Most People Will Struggle To Pass This Simple Common Sense Quiz

Common sense is something that serves us well in almost every situation. Sure, someone might have more book smarts, but when it comes down to everyday skills, common sense always wins out. There are many different types of knowledge that can fall into the category of common sense. Things that everyone should know, things that should be obvious... Even logic puzzles. All things that someone with common sense would be able to figure out pretty easily. This quiz might have a mixture of different types of questions, but if our readers don't have any common sense, they might be in for a hard time...

That being said, this quiz will also prove to be pretty entertaining and interesting to even those who have no idea how to answer the questions. Who knows, maybe we'll all learn something interesting about the world as we try our best to answer these tough questions. It'll be good exercise for that one muscle in our body that really counts - our brain! And there's no better feeling than having lots of knowledge... After all, knowledge is power! So let's get started, and move on to the very first question... Ready? Let's ace this quiz! Go!

Question 1

True Or False, Reindeer Are Actually Just Made Up Christmas Animals

We've all heard the stories and the songs about the reindeer that santa relies on so heavily during Christmas time. After all, these creatures fly into the air, and lead Santa's sleigh as he soars around the globe, delivering presents to each and every one of the good children across the globe. These creatures are elegant and majestic, and a lot of people really love them. But are these creatures actually real? Or are they in fact mythical Christmas beasts?

Question 2

How Many Days Are In February During A Leap Year?

February is one of the most amazing months of the year, and many people look forward to it each year. It's the last truly cold month of the year, although it can get quite snowy and beautiful at times. February is of course the month that contains Valentine's Day, which is something that a lot of people look forward to each year. It's also a unique month, because it contains something called Leap Years. But how many days are in February during a leap year?

Question 3

Unscramble The Word To Reveal A Superhero: WEKEHAWY

Today, we're totally obsessed with superheroes. At any given time, we can expect to see a wide variety of superhero movies playing at our local theaters, and the demand doesn't seem to be going down any time soon. These superheroes are very old creations with established fanbases, having existing in the pages of comic books long before they made their move to the big screen. There are tons of different superheroes out there. But can our readers unscramble this word to reveal one?

Question 4

Where Is The “Down Under?”

Many of the most well-known nations on Earth have interesting and characteristic nicknames. These names might not be known to the entire world, but they're often used by the inhabitants of the nations themselves, and other people nearby. These nicknames can be endearing, insulting, or just downright weird. But they've been around for so long that they just sort of... "Stick." One of the most well-known nicknames is "The Down Under." But do our readers know where this actually is?

Question 5

A Hammer Is Used With…

Hammers are some of the simplest construction tools known to man, and even after all these years, we still rely on them to build things. Sure, there are more technologically advanced things out there, but sometimes we just can't beat a good old-fashioned hammer. Hammers originated as simply a large rock that we would bang against other rocks. Later, hammers became tools that were primarily used with another type of interesting tools. But what are hammers used with these days?

Question 6

Which Word In The Dictionary Is Spelled Incorrectly?

The Dictionary is perhaps one of the best tools for expanding our vocabularies. Most people know that the dictionary contains every single word in use, and it's actually a very interesting read. Okay, perhaps it's not the most interesting read. But it's a great choice for those who want to learn fancy new words to impress their friends. Because there's nothing more satisfying than knowing the definition of a long, complicated word when no one else does. But which word is spelled incorrectly in the English Dictionary?

Question 7

Which Of The Following Is NOT A Real Language?

Language is perhaps one of the most fascinating differences between various nations. Different nations may have different cultures, but the biggest differences is in the way they speak. That being said, many of the cultural differences in a nation are actually contained within their specific language. Simply put, language represents more than just a different means of communication - it's also a different way of thinking. There are many different languages out there today. But which of these is not a real one?

Question 8

What’s Full Of Holes But Can Still Hold Water?

Water is one of the key factors for life on this Earth, and we also believe that it's probably a very important factor for finding life on other planets, as well. There is evidence that Mars once had water, and so the hunt for life on Mars is still very much alive. We rely heavily on water as a human race, and everyone needs water to survive. In addition, we are made up of mostly water! But can our readers answer this simple question?

Question 9

Someone Is In A Race. Right Before The Finish Line, They Overtake The Person In Second Place. What Is Their Finishing Position?

Running races are some of the earliest examples of sport in humanity. Of course, we're not exactly when the first people decided to have a race, but it's definitely something that has survived throughout history. Today, there are tons of different running events in the Olympics, and there are running races such as marathons which happen all across the globe. The first marathon goes back to Ancient Greece, as a matter of fact. But can our readers complete this sentence?

Question 10

Unscramble The Word To Reveal A Type Of Chewing Gum: NMREPSTAI

Believe it or not, human beings have been chewing gum for thousands of years. There's something just so satisfying about having something in our mouth that is chewy and flavorful. Over the years, chewing gum has evolved a lot, but it's also stayed pretty much the same. There are many different types of flavors when it comes to chewing gum, and most of these flavors remain popular through the decades. But can our readers unscramble this word to reveal a type of chewing gum?

Question 11

Olympus Mons Is An Example Of A…

The word "Olympus" is a word that should ring a bell for most people out there. Olympus is of course the home of the Greek gods, and this was where Zeus lived with all of his fellow Olympians. In Greek myth, this was a glorious temple, high in the mountains above the clouds. It was from here that Zeus threw down bolts of lightning to the Earth. But what about "Olympus Mons?" What is this an example of in the real world?

Question 12

What Invention Allows Humans To Look Right Through A Solid Wall?

Over the years, we have experienced the invention of all kinds of different amazing things. One of the biggest things that humans have struggled with is the limitation of our own eyesight. Humans have pretty good vision, but not as good as some other animals, such as hawks. In addition, humans have no way of seeing through solid objects, without the use of advanced technology. Luckily, there is in fact an invention that allows us to see through a solid wall...

Question 13

Jimmy Has Four Apples. If Somebody Takes Three, How Many Do They Have?

We've all heard these kinds of questions before. These are common questions and problems given to small children in elementary school, as their learn basic math talents such as adding, subtraction, division and multiplication. It takes a long time to wrap our heads around some of these talents - at least for some children. Others seem to be born with an inherent mathematical brain, and they have a gift with numbers. But can our readers solve this simple math problem?

Question 14

What Rhymes With Silver?

Silver is one of the most interesting substances on Earth. It's always been seen as very valuable, and ancient civilizations have collected this metal for many thousands of years. They made jewelry with the metal, but they also used silver to make things like gold coins. Silver as a currency was in use until fairly recently, and some would say that it represents a good way to uphold an economy. But can our readers actually give us a word that rhymes with silver?

Question 15

Which Type Of Cheese Is Actually Made Backwards?

The art of cheese making is complex and extremely old. Cheese is an interesting food, as its essentially a form of mold. But its very controlled and sterile, and many people absolutely love to taste different types of cheese. Take a trip to your local cheese shop, and you can expect to see shelves packed with all kinds of different cheeses, both common and rare. But one type of cheese is actually made backwards... Do our readers know what this is?

Question 16

Unscramble The Word To Reveal A Type Of Monster: HELSNCOSC

Monsters have been a huge part of human culture and mythology from almost our entire history. Even cave paintings that are hundreds of thousands of years old depict strange, fictional beasts. Even now, there are people who believe in certain monsters, and there are many stories of creatures that live in the forests, in the shadows, and deep in the ocean. It seems that our obsession with monsters is something that is here to stay. But can our readers unscramble this word to reveal a type of monster?

Question 17

What Has To Be Cracked Before It Can Be Used?

Most of the time, we want to use things that are in perfect condition. It makes no sense to use something that isn't working or shoddy. But in some rare cases, we can only use things when they're cracked! That's right, in order to use one item, we need to actually crack it first. What could this item be? How does this even make sense? We're sure our readers with tons of common sense will be able to figure this one out...

Question 18

How Many Times A Year Is The Dark Side Of The Moon Visible From Earth?

The moon is a very interesting and strange celestial body. Because we are so familiar with the moon, most people don't give it much thought. But as we discover more about the rest of our solar system, we have learned that the moon is actually incredibly unique. First of all, it's exactly the right size to block out the sun, to create a perfect solar eclipse. Is this just a coincidence? Also, do our readers know how many times a year the dark side of the moon is visible from Earth?

Question 19

Unscramble The Word To Reveal A Type Of Vehicle: TUTELESHAPCS

Vehicles have changed a lot over the last few years. Back in the day, the only real vehicles were carriages and boats. Horses represented the engines of the old world, and the winds powered sails to allow exploration. But in the last few hundred years or so, we've seen all kinds of different vehicles being invented. After the first airplane, it wasn't too long until we were putting men on the moon for the first time. But can our readers unscramble this word?

Question 20

How Does One Typically Cook Pancakes?

Pancakes might just be the best breakfast food ever invented. This food might not be the most healthy way to start off the day, but boy is it ever satisfying. Top them with maple syrup, butter and fruit... Or we can go the savory route and top them with sausages and bacon... Either way, it's a nice treat, and there's not many better ways to kick off the start of the day. But how does one typically cook pancakes? Care to answer?

Question 21

Why Is An Island Like The Letter “T?”

Some of the best, most relaxing places on Earth are islands. These are little miniature worlds scattered across the face of the Earth, and almost every single island is unique in some way. Sometimes, islands will have completely unique creatures and plant life that isn't found anywhere else on Earth. When islands become isolated from their main continents, life evolves in a totally unique way. A great example of this would be Madagascar, or the Galapagos. But why is an island like the letter "T?"

Question 22

A Lightyear Is A Measure Of...

We all know who Buzz Lightyear is, and he's one of the most memorable characters from the movie Toy Story. But his name is actually based on a real scientific unit of measure. This is a unit used by people who study space, and it's probably the most common unit we use in space. Because of the nature of its name, some people get confused about what a lightyear actually measures. But what is it? More specifically, what does it measure?

Question 23

On Average, How Many Birthdays Does A Western Woman Have?

Western people in general have enjoyed a much higher standard of living over the last few hundred years, and we're a long spell away from creating log cabins and small villages, like we were doing back in the day. As the standard of living increases, the lifespan of a person increases as well, and that's certainly the case. Medical technology and advances continue to push the average lifespan further and further. But how many birthdays does the average western woman have?

Question 24

What Is An Example Of A Sea Mammal?

Sea Mammals are some of the most wonderful mammals on this Earth. It's pretty cool when we think about where they came from. We all know that life came from the sea, and eventually some amphibious creatures started to spend time on land. That's how land creatures first came to be. Sea Mammals actually went back to the sea, after they had evolved to live on the Earth! There are many different types of sea mammal. But can our readers name one?

Question 25

Which Of The Following Is NOT A Swimming Technique?

Swimming is a very basic talent that everyone should learn. After all, we never know when we might go overboard! More and more people are learning to swim these days, although it isn't always easy. There are many different techniques we can learn and rely on, and advanced swimming techniques can become quite difficult. Professional swimmers reach high speeds, and that's because their technique is perfect. But which of the following is not actually a real swimming technique? Care to answer?

Question 26

Before Mount Everest Was Discovered, Mount __________ Was The Tallest Mountain In The World

Mount Everest represents one of the most magnificent and beautiful parts of our Earth. It's also the highest part of our planet above sea level, and an attraction for mountain climbers all over the world. As the highest mountain on Earth, it's not easy to reach the peak, and many climbers have struggled along the way. Located in the Himalayas, the local people venerate the mountain as see it as a spiritual being. But before Everest was discovered, what was the tallest mountain?

Question 27

Unscramble The Word To Reveal A Video Game: TORNETFI

Video Games have been steadily growing in popularity over the last few decades, and now it's a massive industry worth billions of dollars. Video games are on par with movies and the music industry these days, and some people are really passionate about them. Over the years, we've seen tons of different video games come out on a variety of different platforms, and they seem to be getting better and better every year. But can our readers unscramble this word?

Question 28

CPR Is Used In ____________

CPR is a very useful talent to know, and tons of people these days are trying to learn it. It's the kind of thing that helps not only yourself, but also the people around you. Businesses and companies around the world are now making a much more concerted effort to make sure that their employees have CPR knowledge. Some will even pay their employees to take CPR courses, so that at least a few people have that under their belt. But where is CPR used?

Question 29

An Avocado Is Ripe When It’s…

Avocados remain some of the most popular foods on the planet. Millennials famously adore avocados, and regularly have avocado on toast as their signature snack. Many people avocados are vegetables, but the truth is that they're actually fruits! Technically, at least. They're not exactly sweet but they do have a lot of nutrients. But don't worry, the avocados contain good types of nutrients that your body actually needs. But how do we tell if an avocado is actually ripe? Care to answer?

Question 30

Unscramble The Word To Reveal A Mammal: ULWASR

Mammals are some of the most interesting animals on the fact of this Earth, and they've been incredibly successful, in the context of evolution. The Earth used to be ruled by reptiles, dinosaurs and other similar creatures. But that was all changed millions of years ago, and mammal reclaimed the world. Nowadays, mammals are much smaller than they used to be. There are also many different types of mammal species. But can our readers actually unscramble this word to create a mammal?

Question 31

What Is The Correct Word To Describe Water’s Smell?

Water is something we all drink a lot of. And if we're not drinking a lot of water, then we really should be. Staying hydrated is one of the best and most easy ways to ensure good health. The only problem is that water doesn't exactly taste very good. In fact, it doesn't taste like anything. That's why so many people prefer to drink pop or juice. This liquid is actually satisfying to our taste buds. But what's the best word to describe water's smell?

Question 32

Unscramble The Word To Reveal An Activity: WARDBOINGSNG

There are all kinds of activities that we can spend our free time doing, and sometimes it's hard to find a good one. It's also hard to find the time to engage in our favorite activities, as so many people are so busy all the time. Activities can include more active things like sports and performance, or they can include more low-key things, such as reading or playing video games. But can our readers unscramble this word to reveal an activity?

Question 33

What Five Letter Word Becomes Shorter When We Add Two Letters?

The English language is a lot more complicated than some people think. If we really put on our thinking caps and take a close look at one of the most common languages in the world, we find that there's a lot of things that make no sense! It's no wonder people often complain about learning English, as it definitely has its own strange traits and mannerisms. But can our readers actually figure out which word becomes shorter when we add two letters?

Question 34

Unscramble The Word To Reveal A Gadget: RATSCHWARM

These days, everyone has all kinds of different tech gadgets by their side. These tools have become almost essential to our lives these days, and some might just be too reliant on their gadgets. Some have commented that we're already cyborgs, because we have completely integrated our brains with these advanced gadgets. An interesting thought, without a doubt. Nowadays, there's all kinds of gadgets that are available for average people to buy. But can our readers unscramble this word to find one?

Question 35

Pyrite Is Also Known As…

Pyrite is one of the most interesting minerals in the word, although it's certainly not the most valuable. Still, people are almost immediately drawn to it, because they can see the shiny, magnificent characteristics that this mineral shows. The stone is often found in other mineral deposits, although people are rather disappointed when they stumble upon a stone like this... That is, if they actually know what they're talking about. But can our readers tell us what this stone is also known as?

Question 36

Unscramble The Word To Reveal A Type Of Drink: EKIMKSHAL

There are so many different types of beverages and drinks out there. Sometimes it's hard to make up our mind what we're going to choose! When we step foot inside a fast food store or a restaurant, they usually have tons of different options on the menu. These range from cold drinks to warm drinks, and everything in between. Everyone has their own special, favorite drink that they enjoy best. But can our readers unscramble this word to reveal a drink?

Question 37

True Or False, Eating Snow Is More Hydrating Than Water

For many people, there comes a time during the year where the landscape becomes covered in white, beautiful snow. Many people have different opinions about the appearance of snow. Some don't like it, but others love to play in the snow, making snowman and snow angels. Some nations never ever see snow! Snow is of course just another form of water, and many people have eaten snow in the past. But is it true that snow is actually more hydrating than water?

Question 38

True Or False: 6 Foot Long Otters Exist

Everyone knows that otters are some of the cutest, most adorable animals on the face of the Earth. This awesome little sea mammals are well-known for sleeping on their backs, hanging out, and having very cute pups. You can see them on the west coast of North America, although they are a slightly threatened species. These creatures also end up in zoos or aquariums from time to time... But is it actually true that 6 foot long otters exist on this planet?

Question 39

What’s The Tallest Building In The World?

These days, humanity is reaching ever higher into the skies as they build towering buildings. These amazingly massive buildings are getting bigger every single day, although there are quite a few buildings that seem impossible to beat. Will we see our buildings stretch all the way to space one day? Perhaps we will create a space elevator with materials like Graphene... In any case, there is one building which currently holds the honor of being the tallest. Which building is this?

Question 40

What Goes Up At Almost The Same Moment Rain Comes Down?

Rain is something that a lot of people don't like too much, but there are those rare souls who enjoy it. There's something undeniably cozy and comforting about staring out of a window while the rain pours down outside. It's also a nice feeling wearing a warm, waterproof coat while walking around in the rain. Again, not everyone feels this way, but rain can be quite enjoyable, depending on our point of view. But what goes up the moment rain comes down?

Question 41

Unscramble The Word To Reveal A Planet: PETENUN

The solar system is filled with multiple amazing planets, and we still have so many secrets to discover about each one. Some of them are relatively close, while other planets are entire worlds away from us. One day, we just might get to explore each one, but right now it seems like a hard feat. However, we do know a lot about the planets, and we've sent probes all around our solar system. But can our readers unscramble this word to form a planet?

Question 42

True Or False, Honey Never Spoils

Honey is a very interesting type of food, and it's something that humans have been cultivating for quite some time. But humans aren't the only ones who eat it. Bears and other animals have also figured out that there's some tasty, sweet food inside of a bee hive. Humans are the only ones who have actually been cultivating and mass producing honey, though. This food can be used to sweeten up anything. But is it true that honey never spoils?

Question 43

What Are People From Moscow Called?

Moscow is a very interesting city with a lot of history behind it. Right now, it's the capital of the nation, and somewhere that is a tourist attraction. People from all over the globe travel to Moscow to see the amazing architecture and the unique culture. Even though it's a cold city, it's not as chilly as other parts of the nation. Moscow was a major city that hosted the World Cup of Soccer. But what are people from Moscow called?

Question 44

Phobos Is A Moon Of Which Planet?

Phobos is a very interesting moon, and one that is studied extensively even now. We've sent a few probes to this mysterious moon, but we're still just barely scratching the surface. There are so many more secrets to discover about this moon, and it's definitely a little weird. The first thing we notice is its strange shape. It looks more like an asteroid than a moon! Not like our moon at all. But which planet does this moon belong to?

Question 45

Which Happened First, The Creation Of The Great Pyramids Or The Extinction Of The Wooly Mammoths?

The great pyramids and the Woolly Mammoths represent two things from our distant past that have fascinated people to no end. The big difference is that the Pyramids are still actually still standing! The Woolly Mammoths weren't so lucky. Mammoths roamed the Earth thousands of years ago, and they thrived in the cold environments that were common during the Ice Age. The pyramids were in baking hot sun most of the time. But which happened first, the extinction of the Mammoths, or the creation of the pyramids?

Question 46

True Or False, The Woodchuck And The Groundhog Are Two Different Animals

The Woodchuck and the Groundhog are two of the more unique and interesting animals we know of today. These rodents are very characteristic, and they hang out in North America. In fact, the Groundhog has been used to predict the weather as a tradition in many states, and he can apparently tell us whether or not it will be a long or short winter. This was used as the premise for the movie "Groundhog Day." But are these two creatures different?

Question 47

Unscramble The Word To Reveal A Shoe Brand: SCIAS

Sneakers have always been popular, but these days people seem be getting more crazy about them than ever before. Sneakers have also changed a lot in recent years, adding new technology and features. But in many ways, they're actually going back to the basics. Some of the most popular sneakers right now are actually intentionally ugly and oversized. These so-called "dad shoes are all the craze right now, and tons of different brands are making them. But can our readers unscramble this word?

Question 48

Clearing The ________ Can Help Free Up Memory Space

It's easy to get frustrated at technology. Even though we've experienced a lot of advances in computer tech over the last few decades, there are still plenty of limitations that get us pretty upset. One of the problems that a lot of people struggle with is the fact that their computers seem to slow down after a few years. This is usually due to a lack of memory space. But can our readers complete this simple sentence about memory space?

Question 49

Unscramble The Word To Reveal A City: GONSAEIPR

Some of the cities that exist these days are simply stunning. These cities are fast developing into futuristic wonderlands that everyone wants to go to. Not only do they have amazing, tall buildings, but they also have stunning architecture and creations. Furthermore, some of the best cities in the world these days are implementing green, sustainable energy solutions into their city's infrastructure. One of the cities that has all of these things is this word, unscrambled. But can our readers tell what it is?

Question 50

True Or False, A Banana Is A Type Of Berry

Bananas are some of the most delicious foods known to man. Not everyone likes bananas, but the truth is that they're pretty amazing. Even if we don't particularly like eating bananas, no one can deny that bananas can be used for a wide variety of cooking applications, and some of these foods can be even more delicious than regular bananas themselves. Banana bread is one fine example of a banana derived food that is definitely delicious. But is it true that Bananas are a type of berry?

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