Only True NFL Fans Can Pass This T/F Quiz

Waiting for the NFL season to come around is a time of the year that most fans dread, and as the months go by, the hype continues to grow. Last season ended with the New England Patriots on top once again, and the team will look to head back to another Super Bowl. Many teams have equipped themselves with a number of top players in an attempt to prevent New England from winning it all once again, but this will be easier said than done. Once August rolls around and the pads start clacking, fans are going to be in for a wild few months.

The NFL is a league that has a rich history, and many fans enjoy soaking in new information about the history of the game when the season is around the corner. They will predominantly focus on the prior season, and this is to hopefully get a gauge about how players will fare in the upcoming season. The most recent season of NFL action gave way to some incredible moments, and people have done their best to store them in their minds for future retrieval.

Today, we want to see who out there can ace this NFL quiz. Only true fans will come out on top!

Question 1

A.J. Green Played College Football At Georgia

After finishing his 2018 season with some health issues, this man will be looking to get back into the mix when 2019 rolls around. He is a fantastic player that showed how talented he was when he was still playing college ball at a school known for football excellence. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 2

Alex Smith Is The Starting Quarterback Of The Chiefs

Alex Smith was taken as the top pick in the NFL Draft some time ago, and he has suited up for multiple teams during his time in the NFL. His best years saw him make the Pro Bowl and guide a franchise to the playoffs multiple times, which is no easy feat. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 3

LeSean McCoy Has Been An All-Pro

LeSean McCoy, in his prime, was an athlete on the field that few could touch. His ability to turn and juke defenders was a sight to behold, and he achieved some impressive individual honors. McCoy may not be the player that he used to be, but he can still step on the field and contribute. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 4

The Eagles Have Won 3 Super Bowls

The Eagles are one of the most loved franchises in the NFL, and they are a team that is looking to turn things around in 2019. A lot of their success is going to depend on quarterback Carson Wentz being able to stay healthy and ready throughout the entire season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 5

Nick Foles Signed With The Jaguars

Nick Foles is a Super Bowl MVP that will end his time in the NFL with one of the most unique stories of all time. Foles knows how to win on the biggest stage, but he also plays inconsistent football. He recently made a change in teams for a huge chunk of change. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 6

Amari Cooper Plays For The Oakland Raiders

Amari Cooper is a dynamic wide receiver in the NFL that got his start on a franchise that used a first-round draft pick on him. He would catch for over 1,000 yards and make the Pro Bowl in each of his first two seasons in the NFL, and he has an impressive highlight reel. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 7

Andy Dalton Has Won NFL MVP

Andy Dalton came into the NFL after a successful run at TCU, and he has been the quarterback of the Bengals for years now. Dalton has been able to take the team to the playoffs multiple times during his tenure there, and he has even been selected to the Pro Bowl. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 8

Doug Baldwin Has Been Super Bowl MVP

Doug Baldwin recently had to hang up his cleats for the last time after being unable to pass his physical. Baldwin was a fixture in Seattle for years, and he had long been a reliable target for quarterback Russell Wilson. He will leave behind a huge hole for the team to fill. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 9

The Patriots Drafted Josh Jacobs

Josh Jacobs was able to shine while playing at Alabama in college, and he rocketed up draft boards as the months went on. Jacobs wound up being selected in the first round of the NFL Draft, and he will be expected to do some big things in his rookie season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 10

The Cowboys Play In The NFC East

As one of the most famous sports franchises in the world, the Dallas Cowboys are accustomed to having all eyes on them as they make their way through each season. They play in a division that hosts some talented teams that all compete well against one another. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 11

The Broncos Play In Denver

The Broncos are an AFC West team that has been able to take home 3 Super Bowl victories in their history. The franchise has employed some of the best football players of all time, and after a few down years, they are hoping to get back to their perch on top. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 12

C.J. Mosely Played College Football At Alabama

C.J. Mosely has recently made a change in teams, and his new franchise will expect the best version of him once the 2019 season comes around. Mosely was a phenomenal talent when he was in college, and the Ravens enjoyed having him on board for a number of years. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 13

Kirk Cousins Is The Starting Quarterback Of The Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins has played for multiple teams since coming into the NFL, and he began his time in the league with the Washington Redskins. Since then, he has moved on, and while he has put up some decent volume stats, people are waiting for him to become a top player. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 14

Dak Prescott Has Been An All-Pro

Dak Prescott was not supposed to be the starting quarterback of the Cowboys at first, but fate had other ideas. Once Tony Romo went down with health issues, Prescott would get the chance to shine, and he was able to make the most of the pieces around him. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 15

The New York Jets Made The Playoffs In 2018

The New York Jets have had an impressive build leading up to the 2019 season, and plenty of people feel that they are going to be one of the most improved teams coming into this next season. They could end up taking the league by surprise and competing with the best of the bunch. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 16

The Bills Play In Buffalo

The Bills franchise has been around for decades, and they have a history that is rather unique when compared to others. They have had some exceptional players on board over the years, and they appeared in four consecutive Super Bowls back in the 90s, though they did not win a single one. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 17

The Raiders Are Moving To San Antonio

The Raiders will be on the move once again next season, and the fresh start could be good for the team. They began in Oakland before moving to Los Angeles, and they would return back to the East Bay in the 90s. Their new stadium is currently under construction. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 18

Deshaun Watson Signed With The 49ers

Deshaun Watson was a great player while he was in college, and NFL scouts saw a lot of potential in him when he was a younger player. Since coming into the league, he has been able to perform well, and any team in the league would love to have him under center. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 19

The Colts Drafted Nick Bosa

The Indianapolis Colts had a turnaround for the ages last season, and one of the ways they did this was by having themselves an incredible draft. Hitting on several players can make any team better, and they looked to repeat this success during the 2019 NFL Draft. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 20

Drew Brees Has Won NFL MVP

There are few players in NFL history that have been as good as Drew Brees has since he came into the league, and the New Orleans Saints wound up making him the greatest free agent signing of all time. Brees has seen and done it all during his historic run in the NFL. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 21

Demaryius Thomas Signed With The Patriots

There was once a point when Demaryius Thomas was one of the better receivers in the game, but as time has gone on, he has been unable to maintain his place at the top. He is still a solid player when he is on the field, and he will be wearing a new uniform in 2019. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 22

The Falcons Play In The NFC South

The Falcons did not do what they wanted to in the 2018 season, but their fans are optimistic that they will return to form when 2019 rolls around. The team has a lot of talent on board, and they play in a division that is seemingly up for grabs as the season goes on. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 23

DeAndre Hopkins Led The NFL In Receiving Yards In 2018

DeAndre Hopkins cemented himself as the most talented wide receiver in the NFL last year, and he received a number of impressive honors once the season reached its end. The most talented men don’t always have the biggest volume stats, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive either. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 24

Josh Rosen Was Traded To The Dolphins

Josh Rosen had a solid run at UCLA, and he was made a first-round pick in the NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals. After his rookie season, the team decided to move on from Rosen and draft Kyler Murray, and Rosen would be shipped to another franchise for a fresh start. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 25

JuJu Smith-Schuster Played College Football At BYU

JuJu Smith-Schuster is a talented playmaker on the field, and he is going to be the top option for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger this upcoming season. JuJu is a player that can do it all on the field, and many people saw these traits while he was playing college football. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 26

The Dolphins Have The Only Perfect Season And Postseason In NFL History

This question is one that requires each participant to pay attention to the wording. Making it through the regular season without a loss is remarkable in and of itself, but extending this into the playoffs and making a clean sweep of the league is nothing short of iconic. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 27

The Titans Used To Be Called The Oilers

Over the years, we have seen plenty of franchises change locations, and some of them have even changed names. While this is not nearly as common in the modern NFL, it has happened plenty of times in the past, and the franchise usually has to build a whole new fan base. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 28

Matthew Stafford Has Been A Pro Bowler

Matthew Stafford was a great quarterback while playing at Georgia, and he was made the top pick in the NFL Draft by the Lions. Stafford has put up some huge numbers, but people are wondering how much line he has left on his leash as the team enters the 2019 season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 29

The Buccaneers Hired Coach Bruce Arians

Whenever a franchise hires a new head coach, the fans get to see some massive changes, and the Buccaneers are looking forward to seeing what their new coach will bring to the table. Once this season ends, we could very well see some players hitting the bricks. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 30

The Chicago Bears Play In The NFC West

The Chicago Bears were one of the best teams in the NFL during the 2018 season, though this would end with a swift exit in the playoffs. The team was able to retain a lot of its talent, and they are hoping that they can take the next step while playing in the 2019 season. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 31

The Chargers Used To Play In San Diego

Currently playing in Los Angeles, the Chargers are one of the best teams in the NFL, and there is hope that they will get back to the playoffs. Before they moved to Los Angeles, the Chargers had called another city home for many years, and those locals want them to come back. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 32

The Seahawks Secondary Was Called The Legion of Boom

Every now and again, we will see a defensive unit earn a nickname that they carry around with pride, and these units can be cemented as legends if they are able to lead their team to the Super Bowl. They are not as good now, but a few years ago, the Seahawks defense was exceptional. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 33

Matt Ryan Played College Football At Boston College

Matt Ryan has done a lot since coming into the NFL, and his best season saw him take home an NFL MVP and lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl. By the time he calls it a day, Ryan will be near the top of some impressive statistical categories alongside the best of all time. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 34

Saquon Barkley Plays For The Giants

Saquon Barkley was simply incredible during his last season at Penn State, and there was no doubt that he would be one of the first players taken in the 2018 NFL Draft. Barkley was dynamic all throughout his rookie year, and his team is hoping that he can get even better this year. (Pro Football Reference)

Question 35

Adam Thielen Was Traded To The Cardinals

Adam Thielen is a dynamic wide receiver that had humble beginnings in the sport. Thielen has spent the last several years as one of the better players in the game, and the Vikings used his talents early and often during the 2018 season. Most teams would be fortunate to have him. (Pro Football Reference)

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