Only True Movie Buffs Can Name All Of These Hilarious Comedies

Great comedy films are worth their weight in gold. They make us laugh and laughter is the best medicine. True comedy film fans may be able to name all of the hilarious comedies featured in today's quiz, but those with less knowledge of funny movies may not be able to get a perfect score.

Lots of these comedies are well-known, but it will take some savvy to name every single one of them.

This quiz features some amazing comedies. People who are looking for comedies to watch should be able to gain plenty of inspiration from this quiz. It's loaded with awesome movies that are well worth watching. It will be possible to find a lot of these movies on streaming platforms. There are so many different types of comedies featured in today's quiz, including animated films, lighthearted sci-fi epics and comedies with Christmas themes. This just scratches the surface.

Many people who take this quiz will have seen more than a few of the films. Has anyone seen all of them? Probably. Comedy film fans are always looking for new and hilarious movies to watch. They love the way that great comedy movies make them feel.

Now, isn't it time to start this fun quiz? It's such an entertaining way to pass the time. Test comedy film knowledge now.

Question 1

Name this unique comedy film.

This film is so cool. It features an iconic performance by Jeff Bridges. This comedy film co-stars John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and Julianne Moore. This film is a Coen brothers epic, with so many quirky and creative elements. It's the type of film where an over-the-top dream sequence feels totally appropriate. While the story line is relatively simple, this film is anything but basic. Most people will be able to name this movie, because it has become a cult classic. Those who aren't into Coen brothers humor may not get this question right. Pick an answer now to try and rack up quiz points.

Question 2

Name this iconic comedy movie.

This famous movie definitely had a big impact. It was released in 2007 and featured two main characters who were seniors in high school. The two lead characters were quite dependent on one another and they were facing a little bit of separation anxiety, due to a party plan that went way off the rails. Written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, this movie has a stellar cast, including Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. It was directed by Greg Mottola. Most people will probably know the name of this film. Others will need to take their best guesses.

Question 3

Which funny movie is this?

This movie still gets referenced today. It was released in 2004 and it had a powerful impact on pop culture. Featuring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and other famous female actresses, it explored the whole clique thing in a fresh and new way. In the film, Lindsay Lohan is Cady Heron. She starts getting close to a group of A-list young women at her school, but makes waves when she starts becoming interested in a guy who used to date the A-list group's leader. The clique leader's name is Regina George. Choose an answer now to try and grab a quiz point.

Question 4

Name this blockbuster comedy film.

This hilarious movie starred Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha. It featured a group of guys who headed for Las Vegas to celebrate one of the guy's upcoming wedding. The bachelor party getaway quickly spiraled out of control. The group partied too hard. Featuring an iconic cameo by a tiger, this film has just the right mixture of absurdity, adventure and laugh-out-loud antics. The guys need to make sure that the groom-to-be will make it back to L.A. in time for his own wedding. A lot of people will know the answer to this question. Others should take guesses.

Question 5

Which funny movie is this?

Ben Stiller gave a memorable performance in this movie. He posed to perfection to entertain film audiences. In the film, he played a glam character who was a bit of a dim bulb, but he had a heart of gold. The movie was released in 2001 and it was successful enough to spawn a sequel. Own Wilson appeared in the sequel. Name the first movie in the franchise to get a point on our movie comedy quiz. Anyone who needs a big hint should think about the famous phrase, "blue steel". Pick an answer now. Most people will ace this question.

Question 6

Name this fun comedy film.

This funny movie was released back in 2008 and it stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Will Ferrell actually co-wrote the screenplay alongside four other co-writers, according to The film tells the story of two underachieving middle-aged guys who both live at home. Mary Steenburgen also appears in this popular comedy movie. Will Ferrell fans may know the answer to this question right away. People who aren't as familiar with his work may need to guess when it comes to choosing an answer. Go ahead and choose a response now. The more correct answers, the higher the quiz score.

Question 7

Name this comedy.

This fun satire is another Will Ferrell comedy film. It also features performances by Christina Applegate, Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd and other talented comedic actors and actresses. Released in 2004, this film was set back in the 70s. The main character, who is played by Will Ferrell, dominates a certain niche until he faces some tough new competition. His new competition is a woman with plenty of ambition. Will Ferrell fans should be able to name this movie. People who don't watch his films may need to guess. Pick an answer right now to try and grab another quiz point.

Question 8

Which hilarious comedy film is this?

This comedy film is really legendary. It's the type of film that makes most people laugh until they cry. Wacky and zany, it features brilliant performances by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Fans of comedy films probably won't need to think very hard in order to come up with the name of this modern classic. It is one of the funniest comedies out there. Jim Carrey is a genius of comedy and his talents were on full display all through this film. He was hilarious and endearing. Pick an answer now to test comedy knowledge. This question should be pretty easy for most people to answer.

Question 9

Name this memorable comedy movie.

Adam Sandler stars in this golf-themed comedy classic. There was a time when Adam Sandler was basically the biggest deal in comedy and this movie was filmed while he was right on top of the Hollywood heap. In this movie, Adam plays a hockey player who needs to help his grandmother get her repossessed house back. He decides to enter the world of elite golf, with hilarious results. Golf fans love this movie. Adam Sandler fans love this movie. Pick the name of this comedy film now to try and grab a quiz point. Some people may need to take their best guesses.

Question 10

Name this madcap comedy now.

This madcap and memorable comedy stars Mike Myers and Elizabeth Hurley. It has a Swinging Sixties vibe that makes it so much fun. Comedy geniuses like Mike Myers have the power to captivate movie audiences. In this film, Myers became a character who is now so beloved. The character he played is definitely a pop culture icon. Elizabeth Hurley was also fantastic in this film. Look at the options below and then choose the answer that fits. Mike Myers fans will probably have no difficulty getting this question right. Others may need to guess and then hope for the best.

Question 11

Name this funny film.

This quirky comedy is about a couple of low-level employees who live and work in New Jersey. One interesting fact about this comedy movie is that it was filmed in black-and-white, rather than color. Anyone who needs another clue probably isn't a big Kevin Smith fan. This movie is a bit of a cult classic. It's not a comedy that is going to appeal to every single person out there. Those who "get it" love it. Others may prefer comedies with a bit less alternative edge. Name this famous comedy movie now. Guess if the right answer is tough to figure out.

Question 12

Name this popular comedy movie.

This movie is beyond hilarious. Anyone who hasn't seen it should watch it. While tastes in comedy films do vary, it's safe to say that this film, which stars Ron Livingston, is a total crowd-pleaser. Most people who work can relate to it. Snarky and funny, this film features one iconic scene, where a supporting member of the cast trashes a particular piece of equipment. The trashing of the equipment is a cathartic experience for the character. Filled with fascinating characters, including Jennifer Aniston as a waitress, this movie really resonates. Ron Livingston gives an excellent performance in this comedy film

Question 13

Which movie comedy is this?

Bill Murray definitely shines in this sardonic comedy movie. Sure, Bill shines in almost everything, but he did give an iconic performance in this film. His character was a weatherman and he had a very unique problem. Andie McDowell also gave a memorable performance in this movie. This film was directed by Harold Ramis, according to Bill Murray fans will probably know the name of this film right away, without even needing to think about it. Those who don't watch a lot of Bill Murray movies may need to guess. Pick an answer now to test comedy film knowledge.

Question 14

Name this hilarious film.

This movie features a charming performance by Cameron Diaz. Ben Stiller also stars in this uproarious comedy film. Wacky and hilarious, with one iconic scene where Cameron's character fixes her hair with a very dubious "styling product', it's a famous comedy that many people will be able to name. In this film, a guy hires a P.I. to keep tabs on his high school crush. Hilarity definitely ensues. Matt Dillon is very funny as the private investigator. Choose an answer now to try and get a high quiz score. Those who don't know the answer should take their best guesses.

Question 15

Which funny film is this?

This film made its young star, Macauley Cullkin, very famous. The character he played in this movie is named Kevin McCallister. This film was fun for younger movie fans and their parents liked it, too. It had a holiday vibe, plus plenty of fun comedic moments. It spawned a franchise. Family-friendly comedies like this fill a need in the marketplace. They are movies that are amusing, without being too mature. Most people will be able to come up with the right answer just by looking at the pic for this question. The movie in question is extremely famous. It's a modern classic.

Question 16

Name this comedy movie.

Jack Black is amazing as the male lead in this fun comedy film. He brought so much charisma and energy to his role. Some of his cast members were much younger than he was. This cute and clever comedy was warmhearted. It had a lot of memorable scenes. Joan Cusack gave an awesome performance in the movie. In this film, the main character changes and grows due to his interactions with younger people. Pick an answer now to try to ace this comedy movie quiz. If the right answer is hard to come up with, take a guess to try and get a point.

Question 17

Which comedy movie is this?

This movie really resonated with the public, although younger movie fans may have appreciated it more than older ones. It captured the spirit of a certain time period so well. Set in a posh part of Los Angeles, it also featured some impressive fashion. The movie starred Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd. These two characters seemed like opposites, but found common ground eventually. Fans of coming-of-age comedies may know the answer to this question right away. Those who prefer comedies with older characters may not be able to get this question right. Pick an answer now to try to boost quiz points.

Question 18

Name this beloved comedy.

This beloved comedy led to an Oscar Win (for Best Supporting Actress) for Marisa Tomei. This funny movie also starred Joe Pesci, who always brings a lot of fierce energy into his roles, whether they are comedic or dramatic. In the film, Pesci plays a lawyer with a talkative love interest, who is played by Tomei. This couple visits Alabama to help someone who has been accused of a crime. This movie came out way back in 1992, so some people may have trouble remembering what it's called. Others will have no trouble naming this popular and charming comedy movie.

Question 19

Name this charming comedic film.

This film was very funny and unique. It starred the very talented actress, Amy Adams, who shows a lot of range by shining in comedic and dramatic parts. This movie showcased an innocent main character who was like a fish out of water in New York City. The movie was quite popular. It had some magical elements that made it stand out. Fans of Amy Adams may not need to work very hard to come up with the right answer to this question. Those who are less familiar with her film work may struggle to get this question right. Pick an answer now.

Question 20

Name this action-packed comedy.

Movie fans who enjoy comedies that are fast-faced and action-packed may know the answer to this question immediately. This movie starred Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. It was released in 1998, according to In the film, an inspector from Hong Kong partners with a "loose cannon" detective from the Los Angeles Police Department. They try to rescue a VIP's kidnapped daughter. These types of buddy flicks can be so much fun to watch. Buddy flicks sometimes feature two main characters who seem like total opposites and this film does have two very different main characters. Pick the correct response now.

Question 21

Name this amusing movie.

Reese Witherspoon plays Type A high school student, Tracy Flick, in this memorable comedy movie. The movie is about a high school teacher. His personal life gets complex while he helps students with elections at their school. Reese's character, Tracy, is a high school student who is fiercely determined to get elected as student body leader. Matthew Broderick plays the high school teacher who gets caught in the crossfire. This movie is clever and amusing. It has a stellar cast. However, it may not be a movie that many comedy film fans can name. Pick an answer to try and boost quiz points.

Question 22

Who can name this movie comedy?

This hilarious and popular comedy film was released in 2011. It featured impressive performances from an all-star cast, including Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper and Maya Rudolph. The plot of this film is centered on a rivalry between a couple of women. Both of these characters want to be another woman's closest friend. Movie fans who love comedies with strong female leads and supporting characters may love this movie and know exactly what it's called. Others may need to jog their memories in order to try and guess the answer to this question correctly. Pick an answer to this question now.

Question 23

Which funny film is this?

This film was funny and it was also poignant. It had a lot of emotions and layers. It was well-written, with an exceptional performance by Ellen Page, who played the main character. She has the surprise of her life when she discovers that she is expecting a baby at the age of 16. She is in high school. It's a lot, right? Her baby daddy is her best buddy, Bleeker. Written by Diablo Cody, this acclaimed comedy got Oscar nominations and an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. The movie was directed by Jason Reitman, according to Pick the right response now.

Question 24

Which hilarious comedy is this?

This fun parody of the figure skating world was wacky and lighthearted. It was released in 2007 and starred Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Amy Poehler and plenty of other accomplished and hilarious comedy actors and actresses. In the movie, a couple of former Olympic rivals lose their gold medals and also get banned from competing in the men's single category. To get around the ban, they decide to take advantage of a loophole that allows them to complete as a pair. Ferrell and Heder play the pair. These two characters don't really like each other at first. Working together is a challenge.

Question 25

Name this funny Marvel movie.

Marvel fans will probably find it very easy to name this movie. It was definitely a huge success. Put this film in the quirky, funny sci-category. It features Chris Pratt in the lead role and also features exceptional performances from Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana. Most audience members loved watching this movie. It got so much positive buzz. It was popular with a lot of different age groups. It definitely had its fair share of hilarious moments, plus plenty of action. To try and boost quiz points, name this blockbuster cinematic effort now. Those who aren't sure of the correct response should guess.

Question 26

Name this impressive comedic movie.

This movie has an all-star cast. It also features plenty of fast cars. Starring Will Ferrell, Sacha Baron-Cohen, John C. Reilly and Leslie Bibb, it tells the story of a NASCAR driver who is trying to stay on top. Fans of auto racing movies and NASCAR in general enjoyed this funny movie, which featured the catchphrase, "shake and bake". This film takes movie fans into the NASCAR world, where competition is fierce and egos are big. Pick an answer right now to try and earn a quick quiz point. Those who don't know the answer should guess at this one.

Question 27

What is this comedy called?

This comedy movie is so iconic. It is a modern classic. Starring Mike Myers, Dana Carvey and Rob Lowe, this film really resonated with comedy film fans. The plot revolved around a couple of slacker types who dabbled in pubic access television. When they started to enjoy more success, things changed for this laid-back duo. This film spawned a franchise. Mike Myers fans won't need to work very hard to come up with the right response to this question. People who aren't fans of his may need to guess in order to try and boost their quiz scores. Pick an answer now.

Question 28

Name this popular comedic film.

This interesting movie about a misanthropic con artist wasn't a typical Christmas-themed movie. It had a bit more edge, to say the least. Starring Billy Bob Thornton, who gave a memorable performance in this unique comedy, it also featured performances from Lauren Graham, Tony Cox and Bernie Mac. Fans of comedy films that aren't one hundred percent wholesome appreciated this movie. It was different enough to be really interesting. Name this film now to grab a quiz point, or guess if the answer is elusive. Every correct quiz response will lead to a higher score on our comedy film quiz.

Question 29

Name this wacky comedy movie.

Ben Stiller is so great in so many comedies and he shone in this one, too. This sporty comedy was wacky good fun. Vince Vaughn was part of the cast and he added a lot to this film, too. In this movie, a group decides to participate in a sports competition in Las Vegas, with a mind to using any winnings to save a failing business. Fans of comedies with sports themes probably love this movie. It really was funny and the sports action featured in the film was truly comical. Pick an answer now to try to ace this entertaining quiz.

Question 30

Which quirky comedy is this?

This unique and charming comedy film was released in 1993. The movie is about a sprinter from Jamaica who gets barred from the Olympics. After this happens, he asks a coach with a sketchy reputation to help him create Jamaica's very first bobsled team. This amusing film was different enough to be really interesting. It starred the legendary John Candy, who is missed, plus Doug E. Doug and Leon. Fans of quirky sports movies may remember this film and be able to name it. Those who missed seeing this movie when it was released may need to guess. Pick a response now.

Question 31

Which comedic film is this?

Jim Carrey took another star turn in this famous comedy film, which was released in 1997, according to His co-star was Maura Tierney. In the film, Jim played a character who was a lawyer. Jim's character, Fletcher Reede, is a very smooth operator, but he sometimes lets down his young son, by promising things and then failing to deliver. His son makes a birthday wish which magically comes true. This wish changes his father's personality and communication style dramatically. Name this popular comedy film now to grab a point, or guess if the right answer doesn't come to mind.

Question 32

Name this acclaimed comedy.

This comedy was rollicking and unforgettable. It was truly hilarious. Jack Black gave a terrific performance in the movie and so did Robert Downey Jr. In fact, the whole cast was stellar. Released in 2008, this film got plenty of acclaim. It had some elements which did offend some people, but overall it was a massive success. It was about a bunch of actors who were filming a war movie. The actors eventually needed to learn to fight for real. Name this blockbuster film now to increase quiz points. A lot of people enjoyed this movie, but some people may not know its title.

Question 33

Name this famous comedy film now.

Some comedies feature well-drawn female characters and this funny movie is definitely one of them. It had an all-star cast of talented women, including Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton. In the film, the women band together to get revenge. Hilarity ensues. Slick and funny, this big-budget comedy was a huge success. It was released in 1996 to lots of critical acclaim. It was a movie that made some real money. Name this film now to boost quiz points. Guess if the title eludes. This film celebrated sisterhood in a unique and interesting way. It was very popular with female movie fans.

Question 34

Name this hilarious cinematic effort.

Melissa McCarthy has always been an endearing presence onscreen, whether she was appearing as Sookie on Gilmore Girls or starring in big-budget comedy films. In this particular comedy, she gave an amazing performance. She played a desk jockey who was forced out into the field. She developed new skills quickly in order to cope. This movie was so much fun. All of the characters were amusing. Jason Statham appeared in the film and he showed some real comedic chops that a lot of people didn't know he had. Pick an answer now. Name this famous comedy and get a quiz point.

Question 35

Which funny film is this?

This movie was released in 2004 and people started wearing, "Vote for Pedro" t-shirts shortly afterwards. The film's stars are Jon Heder, Efren Ramirez and Jon Gries, according to The plot revolved around an apathetic and isolated teen whose life changed when he began helping a buddy to win a high school election. This movie made Jon Heder into a star. The film had an indie vibe. After the movie came out, Jon Heder started being considered for bigger-budget roles. Pick an answer now. This is a movie that some people won't be able to name. Others will know the right answer right away.

Question 36

Name this memorable comedy movie.

This funny film was released in 1991 and it starred Bill Crystal and Jack Palance. It told the story of a New York City-based yuppie who was about to turn 40. He was played by Billy Crystal. Billy's character was convinced, against his better judgement, to help a couple of buddies with a southwestern cattle drive. Life in a totally new environment changes the big city yuppie. He learns how to be a cowboy. Pick an answer now to try and boost quiz point. This movie was a big success and a lot of people will have no trouble naming it.

Question 37

Name this popular comedic movie.

This movie was a film version of a popular TV show. The movie was released in 2012 and it starred Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Ice Cube, Dave Franco and Brie Larson also appeared in this film. The movie was about a couple of cops, played by Tatum and Hill, who look young enough to pass for high school students. They go undercover to get the bad guys. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum fans may know the answer to this question. People who don't see their films may need to guess. Choose a response now to try to get a great quiz score.

Question 38

Which funny film is this?

Jack Nicholson is loaded with charisma and he manages to charm movie audiences, even when he's playing edgier characters. In this film, his character was definitely edgy. The character played by Jack Nicholson is a grumpy author. This film has a stellar cast. Jack was great in this comedy and so were his co-stars, Greg Kinnear and Helen Hunt. Jack is Hollywood royalty, so a lot of people who are fans of his will be able to name this movie. There will be some people who can't answer this question correctly. Take a guess now to try to get an excellent quiz score.

Question 39

Name this amusing comedy movie.

This question should be very easy for most people to answer, unless they don't know anything about animated comedy films. This movie was a film version of a popular animated TV series. Its quirky characters and juvenile humor made this film a big hit with younger audiences, but it's safe to say that some older movie-goers enjoyed it, too. This movie was rude. It was crude. It isn't for everyone, but those who love rude humor adore it. It's not for people who love tasteful comedy films. Choose a response now. Name this fun movie to boost quiz points fast.

Question 40

Which funny film is this?

Ryan Reynolds starred in this raucous movie comedy, which was designed to appeal to college-age film-goers. Tara Reid also appeared in this funny movie, which was released in 2002. In the film, the main character, who is played by Ryan Reynolds, is a big man on campus. He's so popular, but his life is destined to change when he meets an attractive journalist. He starts to realize that he may be dreading post-college life. Ryan Reynolds fans should be able to get this question right. People who haven't seen all of his comedy films may not know what this movie is called.

Question 41

Name this lighthearted comedy film.

This movie was fun. It was lighthearted. It was cute. It starred two very talented comedic actors. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are naturally hilarious. When they team up, like they did during this film, audiences get to enjoy double the fun. This movie, which was released in 2013, was set mostly in an ultra-modern and fictional workplace. The movie was about two salesmen who had to try new things due to business reversals. Fans of buddy flicks may know the name of this movie right away, without needing to think about it. Those who missed this movie may have trouble naming it.

Question 42

Name this iconic comedy film.

Few people will fail to get this question right. The movie in question is one of the most famous and popular comedic films of all time. It caused a sensation when it hit theaters back in 1994. It tells the story of a man, played by Jim Carrey, who has some very special and unique talents. This eccentric character is vastly entertaining. Courteney Cox also appeared in this film, as a brainy and beautiful love interest. This film made Jim Carrey extremely famous. Pick an answer right now. This question should allow a lot of people to grab quick quiz points.

Question 43

Name this popular comedy film.

This movie is another Ben Stiller comedy. Ben is such a talented comedic actor. He is able to switch gears, by being wacky and zany and then being a little more serious. He has good range as a performer. In this movie, which was released in 2000, he plays the part of good guy, Greg Focker. Greg is a male nurse who proposes to the women of his dreams, who is played by Teri Polo. Robert De Niro also appeared in this film. De Niro is great in this movie. Name this fun and famous movie to grab a quick quiz point.

Question 44

Which interesting comedy film is this?

This film dates back to 1999. 90s movies fans may be able to name it immediately. However, this question may trip some people up. Starring Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow and Robert De Niro, this movie told the story of a man who gets entangled with a Mafia kingpin, with hilarious results. Since it featured a well-written, clever script and wonderful actors, it's no surprise that this movie was a big success. It had all of the right elements. Anyone who knows the name of this 90s movie should pick that name now. Others will need to take their best guesses.

Question 45

Name this fun animated comedy.

This question is really pretty easy. There are few people who haven't enjoyed this funny and heartwarming animated comedy. One big clue is that it was produced by Pixar and starred Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. The film has so many great elements, including a host of very cute characters that children of all ages adored. It also had a great story line. This film had a lot of heart and it is definitely one of the classics. People will always enjoy this special animated movie. Inventive and funny, it was basically a perfect animated film. Pick an answer now.

Question 46

Which amusing animated film is this?

Seth Rogen starred in this rude and funny animated film. It was released in 2016 and co-starred Kristen Wiig and Jonah Hill. In the film, the main character has an existential crisis when he begins to understand more about his fate. He wants everyone to know the truth. This isn't one of those animated comedy films for little kids. It is meant for a more mature audience. People who don't like ruder movies with a lot of crude jokes and double entendres, may not know the name of this film. Those who enjoy cruder humor will probably know the name of this movie.

Question 47

Name this cute movie comedy.

A certain famous actor who has appeared in some of the most exciting action movies of all time starred in this Christmas-themed comedy. His charm and charisma made this movie fun to watch. Since the movie star who played the lead in this festive comedy is so famous, most people should be able to name this movie. It's not as well-known as some of his other films, though, including The Terminator from 1994. Choose a response now to try to gather more quiz points. Those who don't know the answer should take their best guesses. Who can get this question right?

Question 48

Which hilarious movie is this?

This movie had a lot of quirky charm. It wasn't for everyone, but definitely attained cult status with those who appreciated its uniqueness. Released in 1995, according to, this movie starred Jeremy London and Shannen Doherty. Jason Lee also appeared in this movie. This film told the story of two friends who had been left by their girlfriends. The film was directed by Kevin Smith, who also wrote the script. Kevin Smith fans will get this question right without needing to think very hard about which answer is correct. People who haven't seen Kevin Smith films may find this question hard to answer.

Question 49

Which comedy film is this?

Steve Carrell starred in this unusual comedy movie. It had an interesting premise that made it stand out, but it wasn't everyone's cup of tea. Released in 2003, it co-starred Jennifer Aniston. The main character is a TV reporter from New York, who is more than a little bitter and cynical. He develops some interesting abilities that help him to develop a more compassionate worldview. Pick the right answer now to ace this movie comedy quiz, or guess if the right answer is elusive. This movie did well, but its star is more famous for a certain zany TV series.

Question 50

Name this memorable comedy.

This popular movie comedy dates back to 1996. Sadly, its star, Chris Farley, has passed away. Chris was a talented comedian who used to dazzle audiences on SNL, before becoming a beloved movie star. In this film, he played a character that many people underestimated. His character grew over the course of the film. He defied everyone's expectations. Chris Farley fans may know the answer to this movie comedy question. Those who are less familiar with his body of work may not be quite sure what this film is called. Pick a response now to try and earn a quiz point.

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