which draws large crowds looking to sample some magic each day.

One of the best things about the franchise as a whole is the handling of its characters in the books. Those of us that grew up reading the novels were whisked away to an incredible place with amazing people, and we got to see them learn and grow over time. This character development kept people coming back for more as time went on, and it is why people continue to sink their teeth into anything that the franchise has to offer fans. It goes without saying that we see some of ourselves in the characters, but who are we most like?

Today, we are going to test people on this amazing franchise, asking questions related to trivia and even some situation-based questions. In the end, we will let participants know who they are most like!

Question 1

Name This Character

Question 2

What Type Of Creature Is In Dumbledore's Office?

Question 3

The Weasleys Offer A Job At Their Shop...

Question 4

Draco Malfoy Offers His Friendship...

Question 5

Choose A Hogwarts House

Question 6

Name The Character On The Right

Question 7

Does Cho Chang Marry Harry?

Question 8

Which House Was Cedric Diggory Part Of?

Question 9

Does Luna Lovegood Marry Ron Weasley?

Question 10

What Is Neville's Last Name?

Question 11

Who Is Lucius's Son?

Question 12

The Weasleys Have Offered To Take You Shopping In Diagon Alley...

Question 13

O.W.L.s Are Coming Up...

Question 14

Put Your Name In The Goblet Of Fire?

Question 15

Choose A Class To Take

Question 16

Choose A Wand

Question 17

Choose A Magical Artifact

Question 18

Who's The Best Professor At Hogwarts?

Question 19

Which Deathly Hallow Does Harry Receive First?

Question 20

Choose A Pet To Take To Hogwarts

Question 21

Attend The Yule Ball?

Question 22

What Group Was Sirius Black Part Of?

Question 23

Choose A Magical Beverage

Question 24

Choose A Quidditch Position To Play

Question 25

Did Neville Win The Triwizard Tournament?

Question 26

Which Professor Taught Defense Against The Dark Arts?

Question 27

Name The Character On The Right

Question 28

Does Seamus Finnegan Take Out Lord Voldemort?

Question 29

Which School Does Fleur Attend?

Question 30

Do The Weasleys Live At 4 Privet Drive?

Question 31

Which Spell Creates Light?

Question 32

Which Character Is From Another School?

Question 33

Is Filch A Wizard?

Question 34

Which City Is Queenie From?

Question 35

What Is The Dursley's Address?

Question 36

Choose A Wizarding Profession

Question 37

A Prefect Position At Hogwarts Is Open...

Question 38

Hagrid Has Acquired A Banned Creature

Question 39

Name This Character

Question 40

What Set Dobby Free?

Question 41

What Is Voldemort's Real Name?

Question 42

Which Animal Can Professor McGonagall Turn Into?

Question 43

Who Did Snap Love?

Question 44

Does Viktor Krum Marry Hermione Granger?

Question 45

Is Slytherin A Powerful House?

Question 46

What Does Mudblood Mean?

Question 47

Join Along On A Wizarding Adventure With No Magic?

Question 48

Which House Was Newt Scamander Part Of?

Question 49

How Old Is Harry When He First Gets To Hogwarts?

Question 50

Which Platform Leads To The Hogwarts Express?

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