Only True Buffy Fans Will Ace This Scooby Gang Quiz

For all the many great qualities that make Buffy Summers a hero, there’s a limit to what a single Slayer can possibly accomplish. Luckily for the girl in question, she had plenty of friends helping her out along the way who were often an integral part of the mission to save the world. Even when they weren’t necessarily important during a fight, each of Buffy’s friends was wildly entertaining in their own way, making her Scooby Gang one of the most fun groups in TV history.

Despite all the effort they expend battling demons, vampires, and other monstrous creatures, the Scoobies always like to keep things light in their personal lives, joking around and throwing parties whenever not busy training for impending apocalypses. While each character has their own unique personality, the fact they all ultimately want the same thing in world peace and happiness means it can sometimes be hard to retroactively remember which of Buffy’s buddies did what, or even if the Slayer herself did the deeds.

Only the biggest fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are able to remember every last detail of the show, and across 144 episodes, even the broader strokes can blend together. Prove you actually belong in Sunnydale by taking this quiz and telling us which member of the Scooby Gang did the following things.

1Who is Buffy’s primary Watcher?

Before the Slayer even makes a single friend, she already has a close confidant guiding her path in the Watcher hired to oversee her. Buffy actually had a different Watcher prior to coming to Sunnydale, but most audiences are definitely more familiar with the posh British librarian who quickly becomes a father figure to the entire Scooby Gang. Technically, he actually gets fired from the gig halfway through season three, yet this doesn’t affect his relationship with Buffy or the rest of the group, remaining an important and trusted ally to the end.

2Who dates (at least) two different vampires?

In a very literal sense, a member of the Scooby Gang dating a vampire is tantamount to sleeping with the enemy. It’s hard to imagine one of the supreme fighters for good willingly befriending and then shacking up with evil, yet that’s exactly what one of them does on a pretty consistent basis. They don’t just get attracted to a vampire on a fleeting basis; they date two of them for several years each. In fact, there’s great fan debate over which bloodsucker was their “true love.”

3Who almost gets married to a former vengeance demon?

Vampires aren’t the only questionable bedfellows with whom members of the Scooby Gang share relations. In fact, one member of the team is constantly dating all sorts of weird demons, monsters, and Inca Mummy Girls. After a while, they even seem to get used to it, developing an extremely close connection with a former vengeance demon starting with the pair randomly attending prom together. Eventually, the two are very nearly married, only for a one party to get cold feet at the last minute and call things off.

4Who is an extremely powerful witch?

Being the Slayer gives Buffy a pretty significant edge against the forces of evil, but she’s not even the strongest member of the Scooby Gang. Pretty much everyone is in agreement that one of her friends is far more powerful, because she happens to be an extremely gifted witch who began studying Wicca in high school. Very quickly, this character’s love of magic went from a mild interest to an outright obsession, nearly destroying her life. When in control of it, though, there was no limit to what she could do.

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