Only 33% Of NFL Fans Know The College Teams Of All These Players

It's that time of year again. Yes, it's fall, which means pumpkin everything and cooler weather for most areas. But we're referring to a more specific time of year—football season. Tons of sports fans will tune in to all the big games to see their favorite players battle it out on the field. Even more extreme fans may engage in fantasy football and draft their favorite players to create a dream team they wished existed in real life. Either way, it's always fun to learn more about a star player.

A lot of fans may think they know their favorite player well, but just how well? It's easy for NFL fans to get caught up in the hype of which team their favorites will play for each season. So much so that many sports enthusiasts forget that these NFL athletes once played ball at a college level. Only the really dedicated fans not only remember this fact but also remember the college from which these star NFL players were drafted.

So in order to see who is the biggest NFL fan, we've designed this quiz around the top-ranked players for this season. These rankings came from the players themselves, but each player came from his own college first. But only true NFL fans can identify the college teams of all these players.

Question 1

Tom Brady

When it comes to playing in the NFL, quarterback Tom Brady has plenty of experience. He is currently in his nineteenth season playing for the New England Patriots. Tom grew up in California, where he played baseball and basketball in addition to football in high school. He almost played in the MLB and was drafted late in the second round after high school. However, football was Tom's real passion so he decided to go the route of playing college football.

Question 2

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is a talented wide receiver playing his ninth consecutive year for the Pittsburg Steelers. He is currently in a playing contract that has him with the team through the 2021 season. Antonio has broken several NFL records. The most impressive record he set was being the first NFL player to have more than 1,000 yards receiving and returning in the same season. Antonio grew up in Miami where he was on his high school's football and track teams.

Question 3

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is among the younger of the highly ranked NFL players, as he is only in his third season with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was selected as the second overall draft pick in 2016 for the team's quarterback. Carson set several NFL rookie records and led his team to win the Super Bowl LII. He grew up in North Dakota and played football, basketball and baseball in high school. Carson also excelled in academics and graduated valedictorian of his senior class.

Question 4

Julio Jones

Going on his eighth season with the Atlanta Falcons, Julio was a standout wide receiver during his college days. He was the sixth overall draft pick in 2011 and holds the highest NFL record for average receiving yards per game. Julio grew up in Foley, Alabama, and played wide receiver and defensive end for his high school football team. He was also on the starting lineup for the school's basketball team and won many accolades for his high school track performances.

Question 5

Le'Veon Bell

Fairly a newcomer to the NFL, Le'Veon Bell is playing his sixth season with the Pittsburg Steelers. He was drafted in the second round during his junior year of college and decided to skip his senior year. Le'Veon grew up in Ohio and played several sports in high school like many other NFL athletes. Just like in the professional and college leagues, he played running back in high school. Le'Veon earned honors for his performances in basketball and track and field as well.

Question 6

Todd Gurley

As one of the younger NFL players, Todd Gurley is now in his fourth season with the Rams. The team was based in St. Louis during 2015, and Todd was the first running back selected during that year's draft. His second year on the team, the Rams moved back to Los Angeles. He grew up in North Carolina and played football, basketball and track in high school. Todd helped lead Tarboro High School's football team to a 2A state championship.

Question 7

Aaron Donald

Much like Todd Gurley, Aaron Donald has spent his time in the NFL playing for the Rams in two separate locations. He is in his fifth year with the team and was based in St. Louis for the first two years. Aaron was drafted during the first round to play defensive tackle. He grew up in Pittsburgh and played defensive tackle and offensive guard in high school. When it came time to play football in college, he had four scholarship offers to choose from.

Question 8

Drew Brees

Drew Brees is quickly approaching 40 and for good reason. He is now in his eighteenth season as a quarterback in the NFL. He was the first pick in the second draft round for 2001, going to the San Diego Chargers. He later moved on to play for the New Orleans Saints. Drew grew up in Dallas and was named after a Dallas Cowboys wide receiver. He played football, baseball and basketball in high school and considered playing baseball in college.

Question 9

Von Miller

Outside linebacker Von Miller is playing his eighth season with the Denver Broncos. He was drafted second overall in 2011. Von was named Super Bowl MVP in 2015 when his team won the championship. He grew up in DeSoto, Texas, where he played football and ran track for his high school. Throughout high school and college, Von played several different positions on the defensive line. He has played in six Pro Bowls so far and received many honors as an NFL player.

Question 10

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has played with the Green Bay Packers for fourteen seasons now, leading the team as their quarterback. He set several records while playing college football and was selected in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft. Unlike a lot of NFL players, Aaron saw little interest from larger schools and only received a scholarship offer to join a larger team as a walk-on. He declined the offer and started playing football at a junior college before transferring.

Question 11

Russell Wilson

This NFL quarterback plays for the Seattle Seahawks and has done so for the past seven seasons. He has several athletic accolades to his name, which include playing football at two different colleges and baseball at one. Russell also played minor league baseball for two years. He comes from a long line of athletes, as his grandfather, father and two siblings all played a sport at the collegiate level. During his high school days in Richmond, Virginia, Russell played football, basketball and baseball.

Question 12

Luke Kuechly

Luke Kuechly has played middle linebacker for the past seven years with the Carolina Panthers. In that time, he has earned several NFL awards, including Defensive Rookie of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year. Luke grew up around Cincinnati, Ohio, where he played linebacker and safety for his high school football team. He had official visits to several colleges before choosing where he wanted to play football. The college where he played officially retired his jersey in 2016.

Question 13

DeAndre Hopkins

Working on his sixth season for the Houston Texans, this wide receiver was drafted in the first round of the 2013 draft. DeAndre grew up in South Carolina where he was on his high school's football, basketball and track teams. He was an equally impressive basketball player and helped his senior team win the school's third state championship. DeAndre played college football for three years and then left to join the NFL. He attended private workout visits with several NFL teams during the pre-draft process.

Question 14

Calais Campbell

One of the largest players on the field, Calais Campbell started playing in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals before coming over to the Jacksonville Jaguars. In total, he has played professional football for eleven years. Long before that, he played football, basketball and track for his high school in Denver, Colorado. Calais set state records for sacks while in high school and received offers to play football from several colleges. He continues to lead in sacks and has set records in the NFL as well.

Question 15

Rob Gronkowski

Now in his ninth season with the New England Patriots, Rob Gronkowski was once called the "best all-around player in the draft." The New England Patriots drafted him in the second round to play tight end. He grew up in New York, playing football and basketball in high school. Rob moved to Pittsburg his senior year where he was at first deemed ineligible to play. That ruling was overturned, and Rob played his senior year. He was recruited by several colleges.

Question 16

Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack is playing his first season for the Chicago Bears but started playing professional ball five years earlier with the Oakland Raiders. He was the fifth overall draft pick in 2014. Khalil grew up in Florida and played baseball and basketball from an early age. He also played football in high school but had hoped to play basketball in college. After tearing his patella tendon during his sophomore year, Khalil was forced to focus on football instead of basketball.

Question 17

Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey is one of the youngest NFL players, but that didn't keep him from being drafted fifth overall in 2016. He is in his third season playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars, having joined the team after his junior year in college. Jalen grew up in Tennessee and was a standout athlete in both football and track and field. In college, he started at cornerback as a true freshman. He also competed on his college's track team and almost qualified for the 2016 Olympics.

Question 18

Ben Roethlisberger

Now in his fifteenth season playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger has put in a lot of time as an NFL quarterback. He was the youngest quarterback in NFL history to lead a team to win the Super Bowl. Ben grew up in Ohio where he played football, basketball and baseball in high school. He played wide receiver until switching to quarterback his senior year. In college, Ben set records and won awards, which eventually led to the school retiring his jersey.

Question 19

Everson Griffen

Everson Griffen is in his ninth year playing defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings. Just like Vikings Hall of Famer Randall McDaniel, Everson grew up in Avondale, Arizona. He was an all-around athlete in high school, excelling in football, basketball and track and field. On the football team, he played defensive lineman and running back. Everson visited several colleges during the recruiting process before committing to one school. He played college football through his junior year and then entered the NFL Draft.

Question 20

Alvin Kamara

Another one of the younger NFL players, Alvin Kamara is in his second season with the New Orleans Saints. Alvin grew up in Norcross, Georgia, where he was a standout on the football field. He was considered one of the nation's top running back prospects coming out of high school. At first, Alvin played for The University of Alabama. An injury followed by behavioral issues had him benched, so Alvin transferred to a community college before transferring again to another four-year university.

Question 21

Bobby Wagner

Here is yet another Seattle Seahawks player, this time a middle linebacker. Bobby Wagner is in his seventh season playing in the NFL and was drafted in the second round. He grew up in Ontario, California, and played linebacker and tight end for his high school football team. Bobby received one offer to play at college and accepted it. In college, he started all four years. During the draft, Bobby was considered fourth in line when it came to ranking the outside linebackers.

Question 22

A.J. Green

A.J. Green is in his eighth season playing wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals. He grew up in Summerville, South Carolina, where he played on his high school's football, basketball and track teams. Even earlier than that, A.J. was on a juggling team at his elementary school. In an interview, he said juggling helped him develop good hand-eye coordination. A.J. played in college for three years before entering the draft. He was the fourth player selected overall in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Question 23

Patrick Peterson

Defensive back Patrick Peterson is now in his eighth season playing with the Arizona Cardinals. Growing up in Florida, Patrick played running back and defensive back for his high school football team in addition to being on the track and field team. He was considered a top recruit by many and made a verbal commitment to one college before deciding to consider others. Patrick ended up going with a different college, where he played for three years before going pro.

Question 24

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce has been playing tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs going on six years. He grew up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, where he played football, basketball and baseball for his high school. While in high school, he was a top baseball prospect scouted by the Atlanta Braves and Kansas City Royals. Many people thought that Travis would go on to play in the MLB. Instead, he accepted one of several scholarship offers he received to play football in college.

Question 25

Cam Newton

Playing in his eighth season with the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton was the Panthers' first overall pick in the draft. His quarterback skills stretch back to his high school days in Atlanta, Georgia. Cam received several scholarship offers and committed to a college during his senior year. After some trouble, he transferred to a junior college before then transferring to the school he would attend until he joined the NFL. Cam won many awards for his college performance, including the Heisman trophy.

Question 26

Cameron Jordan

As a defensive end for the New Orleans Saints, Cameron Jordan is in his eighth season playing NFL football. He was born in Minneapolis, and his dad played football for the Minnesota Vikings. Cameron went to high school in Arizona, where he was outstanding on the football and track and field teams. In college, he had impressive stats and put on a great performance in the Senior Bowl. That helped solidify him as a first-round pick for the 2011 NFL Draft.

Question 27

Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald is a common name among many NFL fans as he now has played in the NFL for fifteen seasons. This wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals grew up in Richfield, Minnesota, where he played football in high school. Larry was considered one of the top wide receivers in the NCAA during his college years. After two years playing in college, he entered the draft. Larry was the sixth wide receiver to be chosen overall in the 2004 NFL Draft.

Question 28

Chandler Jones

Although defensive end Chandler Jones is in his seventh season with the NFL, this is only his third season playing for the Arizona Cardinals. He started playing in the pros as part of the New England Patriots. Chandler grew up in New York and was ranked eighth among all the football recruiting prospects in high school. He chose to leave college before his senior year and was chosen during round 1 of the 2012 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots.

Question 29

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan has played quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons for the past eleven years. He was picked third in the 2008 NFL Draft and has received several honors throughout his time with the NFL, including being named Offensive Rookie of the Year during his first season. Growing up in Philadelphia, Matt played football, basketball and baseball in high school. Recruiters started showing some interest in Matt as early as his sophomore year. He received several scholarship offers to play football in college.

Question 30

LeSean McCoy

Running back LeSean McCoy has been playing professional football for a decade now, first with the Philadelphia Eagles and currently with the Buffalo Bills. He grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where he played high school football. During his senior year, LeSean injured his ankle badly and feared it might affect his chances at playing ball in college. After high school, he attended Milford Academy prep school while his ankle healed and then transferred to the college where he played football.

Question 31

Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford has spent his last ten years playing quarterback for the Detroit Lions. He has the distinction of being the first pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Although he was born in Florida, his family moved to Georgia and then Texas, where Matthew attended high school. He led his football team to the state championship in 2005. Matthew graduated high school early and went straight to college where he played quarterback as a true freshman. Instead of finishing college, he entered the draft after his junior year.

Question 32

Jadeveon Clowney

Linebacker Jadeveon Clowney is now in his fifth season with the Houston Texans. He grew up in South Carolina where he played high school running back and defensive end. Jadeveon has always been a guy of great stature, as he stood 6'3" by his freshman year in high school. By his senior year, Jadeveon was considered one of the top players in his graduating class. He received several college offers and announced his decision on his eighteenth birthday through an ESPN broadcast.

Question 33

Kareem Hunt

As one of the younger NFL players in high standings, Kareem Hunt is in his second NFL season. Kareem was the sixth running back chosen in the 2017 NFL Draft. He plays for the Kansas City Chiefs and showed great talent during his rookie year. Kareem grew up in Ohio and gained some impressive stats during his junior and senior years of high school. He started all four years playing college football and holds team records for yards rushing and yards from scrimmage.

Question 34

DeMarcus Lawrence

DeMarcus Lawrence is now in his fifth season playing defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys. He was among the second-round picks in the 2014 NFL Draft. DeMarcus grew up in South Carolina and wasn't recruited to play football for a four-year college right out of high school. Instead, he attended a community college before transferring to a larger school. DeMarcus played two seasons with a larger college before entering the draft. During both of those years, he led his team in sacks.

Question 35

A.J. Bouye

Cornerback A.J. Bouye has spent the last two of his six NFL seasons playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars. When he first entered the world of professional football, A.J. played for the Houston Texans. A.J. grew up in Tucker, Georgia, and played college football from 2009 until 2013, which was the year he entered the NFL Draft. During the picking process, he went undrafted and became a free agent. A.J. then signed a three-year contract to play cornerback for the Texans.

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