Only True Lord Of The Rings Fans Can Beat This Quiz!

Lord of the Rings is one of the things that every nerd had read to enter the ranks of fandom. It was nearly a rite of passage. Even people who were only tangential nerdy knew the book and could quote them. When the movies were made, the secret was out, and everyone was treated to J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy epic. This series was the inspiration for almost every piece of fantasy material created after it, either directly or indirectly fans owe the fantasy genre to Lord of the Rings.

Lord of the Rings has always been so rich in world building. When Tolkien wrote the series he created every aspect of the world. Every language mentioned in the series was a fully formed language that could be spoken if it was learned. He knew the world's religions, their superstitions, and their fears. He built such an immersive world that fans can delve into, especial if they read The Silmarillion. Fans are able to trace lineages of Bilbo back 10 generations. With all this information, it is easy to find fun and interesting trivia questions. So sit back with a pint (Yes, they come in pints) and answer these Lord of the Rings questions.

Question 1

To whom does Bilbo gift the ring?

Bilbo was a strange Hobbit. He was much more adventurous than any of his other relatives, and this made him an odd duck in many of their eyes. After his 111th birthday party, he decided that it was time to go and explore once more. He wanted to continue his adventures to the city of the elves where he could finish his book, Right before he left he decided to give away many of his things. Which character received the ring?

Question 2

What is inscribed on Bilbo's magic ring?

Gandalf had hoped that there was nothing to worry about. The world was filled with magic rings, and most were just useful trinkets that could help someone out from time to time. He had to be sure though, and so after extensive research, he learned that something was inscribed on the ring, but only when it was heated. The quote is long so we only need the first verse. What was the inscription that Gandalf was disheartened to find on Bilbo's ring?

Question 3

What Character eavesdrops on Frodo's and Gandalf's conversation?

Gandalf has just finished explaining everything about the ring to Frodo when they hear a rustling in the bushes. Much to their delight, the spy is not an evil being trying to find the ring for their master, but instead, it is another Hobbit from the village. This causes Gandalf to change his plan slightly, but it does give Frodo a companion on his long and dangerous trip to the bar in the city. Which character learns everything about the ring by accident?

Question 4

Where does Gandalf tell the Hobbits to wait for him?

Gandalf has to go and discuss the issue of the ring with his superiors and has to leave the Hobbits. He sends them on a mission to meet him at a relatively close tavern. This will get them out of the Shire and away from people who know them. The Hobbits do get to this tavern on their own, but they do not do a good job of staying unnoticed. Which tavern do the Hobbits go to wait for Gandalf?

Question 5

Which wizard betrays Gandalf and imprisons him?

Upon finding out that the ring is, in fact, the powerful weapon of Sauron's, Gandalf goes to his friend and mentor to find out what should be done about it. To his great surprise his teacher, a man who was renowned for his wisdom was in league with the evil Sauron. Gandalf fights his teacher, but he loses and is imprisoned on top of his old friend's tower. He only escapes because he is able to get a message to the Eagles. Who betrays Gandalf?

Question 6

Who do the Hobbits meet on their way to the tavern?

On their way to get to the Tavern the two Hobbits literal run into two of their friends as they are stealing food from a farmer. The friends are surprised to see them this fair out, and they are scared when they experience one of the riders that are trying to catch Frodo. They decided that they are going to help the pair and make sure that they get to the tavern. What are the names of the two new Hobbits in the group?

Question 7

Which hero do the Hobbits meet in the tavern?

While the Hobbits are in the tavern they meet a person who they are not sure about at first. He is not well liked by the barkeep and is known as a Ranger. He quotes the lines of a poem that Gandalf had told Frodo though, "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost". It is a good thing they do trust him though because this character goes on to become one of their greatest allies. Who is he?

Question 8

What are the creatures chasing the Hobbits called?

As the team attempts to make it to the elven city, they are pursued relentlessly by nine evil black riders. We learn that these riders were once the kings of men. they were given 9 rings of power by the evil Sauron and became twisted servants of the Eye. When Frodo sees these creatures with his ring on he can see that they look like ghosts of the proud kings they once were. What had the great kings of men become?

Question 9

What sword does Bilbo give Frodo in Rivendell?

Once the team makes it to Rivendell they wait to hear from Gandalf and discuss what is to be done with the ring. They see Bilbo again, and he has visibly aged, after giving up the ring. As the uncle and nephew catch up, Bilbo decides it is time to pass down his adventuring gear to Frodo. Bilbo gives his nephew his mithril armor and his magic sword. The sword would glow blue in the presence of orcs or goblins. What is the name of the sword?

Question 10

Which 3 characters volunteer to be part of the Fellowship in Rivendell?

In Rivendell, there is a spirited debate about what to do with the ring. When it is finally decided it needs to be destroyed, no one can decide on who should carry it for the Journey. When he hears this argument, Frodo volunteers to be the ring bearer, and the other three hobbits decided to go as do Gandalf and Aragorn. This leaves 3 more members to be chosen to get the Fellowship of the Ring up to its full number. Who are the other 3 members of the team?

Question 11

Where does the Fellowship have to take the ring?

The ring was forged in the hottest place on Middle Earth. That is the only place where it can be destroyed. So to destroy it the 9 heroes have to take it all the way back to where the ring was made. This is a treacherous trip into the realm of the enemy, and the team knows that it is likely to end poorly for them. Still, they persevere and attempt to make it there, even after the team gets split up. Where is the Fellowship trying to take the ring?

Question 12

What dwarven city does the Fellowship visit?

As the Fellowship attempts to cross over the mountain, Suraman summons a great storm that makes the trip more dangerous. Frodo decides to go through the mountain and meet Gimli's people. Gandalf seems worried about this because he believes that the dwarves may have dug too deep. They are ambushed and have to fight for their lives. What is the name of the dwarven city?

Question 13

What ancient evil ends Gandalf the Grey?

Just as the Fellowship thinks they are escaping the goblins and trolls that are attacking them, they see something even more terrifying. This creature is able to make the other evil creatures flee in terror, but luckily the Fellowship has a wizard on their side. With an epic cry of "You Shall Not Pass!" Gandalf is able to stop this creature in its tracks. Unfortunately, as it is plunging to its doom it is able to capture Gandalf and pull him down with it. What is this creature?

Question 14

What gift does Gimli ask of Galadriel?

When Gimli first gets to the forest of Lothlórien he talks about the evil and disgusting witch elf who lives their, and how she is one of the most fearful things in all of creation. After he meets her through his tune changes quite a bit and he is rather smitten with Lady Galadriel. As the Fellowship is leaving they are all given gifts, but Gimli asks for one specific thing. What does the lady give Gimli?

Question 15

Which member of the Fellowship tries to steal the Ring?

As the Fellowship gets closer to their destination the pull of the ring becomes stronger. Eventual one member of the party turns on Frodo and attempts to take the ring. Frodo is able to stop him and flee. This member feels bad almost instantly and apologizes, but Frodo does not turn back, fleeing from his once allies. The would-be thief is able to redeem himself by fighting off a horde of orcs and goblins in an attempt to save Merry and Pip. Who was the first team member to try and steal the ring?

Question 16

Who joins Frodo when he leaves the Fellowship to continue to Mordor?

After the ring is almost stolen by a friend, Frodo decides to go the rest of the way alone. He is almost able to slip away from the group completely, but one member of the Fellowship finds him and won't let him go alone. This friend goes as far as to almost drown in the river if Frodo won't take him. He is the only member of the original nine to follow Frodo all the way to the destination. Who is this loyal friend?

Question 17

What does Galadriel give Frodo?

When the Fellowship is leaving Galadriel she gives them many gifts. They are given knives, cloaks, brooches, and elven rope. All of which are very useful on their journey. They are also given elven bread that is more filling them normal bread. She gives Frodo one last and very powerful magical gift. She says it will be his light when there is only darkness. This magic would help Frodo out of a really tough spot later on. What item does she give Frodo?

Question 18

Who is following Sam and Frodo on their quest?

As Frodo and Sam continue to the gates of Mordor, they soon realize that they are lost without a guide. Luckily for them, they happen to be followed by someone who has been to Mordor and escaped. They lie in wait for the person who has been following them and spring a trap to catch him. He agrees to help them, but it is hard for either of the hobbits to trust this person. Who is following Frodo and becomes his guide?

Question 19

What city is known as the home of the Horse Lords?

After the Fellowship splits up part of the group tries to follow and find the members of the group that had been captured by orcs. They follow their trail into the realms of the Horse Lords. Once they are in this area they meet some of the riders and find out that the group that had stolen their friends had been slain. The group goes and talks to the King of the Horse Lords. Which kingdom in Middle Earth is known for its horses?

Question 20

Who is the spy and tratior advising King Theoden?

When we first meet King Theoden in the Two Towers, he seems like he is old, decrepit, and weak. He is being controlled by his advisor, a person who is clearly not a friend. He is taking advantage of a bewitched king and controlling the kingdom for Saruman. When the rest of the Fellowship arrive in the city, they are able to undo the magic this traitor has cast and clear the mind of the king. What is the name of the treacherous advisor to the king?

Question 21

What are the tree creatures called?

Pippen and Merry find their way into the forest and come face to face with a tree person named Treebeard. He is part of a race of tree creatures who help protect and grow the forest. We find out that Treebeard is one of the last of his dwindling race because they have lost the wives of their species. (Tolkien wrote in a letter that the wives were all lost in the first major conflict with Sauron). What is the name of these peace-loving tree people?

Question 22

How is Gandalf different when he rejoins the Fellowship?

The Fellowship of the Ring finds one of its members as they search the forest for Merry and Pippin. He is different than the last time they saw him, and they mistake him for Saruman. He remembers fighting the evil thing that dragged him deeper into the mountain, and he remembers winning that fight but also being badly injured. Then he remembers coming back to find the Fellowship. He has become more powerful and believes he is to replace Saruman. What is visually different about Gandalf?

Question 23

What is the name of Gandalf's horse?

When Gandalf returns we also learn that he is friends with the fastest horse in all of Middle Earth. He was known as Lord of all Horses and was able to understand human speech. This horse takes part in many battles with Gandalf and has helped him win the day on many occasions. This horse is one of the reasons Gandalf is always able to get where he needs to be when he is needed. What is the name of the fastest horse in Middle Earth?

Question 24

What castle do the people of Rohan retreat to?

When news reaches the king of Rohan that they are going to be attacked by a large army of orcs and goblins, he decides to barricade his people in the most fortified castle in the land. This fortress had held out against many attacks before, and the king had hoped it would hold out now. Gandalf is unsure of this decision though, and he rides out in search of reinforcements. This keep is backed into a mountain, and there is only one way into it, which makes it easy to defend. What is the name of this castle?

Question 25

What human group catches Frodo before he gets to Mordor?

As Frodo and Sam make their way into the lands of Mordor they are caught by a group of humans. The humans fail to capture their guide initially. This new group is led by the brother of one of the members of the Fellowship, and this leader seems honorable. He has been told by his father to bring the ring back to his homeland where it can be used against Sauron. Frodo is able to convince his captor to free him. Who leads this group of men?

Question 26

What is the name of the Elf who gives Aragorn the Evenstar?

Aragorn is in love with an elf, and even though Aragorn is long-lived for a human, he is still mortal and will one day die. The elves in Lord of the Rings may be immortal, if they do not perish in battle they have extremely long lives. As a symbol of love for Aragorn, she gives him the Evenstar, which may represent her giving up her immortality to be with him. What is the name of the elf who wants to marry Aragorn?

Question 27

What competion do Legolas and Gimli have?

Legolas and Gimli become very good friends on their journey through Middle Earth. By the end of their trip, they even go to each other's homes. This friendship between elves and dwarves is not very common, as the two groups are usually fighting each other. During their adventure, the two warriors like to compete. Though they each have very different skills they are proud warriors who like to prove that they are the strongest and best. What competition do the two partake in?

Question 28

What army comes to Rohan's aid before the goblins and orcs attack?

Before the gates to Helm's Deep are closed in preparation for the impending attack by the orcs, a new army appears outside of the gates and offers their bows and swords to the defense of the keep. This new army helps to brighten the spirits of the warriors of Rohan who had already suffered heavy losses on the road to the keep. It helped to reinforce defenses, and give new hope to the defenders. Which group of warriors came to the aid of Helm's Deep?

Question 29

How does Gimli get to the Bridge to defend the gate?

During the defense of Helm's Deep, one of the walls is destroyed with an explosive. To help shore up that line of defense Gimli and Aragorn end up outside the wall fighting off the enemy. They realize that they are needed to help at the gate and must get to the bridge that the gate is on. Gimli knows he can't make the jump, but he has to get there. What does Gimli do that he doesn't want Legolas to know about?

Question 30

Why do the Tree Folk attack Saruman?

The Tree Folk decide that they will not attack Saruman. They are going to stay out of the affairs of men like they always do, but they will drop the nice hobbits off by their home. Pippen suggests a new way home that will take Treebeard by the Tower of Saruman. On the trip, Treebeard discovers something that causes him to become enraged, and he rallies the other Tree Folk to attack Saruman. What is it that causes Treebeard so much anger?

Question 31

What army arrives at dawn to Helm's Deep?

Gandalf had left Helm's Deep in hopes of finding reinforcements. He tells everyone to look to the east on the dawn of the fifth day. As the battle seems to be lost the first signs of light starts appearing on the fifth day and brings hope to the warriors. They plan one more charge from the depth of Helm's Deep in an attempt to give Gandalf time to bring his soldiers. What group of warriors does Gandalf add to the conflict that helps turn the battle?

Question 32

Which character says, "There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for."?

Near the end of the Two Towers, things are still looking bleak. One small battle had been won, but it came at a terrible price. As the army is tending to the wounded and lost soldiers we see that Sam and Frodo are also facing what seem like insurmountable odds. Everyone fighting for good begins to wonder if any of this is worth it. One character takes this moment to give his words of wisdom about the heroes in epic stories. Who reminds everyone, including the audience that there are things worth fight for?

Question 33

What is Saruman's home known as?

The Two Towers is the name given to the second book and movie. This name is chosen because of the towers of Sauron and Saruman. The tower which Saruman owns has a name. At one time the name was a force of good in Middle Earth. When people heard the name of the tower it gave them hope. However, after Saruman, the White was fooled into helping Sauron the tower was a term of dread. What is the name of Saruman's tower?

Question 34

Who finds Saruman's Seeing-stones?

As Saruman is attempting to barter for his life and his freedom, he shows Gandalf one of the seven Seeing-stones. He has been in communication with Sauron with it, and it could be a powerful tool if used properly against the Dark Lord. Saruman loses the stone and it falls into the water. It is retrieved by a member of the party. The stone is able to enchant the person who touches it, and he wants to touch it again. Which character finds the stone?

Question 35

What city is Sauron planning to attack to break the spirit of man?

After suffering a defeat at Helm's Deep, Sauron is very angry. He knows that if the kingdoms of Middle Earth come together there is a chance he can lose, it happened before. To make sure this doesn't happen he plans to crush the human city closest to his land. This should break the spirits of his enemies and allow him to obtain the ring and win this whole war. What human city does he plan to attack which is known as the "City of Kings"?

Question 36

What sword is reforged for Aragorn?

Aragorn had not been willing to take up the sword his ancestor used to cut the ring from Sauron's finger in the past. He had not become a leader yet and to take on the sword would be a lie in his eyes. It is not until after his actions of this war that he feels comfortable to take on the mantle of leader. The sword that was broken is reforged, and it gets a new name. What is the name of the reforged sword?

Question 37

Who cuts the ring from Sauron's finger?

The ring starts its long and storied journey after it is used to help control all the people of middle earth. Sauron gave three rings to the Elves, seven rings to the dwarves, and nine rings to Men. When everyone found out what Sauron was planning they fought against him, but the battle was not going in their favor the One Ring was giving Sauron an incredible advantage, but one King was able to cut the ring from his finger, which helped win the war. Which warrior was able to beat Sauron?

Question 38

How does Gollum try to frame Sam so Frodo won't trust him?

Sam becomes very suspicious of Gollum, but Frodo feels the need to protect Gollum more and more as he must continue to barer the weight of the ring. Frodo has to believe that once the ring is gone there can still be good left in a former barer. Gollum decides to turn Frodo against Sam. He plants seeds of distrust between them, insinuating that Sam is going to ask for the ring. He also attempts to set Sam up for doing something harmful to the Fellowship. What does Gollum do to Frame Sam?

Question 39

What army does Aragorn call with his new sword?

When Aragorn gets his new sword he decides to use it to call in old favors. To do so he Gimli and Legolas head out to the White Mountain in order to see if the sword is as powerful as they have read. Upon getting there Aragorn is able to strike a deal to gain the help of another army for the defense of Gondor. The only catch is they have to get back to Gondor in time to use it. What army does Aragorn command?

Question 40

Who is the Steward of Gondor?

The father of Boromir and Faramir was the 26th ruling Steward of Gondor. He was known for being a cruel man, and even his own sons weren't very fond of him. After he lost Boromir he became even more vicious to his remaining son who he saw as a failure. After this Steward sent Faramir to his end he goes mad. Faramir is alive, but he attempts to set them all on fire. He is halted by Gandalf and Pippin. Who is this foolishly proud Steward?

Question 41

What is the name of the Spider that attacks Frodo?

After Frodo has sent Sam away he is tricked into a trap by Gollum who only wants the ring for himself. Gollum had met this giant spider the last time he had gone through Mordor, but there is no explanation as to how he was able to avoid her. She is able to sting Frodo and she starts to wrap him up. Sam appears out of nowhere with sting and the Phial of Galadriel to defeat her. What is the name of this spider?

Question 42

When Frodo is believed to be gone who takes the ring?

After being attacked by the spider everyone thinks that Frodo is gone. Someone takes the ring and tries to flee. It turns out that Frodo is still alive, merely sick from being poisoned, but he is captured by two orcs and they take most of his armor and weapons. The orcs are excited to tell their masters about this discovery. Frodo is freed and he has to get the ring back to complete his mission. Who does Frodo have to retrieve the ring from?

Question 43

Who ends the Witch King of Angmar?

The Witch King of Angmar is the leader of the Ringwraiths. He is the most powerful member of the nine. He was one of the most dangeours servants of the Dark Lord Sauron. It had been prophesied that no man would be able to defeat the Witch King. He was quite confident in this and as such he fought with almost no fear. He was about to take the life of King Theoden, but he was stopped by the person who would defeat him. Who finishes the Witch King?

Question 44

What group of powerful creatures help the humans at the Battle of the Black Gate?

If there is a theme in Lord of the Rings, it is that the heroes will always be saved when reinforcements show up at the last minute to help them turn the tired of battle. The most deus ex machina version of these reinforcements show up three times in Lord of The Rings and Once in the Hobbit. These extremely powerful beings show up at the last minute in the Battle of the Black Gate and help counter the remaining Nazgul. Who are these creatures of good?

Question 45

Who fell to his end with the ring?

After this long and arduous journey, our hero Frodo does not have the stomach to destroy the ring. Like the human's before him the hobbit, ultimately fails to destroy the One Ring. However this time the ring bearer is not the only one who can help make the decision. After a brief scuffle on the walkway to the volcano this character trips and falls into the volcano with the ring. Which character meets his end with the One Ring and a smile?

Question 46

Who defeats Saruman?

Saruman is caught and standing at the very top of his tower. He is attempting to barter information for his own freedom, but he can not help but be overconfident in his own abilities. He treats one of his allies like dirt, and one more backhand from the wizard is too much for this underling to take. This character pulls out a dagger and attacks Saruman before he himself is defeated by Legolas. Who is the one who finishes Saruman?

Question 47

What Dragon did Bilbo help slay?

Before the story of Lord of the Rings, we were introduced to Middle-Earth in the Hobbit. Biblo mentions that during his 111th birthday that there had not been a dragon in these parts for many years, and he was right. The last dragon that was around this part of Middle Earth was killed by Bard and the men of Lake Town, due in part to the mission that Bilbo had undertaken with Gandalf and 13 dwarves to reclaim the Lonely Mountain. What dragon did they have to defeat?

Question 48

What is the name of the book that Bilbo writes about his adventures?

Bilbo talks many times about a book he is writing that chronicles the adventures that he had when he was younger. This book includes the story of when he helped the Dwarves reclaim their lost home in the Lonely Mountains. He was the burglar on that mission, even though he had never been a burglar before. He was chosen by Gandalf and pushed him into a life of adventure that was strange for a hobbit. What was the name of the book Bilbo was writing?

Question 49

Who does Sam marry when they return home to the Shire?

While Sam had many chances on his mission to show how brave he was, when he got back home it seemed like he would fall back into old habits. The hobbits thought that he would never get the courage up to ask his crush for a dance, but one night at the pub he finally did it, and he was able to marry her and start a family, just like he always wanted. Who was the lovely young hobbit who had caught Sam's eye?

Question 50

Where does Frodo go at the very end of his adventure?

Though Frodo finds his way back to the Shire, he learns that he can never again be quite fulfilled with a life of farming, drinking, and smoking. His ordeals have left him with too many scars, both physically and mentally. He has to do something else. This comes as a shock to the other Hobbits, but they wish their friend the best of luck on his new adventure. Where does Frodo go at the end of The Lord of the Rings?

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