Only TV Junkies Can Match All These Characters To Their Shows

Since the days of black and white television, we have pretty much been obsessed with the magical box. It gives us a much needed break at the end of our work days, and allows our brains to wonder off into alternate universes for an hour or two. Nowadays television has become an even bigger thing, and people can spend days in front of it if the right show has just been released. Do we have any avid binge watchers in the house tonight?

If anyone here considered themselves a true television connoisseur, than this quiz is a must take. To pass this ultimate TV character quiz, one will have needed to have watched series from every genre. We are not just talking about hit HBO series here, we are talking about everything from sit-coms, to romantic hospital dramas. We will touch on network series, as well as Netflix originals. Still think this quiz is going to be a walk in the park? Give it a shot! It is time to finally see who the real TV junkies are, and who is just a standard TV watcher. Get ready for this one, it is going to be the most entertaining 10 minutes of the day!

Question 1

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe is a quirky girl to say the least. Over the course of her show's 10 season run, we learned a lot about this character and her strange past. While these days she is working as a masseuse (and sometimes a musician), back when she was growing up things were not as tame. While attending high school, Phoebe also lived out of her car, and got herself into all kinds of crazy situations. Which of these TV shows does Phoebe Buffay belong to?

Question 2

Dev Shah

This character is not only played by funny man Aziz Ansari, but he was actually written by him too. Dev is the main character of his show. The story line follows him around New York as he searches for professional success, along with romantic success. In season two he takes his search over to Italy where half of the season ends up taking place. Looking at the options below, can anyone here match Dev Shah to his proper TV show?

Question 3

Raj Koothrappali

Raj is an extremely smart guy. He works as an Astrophysicist out in California, and most of his friends are equally as intelligent. When outside of work, Raj enjoys many things such as watching movies, reading comic books, and hanging out with his scientist friends. While his life is a pretty good one, there was a time when Raj was completely incapable of talking to women. Literally, he could not speak one word if there happened to be a woman in the room. Luckily he has gotten over that...

Question 4

Alex Karev

Alex Karev is a world class Pediatric Surgeon. When he first finished medical school, he was an intern at a Seattle based hospital. He was extremely arrogant, and had very few friends in his program. However, over time he grew up and turned into the incredible surgeon he is today. Now not only is his professional life blossoming, but he has a hospital full of friends and even a wife! Now that is character development! Which of the shows below is the correct one?

Question 5

Michael Scott

Michael Scott is a regional manger for an ailing paper company. Michael chooses to put most of his efforts into office moral, rather than into finding ways to keep his branch from closing. While we are not exactly sure if his branch produces numbers because of this, or because Michael's workers are just that good at their jobs, either way something seems to be working. After a few seasons we learn that Micheal's branch is the top performing one in the whole company.

Question 6

Fiona Gallagher

Fiona is a young woman with a whole lot of responsibility. She is the oldest of 6 siblings, and her parents are at their best when they are nowhere to be found. This of course means that Fiona is the one raising the other 5 children. With a bit of help from her brothers, Fiona manages to keep the entire house running. Sure, occasionally things get a bit illegal when times are hard, but who can blame a family for trying to survive right?

Question 7

Hermione Lodge

Do not be fooled by her name, this Hermione is nothing like the girl we know from the Harry Potter series. Hermione Lodge is the mayor of her town, and she is also the legal officer for her family business Lodge Industries. She is the mother of a young women named Veronica, and she is the wife of the businessman Hiram Lodge. Hermione prides herself on her ability to influence her husband, and the fact that she secretly runs his business right from under his nose.

Question 8

Kevin Pearson

On the outside Kevin looks like he has everything he could have ever dreamed of. He is a television actor who has done rather well for himself. However, if we take a closer look we will also see that Kevin greatly dislikes the role he plays on television, and he has some serious unfinished business still haunting him from his past. To try to deal with things Kevin turns to bad options such as drugs, and other coping mechanisms. Can anyone here pick out the right answer?

Question 9

Steve Harrington

In season 1 of his series, Steve was just an average high school boy. He hung with the wrong crowd, but over all he was a pretty decent kid. By this point in the series, we know Steve to be a brave fighter who puts himself in danger to help those around him. In the newest seasons of his show, Steve somehow ended up as somewhat of a babysitter to a group of young boys. Pick out the correct show below.

Question 10

Eleanor Shellstrop

Eleanor was a rude, self-absorbed, dishonest person while she was alive. However, after her passing she accidentally wound up in heaven anyways. Determined to not be figured out, and ultimately to be allowed to stay in heaven, Eleanor tries to learn what it means to be a good person. She attempts to be selfless, and tries her best to be nice to everyone she encounters. Of course, this is much easier said than done. Which of the options listed is the correct one?

Question 11

Willow Rosenberg

When we first met Willow she was a timid high school girl, with no more than a couple of friends. She was the nicest girl in the whole school, but still somehow was one of the most picked on kids as well. However, over the years Willow really toughened up. By the end of her series she had actually became a rather fierce witch, who in all honesty, could have easily taught a lesson to any of those kids who used to pick on her.

Question 12

Claire Dunphy

Claire Dunphy is a classic mom. She has three children, and while they all drive her crazy, she does truly love them. She is also married to a man whom she loves very much, but lets face it, he may as well be a forth child in the home. Claire gave up her job to take care of her children, but it seems that this job is way harder than the one she initially quit. Does anyone know which show she is from?

Question 13

James Gordon

James Gordon is a stand-up guy. He works as a detective for the local police force, and he truly does his best to help the citizens of his town. However, he happens to live in a town where no one can be sure who the villains are and who the civilians are. Over the years James struggles with trying to follow his ethical views, as well as trying to get to the bottom of all of the crimes. Does anyone recognize this character?

Question 14

Charlie Kelly

Charlie is a crazy dude. He co-owns a bar with his best friends, but more often than not they end up drinking their own profits. Charlie is no doubt the least bright of his group of friends. This leads Charlie to get taken advantage of pretty bad. Every unwanted job at the bar goes to Charlie. He is the janitor, and pretty much the solver of every messy problem they encounter. Can anyone here think of which show this guy might be from?

Question 15

Mike Ross

Mike Ross is the definition of "right place right time". One day while in the middle of a less than legal transaction, Mike found himself on the run from authorities. He ran right into a hotel conference room, and found himself in an interview to become a lawyer at a prestigious law firm. Having taken the boards himself, he managed to ace the interview (and successfully avoided being found by the cops). Can anyone match Mike to his proper television series?

Question 16

Rosa Diaz

Rosa Diaz works as a detective at her local precinct. While she has a great love for her colleges, she tends to expresses that love in a less than fuzzy way. She is not big on affection, and would rather be left alone most of the time. However, when the time comes she is always right there to help who ever is in need. She may not be nicest friend anyone has ever had, but she sure is one of the bravest.

Question 17

Claire Randall

Claire Randall has lived many lifetimes worth of adventures. She was once a nurse in the second World War, and after the war had ended, all she wanted was to be back in her husbands embrace. However, while out on a trip together, Claire touched a magical stone and wound up in the year 1743. Now stuck in the past, Claire must find a way to survive. Luckily, a handsome young Scott named Jaime is around to help her out. Which of these shows does Claire belong to?

Question 18

Skyler White

Skyler White is a mother and wife. She dedicated her life to taking care of her children, and her husband. Once finding out that her husband had been diagnosed with cancer however, her entire life got flipped upside down. While she probably would have managed without it, her husband became determined to make enough money for his family to survive after he had passed. Since he was a high school teacher, making that kind of cash was not exactly easy...

Question 19

Nick Blaine

In a series full of unfortunate story lines, Nick may actually have one of the better ones. Nick lives in a world where fertile woman are help captive, and used to birth babies to noble families. Nick works as a driver for one of these families. Nick is well aware that the situation going on is a less than favorable one, but what can he do? After he falls in love with one of the captive women, things really begin to get dangerous...

Question 20

Bellamy Blake

After Earth became unlivable, humans took to living out in space. However, this situation was not permanent. The leaders of what was left of the human race decided to send a spaceship full of children down to Earth to check things out. This spaceship contained Bellamy Blake, and his younger sister Octavia. Bellamy viewed this as an opportunity for freedom, and not as a dangerous mission. Once on Earth however, the reality of things started to sink in... Does anyone know the correct answer?

Question 21

Piper Chapman

Piper wants everyone to believe that she is an innocent person, who has just continuously been in the wrong place at the wrong time for most of her life. After just a few episodes into her show however, it became clear this was not the case at all. Piper is in fact a selfish woman, who truly deserved everything she got. Now that she is imprisoned, she can finally be herself. Looking at the given options, does anyone know the right show?

Question 22

Mr. Gold

Mr. Gold is the owner of his entire town. He is not the mayor, but since he owns the whole property, and not to mention almost all of the businesses, he is pretty much the man in charge. In fact, the only reason he allows others to pretend to be in charge, is so that he can use them to do his sinister work. Mr. Gold could have been a righteous man, but his cowardly ways have prevented him from doing the right thing his entire life.

Question 23

Gemma Teller Morrow

Gemma started off as a pretty decent lady. Sure, she did some illegal things, but everything she ever did was to benefit her club or her family. She was a strong supporter in the club she and her family were a part of, and she made it her life's work to ensure it was kept alive and functioning. While she was somewhat of a good guy throughout the first few seasons, by the time season 5 rolled around she was pretty much a villain.

Question 24

Elena Gilbert

When we first met Elena in season 1, she was a standard high school kid. She had been through some tough times, but she was happy for the most part. She had some good friends, and she loved her brother very much. However, just a couple of episodes in her whole life changed. She met a few vampires, and the rest was pretty much history. Looking at the 4 options given below, can anyone pick out the correct television show?

Question 25

Fallon Carrington

Fallon is a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. She waited a very long time to be promoted from within her fathers company. She was a hard worker, and truly deserved the promotion. However, her father decided to give it to his new bride instead. Not a problem for Fallon. She decided to start her own business along side her fathers ultimate rival. Now she has the upper hand, and you better believe she is going to keep it.

Question 26

Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson is exactly the man you would want around if your city fell under attack by aliens, or other strange beings. He has spent his entire life trying to save the world from creatures that wish to harm it. He has even gone as far as giving his life for his planet (though he was brought back). He is one of the fiercest crime fighters this world has ever seen, and over all one of the bravest men alive. Pick out his show below.

Question 27

Marshall Eriksen

Marshall Eriksen is an environmental lawyer living in New York City with his wife, children, and best friends. He grew up in Minnesota, and loved his childhood very much. After high school, he moved to the big city to attend law school. That is where he met his wife, and best friend Ted. After graduation Marshall had trouble finding work, but eventually ended up switching gears and becoming a judge. Looking at he options below, can anyone guess which show he is from?

Question 28

Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson is a very serious man indeed. He works in local government, but is always planning for his promotion into the big leagues. He does his very best to show no emotion at all, but he sometimes slips up when a perfectly cooked steak appears before him. While he does seem to have some feelings for his ex wife, there is no denying that meat is actually the love of his life. Does anyone here know which show he is from?

Question 29

Luke Danes

Luke Danes is the proud owner of "Lukes", the local diner of the town Stars Hollow. His restaurant used to be a hardware store that belonged to his father, but after he passed Luke decided to change the business into something he could run himself. He is not exactly known for his polite service, but everyone in town knows his coffee is the best! Looking at the four given options, ca anyone pick out the show that Luke belongs to?

Question 30

Justin Foley

Justin Foley is a troubled kid to say the least. From an outside perspective he looks like any other popular jock, but in reality he is struggling much more than anyone knows. His home life is less than ideal, so most of the time he stays with his best friend Bryce. However, Bryce is not a good influence, and winds up getting Justin into some pretty serious trouble. What is a guy to do? Run a way, or stay and face the consequences?

Question 31

Nick Miller

Nick Miller is a bartender. He dreams of one day opening his own bar, but for now is content in his work. He shares a large apartment with 3 of his friends, and the story line of his show pretty much revolves around their living situation. Nick is one of the louder roommates, but likes to pretend that he is the most sane one there. He eventually grows to have deep feelings for one of his roommates, but he is not exactly mature enough to express those feeling properly.

Question 32

Violet Crawley

Violet is the head of a very prestigious family. She has faced many battles over the years, all in efforts to keep her family tree strong and respected. She believes there is a certain way to act if you are from a noble family, and she expects the rest of her family to uphold these views. Even with this strict mindset, Violet has had her fair share of adventures. Looking at the four titles below, can anyone pick out the correct one?

Question 33

Chuck Bass

Chuck Bass is as spoiled as they come. He was raised with more money than most people could even imagine. However, even with all of that money Chuck found himself lonely for most of his childhood. His mother had passed while giving birth to him, and his father never seemed able to forgive him for that. So instead of parents, Chuck was raised primarily by nannies and his pocket full of cash. Which of these shows does he belong to?

Question 34

Celeste Wright

To the outside eye Celeste looks like she has it all. She has a beautiful house, a loving husband, and two adorable young boys. All of that is true except for the loving husband part. While her husband supplies her with the beautiful home, and all of the material things she could ever want, he also lays his hands on her. He is the master at doing it behind closed doors, leading everyone in their town to believe they are the luckiest couple around.

Question 35

Lindsay Bluth Fünke

Lindsay is a broke woman who has no idea that she is broke. Having grown up with money, she just assumes she still has it. However, her family money has long since dried up, and her husband is an out of work man who is constantly changing his career plans. Lindsay is more than capable of finding a job herself, but instead sits back and waits for everyone else to supply her with the life she is used to. Which show is correct?

Question 36

Jeff Winger

Jeff is as dishonest as they come. He basically faked his way through law school, became a well sought after lawyer, than got busted for not having a legit degree. Once busted, Jeff had no choice but to return to school. Now he is attending a very low budget community college, and he has even made a few misfit friends who try their best to help him stick to an honest path. Does anyone here know which of these shows is the correct match?

Question 37

Rachel Berry

To most of her fellow high school students, Rachel Berry is completely annoying. She needs to be the center of attention no matter where she is, and she has a real knack for temper tantrums. With all of that said, she is also probably the most talented kid in the entire school. She has the voice of an angel, and the stage presence of all of the greats. She dreams of one day taking her talents all the way to the stages of Broadway.

Question 38

Callie Jacob

Callie Jacob has not had it very easy. Her and her younger brother have been living in the system ever since they lost their parents at a young age. Callie has made it her mission to ensure that no matter which home they are sent to, they stay together. They have experienced some pretty bad homes, but they have also found themselves living with some truly decent families. Ring any bells? Is there anyone here who can match Callie Jacob to her television series?

Question 39

Juliette Barnes

Juliette Barnes is the country star of her generation. She has a wicked voice, and a great personality for stardom. However, as these things normally tend to go for young people in the spotlight, she begins to unravel right before the eyes of all of her fans. That being said, what would a star be without an awesome comeback, right? Out of the four shows listed below, cam anyone here pick out the right match for this beautiful blond character?

Question 40

Kevin Garvey

Kevin was working as a police officer when "the incident" happened. About half of the worlds population just vanished without a trace. With no explanation on why it happened, or where these people went, Kevin along with everyone else that was left had to deal with the consequences. Now Kevin's main task is trying to ensure his town does not fall into complete chaos. Clearly this task is not an easy one... Does anyone here know which show this character is from?

Question 41

Vincent Chase

Vincent is the movie star everyone dreams of being. He is just one of those guys who seems to have it a bit easier than the rest. He was born with movie star good looks, and on top of that the guy could really act as well. So, at a young age he moved to Hollywood with his best friends by his side, and decided to take on show business. Clearly with those looks, things worked out pretty well for him...

Question 42

Max Black

Max did not have the easiest childhood. Her family was quite dysfunctional, but then again who's isn't? Nowadays Max works as a waitress at a local diner along with her best friend and roommate Caroline. These two girls could not be anymore different. While Caroline is optimistic and cheery, Max is bitter and overly sarcastic. Somehow these two manage to make it work, since ultimately they have no choice if they want to afford to live. Which of these shows is her match?

Question 43

Titus Andromedon

Titus is the most confident man in the whole world. Sure, he knows very well that he is different from the rest, but that is exactly what makes him a star (or that is what he believes at least). He is an out of work actor trying to survive out in New York City. Luckily, his landlord is pretty crazy and does not often enforce the whole rent thing. He also has a roommate who tries her best to support the two of them.

Question 44

Chanel Oberlin

Chanel may look like your average mean girl, but in reality she is much much worse. This fashionista will go to any lengths to ensure her reputation is kept, and her future as a rich wife comes to be. She has very little care for anyone else in the world except for herself. Even her best friends are treated terribly by her. However, since she is so rich and fabulous, no one ever seems to mind. Which of these shows does she belong to?

Question 45

Jessa Johansson

Jessa is probably the least trustoworthy friend in the entire world. Okay, maybe she isn't really, but she certainly isn't winning any best friend trophies. Out of her whole group of friends, she is the craziest one. She parties harder than the others, and she makes no excuses for her poor behavior. Even after she starts dating her best friends ex-boyfriend, she makes no apologies. Does anyone know this character, or better yet which of these shows she belongs to?

Question 46

Abbi Abrams

Abbi Abrams is a funny down to earth chick. She is in her mid-twenties and she is living out in New York City. She dreams of one day supporting herself through her art work, but for now she is just working on getting promoted from gym cleaner to gym trainer. She has a best friend, and the two of them have some pretty wild adventures together. Does this description ring any bells? Which of these shows does Abbi belong to?

Question 47

Danny Castellano

Danny Castellano is a working doctor in New York City. He is rather rude, and sees himself as a better person than most he encounters. However, once he falls in love with his most annoying colleague, his whole outlook begins to shift. He starts to think of others, and realizes people who are not exactly like him may have things to offer as well. Sadly, the relationship didn't last, and he pretty much reverted to the man he was previously.

Question 48

Jack Shephard

Jack is a troubled man to say the least. It is hard to decide if we should focus on his father issues, or his obsession with having to save everyone he meets. Growing up he was always told by his father that he did not have what it takes to make it as a man. Yikes. If that wasn't bad enough, once he was an adult and working as a top notch surgeon, he was in a plane crash that stranded him on the worlds craziest island.

Question 49

Dean Winchester

Dean is the fierce protector of his younger brother Sam. Both he and his brother have the important job of hunting demons, and other evil creatures. After a yellow-eyed demon took the life of their beloved mother while they were very young, their father decided to raise them as "hunters". Now as grown men they continue the job their father taught them to do. Looking at the four listed titles, can anyone here match Dean to the correct television series?

Question 50

Claire Underwood

Claire Underwood has had quite a run. She was the first ever women VP, and now she is the worlds first woman leader of the free world. Not too shabby! She spent her life trying to get her husband elected as commander in chief, but after he resigned, she wanted to job for herself. Luckily for her, she learned a lot by watching the boys over the years... For this one last question, can anyone here match this awesome character to her appropriate TV series?

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