Play 'Hot Or Not' And We'll Reveal What Type Of Woman Would Reject You

Time for a game of "Hot or Not" with some of the prettiest babes on the Hollywood scene today! Everyone is entitled to their own preferences when it comes to who we find attractive and now those preferences get to come into play! For example, some people prefer women who look like models while other people prefer women who look a bit more athletic!

Blondes are usually a big hit in today's culture and women like Margot Robbie, Amber Heard, Blake Lively, Hayden Panettiere, and Amanda Seyfried easily come to mind! Not everyone prefers blondes or believes that blondes have more fun though... there are plenty of other beauties with darker hair or even red colored hair to think about also! It is easy to be picky when it comes to celebrities and their level of attractiveness! They are in the spotlight for a reason!

Question 1

Margot Robbie?

Question 2

Cara Delevingne?

Question 3

Gal Gadot?

Question 4

Halle Berry?

Question 5

Megan Fox?

Question 6

Nicki Minaj?

Question 7

Kristen Stewart?

Question 8


Question 9

Kristen Bell?

Question 10

Nathalie Emmanuel?

Question 11

Blake Lively?

Question 12

Scarlett Johansson?

Question 13


Question 14

Kylie Jenner?

Question 15

Amber Heard?

Question 16

Julianne Hough?

Question 17

Gabrielle Union?

Question 18

Jenna Dewan?

Question 19

Emily Blunt?

Question 20

Emma Watson?

Question 21

Kerry Washington?

Question 22

Kate Beckinsale?

Question 23

Selena Gomez?

Question 24

Kim Kardashian?

Question 25

Taraji P. Henson?

Question 26

Nikki Reed?

Question 27

Ariana Grande?

Question 28

Demi Lovato?

Question 29


Question 30

Emily Ratajkowski?

Question 31

Jennifer Lawrence?

Question 32

Kendall Jenner?

Question 33

Meagan Good?

Question 34

Nia Long?

Question 35

Zoe Saldana?

Question 36

Kristin Cavallari?

Question 37

Hayden Panettiere?

Question 38

Amy Adams?

Question 39

Keira Knightley?

Question 40

Gwyneth Paltrow?

Question 41

Emma Stone?

Question 42

Amanda Seyfried?

Question 43

Anne Hathaway?

Question 44

Katy Perry?

Question 45

Sanaa Lathan?

Question 46

Olivia Wilde?

Question 47

Charlize Theron?

Question 48

Anna Kendrick?

Question 49

Keke Palmer?

Question 50

Taylor Swift?

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