People Over 25 Will Fail This Disney Channel Quiz

Sorry, current Disney Channel stars. As far as we're concerned, there's nothing that can beat the late 90s and early 2000s Disney stars. Whatever they air now is probably good too, but it can't possibly be as good as watching shows like Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Lizzie McGuire, and So Weird. And the Disney Channel Original Movies were even better than those. Movies like Brink!, Smart House, and High School Musical beat anything that the Disney Channel could air these days. Don't recognize any of those titles? You're probably either too old or too young to have been watching the Disney channel at that time.

If you do recognize them, then you probably won't have any problem naming all of these Disney stars from the best era of Disney Channel shows and movies, right? You'll definitely remember the name of the actress who played London Tipton or the one who gave life to Lizzie McGuire if you were glued to your TV watching the Disney Channel when you were growing up.

If you're over 25, you probably won't know many of these. But, if you grew up obsessed with all these shows, you won't have a problem getting over 85% of these right!

1Whose head was in the game when they played Troy Bolton?

This might totally ruin your childhood, but this actor didn't actually sing in the first High School Musical movie. What?! Our minds were totally blown, too. His portrayal of Troy Bolton, a total jock who got caught up in his love of musical theater, was spot-on, but he couldn't quite sing the necessary notes in the first movie so he was lip syncing the entire time. In the second and third movies, he sang and honestly, we think he did just fine. Which actor was this?

2Who played the title character on Lizzie McGuire?

Lizzie McGuire was a sitcom on the Disney Channel that followed the life of a teen girl named Lizzie as she tried to balance her social life with her school life and navigate the complicated world of middle school. It had 65 episodes over the course of three years before it was cancelled and was a total hit among its viewers. The actress who played Lizzie also voiced a cartoon character that would often share Lizzie's thoughts in her head. Who was this actress?

3What's the name of this actor who started on Disney before going to Pretty Little Liars?

This actor was born in Choctaw, Oklahoma on April 10, 1983. Anyone who grew up watching the Disney Channel in the late 90s or early 2000s will remember him from movies like Smart House or The Luck of the Irish. After he graduated from playing the main character in Disney Channel Original Movies, he moved onto bigger and creepier things - like a role on Pretty Little Liars for sixteen episodes! Do you know the name of this TV actor?

4Who are these twins?

These twins were born on August 4, 1992 in Tuscany, Italy but their fame has totally come from being in American movies and TV shows. Their first major role was when they were on the show Grace Under Fire from 1993 to 1998, but the first role that many people remember seeing them in was when they played Julian in Big Daddy. From there, they went on to play twins on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Suite Life on Deck. Who are these talented twins?

5What's the name of this actor who started on Disney before moving to Transformers?

This actor may be totally serious now with roles in movies like Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Nymphomaniac, and Lawless, but anyone who watched the Disney Channel in the early 2000s will remember him from the DCOM Tru Confessions or for his role as Louis Stevens on Even Stevens. Since leaving Disney, he's continued to act and has even expanded to do a lot of performance art projects. How cool is that?! Do you know the name of this multi-talented actor?

6Which of the Michalka sisters was on Phil of the Future?

In 2004, Aly Michalka and her sister AJ Michalka came together to do music as a duo called Aly & AJ. Who could forget about their catchy hits like Potential Breakup Song or Chemicals React? Something that some people forget is the fact that the two of them had separate careers as well before they came together to do music. One of them even starred on the Disney Channel sitcom Phil of the Future! Do you know which sister was on the show?

7What's the name of this teen witch who starred alongside Debbie Reynolds?

Halloween town premiered on the Disney Channel in 1998 and starred this young actress as a witch named Marnie Piper. In the beginning, she doesn't know that it's because of her magical powers and is just arguing with her mother about the fact that she's never allowed to go out on Halloween. When her grandma comes to visit, her entire life changes. The Halloweentown series is a totally spooky classic. What's the name of the actress who played Marnie in the series?

8What's the name of this actress who played Tawny Dean on Even Stevens?

Before this actress went on to be on shows like NCIS and The Big Bang Theory and in movies like Sorority Row, she was on Disney! There are so many actors and actresses who got their start on the channel that it can be pretty easy to forget about some of them. But, this actress' role as Tawny Dean on the sitcom Even Stevens was pretty unforgettable. Do you remember the name of the actress who played Louis' best friend?

9That's so who?! Which actress played a psychic high school student?

From 2003 to 2007, this actress played the title character on a Disney Channel series about a girl with psychic powers. Although that sounds pretty intense, it was still hilarious and watching the character try to learn to balance her life as a regular teenage girl with her supernatural ability. Unfortunately, she would often misjudge her visions and things would take a hilariously bad twist! The actress kept acting, was a host on The View, and is currently working on a spin-off series of her Disney show. What's this actress' name?

10What's the name of the actor whose character we ALL wanted Lizzie McGuire to date?

After playing Lizzie McGuire's best friend in Lizzie McGuire and The Lizzie McGuire Movie, this actor went on to leave the entertainment industry. After he retired from acting, he studied geography at University of California, Berkeley and currently works at the Irish Arts Center in New York City. What a totally normal job! Before he gave up on fame entirely, we all wanted Gordo to date Lizzie and tuned in every week to see their antics together. What is this actor's name?

11What's the name of this former Disney heartthrob and voice actor?

It was pretty difficult to be a fan of Disney movies in the 90s and early 2000s without seeing this face. He starred in Disney Channel Original Movies like Brink! and Christmas Every Day and lent his voice to the role of the toy torturing neighbor, Sid, in the Toy Story series. Talk about multi-talented! His last acting role was in 2010 in Toy Story 3, but he still has a huge place in all of our childhoods. What's the name of this actor?

12Who played Louis' older sister in Even Stevens?

This actress may have made her debut on Broadway, but she's best known to 90s kids for her roles in several different Disney Channel projects. She was the super tough antagonist in the Hilary Duff DCOM Cadet Kelly, she voiced Kim Possible as well as singing the theme song for the show, and she was Ren Stevens in Even Stevens! Being responsible looked so cool. These days, she's married and recently had her first child but is still acting. What is this actress's name?

13Who played Twitty on Even Stevens?

From 2000 to 20003, this actor played Louis Stevens' best friend Alan or "Twitty" on the sitcom Even Stevens. The two of them were always hatching schemes together and Twitty was seriously the coolest friend that a guy could ever have. Since the show ended, this actor went on to be in other movies and TV shows and married actress Leah Pipes in 2014 after nearly three years as a couple. How cute is that?! What is this actor's name?

14Who played the lovably naive London Tipton in the Suite Life shows?

This actress started her career in the entertainment industry as a child model, but she's best known for the numerous appearances she had on the Disney Channel in the early 2000s. In 2002, she was in her first Disney Channel Original Movie, one called Get a Clue in which she starred alongside Lindsay Lohan! After that, she was best known for her role London Tipton on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Suite Life on Deck. What's this actress' name?

15Which Lawrence brother is this?

In 1993, Matthew Lawrence starred alongside Robin Williams in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. From then, his and his brothers' careers totally skyrocketed. The three of them starred in a show on NBC called Brotherly Love in which the real-life brothers played three fictional brothers who all live together. From there, Matthew got a role on the sitcom Boy Meets World and Andrew's voice appeared in the animated Disney series Recess. Two of the brothers were even in a DCOM called Horse Sense together. Which of the Lawrence brothers is this?

16Who won all of our hearts as Ethan Craft on Lizzie McGuire?

This actor totally stole all of our hearts as kids when he appeared in the Lizzie McGuire series as Ethan Craft. Ethan, although he wasn't the smartest guy in school, was by far the most attractive and most popular. Lizzie was so blinded by her crush on him that she didn't even notice her best friend was totally in love with her! After leaving Lizzie McGuire, this actor went on to graduate from high school and played water polo in college. What's his name?

17Which sister played Debbie on Phil of the Future?

Siblings being on the Disney Channel together isn't a particularly unusual occurrence. The Sprouse twins played Zack and Cody Martin, two thirds of the Lawrence brothers appeared in a DCOM together, and Aly & AJ appeared in Cow Belles together. Kay and Danielle Panabaker didn't appear in any Disney movies or shows together, but they were both in their fair share of them separately. One of them even played the role of Debbie on Phil of the Future! Which Panabaker sister was this?

18What's the name of the actress who played this futuristic girl?

Are we the only ones who are lowkey disappointed that the future is nothing like the Zenon movies predicted it would be? The clothes are boring, there are no cool earrings that might hold the files that are going to destroy the world, and we don't live in space! Ugh. Regardless, this actress' portrayal of Zenon Kar in the Disney Channel movies named after her was unforgettable. Since leaving Disney, she's gone on to have a big role on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives. Do you remember this actress' name?

19Who played Lizzie McGuire's adorably annoying little brother?

This actor made having an annoying younger brother seem so cool when he played Matt McGuire in Lizzie McGuire. Anyone who actually has a younger sibling knows that it's not always as fun as it looks on TV, but this actor totally nailed the lovably irritating role. Since leaving the show, his acting career has slowed down, but he recently had a role in Joey Graceffa's YouTube series Storytellers. How cool is that? Do you remember the name of this child actor?

20Which actress portrayed Sophie Martinez on Cory in the House?

FortWorthChild, a parenting magazine local to the area where this actress grew up, was holding a competition to see what local child would be on the cover of their magazine. Her mother entered her and that's when her career began. Her first role was on Barney where she danced, sang, and acted. She's best known for playing Sophie Martinez on Cory in the House and in a crossover episode of Hannah Montana in which she played the same character. What's the name of this talented teen?

21Which actor played someone who turned into a mermaid on his 13th birthday?

This actor was in a Disney Channel Original Movie about a teenager who goes through some serious changes when he turns 13. No, not those kind of changes! Everyone changes when they become a teenager, but this kid had to deal with something pretty unique: he turned into a mermaid on his thirteenth birthday. Yikes! While that sounds super cool, it was a huge struggle for him. Now, the former actor is a totally cool artist. What is his name?

22Who played the title character on Phil of the Future?

Phil of the Future aired from 2004 to 2006 on the Disney Channel. It was about a boy named Phil and his family who were, well, from the future. After their time traveling machine broke down, they were left stranded in the 21st century and have to learn to adapt to life there. The actor who played Phil did a lot of other Disney projects including the Kim Possible movie and a Disney Channel Original Movie called Pixel Perfect. What's this actor's name?

23Which actress was totally #BFFGoals on Lizzie Mcguire?

This actress goes only by her first name and is best known for the fact that she played Lizzie's awesome best friend Miranda on the show Lizzie McGuire. Like Lizzie, Miranda totally had her own sense of style and her hair and outfits were always so on point. Unfortunately for everyone who loved Lizzie McGuire as a kid, this actress chose not to appear in The Lizzie McGuire Movie with the rest of the cast. We're still not over it! What's the name of this actress?

24Who played the main character in this movie-theater based DCOM?

In 2000, Phantom of the Megaplex premiered on the Disney Channel. The movie is about a teenager named Peter Riley who works at a movie theater with a whopping 26 different screens! That's a lot of movies airing all at once. Along with having so many different screens, rumor has it that the megaplex is haunted by the ghost of a person who was trapped inside the theater that was torn down when this one was built. Yikes! Who played Peter in this creepy DCOM?

25Which actor played a teen with a double life in this scientific DCOM?

Before making his big acting break, this young actor appeared in several commercials for brands like McDonald's and Cheerios. Although he's best known for his roles in Jurassic Park III and the 2010 thriller Brotherhood, he's probably best known to fans of early DCOMs for his role in Genius. In the movie, he played a 14 year old super-genius named Charlie Boyle who decided that he was tired of his regular life and decided to live a double life to seem cool. What's this actor's name?

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