Only True DC Fans Can Beat This Quiz!

Superhero comics began with the DC Universe. This is just a fact. Oh sure, before that we had some pulp action heroes like Doc Savage and the Phantom, but it wasn’t until Superman leapt off the pages of Action Comics issue 1 in 1938 with his red and blue uniform that the modern day superhero gained a lasting place in the public consciousness. Over the following years, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash were all created, as were many other stars of the DC pantheon.

It would be decades later that Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and others in the Marvel Bullpen created Marvel’s superhero ensemble. The heroes of the MCU may have better movies these days but they owe much to the Golden Age heroes of DC, whose bright costumes, awesome powers, and secret identities all inspired the tradition which Marvel followed.

Fans of DC should have no trouble answering questions about Batman’s villains or Superman’s weakness, but there are some questions on this quiz even Gotham’s greatest goth detective would have trouble puzzling out the answers to. It’s time to sort out the Caped Crusaders from the Kite Mans of the fandom world. This is a test only a true DC fan could pass!

Question 1

Who is Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime?

Gotham City is not exactly a good place to live. The fictional urban center is based on all of the worst traits of New York in the 20th Century, a city where crime and corruption penetrate every element of society and where the mayor dines with mob bosses while police extort their victims with the same ruthlessness as gangbangers. The city has its legends—savage criminals who haunt the streets, feared and worshipped like Lovecraftian gods. The worst of them is the Man Who Laughs. Name Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime.

Question 2

What is Superman’s weakness?

Superman is a symbol of hope, a working class hero raised with the values of community and simple living that come from being raised on a Midwestern farm. Flying over the city and powered by the rays of Earth’s yellow sun, he is a modern day sun god in his own right, a shining beacon of hope who can bounce bullets off the symbol on his chest and hold people safely in his muscular arms. But the Man of Steel has a major weakness. What is it?

Question 3

What is Batman’s secret identity?

Batman is a figure cloaked in mystery, an urban legend striking at criminals from the shadows and soaring across the skyline. He has been mistaken for a vampire and a demon, but the truth is that his humanity is what gives him his strength. The Caped Crusader has punched out gods, grounded aliens, and reduced the Man Who Laughs to tears. To the immortal Ra's al Ghul, he is known as “Detective.” To Superman, he is a best friend. What is his secret identity beneath the cowl?

Question 4

Who is this nimble cat burglar?

In Gotham, thievery is a legitimate form of commerce just so long as one is born to privilege or employed by the city. People steal all the time with the power of a badge or an army of lawyers. But this anti-heroine challenges those notions about who can and cannot steal. Born in poverty, this self-made woman has burgled her way into wealth, picking the locks of every barrier to try and stop her, from bank vaults to prison doors to the glass ceiling. Who is this master thief?

Question 5

What piece of jewelry does each Green Lantern wear?

“In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight. Let Those Who Worship Evil’s Might, Beware My Power, Green Lantern’s Light.” So goes the oath sworn by each member of the Green Lantern Corps, officers of galactic law enforcement charged with patrolling specific sectors of the universe. Each of these space cops creates hard light constructs through sheer willpower, using the green light to enforce galactic law. And all of this is powered by a piece of jewelry. Just what fashion accessory is it that Green Lanterns wear?

Question 6

Who is the Scarlet Speedster of Central City?

Central City has a hero protecting its streets, racing up and down the length of its roadways in a crimson blur of speed. Sometimes the hero will break the sound barrier, a sonic boom ripping through the air and echoing off buildings as the Scarlet Speedster races to action while the average Central City citizen is stuck in rush hour traffic or in the cramped confines of their work space. He has even outpaced the speed of light. Who is this super fast superhero?

Question 7

What is the main superhero team of the DC Universe?

There are a number of superhero teams who protect the DC Universe from various threats. They guard against extraterrestrial invasions, ancient cults using black magic rites to summon ancient terrors, and conspiratorial cabals of supervillains working toward their own evil goals. They also help with refugee crises and providing aid in the wake of natural disasters. Some even work in secrecy, performing covert missions that the world will never know of. Of all these teams, one of them stands out above the rest. Which is DC’s greatest superhero team?

Question 8

Where does Wonder Woman come from?

Wonder Woman is not from the World of Man, but is in fact an amazon. Depending what one believes, she was either shaped from Clay and given life by the Gods of Olympus, or else was conceived by a union between her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and the god Zeus. Whatever the case, she’s not from anywhere most people can get to. She was raised on a Paradise Island and trained in the arts of war, magic, and philosophy. What is the name of her island home?

Question 9

Who is the half-human ruler of Atlantis?

Atlantis sank beneath the waves in aeons past, and ever since, the realm has been underwater. It is a cold and archaic society ruled by a feudal monarch and dedicated to preserving its ancient rituals and magics. One of its queens came to land and had an affair with a mortal man, giving birth to the future heir of the throne. When the boy grew to manhood, he found himself empowered with the abilities to breathe underwater, withstand the crushing weight of the deep oceans, and control sea life. Who is he?

Question 10

This member of the Justice League has cybernetic prostheses.

Technology redefines how humans interact with the world, and how we even define our own humanity. What it means to be human is something that is pushed to extreme limits of conventional definitions. This in turn makes us also ask what it means to be a superhuman, and what the difference between a human and a machines. This hero is both man and machine. His processing power is fast enough he can readily answer these complex questions, but he’d much rather just scream “booya!” Who is he?

Question 11

Which city is protected by Batman?

Some superheroes save the world. Others are protectors of a specific realm or guardians devoted to a specific cause, such as how Aquaman is ruler of the oceans and how Doctor Fate oversees the forces of Order in the magical world. Batman is committed to his city. And no wonder, as he resides in one of the most corrupt abysmal cities in the country. He polices the police and strikes fear into the hearts of criminals. What city is he the guardian of?

Question 12

Who is this electrically empowered hero?

This electrically empowered superhuman is a hero in and out of costume. In his day job, he works in a school, helping at risk kids achieve their full potential. When he dons his costume, there is nothing he won’t do to help those in need and protect the parts of his city that have been forsaken by lawmakers and law enforcement alike. He has fought gang members, supervillains, and urban poverty, all while sparking hope in those whose lives he touches. Who is he?

Question 13

Which villain broke Batman’s spine?

Batman has the largest rogues gallery of anyone in comics. His villains range from the comically bizarre to sadistic psychos, from respectable business professionals to societal pariahs forced to live on the outskirts. Some of these villains have done some serious harm to Batman over the years, cruelly wounding the Caped Crusader’s body, mind, and soul. One villain took everything from Batman. This musclebound malcontent took over Gotham City and broke Batman’s spine over his knee. Who is this Santa Priscan supervillain?

Question 14

What planet is Superman from?

Clad in red and blue with a cape flapping flaglike on his back, Superman is the ultimate symbol of heavy-handed patriotism. This marketing, however, runs contrary to his actual beliefs. Superman is not a protector of any singular country, but of the planet and the people in it (as well as pretty much any at risk aliens he can help when traveling through space). He just wants to help people. Interestingly, the Earth’s protector is an immigrant from another world. Where is he from?

Question 15

Name this corrupt business mogul?

If money is the root of all evil, then this business tycoon is one of the evilest people on the planet. A self-made man, he is one of the smartest—and cruelest—people on the planet. Bald, brainy, and with an ego the size of the Daily Planet, this megalomaniac is insulted by the fact that for all he accomplishes, he will ONLY be a man so long as there is also a Superman. As such, he has sworn to destroy the Man of Tomorrow. Who is this cruel crony capitalist?

Question 16

What does Wonder Woman’s lasso do to people?

Wonder Woman’s lasso is called the Golden Perfect. It is a divine item, forged by the Olympian gods themselves and given to the Amazons of Themyscira. Admittedly, this exists in the comics in part because Wonder Woman’s creator was an advocate for certain activities involving ropes and tight knots. Nevertheless, it is a key part of her heroic mythos. She uses it to bind her criminals, but it has another function too. What does the Golden Perfect do to people bound by it?

Question 17

Where was Green Arrow stuck after his vehicle crashed?

Green Arrow started out life as Oliver Queen, a rich playboy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Then while out on a vacation, his vehicle crashed and he was stranded, forced to survive with nothing but his wits. He made a bow to hunt for food, and so became a master of the bow. Upon returning to civilization, he used his bow to hunt for those that preyed on the helpless while using his wealth and privilege to help those society abandoned. What was the place that transformed him?

Question 18

Who is the Joker’s paramour?

The Joker is one of the most sadistic villains ever to haunt the nightmares of those traumatized souls that survived him. He has found a way to put the “ha” back in bloodied victims “haaaaaaaarrgh! It hurts!” But for all that, he does have a heart. There are in fact two people we know the Joker has loved. The first is Batman, a man the Joker taught the age-old lesson "love hurts." The second one the Joker actually dated. Who was it that Joker was in a relationship with?

Question 19

What team of villains reduces their sentences through black-ops work?

In a world of superpowered individuals, there will always be those looking to take advantage of these people for their own aims. As such, certain bureaucrats created a program where they reduce the sentences of villains in exchange for performing certain covert wetwork missions. This team might be considered the opposite of the Justice League, for while they (often) do good work, their methods are not exactly heroic. Of course, if they’re caught or try to rebel, these villains will be terminated. Name this team of villains.

Question 20

This villain uses weaponized umbrellas.

Some villains are known for a particular quirk. Sinestro has his yellow ring. The Riddler has his riddles. Crazy Quilt is a madman who wears a patchwork blanket. This villain is known for a number of traits which distinguish him from the average Joe Chill. He is a rich businessman who wears tuxedos and has a penchant for vengeance. He operates out of a casino called the Iceberg Lounge. But perhaps the most iconic one is his peculiarities is his assortment of weaponized umbrellas. Who is this villain with violent rainwear?

Question 21

Name Batman’s first sidekick.

Batman has a habit of collecting wayward children and turning them into child soldiers. Sure, he may give them training and mentorship and even love but it’s hard not to see these acrobatic wunderkinder as tweenage cannon fodder being shredded in his war on crime. The first of these sidekicks was orphaned—not unlike Batman himself—and so benefitted from his adoption as Bruce Wayne’s ward. But in adulthood, he distanced himself from Batman and became the vigilante Nightwing. Before leaving the Bat-nest, what was this little bird known as?

Question 22

Who is the ruler of Apokolips?

Superheroes are living legends, but so are the artists who created them. One of the greatest artists of all time was Jack Kirby—nicknamed “the King.” This workaholic artist came from a working class Jewish family in New York, he went onto help create Captain America, the Fantastic Four, and X-Men at Marvel. When he and co-creator Stan Lee had a falling out, he moved to DC and created the Fourth World—stories about the technodeific New Gods. The evil New Gods lived on the planet Apokolips. Who ruled them?

Question 23

Which power does Superman NOT have?

There is little that the Man of Tomorrow cannot do. He is a symbol of hope that transcends borders while still standing up for truth, justice, and the ‘Murrkin way. Once advertised as more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap buildings in a single bound, he has since grown strong enough to bench press the Earth and developed flight. He has raced the Flash, brawled with Wonder Woman, and solved crimes with Batman. Which of the following powers does he NOT have?

Question 24

What was Shazam’s original name?

Shazam is a fairly well known hero. The story is simple: orphan child Billy Batson encountered a wizard who gave him magical powers like the strength of Hercules and the wisdom of wisdom of Solomon while also turning him into an indestructible adult with a flash of lightning if he spoke the word “Shazam.” In his heyday, this superhero was actually outselling Superman. The hero is even getting a major motion picture soon. But he was not always called Shazam. What was his name originally?

Question 25

What did Batman name his car?

Batman is famous for his gadgets. He has an armored mech suit with miniaturized red suns in its knuckles just for punching out Superman and the rest of the Justice League. He has custom boomerangs which are weighted and edged to be effective thrown projectiles. He has a jet which defies conventional Newtonian physics in its ability to stay airborne despite its ridiculous shape. Still, of all his many toys, none is quite so famous as his car. What did he name his car?

Question 26

Which of these is Black Canary’s power?

Black Canary is one of the strongest women in comics. Oh, she doesn’t have super strength. And she doesn’t need it. She can take names and kick assassins without the need for any powers. She’s just that skilled a fighter. She has studied martial arts under some of the greatest masters alive and has fought against some of the most dangerous villain, overcoming both with her bare hands. That said, she does have one power of note. What power does she have?

Question 27

This character continues to be reincarnated with her lover.

There are no original stories. Stories—like history—repeat, creating patterns that echo and spiral down the years. This is especially true of those for whom reincarnation is inevitably bound to their destiny. The superhero in question lived in ancient Egypt. She is destined to meet her true love and then to each perish. Love and loss, again and again, echoing with heartache through the millennia. Some things are beyond the control of mortals. Who is this hero who’s destined to be eternally reborn rather than pass into paradise?

Question 28

This deep sea diver hates Aquaman.

This villain is one of Aquaman’s greatest enemies. His hatred for Aquaman knows no bounds, and he will do anything to make the Atlantean monarch suffer. With a team of lackeys who serve him on his submarine on deep sea missions and treasure hunts, he is a modern day Captain Nemo. His helmet not only allows him to breathe underwater but to shoot lasers from the visor. He is one of the most intensely driven villains alive. Who is he?

Question 29

Robin was a part of this superhero team.

The DC Universe has a number of superhero teams. Each serves a specific function. However, the idea of endangering children by turning them into child soldiers is enough of a PR disaster that not many teams of superpowered heroes will risk anyone under the age of 18 joining their ranks. Robin is best known as Batman’s kid sidekick. Despite his age, he has proven more than capable as a crime fighter. On which team of superheroes did Robin serve as a member?

Question 30

This superhero has the blessings of the Olympian gods.

Superheroes are modern day gods, mythological champions recreating the world in their own image of justice. When Grant Morrison wrote the Justice League, he even took inspiration from the gods of Greek Myth, modeling Aquaman on aspects of Poseidon and showcasing Superman’s Apollonian attributes. Yet one superhero is notable for being given the literal divine blessings of the gods of Mount Olympus. This hero exemplifies the ancient Greek virtue of Arete—excellence—and can quote Homer as easily as swing a sword. Which hero has the favor of the Olympians?

Question 31

This magician is a master of the occult.

Let’s be clear: the stories of this character are not limited to the realm of comics and their expanded media. This occult detective was created by writer and ceremonial magician Alan Moore, who introduced him in the pages of Saga of the Swamp Thing. Later, Alan Moore would recount encountering the fictional character he created on two separate occasions. On the second time, the character told him the secret of magic. At least four other writers of the character claim to have met him in real life. Who is this English occultist?

Question 32

Which magic user casts spells by speaking backwards?

Magic can take many forms, but the casting of spells always has a price. Sometimes, that price is paid in blood and sacrifice. Other times it requires complex rituals or rare ingredients. But on occasion, all that is needed is a magic word or two. This particular spellcaster is famous for speaking backwards to create incantations that activate each spell. A stage magician, the real magic practiced by this magus is hidden from public scrutiny by sleight of hand parlour tricks. Who is this master of the mystic arts?

Question 33

What job did Harvey Dent have before becoming Two-Face?

To say Harvey Dent is of two minds on any matter is an understatement. This Gotham gangster takes the philosophy of dualism and turns it into a literal psychosis. Prone to flip out over the slightest provocation, he has lived a life that is proof of how good and evil are two sides of the same coin. Before his fall from grace, he was both a friend and an ally of Batman’s. What was Harvey Dent’s job title before he became Two-Face?

Question 34

What is Rip Hunter known as the master of?

Rip Hunter is one of those awesome characters who steals the show every time he appears. The secrets of his birth—where he is from, even WHEN he is from—are shrouded in mystery. Of course, fans of the show Legends of Tomorrow might have had this air of mystery spoiled by his constant presence and clearly laid out origin story. But Rip is a character torn from the great action scientists of the pulps, a man who pursues his quarry no matter the risks. What is he known as the master of?

Question 35

Which of these weapons is used by the Scarecrow?

Scarecrow is one of the Batman’s greatest enemies. He is an academic, a fighter, and a biochemist without equal. He has also transcended the lowly struggles of Gotham’s turf wars and criminal underworld to become noticed by the Sinestro Corps War, an intergalactic space force of fascistic cops who noted Scarecrow’s ability to instill fear was one of the most potent on Earth. He has utilized a number of ways to fight over the years, from wielding a scythe to a Yellow Power Ring. What weapon is he best known for?

Question 36

What is Supergirl’s birth name?

To clear matters up, there are MULTIPLE Supergirls, so we need to establish which one we’re talking about. Why are there multiple Supergirls? Because comics. This particular Supergirl is Superman’s first cousin who landed on Earth AFTER he did and who stars in both the current comic and TV show to bear the name “Supergirl.” A little known fact is that Supergirl is actually STRONGER than Superman. Sure, he may be powered by the Earth’s yellow sun, but Supergirl spent more time in space absorbing solar radiation. What is her real name?

Question 37

Name this teenage superhero with electrical powers.

This popular hero is a fan favorite who frequently makes appearances in comics and TV shows, then disappears for years at a time. The reason for this is that his name and legacy are tied up in court battles over the copyright to his legacy. This character has appeared in a TV show named after him, as well as in Young Justice, Justice League: Unlimited, the videogame Injustice: Gods Among Us, and the animated film Justice League War. Who is this electrifying teenage hero?

Question 38

Which of these villains is from Australia?

Most of the heroes and villains of the DC Universe tend to be from the United States. Maybe this is the result of all the nuclear testing the country did back in the 40s and 50s, radiation giving powers to those spared cancer. Maybe it is the result of a major occult resurgence in the 50s and 60s that led to otherworldly occult forces affecting people. Whatever the reason, it is easier for most people to name aliens from other worlds than superheroes and villains from other countries. Which villain is from Australia?

Question 39

This alien superheroine is a well-known Teen Titan.

The Teen Titans are almost as famous as the Justice League. They have had two cartoon TV shows, an animated movie that topped the charts in theaters, two animated films that went straight to video, and are about to get their first live action show. This team of teenage vigilantes prove that one does not need to be a grown up to rise to the challenges of the world. One of the team’s heroines is an alien from the planet Tamaran. Who is the alien hero on the Teen Titans?

Question 40

What was Harley Quinn’s job before meeting Mista J?

Once upon a time, a madman and a relatively sane woman met and fell in love. The man was the Joker—the infamous sadistic who considers mortality the ultimate punchline worth sharing, spreading one Glasgow smile at a time to his audience. The woman was Harley Quinn, one of the many professionals who worked to both incarcerate and rehabilitate him. She lost her mind in the process, even as he stole her heart. Ever after, she spent her life feeling the effects of lovin’ her puddin’. What was her job before this?

Question 41

Which organization does Ra's al Ghul lead?

Ra's al Ghul is an immortal who has redirected the tides of history for centuries, manipulating people and influencing the major events. He was born a Zoroastrian in a time when the Muslim Caliphate controlled the regions of the Middle East. He was at Waterloo to watch Napoleon’s armies break. He has since come to Gotham to destroy the city, cleansing it so that the environment could reclaim the Earth. He controls a particularly influential and secretive society. Name that organization.

Question 42

What is Batman’s butler named?

Batman is the man who can do anything. He can outthink the Riddler, outfight Bane, and out-brood any other vigilante to ever sit atop a gargoyle-studded rooftop in the rain. He has a plan to take down every single member of the Justice League and a gadget for every possible contingency. But for all that, he can’t take care of himself. The man may be a living legend, but he has the emotional maturity of a spoiled child. Thankfully, he has a butler to care for him. What is his butler named?

Question 43

What is Cyborg’s real name?

Cyborg is one of those great heroes who has forever been reinventing himself even as he has been reinvented to adapt to his surroundings. He began life as a football star, but when he was mortally wounded and violently disfigured, he was given computerized prostheses throughout most of his body. He has been a member of both the Teen Titans and of the Justice League. But even with his successful superhero career, he is still a football player at heart, remembering the crowds that chanted his name. What is his name?

Question 44

Black Canary is a master of what?

Black Canary is one of the coolest and most strongly independent heroes in the DC Universe. Tragically, she is often relegated to being part of a larger group of heroes. She is subsumed by the teams on which she is a part, be they the Birds of Prey, the Justice League, or Team Arrow (and the toxic relationship she and Green Arrow have had ongoing since the late 60s). That said, she can more than hold her own against almost any foe. What particular skill set is she a master of?

Question 45

Which character is NOT a Green Lantern?

The Green Lantern Corps are the cosmic protectors of the universe. They each work in teams of two, protecting the 3600 sectors of the galaxy. Of course, some sectors need more protecting—and more protectors—than others. Sector 2814 is particularly noteworthy as receiving a large amount of space-faring threats. Naturally, Sector 2814 is where Earth is. As such, Earth has produced more Green Lanterns than almost any other planet. Which of the following characters is NOT a member of the Green Lantern Corps?

Question 46

Batgirl is the daughter of which character?

Batgirl is one of the many children to serve as a protégé to the infamous Batman. The Batman taught her how to fight, how to solve mysteries, and how to survive. However, even if she hadn’t been taken under his wing, she’d still likely have ended up pursuing a life of crime fighting. It runs in the family. She was taking self-defense lessons from an early age, and she has the hacking skills to break into police databases without even trying. Which character is her parent?

Question 47

Where does the Flash call home?

The Flash is the fastest man alive. He can run a lap around the Earth in the time it takes most people to use speed dial on their phone. The man is faster than the speed of light, and can outrun the Grim Reaper. He has run on water and through time itself. For all that, he has one place he calls home, a city that is as important to him as Gotham is to Batman. What place does the Flash call home?

Question 48

Where did Batwoman go to school?

Batwoman is a unique superhero. She does not have superpowers. She is not a billionaire. She is not one of the smartest geniuses on the planet or the survivor of experimentation or someone who trained with master assassins (okay, maybe she trained a little with master assassins, but that’s beside the point). Batwoman’s commitment to helping others and fighting dangerous threats was actually something she learned in school (as well as being a family tradition, though other members of her family went to that school). Where did she study?

Question 49

What company does Lucius Fox work for?

Lucius Fox is a major shaper in the DC Universe, but because he has no powers, he is frequently overlooked. He has made appearances in Batman: The Animated Series and in the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy, while in the comics his son Luke is a superhero—the second hero to take up the name Batwing (which is also the name of Batman’s private fighter jet). Lucius is an inventor and a businessman. What is the name of the company that Lucius Fox works for?

Question 50

Who is this rockin’ goth mage?

This heroine has a dark side to her, and no, we aren’t just talking about the way she rocks Hot Topic fashions like it’s the mid-aughts at a Marilyn Manson show. She is the daughter of the demon Trigon, and her magical powers come with the curse of his infernal influence. Sure, she has the magical muscle to contend with him, but it’s not easy trying to fight off one of the monarchs of the Abyss. Who is this countercultural spellcaster?

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