Pass This Vampire Diaries Quiz To Get Your Vampire Doppelganger

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural teen TV series that aired from 2009 to 2017 for a total of eight seasons. The series follows a high school student named Elena Gilbert who lives in a small historic town that, as she finds out shortly after the beginning of the series, has a long history with the supernatural. In particular, the town has been filled with vampires that have been roaming their streets for centuries. Whoa! Talk about a huge surprise, right? Elena learns this after she meets and gets into a relationship with a new student at her school who she finds out isn't so new to town after all because he actually lived in the town over 150 years ago, prior to being turned into a vampire.

Even though The Vampire Diaries aired its final season, that doesn't mean that fans of the show are over watching and re-watching it. Who doesn't love to binge their favorite shows from the beginning on Netflix or watch their favorite episodes over and over? The Vampire Diaries is one show that is definitely a lot of fun to relive over and over.

Who thinks they're the biggest fan of The Vampire Diaries? Take this quiz to prove it and find a vampire doppelgänger!

Question 1

Which of the following characters is NOT an Original Vampire?

Every vampire in The Vampire Diaries comes from another vampire. In order to become a vampire, a person has to be turned by an existing vampire. This goes all the way back to the very first vampires, a family known as the Original Vampires that were turned by a curse that was put on them over a thousand years prior to the events of beginning of The Vampire Diaries series. Each vampire shown is, in some way, descended from these vampires.

Question 2

Who did Elena date prior to the start of the show?

After meeting the Salvatore brothers, Elena finds herself torn by her feelings for each of them and a large part of the series is focused on her trying to choose between the two of them, something that she definitely learns is pretty difficult. But, before the show starts, Elena had no idea who Stefan and Damon Salvatore were and she was living a pretty normal life. She was even dating another character on the series! How many fans of The Vampire Diaries remember who it was?

Question 3

Which of these creatures does NOT appear in The Vampire Diaries?

Even though the series is called The Vampire Diaries, anyone who has watched the show will know that vampires aren't the only things that are walking around the streets in this city. In fact, there are quite a few other supernatural creatures that can be found throughout the series that cause a lot of spooky, supernatural problems for Elena, Stefan, Damon, and the other residents of the small, historic town that they reside in. Of course, all these creatures just make the show more fun for us.

Question 4

Where is The Vampire Diaries set?

The Vampire Diaries is set in a town that has a lot of history with the supernatural. Although a lot of the people who live in this town have no idea that there have been vampires, werewolves, and witches roaming the streets of their town for centuries, it's a pretty big deal in this small town. This is something that has been a pretty big deal for the citizens of the town who are trying to rid their small community of these creatures.

Question 5

How did Elena find out Stefan was a vampire?

When Elena and Stefan started their relationship up, she had no idea that he was actually a vampire! Let's be honest, that's definitely the kind of thing that you want to know about a person before you start dating. Unfortunately for Elena, Stefan wasn't exactly ready to tell his new girlfriend about that and she had to find out in a way that was pretty surprising and confusing for her. We totally can't blame her for being a little bit nervous about this news!

Question 6

Who is Elena a doppelgänger of?

Early on in The Vampire Diaries, Stefan's long-time best friend, Lexi, comes to Mystic Falls to pay him a visit to celebrate his birthday. When she's there, she meets Elena, the human girl that he has started to get feelings for since the two of them met. After Lexi meets Elena, she realizes that Elena bears a striking resemblance to someone else that Stefan used to be in a relationship with. In fact, the two of them look so similar, they're actually doppelgängers.

Question 7

Which character gains the ability to communicate with ghosts?

Throughout the course of The Vampire Diaries, there are a lot of characters that gain different supernatural powers in different ways. Whether it's becoming a vampire, werewolf, or witch, or even something else, there are a lot of characters that start off the series as a human and then go through some major changes. One character in particular gains the ability to talk to the ghosts of Mystic Falls residents who have passed away. Which character gains the ability to do this?

Question 8

Was the Sun and Moon Curse real?

The Mikaelson family make up the Original Vampires and were turned into vampires by a witch. Along with being one of the Original Vampires, Klaus Mikaelson is the Original Hybrid due to his hybrid status as a werewolf and a vampire. After being introduced into The Vampire Diaries, Klaus reveals that the reason his werewolf side wasn't activated yet was because of the fact that Esther had put the Sun and Moon curse on him to keep his werewolf side hidden.

Question 9

Who was the first person to be turned into a vampire during the series?

Many of the main characters in The Vampire Diaries actually started the series as humans. Even though a few of the main characters, like the two Salvatore brothers, had been supernatural creatures for a long time, several of them began the series as humans and became werewolves and vampires as the series went on. Of course, there had to be one character who started this all off and was turned into a vampire first, right? Who can remember who the first person to be turned was?

Question 10

Which Salvatore brother did Katherine turn into a vampire?

Anyone who has watched The Vampire Diaries will definitely know that both of the Salvatore brothers were turned into vampires in the 1800s and are over 150 years old when the series begins. This means the two of them have seen Mystic Falls go through some major changes during their lives as vampires! When they were humans, the two of them knew Katherine Pierce but at first, had no idea that she was actually a vampire all along. Which of them did she turn?

Question 11

Who did Bonnie go to for answers when she realized she had magical powers?

Growing up can be a difficult and confusing time. There's no one who's more aware of this fact than Bonnie Bennett, best friend to Elena Gilbert and member of a family that has a long history of magical powers. Early on in The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie begins to experience some strange events that seem to be completely controlled by her, something that makes her begin to suspect that she may have supernatural powers. In order to get answers about this, who does she go to?

Question 12

Who turned Caroline?

Caroline is one of the main characters in The Vampire Diaries and is originally introduced as one of Elena's classmates and best friends. Caroline is the daughter of the sheriff of Mystic Falls, someone who is definitely not a fan of vampires. This becomes slightly complicated after Caroline herself is turned into a vampire and it puts a major strain on her relationship with her mother, Liz, for a portion of the series after that. Who turned Caroline Forbes into a vampire?

Question 13

What is the name of the special mind controlling power vampires have?

In The Vampire Diaries, each of the the different types of supernatural creatures in the series have different powers. The main creature in the series is, as the name would suggest, vampires and they're definitely the first one that viewers learn about when it comes to the special powers that these creatures possess. One power that vampires have is the ability to control the minds of other people in order to make them do or think whatever the vampire wants.

Question 14

What is Katherine's real name?

When Katherine Pierce is introduced to The Vampire Diaries, she's a vampire who met the Salvatore brothers when they weer humans in the 19th century. As the series goes on and her character is developed, viewers learn more and more about the life that Elena's doppelgänger had before she even met the Salvatore brothers and even before she was a vampire at all! One thing viewers learn is that her name is actually not Katherine. Who can remember what her real first name is?

Question 15

Which Salvatore brother did Elena meet first?

The Vampire Diaries begins shortly after Elena Gilbert, the main character in the series, lost her parents in a car accident. She is trying to move on with her life and lead a normal, human life following this loss and lives with her brother, Jeremy, and aunt, Jenna. Things are definitely turned upside down when she meets the Salvatore brothers and learns that the two of them are actually vampires! Who can remember which of the brothers it's revealed she met first?

Question 16

True or false: a person becomes a werewolf if they carry the werewolf gene.

Werewolves are one of the creatures that appear in The Vampire Diaries. Werewolves are different from vampires, the titular character of this supernatural teen series, in that werewolves are not turned by someone being bitten by another werewolf the way that vampires are. Because of this, not everyone in the series can become a werewolf and only certain characters have turned into one throughout the course of the series. Are werewolves turned because of a special gene that certain people carry in this series?

Question 17

What happened to Rose?

Even though The Vampire Diaries centers around a core cast of characters that include the Salvatore brothers, Elena and her friends, and some other major figures in Mystic Falls, there are quite a few side characters that have made appearances for a short period of time and totally left a mark in our hearts and minds. Rose is a vampire who appeared in the second season of The Vampire Diaries for six episodes and was played by Lauren Cohan. What happened to her?

Question 18

Who created the Daylight Rings that Stefan and Damon wore?

Even though just about every vampire movie and TV show is totally different, there are a few things that remain the same from show to show or movie to movie. One of these things is the fact that vampires can't really go outside into the sunlight the way humans can. Whether their skin sparkles or it hurts them, there's always a reason for it. Damon and Stefan are able to go into the sun because of the enchanted jewelry they wear that protects them.

Question 19

Who created the Original Vampires?

Although Damon and Stefan are two of the very first vampires that are introduced in The Vampire Diaries, the two of them are relatively young vampires compared to some of the others in the series. At over 150 years old, the two of them don't sound all that young until you consider the fact that the members of the Mikaelson family, also known as the Original Vampires, are over a thousand years old! They were turned through a curse put on them by their mother, the Original Witch.

Question 20

Which Mystic Falls family carries the werewolf gene?

Fans of The Vampire Diaries will know that, with the large array of different supernatural characters, there are also different rules that the supernatural characters follow. The lore in the series varies from creature to creature but the lore is very important to the store. For werewolves, it means that only certain people whose families carry the werewolf gene can turn and only after they go through a certain event. In Mystic Falls, there is one family that carries the werewolf gene.

Question 21

True or false: Elena was adopted.

Anyone who has seen The Vampire Diaries will definitely remember the fact that Elena had lost her parents shortly before the series began and was living with her brother and her aunt, Jenna, in their Mystic Falls home. As the series progresses and Elena learns more and more about the truth of the small town she grew up in, she also learns a lot about her family and some secrets her parents had been keeping. Was one of them the fact that she was adopted?

Question 22

How is Caroline related to Lizzie and Josie?

Most of the characters in The Vampire Diaries are at least high school students when the series begins and only grow to be older from there, even if they're technically stuck at the same age for the rest of their lives due to being vampires. Still, there are characters introduced into the series that are younger than that and even some children that are introduced into the series. Lizzie and Josie are two children who are introduced and have a special relationship with Caroline.

Question 23

At the end of the first season, Damon kissed who he thought was Elena. Who was it?

For the viewers of The Vampire Diaries who liked Elena and Damon together, this scene was a huge deal! Toward the end of the very first season of the series, there was a scene in which Damon and Elena were standing outside of Elena's home and the two of them shared their very first kiss. Or so Damon and the people watching the series thought, anyway. As it was revealed after their kiss, that wasn't actually Elena that he kissed.

Question 24

How old was Stefan when he was turned?

Being a vampire means being alive for a really long time. But that doesn't mean that you're going to be aging like a normal person would. It means that you're going to be frozen at a single age for the rest of your days. This means that even though Stefan is technically over 150 years old in The Vampire Diaries because of the fact that he had been turned in the 19th century in Mystic Falls, he's forever frozen at the age that he was turned.

Question 25

Along with Elena, what other character has a doppelgänger?

As viewers find out really early on in The Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert bears a striking resemblance to another character in the series. Elena is revealed to be the doppelgänger of Katherine Pierce meaning that the two of them, despite not really having very many other similarities when it comes to their personalities and lives, share the exact same physical features. This is a pretty big deal, especially for the Salvatore brothers who had once both been in love with Katherine.

Question 26

What is Katherine's daughter's name?

Prior to Katherine becoming Katherine Pierce, she was known as Katerina Petrova and she was living in Bulgaria in the 15th century. She was forced to move away from her family after she became pregnant and she ended up becoming a vampire some time after that while on the run from Klaus who wanted to use her status as a doppelgänger to unlock his werewolf side. Later in the series, her estranged daughter who she had so many centuries ago was introduced.

Question 27

Who called love "painful, pointless, and overrated"?

Being a vampire means that you're going to be alive for quite some time. Having such a long life means that you'll have a lot of life experiences that involve things like falling in love, making friends, and even falling out of love or going through breakups. This is definitely not something that even a human wants to experience but things like this are still a part of life. One character in the series even shared this sarcastic quote during an episode.

Question 28

Who did Caroline marry?

Weddings in TV shows and movies are always so romantic! It's nice to see our favorite characters get their happily ever after endings and we totally love when a character that we've watched grow throughout the series finds love and ends up getting married. In The Vampire Diaries, Caroline definitely went through a lot and she totally deserved to find "the one" which she did by the end of the series. Who can remember which of these characters she married?

Question 29

What protects humans from vampires?

Living in Mystic Falls with all the vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures roaming around means that humans need to be really careful in order to avoid getting bitten by one of these creatures or turned into one. One way that humans can protect themselves is by wearing or ingesting a certain herb that is harmful to vampires. It can be put into food or water and ingested by humans, even if they have no idea that vampires exist, in order to protect them.

Question 30

What was the theme of the dance in the first season?

School dances can be a lot of fun. They're a great time to spend time with friends, dance to some great music, and maybe even go on a special date with a significant other. In the first season of The Vampire Diaries, the high school students in Mystic Falls had a school dance that had a very special theme. Since this is The Vampire Diaries, there was obviously some supernatural tension going on at the event but it was still fun to watch.

Question 31

Did Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie go to the same college after graduation?

When The Vampire Diaries started, any fans of the show will know that Elena and her two best friends, Caroline and Bonnie, were pretty inseparable. The two of them were really close throughout the series and the three of them went through a lot throughout those years. The series showed them as high school students and then they graduated high school and moved on to go to college. How many fans of The Vampire Diaries remember whether or not they all attended the same school?

Question 32

True or false: Sheila Bennett sealed the Vampire's Tomb.

The Vampire's Tomb is a location in The Vampire Diaries located underneath Fell's Church, unbeknownst to many of the residents of Mystic Falls who have no idea that vampires live and walk among them on the streets of their small town. The Vampire's Tomb is exactly what the name suggests it is: a tomb that was created to seal up 27 of the vampires that had been living in Mystic Falls in order to keep the town safe. Was Sheila Bennett the witch that sealed it?

Question 33

Who does Klaus turn into a hybrid first?

Anyone who has seen The Vampire Diaries will know that while there are different creatures like werewolves and vampires, there are actually also special creatures that aren't just one of these - they're both! Klaus is one of the Original Vampires but along with that, he's also the Original Hybrid because of the fact that he's both a werewolf and a vampire at the same time. One of Klaus' goals in the series is to create other hybrids. Who is the first one?

Question 34

At what school event did Bonnie start a fire and realize she had magic powers?

We can't imagine that there is any way to find out that you're a witch or have other supernatural powers without it being a little bit confusing. For Bonnie Bennett, that's definitely the truth! Bonnie was at a school event when she accidentally started a fire and realized that she wasn't the regular high school student that she believed she was. After this, she naturally had to find answers about what was going on and learned more about her family history of witches.

Question 35

What year were Bonnie and Damon trapped in?

In one of the later seasons of The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie and Damon found themselves somewhere they most definitely did not want to be: the past. Much like the film Groundhog Day, these two were forced to relive the same day over and over. Unfortunately for Damon, he came to realize that the day the two of them were stuck in was one that had been important to him in the past but definitely not in a good way. In which year were they stuck?

Question 36

What was Damon's reason for turning Vicki into a vampire?

Time to think way back to the very first season of The Vampire Diaries! Vicki was the very first person who was turned into a vampire on screen during the series before any other characters were turned. This may seem like a long time ago but true fans will remember that Damon is the vampire that turned her and he actually had a pretty interesting - and totally Damon-esque - reason for why he turned her. Who can remember what it was?

Question 37

When Meredith Fell was introduced, where did she work?

Meredith Fell is one of the recurring characters in The Vampire Diaries who appeared during the third and fourth seasons of the series. Meredith Fell is a member of one of the Founding Families in Mystic Falls and is introduced when she meets Alaric Saltzman and becomes interested in his ability to magically heal really quickly. Because she's a member of the Founding Families, Meredith Fell is also a member of the Town Council which means that she's not exactly a fan of the supernatural.

Question 38

Which Salvatore brother was turned first?

As viewers learn pretty quickly after these two brothers were introduced into the series, the Salvatore brothers were turned into vampires way back in the 19th century by Katherine Pierce. The two brothers were both in love with Katherine and had quite a complicated relationship with the vampire. It was so complicated that she was actually the vampire that turned the two of them into vampires themselves! Through flashbacks, viewers learn more and more about their early days as vampires and even their lives as humans.

Question 39

Who said this? "Let's summon some spirits. This Emily chick has some serious explaining to do."

Well, the person who said this funny and sarcastic quote is actually not wrong! Emily was a witch and one of Bonnie Bennett's ancestors. Emily Bennett was alive way back when Katherine Pierce was living in Mystic Falls in the 19th century and had been doing magic back in those days in order to try to help the Town Council to deal with the vampire problem that was plaguing the town of Mystic Falls. Which of these characters said this quote?

Question 40

What did Klaus and Hayley name their baby?

Throughout the course of The Vampire Diaries and the spin-off series that came from it, The Originals, there are quite a few characters that come and go. One character that was introduced is the daughter of Hayley and Klaus, two characters that were introduced to The Vampire Diaries that eventually became two of the main characters in the spin-off series, The Originals. Any fans of the series will know that Klaus is a hybrid and Hayley is a werewolf, meaning their child is a hybrid as well.

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