Only True X-Men Fans Can Score 100% On This Quiz. Can You?

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be currently basking in the cultural spotlight for being one of the longest superhero movie franchises, the X-Men franchise technically set the record first. Starting in 2000, this decade-old series of films introduced some of the concepts of a modern superhero film alongside the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies and the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. These elements include the gritty realism that early 2000s films exhibited in general in the wake of 9/11, leading to their serious tone which the Marvel films have disregarded to an extent, and a sense of character development regarding the main heroes. But what made the X-Men films stand out from the others was its continuity.

What started off as a relatively simple self-contained story soon evolved into a bunch of stand-alone films revolving around the series' main character Wolverine, with Deadpool being the current exception, and a set of prequels which have produced mixed results from the universally hated X-Men Origins film to the critically-acclaimed crossover Days of Future Past. Yet despite its setbacks, the series has produced a number of memorable characters who have spouted quotable lines and given us unforgettable moments to look back on. The question is: how well do you know them?

1What are Wolverine's claws made of?

Arguably the main character of the entire X-Men franchise, Logan’s tale is long and spans across many centuries. It began in 1800s Canada where he was born, along with his brother Victor (aka Sabertooth). They discovered their Mutant powers at an early age, before becoming vagabond warriors fighting in all the major wars including World War II where Logan saved the life of a Japanese military officer when one of the atom bombs dropped on Nagasaki. Then sometime in the 1970s, a man named Stryker took a keen interest in Logan before experimenting on him leading to his subsequent amnesia.

2Why did Cyclops not like Wolverine?

Also known as Scott Summers, Cyclops was enrolled in Xavier’s school right after his power manifested which caused significant property damage and possibly a few injuries at the high-school he was attending. Because he shoots powerful lasers from his eyes unless they’re closed, he has to wear special sunglasses wherever he goes and his costume comes with a visor that allows him to control the amount of energy the lasers produce. It was around this time that he met Jean Grey, and the two quickly bonded, causing him to become very protective of her.

3Which Mutant guy did Rogue end up with?

Before joining the X-Men, Rogue was an ordinary teenage girl named Marie D'Ancanto with loving parents and a boyfriend. However, when she and her boyfriend tried to kiss he passed out abruptly. For two weeks, Rogue’s boyfriend was in a coma causing her to run away as she felt responsible for it. She ended up in Canada and met Wolverine there, persuading him to give her a ride somewhere. The two then get ambushed by Sabertooth, before being rescued by Cyclops and Storm. There, Rogue meets several fellow Mutants including a boy named Bobby. What was his X-Men name?

4How did Iceman's parents react to him being a Mutant?

Though everyone calls him “Iceman” because of his ability to freeze things, Bobby Drake is actually fairly social and well-liked among his classmates at Xavier’s school. He tries to be friends with everyone, whether they accept him or not, and helps them whenever they’re in trouble. Yet he’s been keeping his parents in the dark about his Mutant nature since enrolling at Xavier’s, which they think is just an ordinary private school. But all that changes when the school gets invaded forcing him and the remaining Mutants to hide somewhere.

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