Only True Pokémon Masters Can Name All These Gen 2 Pokémon

There's a rather large percentage of kids that grew up in the 90s who fell in love with Pokemon. It was hard not to, as it was delivered directly through various formats like video games, an anime series, or manga. Toys and trading cards could be, and still are, found in most departments stores. It was a craze unlike any other and it completely captured the minds of millions. The original set of 151 Pokemon will undoubtedly have a place in the hearts of many for years and years to come. But that was only the beginning.

Given how popular these little creatures had become, it was only natural that it would continue on. Not too long after Pokemon Red and Blue were released, Pokemon Gold and Silver were debuting on the Game Boy Color. The minds of fans everywhere were being blown as they found out about all the new Pokemon they would get to learn about and play as. It set a precedent that is still continuing today. A few years after a game is released, a new one will come out with a new batch of creatures to get excited over.

This quiz exists as a way to honor that first continuation. The first time Nintendo released a sequel to this mega-franchise. The first time kids got excited about all the wonderful new pocket monsters they could collect. But it takes a true Pokemon master to remember the names of all of them.

Question 1

What is the name of the first Pokemon in generation 2?

For many gamers today that grew up in the 90s, the original group of 151 Pokemon will always be the best. But the second batch of creatures still brought a lot of great designs and stuck with the tradition of giving players the option of choosing a grass, water, or fire starter as their first companion. Known as the Leaf Pokemon, this was the grass starter in the Gold and Silver games on Game Boy Color. It can be very friendly and loves spending time outdoors so it can soak up the sun. What is the name of the grass type starter in the second generation?

Question 2

What is the name of the fire starter from generation 2?

It was always going to be hard to replace the fire starter from the first generation, but this little guy is just as cool. The fire starter from generation 2, known as the Fire Mouse Pokemon, had holes on its back that could emit flames for a variety of attacks. As it was one of the starters, Ash ended up adding one to his team in the anime. It can also be found in the "Super Smash Bros." series, where it will appear from a Pokeball and spray flames from its back at anyone close to it. What is the name of this fire type?

Question 3

Who is the water starter in generation 2?

Surprisingly, the most aggressive of the three starter types in generation 2 is not the fire type. The water starter resembles an alligator and is much more energetic than the other two. Known as the Big Jaw Pokemon, these ferocious creatures love running through swamps and chomping at anything that gets in their path. However, this is more out of a love for playing rough than actually being mean-spirited. Its jaw is its most impressive feature, and it definitely comes in handy during battles. With its sharp claws and water attacks, any trainer would be happy picking this as their starter. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 4

What is the name of this legendary Pokemon?

Each generation comes with several legendary Pokemon, those that are much more powerful and rare compared to most other Pokemon. This particular fire/flying type actually debuted in the first episode of the anime long before it was ever put into a game. After a hard first day traveling with Pikachu, Ash saw this majestic bird flying across the sky with a rainbow appearing behind it. It would later become the poster child for Gold on the Game Boy Color. This Pokemon is so powerful that it is said it can revive any Pokemon. What is the name of this legendary Pokemon?

Question 5

What is the name of this other gen 2 legendary Pokemon?

For each set of games in the Pokemon franchise, a particular Pokemon will appear on the cover. While the first two in the series featured Charizard for the Red version and Blastoise for the Blue Version (and Venasuar for the Green version in Japan), later games would feature legendary creatures. This psychic/flying type appeared on the cover of Silver and was naturally one of the most powerful Pokemon one could get in the game. It is known as the Guardian of the Seas and protects all living things around it. And it's even smart enough to communicate telepathically. What is the name of this legendary Pokemon?

Question 6

What is the name of the Pokemon that resembles the alphabet?

The world of Pokemon has known some rather strange creature designs and behaviors over the years. And one of the more bizarre Pokemon from the second generation could actually take on multiple appearances as they are based on the alphabet. These psychic Pokemon are shrouded in mystery and come from a different dimension. Though they may not be impressive alone, in numbers they can be extremely powerful. When grouped together, their combined psychic abilities are strong enough to reshape reality based on the dreams of the person that summoned them. What is the name of this Pokemon based on the alphabet?

Question 7

Which Pokemon evolves into Pikachu?

The second generation brought many new designs for Pokemon, but also many others that were linked to others from the first generation. While some Pokemon that didn't have an evolved form were given one, others were given pre-evolved forms. This adorable electric Pokemon will one day evolve into the famous Pikachu. It's a bit faster than Pikachu, but not as strong. This Pokemon appeared in "Super Smash Bros. Melee" as a playable fighter, but its electric attacks dealt a small amount of damage to itself. This is actually canonical, as the sacks on its cheeks can't store as much electricity as Pikachu and it will hurt itself if any leaks out. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 8

What Pokemon does Golbat evolve into?

Here is one of those instances of a Pokemon from the first generation being given an evolved form for the second. Zubat was one of the easiest Pokemon to find in the original games. All one had to do was walk into any cave and about a billion would be waiting. Its evolved form, Golbat, made it worth capturing. But the third and final form, even more so. The extra two wings make it more agile while flying and this Pokemon can emit ultrasonic waves to help it fly at night. What is the name of the Pokemon that Golbat evolves into?

Question 9

What is the name of this popular Pokemon from the anime?

There were several Pokemon that appeared in the anime before they were seen in the games (at least in the U.S.). When Ash, Brock, and Misty discovered a mysterious egg, the three argued over who would get to keep the unknown Pokemon inside. But when it hatched and saw Misty, the decision was made. This Pokemon is much more powerful than one might think, as was shown when it performed impressive feats in the series. It is known as the Spike Ball Pokemon and can evolve twice. It appears in "Super Smash Bros.," performing a different type of attack each time it appears. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 10

What is the name of this Eeveelution?

The normal type Eevee was a fan favorite from the original 151 as it could evolve into either an electric, fire, or water type depending on the preference of the player. And when generation 2 was released, Eevee was given two more evolutions. While the first three evolved forms could be acquired through the use of different evolution stones, these two operated a bit differently. Players could evolve Eevee into this psychic type by leveling it up while it had high Happiness during the daytime. This Pokemon has very high Special Attack and Speed. What is the name of this Eeveelution?

Question 11

What is the name of this angry looking Pokemon?

This Pokemon didn't debut in the anime before it appeared in a game. But it did debut in the short film that played before "Pokemon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back." "Pikachu's Vacation" saw Ash's Pokemon at an amusement park dealing with a particularly rotten group of Pokemon, of which this one belonged to. However, its personality is normally very affectionate despite its constant frown. As a dog-like Pokemon, it can be very loyal and playful. And it only ever bears its fangs if it feels threatened and wants to scare other Pokemon off. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 12

What steel type Pokemon does Onix evolve into?

With the new generation of Pokemon, new types were also introduced. Dark and Steel, while not heavily featured, did make some memorable appearances in a few of the new Pokemon. Onix, the solely rock type owned by Brock in the anime and the original games, could now evolve into this steel behemoth. This could only be done in the games by making Onix hold an item called Metal Coat and trading it. It is fittingly known as the Iron Snake Pokemon and the Pokedex states its body is harder than diamond. What is the name of the Pokemon Onix evolves into?

Question 13

What Pokemon can evolve into either Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan?

Everyone who played the original games or watched the show knew that the boxing Hitmonchan and the kicking Hitmonlee were related somehow. In a sort of reverse Eevee situation, the Pokemon that can evolve into either of them debuted in the second generation along with its third evolution. It is known as the Scuffle Pokemon and has a fierce spirit, with the Pokedex stating it never gives up fighting even if it loses. Which of the three forms this Pokemon will evolve into depends on Attack and Defense levels once it reaches level 20. What is the name of this fighting type?

Question 14

What is the name of this legendary Pokemon?

The second generation didn't just feature the two legendary birds. There were also three other legendary Pokemon: one fire type, one water type, and one electric type. This is known as the Thunder Pokemon and for good reason. It watches over electric type Pokemon in need, carries thunder clouds on its back so that it can shoot out giant bolts, and stores up static electricity as it runs so that it can use it later. Even its cry sounds like crashing thunder, making it an incredibly intimidating creature. It is one of the more rare Pokemon that can be seen in "Super Smash Bros." What is the name of this legendary electric type?

Question 15

What is the name of this powerful normal type?

It may not look it, but this normal type Pokemon can deliver one serious beat down courtesy of a move called Rollout. Whitney, the third gym leader players come across in Gold and Silver, uses one of these as her final Pokemon. And she loves to use Rollout, one of the most powerful rock type moves in the entire series. Rollout will have to be used five turns in a row, with each hit gaining in power. Another annoying feature about battling this Pokemon is that it can also learn Milk Drink, which recovers 1/2 the Pokemon's max HP. What is this Pokemon's name?

Question 16

What is the name of this grass type Pokemon?

Having a Pokemon on the team with the ability to poison opponents is always a smart move on the trainer's part. Known as the Flower Pokemon, this member of the second generation can do that and so much more. It can also learn an abundance of powerful grass type attacks like Solar Beam and Stun Spore, which can cause paralysis. The Pokedex states that larges groups of these like to gather in order to dance together, and it is believed that this dance is a ritual to summon the Sun. This Pokemon also appears in "Super Smash Bros.," where it puts opponents to sleep. What is its name?

Question 17

What is the name of this other Eeveelution?

The second Eeveelution to appear in the second generation is this dark type. While evolving into the psychic form could be achieved while leveling Eevee up with high Happiness during the day, the dark type could be achieved only during the night. This has given it its secondary name, the Moonlight Pokemon. Though it is not a poison type, it does have the ability to spray poisonous sweat from its pores if it feels threatened. When battling at night, the yellow rings on its body glow due to the moonlight. What is the name of this dark type evolution of Eevee?

Question 18

What is the name of this legendary fire type?

The legendary fire type from generation 2 is perhaps the most popular of the three due to how ferocious it can be and because of its prominent role in "Pokemon 3: The Movie." And with the species name of the Volcano Pokemon, one can expect it to produce some incredibly powerful flames. There are many rumors surrounding this Pokemon, such as one is born every time a new volcano forms and a volcano erupts every time it roars. This Pokemon is so strong, in fact, that it races across the land as it is unable to contain that much energy. What is the name of this legendary Pokemon?

Question 19

What is the name of Syther's evolved form?

With giant blades for hands and wings that heightened its speed dramatically, Scyther was hands down one of the coolest bug types from the first generation. But blending that ferocity with the steel type made Scyther even stronger in evolution. It is naturally known as the Pincer Pokemon, with Scyther's blades being replaced with giant, vice-like claws. Its thick skin is much more durable than Scyther's, though this evolved form isn't as fast because of it. It can appear from a Pokeball in "Super Smash Bros.," zipping around the screen and slicing through your foes. What Pokemon does Scyther evolve into?

Question 20

Who is this legendary water type?

The third and final legendary mammal from generation 2 is this water type, who is also the poster child for Pokemon Silver. It is known as the Aurora Pokemon and is said to be the north winds reincarnated as they blow fiercely whenever it appears. It is also an environmentally friendly Pokemon and can instantly clean murky water. Just like the other two, it can appear from a Pokeball in "Super Smash Bros.," where it will trap opponents in a whirlwind of powerful water. All three are also genderless, as there is only one of each. What is the name of this legendary Pokemon?

Question 21

What Pokemon evolves into Electabuzz?

One couldn't go wrong with adding Electabuzz to the team roster in the original games as it could learn useful electric attacks as well as various elemental punches, which could do a lot of damage and possibly produce status effects. And when generation 2 was released, it was also given a pre-evolved form. Just like Electabuzz, this Pokemon has the passive ability Static. If an enemy Pokemon lands a physical attack, there is 1/3 chance that they will be paralyzed due to the electricity running through this Pokemon's body. That's a pretty handy ability. What is the name of this electric Pokemon?

Question 22

What is the name of this dragon/water type?

Similar to the situation with Zubat, Horsea already had an evolved form from generation 1 before it was given a third in the next batch. Horsea could evolve into Seadra, a fairly strong water type. But what made this new evolution so wonderful was the addition of being a dragon type as well as a water one. This gave it more of an advantage over some types in battle, but it also meant it could learn impressive moves like Twister and Dragon Breath. These dealt heavy amounts of damage, making this one of the more underrated powerhouses from the second generation. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 23

Who is this highly intelligent Pokemon?

Classifying this Pokemon as highly intelligent is a tad surprising given how dim its first two forms are. Slowpoke and Slowbro from the first generation weren't quick thinkers, but they were still pretty capable when it came to water and psychic attacks. This Pokemon appeared in the franchise's second feature film, "Pokemon 2000," and was one of very few Pokemon that could speak the human language. Due to how smart it is, this Pokemon always remains calm in any situation. The Pokedex states that when its head was bitten by Shellder, causing it to evolve, toxins leaked into its brain and unlocked its power and intelligence. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 24

What is the name of this rock type Pokemon?

Being that this Pokemon resembles a tree, many players who first came across it may have assumed it was a grass type and tried to use fire attacks against it. This actually helps this Pokemon survive as it is really a rock type and is weak against water attacks. Its appearance has earned it the name of the Imitation Pokemon. Its appearance also helps it to stay hidden from trainers and other Pokemon in the wild, who may assume it is just another tree. In Gold and Silver, it took the place of Snorlax from the original games, blocking a road players need to travel on. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 25

What Pokemon evolves into Jigglypuff?

Many of the pre-evolved forms introduced in the second generation of Pokemon essentially look like baby versions of the original creatures. Which means they are so incredibly cute, it's almost too much to handle. This little puff ball will eventually evolve into Jigglypuff, one of the most popular characters from the anime. This Pokemon is extremely happy, constantly smiling and rolling around. Although, because of how soft its body is, once it gets rolling it is almost impossible to stop. Its almost as if it is made out of an elastic material as it can also bounce continuously. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 26

What is the name of this bug Pokemon?

Bug types may have gotten a bad rap over the years, maybe due to their designs being so similar to creatures that can be found in the real world. But a team of powerful bug types can be a hard thing to stop. This spider-like creature, known as the Long Leg Pokemon, would be welcome on any bug trainer's team. The special string that it can spin is ridiculously strong and can be used to bind opponents with ease. It can also learn the helpful bug move Leech Life and even a couple of psychic attacks. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 27

What is the final form of Cyndaquil?

When trainers see the very first Pokemon they started with evolve into their final form, it is quite a special thing. To watch them grow from a small, adorable creature into a gigantic monster definitely feels like an accomplishment. This Pokemon is the final form of Cyndaquil, the fire type starter. Similar to the legendary Entei, it is also classified as the Volcano Pokemon. While it obviously isn't as strong as Entei, it's still pretty impressive. When enraged, its skin can become so scalding that it engulfs anything that touches it in flames. It also has the passive ability Blaze, which strengthens its fire attacks if it drops past the 1/3 mark. What is Cyndaquil's final evolution called?

Question 28

What Pokemon evolves into Clefairy?

Here is another excellent case of a pre-evolved form being heart-warmingly cute. Clefairy was one of the more mysterious Pokemon of the original 151 as it didn't appear very often and only in specific areas. Plus, it was already adorable so giving it a pre-evolution was a natural addition. These tiny Pokemon are entranced by meteor showers and will gather in large groups to dance through the night. It is classified as the Star Shape Pokemon and there are many who believe this shape and their behavior is proof that they came to Earth on a meteor. What Pokemon evolves into Clefairy?

Question 29

Who is the electric sheep Pokemon?

The team behind Pokemon must have been big fans of the beloved sci-fi novel "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?" (the basis of "Blade Runner") when they designed this particular creature. Similar to Elekid, this Pokemon also has the passive ability, Static. But it also has the hidden Plus ability, meaning that its special attack goes up 50% when facing any Pokemon with the passive Minus ability. Its coat will also increase in volume if it stores enough static electricity, making it very dangerous for trainers to touch. This is the first form and it can evolve twice. What is the name of this electric sheep?

Question 30

Who is this legendary psychic/grass type Pokemon?

The final legendary Pokemon (and final, period) of generation 2 is this pleasant psychic/grass type. That may seem like an odd combination and that's because it is. This is one of three Pokemon in the entire series that is classified as both (the other two being Exeggcute and Exeggutor). It is known as the Time Travel Pokemon due to the fact that it wanders through time, guarding forests and causing them to flourish. It is more rare than any other legendary from Gold and Silver and could only be acquired through special Nintendo events or through a glitch. What is the name of this legendary Pokemon?

Question 31

What is the name of this rock/dark type?

This large, dinosaur-like Pokemon is one of the most ferocious from the second generation. And it was also incredibly hard to catch. This is the final form of a Pokemon that lives underground and doesn't come out until it is large enough (i.e. has evolved into its second form). Even if trainers were to get one on their team, it would take a lot of leveling up as the Pokemon only turns into this beast at level 55. It would be worth it, though, to get this ruthless fighter on the team. The Pokedex entry for Silver literally says it cares nothing for others. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 32

What is the final form of Chikorita?

If players were to go with Chikorita as their starter, the grass type would eventually evolve into this friendly giant. It has an incredibly kind demeanor and is even shown to keep the peace in the anime. And the Pokedex states it produces an aroma from its petals that can calm angry people or Pokemon. It is classified as the Herb Pokemon and has the passive ability of Overgrow. This means any of its grass type attacks become stronger when its health drops below 1/3 overall, similar to Typhlosion's Blaze ability. What is the name of Chikorita's final form?

Question 33

What is the name of this water/electric type Pokemon?

Perhaps more odd than the pairing pf psychic and grass is water and electric, as electric attacks are normally the best offense against water type Pokemon. This creature, however, is both types. It has the ability of Volt Absorb, which heals 1/4 of its HP when hurt by an electric attack. And despite its friendly face, it can be a dangerous predator. Its fins can produce different colors to lure prey in, where it will then emit a strong burst of light to blind the prey and swallow it whole. This light is so bright that it can light up the sea's surface from three miles below. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 34

What is the name of this monkey Pokemon?

Monkeys are naturally playful and mischievous, so it makes sense that a Pokemon resembling them would act the same way. This Long Tail Pokemon uses the hand at the end of its tail to swing from tree to tree, given that its hands are too small to use. This tail also helps it to balance on said branches when not swinging. It likes to steal various items from travelers, the only purpose being that it finds joy in annoying people. While this Pokemon can evolve, its evolved form wasn't introduced until the fourth generation. What is the name of this normal type Pokemon?

Question 35

Who is this carefree Pokemon?

While there are a great many Pokemon that are aggressive and just want to be left alone, there are just as many who love to go with the flow. This carefree Pokemon is the evolved form of one also introduced in the second generation. It can easily be found in marshes or wetlands, aimlessly paddling their way around. However, this does lead to it constantly bumping into boats or rocks. While this may make it seem like it isn't a great fighter, this ground/water type can learn some hefty moves like Ice Punch and Earthquake. What is the name of this carefree Pokemon?

Question 36

What is the name of this seed Pokemon?

This little Pokemon may not seem like much at first, but given that Metapod can evolve into Butterfree and Kakuna into Beedrill, it should get a little respect. This Pokemon only exists so that it can evolve into something else, meaning that it would be no use in a fight. It doesn't like to move much, lest it waste the energy it is preserving in order to evolve. If attacked, it will shake the leaves on the top of its head in order to escape. The Pokedex also states that it only eats dew drops that fall from the bottom of leaves. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 37

What is the name of this bug/fighting type?

Just like Scyther from the first generation, this Pokemon is a prime example of a bug type being an supreme fighter. Although, it being a bug/fighting type helps quite a lot. It is classified as the Single Horn Pokemon and that horn is one of its greatest attributes in a battle. It is so powerful that it can uproot giant trees and fling enemy Pokemon away with the greatest of ease. However good a fighter this Pokemon may be, it is actually fairly peaceful by nature. Ash memorably had one on his team in the anime. What is the name of this bug type?

Question 38

Which Pokemon is the final form of Totodile?

If trainers were to pick the spry water type Totodile as their starter, they would then end up with this fearsome looking monster. Similar to real life alligators, this Pokemon must get down on all fours in order to move quickly outside of water. But also similar to real life alligators, it can run surprisingly fast on all fours and its jaw is so strong that it rips anything to shreds. It can learn all the great water types moves one would expect it to, like Hydro Pump. But it can also learn ice attacks and the very helpful dark type attack, Bite. What is the name of Totodile's final form?

Question 39

What is the name of this dark/fire type?

The combination of fire and the new dark type can make for a pretty menacing combination, as evidenced by this Pokemon and what it can evolve into. Being that it is part dark type, this Pokemon is nocturnal. Which is when it chooses to do its hunting with its pack. This Pokemon is actually pretty smart. They use different types of barks to communicate with their pack, each with different meanings that no other Pokemon can understand. Dark attacks can do a lot of damage when they land and the combination of fire moves makes this Pokemon all the more valuable to trainers. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 40

Who is this Pokemon that resembles an elephant?

This ground type is naturally classified as the Long Nose Pokemon, but that long nose can be pretty dangerous. It is a lot more physically strong than it looks and one swing of that trunk can send something flying. Unfortunately, it likes to swing its trunk whenever its happy, which is pretty much all the time. It has the passive ability of Pickup, meaning that it can find random items for its trainer while wandering around the world. And the higher the level, the more rare the items it can pick up are. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 41

Who is this Pokemon with a paintbrush tail?

Though its tail resembles a paintbrush, that doesn't mean this normal type Pokemon keeps its tail soaked in paint. That is actually a special fluid that comes out of the tail naturally, which is then used by the Pokemon to mark its territory. One of the more interesting aspects of this Pokemon is that it has a signature move that only it can use called Sketch. This copies the last move used in the battle, no matter the type. However, the two moves that can't be copied are Chatter and Struggle. What is the name of this interesting normal type?

Question 42

What is the name of this other evolved form of Tyrogue?

While Tyrogue, which can evolve into Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan, was introduced in the second generation of Pokemon, so too was the third option it can evolve into. This Pokemon likes to spin on its head in battle, flailing its legs at enemies. Similar to Smeargle, it also has a signature move called Triple Kick. This attack hits three times in a row, with the power raising from 10 to 20 to 30 as long as each attack lands. Tyrogue can only evolve into this Pokemon at level 20 if its Attack and Defense stats are at the same level. What is the name of this fighting type?

Question 43

Which Pokemon evolves into Jynx?

Given how much cuter this Pokemon is than Jynx, it would be completely understandable if a trainer chose not to evolve it. While most Pokemon can either be male or female, this Pokemon can only ever be female. Its giant lips actually serve a purpose. Being that they are the most sensitive part on her body, she uses them to examine everything she comes into contact with, whether Pokemon or people or objects. She's an ice/psychic type, meaning that she can learn some of the most damaging moves Gold and Silver has to offer. What is the name of the Pokemon that evolves into Jynx?

Question 44

What Pokemon evolves into Magmar?

As cute and cuddly as this Pokemon may appear, it can dish out some serious heat. Its body temperature and the heat it spews from its mouth are always above 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Its flame is also used to determine its health as they are supposed to be yellow. It is classified as the Live Coal Pokemon due to its immense heat, and if a group of these little creatures gather in the volcanic craters it normally lives in, they can cause the volcano to erupt. Even while breathing, embers come out of its nose and mouth. What Pokemon evolves into Magmar?

Question 45

What Pokemon does Chansey evolve into?

While the helpful Chancey from the first generation was given a pre-evolved form, that Pokemon wouldn't be introduced until the fourth generation. In the second generation, however, Chancey was allowed to evolve. Literally known as the Happiness Pokemon, this creature can make anyone happy simply by giving them an egg. One bite will turn them into the most caring person. Just like Chancey, who can always be found at Pokemon Centers, this Pokemon will heal any injured Pokemon it comes across. It doesn't have the highest attack stats, but it does have high HP. What Pokemon does Chancey evolve into?

Question 46

What is the name of this water type?

This water type is known as the Aqua Rabbit Pokemon, which is a spot on description of its appearance. Those big ears aren't just for show, either. If it focuses, this Pokemon can hear any other Pokemon in the water, no matter how fast and raging the waters may be. It is also incredibly kind. If it ever comes across a Pokemon struggling to swim, it will create a bubble around their head so it can breath underwater. It has fairly average stats, but would make a strong team member against rock or fire types. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 47

Who is this normal type Pokemon?

For anyone living in the world of Pokemon not trying to be the best trainer that ever lived and solely wanting to capture them based on a cuddly factor, this Pokemon would no doubt be a top pick. But it does have some natural abilities that can help in battles. One is called Run Away, which guarantees being able to escape a random Pokemon encounter. The other is Keen Eye, which makes it impossible for an enemy Pokemon to lower the accuracy. It also knows how to protect itself in the wild, building nests that only its skinny body can fit into. What is the name of this normal type?

Question 48

What is the name of this flying type Pokemon?

Though this normal/flying type may look like an ordinary owl, it is much more fearsome than one. Like a normal owl, it can turn its head 180 degrees. But unlike a normal owl, doing this will increase its intellect. This can help it out of tough situations, as can its ability to see entirely in the dark. It isn't the most powerful flying type to be found in Gold and Silver, but its first form can be caught early on in the games when a team needs building up. Most of the moves it can learn are normal, but it can learn some psychic attacks as well. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 49

Who is this mystic Pokemon?

One of the flyers harder to come by in Gold and Silver is this psychic/flying type. While many other bird Pokemon love to move about, this one prefers to stand unnaturally still. The Pokedex states that it stays so still because it is viewing the past and the future simultaneously. This has led to its classification as the Mystic Pokemon. The psychic attacks it can learn can do heavy damage in battle, as can the ghost ones. It also has the natural abilities Synchronize, which can pass a status effect onto an opponent, and Early Bird, which causes it to wake up from a sleep move sooner. What is the name of this Pokemon?

Question 50

What is the name of the clear wing Pokemon?

Just because it is a bug type doesn't mean it is easy to come by. This bug/flying type could only be found in one location in Gold and Silver, making it more rare than others. While it can fly, its wings also serve another purpose. If flapped hard and quickly enough, this Pokemon can produce waves so strong that they can break windows. Its massive eyes can also turn 360 degrees, meaning it can scan areas for prey easily. Most of the moves it can learn or be taught are actually normal types. What is the name of this Pokemon?

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