Take Our Quiz And We'll Tell You How Strong Your Pillow Talk Is

We are about to judge everyone's pillow talk skills based on their personality. These personality questions will focus on preferences when it comes to beautiful starlets, movies & TV shows that are intended for a more mature audience, and much more.

Being good at pillow talk is a big deal because it can make or break something romantic between two people very quickly. It can help people decide if whatever happened is nothing more than a one night stand or if it is something that should be pursued further! Ever seen the show Californication? Those who have seen it know that the main character, a man named David Duchovny, is the king of pillow talk! He knows just what to say, how to say it, and when to say it in order to always come out on top with the ladies. Who else has the same pillow talking skills as him?

Question 1

Lingerie or plain jane?

Question 2

One night with Margot Robbie?

Question 3

Never have I ever... on a beach?

Question 4

Pick or pass on a girl who wears heavy makeup?

Question 5

Rate this movie: Fifty Shades of Grey

Question 6

Pick or pass on a game of Truth or Dare?

Question 7

One night with Amber Heard?

Question 8

Never have I ever... tried it with an extra person?

Question 9

Rough or playful?

Question 10

Never have I ever... in a stairwell?

Question 11

Rate this TV show: Californication

Question 12

One night with Emily Rajtikowski?

Question 13

Pick or pass on a game of 7 Minutes in Heaven?

Question 14

Never have I ever... at my job?

Question 15

Pick or pass on a glass of wine?

Question 16

Never have I ever... in a bathroom?

Question 17

One night with Salma Hayek?

Question 18

Rate this TV show: True Blood

Question 19

Pick or pass on a night out at a club?

Question 20

One night with Megan Fox?

Question 21

Never have I ever... in an elevator?

Question 22

Pick or pass on using handcuffs!

Question 23

Pick or pass on a glass of champagne?

Question 24

Pick or pass on a girl who gets her nails done?

Question 25

One night with Kylie Jenner?

Question 26

Never have I ever... on a rooftop?

Question 27

Pick or pass on a girl who likes to party?

Question 28

Dominant or submissive?

Question 29

Never have I ever... in the backseat of a car?

Question 30

One night with Jessica Alba?

Question 31

Lights on or lights off?

Question 32

Quickly in the morning before work or during the lunch break?

Question 33

Pick or pass on using blindfolds!

Question 34

One night with Blake Lively?

Question 35

Never have I ever... on a ferris wheel?

Question 36

Open relationship or monogamous relationship?

Question 37

Rate this TV show: Shameless

Question 38

One night with Kim Kardashian?

Question 39

Adventurous or vanilla?

Question 40

Never have I ever... in the park?

Question 41

One night with Sofia Vergara?

Question 42

Tall like a model or adorably petite?

Question 43

One night with Katy Perry?

Question 44

Voluptuous or not?

Question 45

Rate this TV show: Weeds

Question 46

Online dating or meeting in person?

Question 47

One night with Mila Kunis?

Question 48

Independent partner or clingy partner?

Question 49

Rate this TV show: Cougar Town

Question 50

One night with Julianne Hough?

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