Only Walt Himself Could Match These Disney Characters To Their Films

Do we have any big time Disney fans in the house tonight? Of course we do! These days it would be hard to find a single person who doesn't at least enjoy some of the Disney films out there. Most of us have been watching these films since we were just children. Back then we were captivated by the musical numbers and brightly colored animations, but even now as adults we can watch them an truly appreciate the genius that went into all of these films. Every single one of them is truly a work of art. Today we take the time to fully look at these classic films and the amazing characters that came along with them!

In today's quiz, we will be looking at characters one by one. Some of them will be prominent characters, while others may have just been featured in a scene or two. All everyone here has to do is pick out the movie they each belong to. Some of them may seem easy enough, but others are sure to stump even the biggest Disney fans out there. Get ready for this magic carpet ride of a quiz, it is sure to make everyone want to re-watch all of the classics!

Question 1


Let's get things started by placing this villain to the correct film. Ursula is really a diabolical villain. She lives in the ocean and she preys upon unsuspecting mer-folk. She has quite a reputation under the waves, although she has been known to cause trouble on land as well. She has a ton of magical power in her arsenal and she is not afraid to use it. Not only has she successfully stolen away a person's voice in the past, but she is also capable of stealing and trapping the souls of her victims. Clearly Ursula is not someone we should be messing with ...

Question 2

White Rabbit

This little rabbit is always in a rush. His urgency makes him come across as rude at times, but he really isn't trying to be. He can always been seen fussing about over the time and urging his friends to rush through their tea parties. By the end of this rabbit's film, we learned that he had been under pressure from the wicked queen that rules his kingdom. She had been the one forcing him to rush about, so really we cannot blame this little guy at all. Does anyone here know which of these films the White Rabbit belongs to?

Question 3

Randall Boggs

Randall Boggs is another bad guy. While he comes from a world full of monsters, Randall stands out as a particularly mean individual. As it turns out, monsters are not actually all bad. During Randall's movie, we saw plenty of other monsters treat each other with respect, but Randall just doesn't play by those rules. Randall goes out of his way to bring people down. He is equally rude to his fellow monsters and to humans. He truly embodies all of the monster stereotypes. Looking at the four given titles, can anyone here figure out which film Randall Boggs belongs to?

Question 4


Meeko is the sidekick of his movie's main character. He is a loyal raccoon, who also happens to be best friends with a hummingbird. When he is not hanging out or off adventuring with his buddies, he can usually be found munching on some snacks. He is definitely not a picky eater. Throughout his film we saw him eat a ton of different things, but he did show a particularly strong interest in crackers and berries. Is any of this ringing any bells for anyone? Looking at the given options, try picking out the correct film title for this question!

Question 5


This one may be tricky since there are a ton of Disney films which feature white horses. However, there has only ever been one Maximus. He is so much more than just a white horse. He is a law enforcing maniac. The humans that Maximus works with, have to take regular breaks when they are out tracking bad guys. Maximus though, does not. If he gets wind of a criminal on the loose, he will stop at absolutely nothing until he has caught them. No breaks for Maximus until justice has been served! Can anyone here figure out which Disney film is correct?

Question 6

John Smith

Disney has quite a long list of handsome men that have played large roles in their films. John Smith is definitely on that list. When his movie first began, it looked as though John Smith was going to be one of the bad guys. The gang of men he was with were not up to anything good. However, John Smith proved himself to be different than the men he was traveling with. He wished no narm upon anyone, and even went out of his way to protect others. Does anyone remember which Disney film John Smith was a part of?

Question 7


Abu may look like a sweet innocent monkey, but he is all kinds of sneaky! He is a great friend to his movie's hero, but this monkey cannot keep his hands to himself. When left unattended, we can fully expect Abu to go off and steal whatever he can find. He has a liking for food and jewels. He is a monkey afterall, so only so much blame can be placed on him, but it is a good idea to ensure all belongings are safely tucked away when he is around! Can anyone here place Abu in the right movie?

Question 8


Baymax is an unusually large robot. He was originally designed to be able to give great care to humans. He looked after his owner Hiro very well, and the two shared a very close bond. After Hiro and Baymax found that their city was under attack, they knew they had to do something to help. Hiro managed to re-wire Baymax, successfully turning him into a bad guy fighting machine. Needless to say, Baymax and his buddies saved the day! Looking at the four given answers, is anyone here able to pick out the correct one for this question? Take a guess!

Question 9

Mother Gothel

While her name may make her sound motherly, this wicked villain does not have a maternal bone in her body. Mother Gothel is obsessed with her looks. She cannot stand the thought of aging, so she goes to extreme lengths in order to keep herself looking as young as possible. After she found out that there was a baby born with hair that could magically restore ones youth, she snuck into the home and stole the baby away. While she did raise the baby as her own, she was not exactly nice to her. Can anyone remember what movie she is from?

Question 10


Flounder is a small yellow and blue fish that lives in the ocean. While he has gone on many adventures throughout his life, none of them have ever been his idea. Flounder is not actually all that brave. He prefers swimming in areas that he knows are safe from danger. However, Flounder also happens to be bestfriends with someone who is all kinds of brave. His best friend is always dragging him along on her wild plans. To be fair, he would accompany her either way, just to ensure that she was safe as well. Flunder is truly a great friend!

Question 11


While other villains come along with all kinds of wicked powers, Gaston does not actually have any magic in him at all. He gains all of his power from his strength and his good looks. He believes that since he is the strongest and most handsome man in town, he should be allowed to call the shots. Unfortunately, most of the townspeople do allow him to dictate their decisions. That being said, there is one girl from town who does not put up with any of Gaston's nonsense. Can anyone here figure out which of these films we are talking about?

Question 12


Pumbaa is without a doubt the most popular warthog in the Disney universe. His two best friends are a meerkat and a lion, and the three of them have been together for a very long time. While it seems unlikely for a lion and a warthog to be friends, these guys have managed to put their differences behind them so they can enjoy each others company. For the most part, these three animals dine on bugs and plants, so there is not too much for anyone to worry about. Does anyone here know which film Pumbaa belongs to? Take a guess!

Question 13


Sven is a voiceless reindeer. While he may not be able to speak to us directly, he is fairly skilled at making sure his point gets across. Sven will use facial expressions and body language to express his thoughts, but sometimes his owner is able to simply translate for him. Sven and his owner share a unique bond. They always know what the other is thinking, and they have saved each other's lives on countless occasions. Sven's favorite food in the world is carrots. Is this ringing any bells? Can anyone here pick out the right title from the four listed options?

Question 14

Prince Eric

Here we have another one of those handsome male characters we were talking about earlier. Prince Eric is no snobby prince. In fact, he is a fairly down to earth guy in general. He enjoys sailing his boat through the open waters, and he has a great passion for playing the flute. Eric owns a sheep dog named max, who always accompanies him when he heads out on a mission. Eric was once is a shipwreck, but luckily a stranger was able to find and save him. Can anyone here remember exactly which Disney film Prince Eric is from? Only one answer is correct!

Question 15


There was once a time when Mushu was a well respected spirit guide. He was one of a few spirits in charge of watching out for a specific family. However, Mushu did not succeed in keeping his designated family member safe, so he was taken off the job. Mushu was determined to gain the respect of the other spirits back though, so he decided to take on the job of watching over a girl. While it sounded easy enough at first, this task wound up being quite a bit more difficult than Mushu originally thought it was going to be ...

Question 16


There is no denying that a lot of the Disney ladies out there enjoy singing about finding true love. However, that is just not one of Meg's favorite tunes. Meg is independant. While she does grow strong feelings for her film's leading man, it was never her original intention. She wanted to take care of herself, but sometimes even when we aren't trying to get swept off our feet, the universe has different plans in mind. Does anyone here remember Meg from a specific film? We have listed four possible titles, but only one of them is the right answer for this question!

Question 17

Thomas O'Malley

Now here we have just about the hippest cat in town! Thomas O'Malley is a street cat and a proud one at that. He has never had much interest in living amongst humans, and that is simply because he has so much fun with his fellow cats! Thomas knows the streets and alleys of his town like the back of his paw, and when a new cat is looking for a hot spot to hang, Thomas always knows where to bring em'. Can anyone here remember exactly which Disney film Thomas O'Malley belongs to? Pick out the right answer to this question!

Question 18


Terk may just be the bossiest gorilla in the entire jungle. While she does love hanging out with her buddies, she definitely enjoys bossing them around more. Even though she can be controlling, all of Terk's actions come from a place of love. She wants to protect all of her friends (even if they are bigger than her), and she really does just like being the one in charge of the plans. Is any of this ringing any bells for anyone here? We have listed four possible movie titles, but only one of them is going to be correct for this question!

Question 19


Here we have a rather unique character. There are not a whole lot of snowmen in the Disney catalogue of characters, so we are hoping everyone has a fairly easy time with this one! Olaf is not just any old snowman. Olaf can walk and talk just like we can. He has not been alive for all that long, but he does have a great passion for life now that he has been given the chance to live one. He wants to experience everything, no matter the danger. Can anyone remember which of these films we saw Olaf in? Take a guess!

Question 20

Tai Lung

While Tai Lung does not have any magical abilities per say, he is certainly a villain capable of doing some pretty wicked things. When Tai Lung was just a baby, he was adopted and trained to be a warrior. He showed great promise in his craft, and his mentor truly believed he was going to do great things with his life. However, the better Tai Lung got, the more greedy he became. He wound up obsessed with power, and his mentor was no longer able to control him. This is not someone we would want to come face to face with, that is for sure!

Question 21

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather

We have put three characters together for this question, because these fairies are never seen apart from each other. These three fairies are known as "good fairies". They have a fair bit of magic between themselves, but they have never been tempted to use any of it for bad. That being said, there have been times when these three have not been able to resist the urge to use their magic for convenience. Sure using magic to bake a cake isn't going to help humanity, but honestly, who can understand those box directions anyways? Can anyone here remember the right film?

Question 22


Pascal is a small chameleon. He has the awesome power to camouflage himself with his surroundings, and this neat little trick helped him out a few times during the course of his film. Pascal is one of the Disney sidekicks who cannot talk. However, like the rest of them, he has such a strong bond with his hero that she can pretty much always understand what he is thinking. Even though Pascal is quite small in size, he is a very brave chameleon. Can anyone here pick out the right film title from the four listed options? Take a guess!

Question 23


Esmeralda is a beautiful yet misunderstood woman. She comes from a long line of gypsies, and for that she has been judged by many. Regardless of what people may say about her way of life, Esmeralda has always had a heart of gold. While others in her town focus on themselves and themselves only, Esmeralda is constantly looking out for others. She is a strong woman so she knows she can care for herself, but she is always worrying over those who cannot look after themselves. Her film was all about not judging a book by its cover! Which title is correct?

Question 24

Dr. Facilier

Here we have one of Disney's up and coming villains. He was a smash hit with fans when his film came out, and this was all due to the wicked amount of power he carries around in his back pocket. Dr. Facilier likes to think of himself as a "witch doctor". While he may claim that he has the power to cure just about anyone, he is way more likely to bring harm to those in need. This guy's ultimate dream is to use his dark powers to climb his way to the top of the power ladder. He believes that one day he will rule over all of New Orleans.

Question 25

Colette Tatou

Colette Tatou is one talented woman. Not only is she a world class chef, but she also has one heck of a work ethic. Finding success has not exactly been easy for Colette. She had to watch many men (some less talented than her) get promoted over her, while she sat back and worked on things like salads and desserts. However, she was patient and eventually she was recognized for the true genius that she is. Now that she has secured her reputation, she is not going to let anyone tarnish it! Can anyone here remember which film is correct?

Question 26


Archimedes is one very bright (slightly rude) pet owl. Before he was adopted by his present owner, it was assumed that Archimedes was just a regular owl. However, after getting paired up with his human, he gained the ability to speak. Now, he is constantly watching over his owner while he works, and always giving him the best advice he can. While his owner is not always pleased with Archimedes involvement in his work, he knows that more often than not, the owl is actually right. Does anyone here remember which film they originally saw Archimedes in? Only one answer is correct!

Question 27

Captain B. McCrea

Captain B. McCrea was not exactly the brightest star out in space, but he certainly had a decent heart. Because of his size, he was always seen moving around in a hover chair. At this point in time, humans were no longer living on Earth. Captain B. McCrea had never called a planet home before, so the concept seemed strange to him. However, after finding a small potted plant, he became very interested in what a planet like Earth could have to offer. Can anyone here remember which film they had seen The Captain in? Pick out the right answer!

Question 28


Bruce may look like somewhat of a villain, but that is not exactly the case. He may have a million sharp teeth and a hunger for little fishes, but he does his very best to avoid eating them whenever possible. Bruce was obviously born a predator, but that is just not the life he wants for himself. He wants to be friends with the fishes around him, but even the those with the best intentions sometimes falter. In a perfect world, bruce would be able to fully survive off of eating seaweed. Can anyone here pick out the correct movie title?

Question 29


Bagheera is a black panther with a serious outlook on life. While he could make for a fairly powerful villain, he has chosen to live his life on the good side of things. When Bagheera came across a kid wondering through the jungle unattended, he took it upon himself to protect him. He could have very easily attacked, but that is just not who Bagheera is. While he may be a good guy, he has very little patience for nonsense. He does not find songs and games to be amusing at all. Can anyone here pick out the correct title?

Question 30


This little clock is chock full of concern. He is always fussing over something and he does not appreciate people trying to calm him down. To be fair, he is a human living inside the body of a clock, so his concern with life is fairly meritted. However, even his fellow enchanted objects find time to relax every now and then. While his stuffy attitude makes him come off as a little rude sometimes, he really is just looking out for everyone's best interest. Does anyone here recognize this little clock from a Disney film? Try picking out the right one!

Question 31


Dante is one of the world's most loyal dogs. After meeting his human owner at the beginning of their film, Dante remained by his side throughout the rest of the story. Anytime his owner found himself lost or in trouble, Dante somehow managed to steer him out of the situation. Often times Dante was shown to be about as bright as any other dog out there, but on occasion we saw that Dante was actually much smarter than he looked. Is this ringing any bells for anyone here? Looking at the four listed options, try picking out the right answer!

Question 32

Edna Mode

Edna Mode is one of the world's top fashion designers. She has worked with all of the greats and she is constantly being asked to dress the most famous celebrities. While Edna takes great pride in her work, the fashion runways are just not what she prefers designing for. She finds regular world fashion to be quite dull actually, and she thrives by working on more complex projects. She likes creating suits for local superheroes. Not just any suits either, but suits with all kinds of powers themselves. Try beating that Chanel! Can anyone here place Edna to the correct film?

Question 33

Gus and Jaq

Once again we are listing multiple characters in one question. These two work as a team throughout most of their film, so we thought sticking them together would be appropriate. Gus is the new mouse in town. At the beginning of the movie he was quite shy, but a few pieces of cheese really helped him open up. Jaq on the other hand, is the fearless leader. He looks out for all of the mice in the area, and he is a master escape artist. While these two are both very different, they do make quite an unstoppable team. Which movie are they from?

Question 34


Speaking of master escape artists, Hank here is certainly one himself. This octopus has a few fun facts about him. For one thing, he actually only has 7 tentacles. For another, he prefers life in captivity to a life free in the ocean. While this is not the case for most of the animals living in his situation, for Hank nothing beats being left alone in a tank where nobody can eat him. That being said, after meeting a friend or two, he eventually decided to move back to the ocean to be with them. Can anyone pick out the right title?

Question 35

Jiminy Cricket

This one should be easiest enough for everyone to get right! Jiminy Cricket is somewhat of a legend in the Disney world. He was part of one of the first films to be released, and his character is one that is still talked about even today. While Jiminy is a cricket, he is also a conscience. In his film, he was tasked with the job of keeping the main character honest. He had to follow him around everywhere he went, and try his best to ensure he did things the honest way. Can anyone here place jiminy to the correct film?

Question 36


Pacha is a simple man, but a good man. He does not ask for much out of life, and he chooses to work hard for everything he wants. He is married to the love of his life, and they have two beautiful children together. Pacha is an excellent father. When faced with decisions in life, he always tries to do the right thing so he sets a good example for his children. It is not always easy to do the right thing, but Pacha knows that doing right by people is always the best option. Which film is he from?

Question 37


Once again we are looking at an animal that seems very much like a predator, but who actually has a sweet and loving personality. This alligator has no desire to eat people at all. All he wants out of life is to play his trumpet for as many people as possible. His greatest wish is to become a human himself, just so he can perform in front of large audiences without anyone being scared of him. It may seem like a strange dream, but who are we to judge? Which of the four listed titles is actually correct for this question?

Question 38

Oogie Boogie Man

For anyone who thought this name sounded like the name of a villain, they were absolutely correct. This guy is not exactly the nicest man around town. To be fair, he lives in a town that is all about the spooky and wicked things, but even the inhabitants of this town found Oogie Boogie to be a bit too much for them to handle. He was eventually banished to the outskirts of town, but his diabolical scheming continued even from there. Anyone who is made up mostly of bugs and snakes, has to be all kinds of bad, right? Name the right movie!

Question 39

Mr. Smee

Mr. Smee is not exactly bright enough to be called a henchman, but sidekick does not exactly feel right either. Mr. Smee is a follower. He hangs around with a pretty rough crew, even though he does not seem too tough himself. He tries his best to get noticed by his captain, and goes to great lengths trying to keep him as happy as possible. While Mr.Smee isn't really a villain himself, anyone who helps with wrongdoing is no good guy in our books! Can anyone here pick out the correct movie title? Only one of the options listed is correct!

Question 40


Nani is the older sister of her film's main character. These sisters lost their parents a few years back, and ever since Nani has been the one in charge. While she loves her little sister a great deal, she has found it tough to support the family all on her own. That being said, she has never given up. She works long hours every single day and does her very best to ensure they have everything they need to survive. Nani truly is a great sister and parent. Can anyone here figure out what movie we are talking about in this question?

Question 41

Major Dr. David Q. Dawson

Major Dr. David Q. Dawson was at one point in time a well established surgeon. He worked as a surgeon in the military for many years, but has recently retired from that line of work. When he arrived back home in London, he figured it was finally time to do a little relaxing. However, almost as soon as he stepped foot on land, he was met with all kinds of new and exciting adventures. These days he is in the crime solving line of work! Can anyone here remember which film this talented mouse belongs to? Pick out the right answer!

Question 42


Tito is very clearly a small chihuahua. Anyone who has ever known a dog of this breed, would know just how crazy they can be. Tito is true to his real-life breed. Even though he is smaller than any other dog out there, he often goes out looking for fights against the biggest and the strongest pups. Of course he is always toughest when his large group of friends is around, but that's besides the point. Is this ringing any bells for anyone? Looking at the four given titles, is anyone here able to pick out the correct one for this question?

Question 43


Pua is the pet pig of his film's main character. At the beginning of the movie, Pua followed his owner on some pretty wild adventures. However, after experiencing the danger of these adventures first hand, Pua decided to leave the adventuring to his human. These days he instead sticks to the comforts of the beach. He misses his human a lot when she leaves, but he always trusts that she will come back for him eventually. Does anyone here know which movie we are talking about in this question? Try picking out the correct movie title from the four given options!

Question 44


Thumper is widely known as one of Disney's most innocent characters ever. He is a rabbit who lives in the forest along with the rest of his rabbit family. When he was just a kid, Thumper met his best friend in the world. His friend was in a pretty tough situation when they first met, but Thumper took it upon himself to help his new acquaintance out. The two of them have pretty much been inseparable ever since. Is this ringing any bells for anyone? We have listed four possible movie titles, but only one of them is actually correct!

Question 45


Trixie is a pretty unique triceratops. She has many interests in life, but none of them come from prehistoric times. While her species did originally exist in a time where technology was not yet a thing, Trixie is all about breaking norms. She is a computer genius in fact. When Trixie is not playing with her human owner, she can be found surfing the web and chatting with her online pals. She can get to the bottom of just about any mystery by using her computer skills. Does anyone here remember which of these films Trixie was actually a part of?

Question 46

Timothy Q Mouse

This mouse may be very small in size, but he is fearless. He accompanies his movie's main character on many adventures throughout their film, and he is always the one to take the lead. He may come across as a bit rude from time to time, but he actually always has his buddies best interests in mind. Timothy Q Mouse does not stand for people being mean to one another. In fact, he will go out of his way to stand up for those who do no stand up for themselves. Which of these movies was he a part of?

Question 47

Sgt. Tibbs

Here we have another small animal who has proven themselves to be all kinds of brave. Sgt. Tibbs works as the right hand cat to the Colonel. While many assume that cats and dogs do not get along, Sgt. Tibbs never played by these rules. When he heard word that there was a gang of puppies in danger, Sgt. Tibbs jumped into action. He put his own life in danger, just to ensure the puppies made it home safe and sound. Now that is a real hero! Can anyone here remember which film Sgt. Tibbs was actually from? Take a guess!

Question 48

Rutt and Tuke

Here we have a pair of moose brothers. While they are both friendly enough, they can often be found bickering with each other. One is never seen without the other, and they both go to great lengths to keep each other safe. During their film they befriended a few other animals, but their true loyalty always did lie with each other. Sometimes that is just the way the animal world works. Does anyone here know which film we are talking about in this question? We have listed four possible answers, but only one of them is actually correct! Any guesses?

Question 49

Vanellope Von Schweetz

While Vanellope Von Schweetz may look like the most angelic little girl in the world, she would not thank anyone for calling her that! This little girl is the fastest race car driver in the entire world (or at least she likes to think so). She lives in a world that is completely made up of candy, and even her race car is totally edible. She is a little different than the other inhabitants of her kingdom, but she has never let that bring her down. Can anyone here figure out which film Vanellope Von Schweetz actually belongs to? Take a guess!

Question 50

Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear

Since we started things off with a villain, we thought it would be appropriate to end on the same note. For this final question, we will be looking at one of the sneakiest villains of the whole bunch. This guy may seem cuddly and cute, but he is not to be trusted at all. Every chance he has ever been given to do the right thing, he has not taken. He has gone out of his way to cause harm, and his wicked plans almost worked! However, if there is one thing Disney has taught us, it is that bad guys always finish last!

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