Only True Buffy Fans Will Ace This Scooby Gang Quiz

For all the many great qualities that make Buffy Summers a hero, there’s a limit to what a single Slayer can possibly accomplish. Luckily for the girl in question, she had plenty of friends helping her out along the way who were often an integral part of the mission to save the world. Even when they weren’t necessarily important during a fight, each of Buffy’s friends was wildly entertaining in their own way, making her Scooby Gang one of the most fun groups in TV history.

Despite all the effort they expend battling demons, vampires, and other monstrous creatures, the Scoobies always like to keep things light in their personal lives, joking around and throwing parties whenever not busy training for impending apocalypses. While each character has their own unique personality, the fact they all ultimately want the same thing in world peace and happiness means it can sometimes be hard to retroactively remember which of Buffy’s buddies did what, or even if the Slayer herself did the deeds.

Only the biggest fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are able to remember every last detail of the show, and across 144 episodes, even the broader strokes can blend together. Prove you actually belong in Sunnydale by taking this quiz and telling us which member of the Scooby Gang did the following things.

Question 1

Who is Buffy’s primary Watcher?

Before the Slayer even makes a single friend, she already has a close confidant guiding her path in the Watcher hired to oversee her. Buffy actually had a different Watcher prior to coming to Sunnydale, but most audiences are definitely more familiar with the posh British librarian who quickly becomes a father figure to the entire Scooby Gang. Technically, he actually gets fired from the gig halfway through season three, yet this doesn’t affect his relationship with Buffy or the rest of the group, remaining an important and trusted ally to the end.

Question 2

Who dates (at least) two different vampires?

In a very literal sense, a member of the Scooby Gang dating a vampire is tantamount to sleeping with the enemy. It’s hard to imagine one of the supreme fighters for good willingly befriending and then shacking up with evil, yet that’s exactly what one of them does on a pretty consistent basis. They don’t just get attracted to a vampire on a fleeting basis; they date two of them for several years each. In fact, there’s great fan debate over which bloodsucker was their “true love.”

Question 3

Who almost gets married to a former vengeance demon?

Vampires aren’t the only questionable bedfellows with whom members of the Scooby Gang share relations. In fact, one member of the team is constantly dating all sorts of weird demons, monsters, and Inca Mummy Girls. After a while, they even seem to get used to it, developing an extremely close connection with a former vengeance demon starting with the pair randomly attending prom together. Eventually, the two are very nearly married, only for a one party to get cold feet at the last minute and call things off.

Question 4

Who is an extremely powerful witch?

Being the Slayer gives Buffy a pretty significant edge against the forces of evil, but she’s not even the strongest member of the Scooby Gang. Pretty much everyone is in agreement that one of her friends is far more powerful, because she happens to be an extremely gifted witch who began studying Wicca in high school. Very quickly, this character’s love of magic went from a mild interest to an outright obsession, nearly destroying her life. When in control of it, though, there was no limit to what she could do.

Question 5

Who kills The Master?

Throughout the course of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the various members of the Scooby Gang kill more bloodsuckers than we could ever count. It’s hard to remember who slayed every single vamp, but true fans at least know who bested each Big Bad, starting with the centuries old Master. A prophecy stated he was destined to reign on Earth after killing the Slayer, a fate he nearly pulled off until the Scoobies made a powerful comeback in the school library where they spent so much of their time.

Question 6

Who once wished that Buffy never came to Sunnydale?

For all she does to protect the town, not everyone in Sunnydale is all that fond of Buffy Summers and her friends. Obviously, the demons and vampires aren’t too happy about her messing up their evil plans, and even some of the humans aren’t entirely appreciative of the Slayer’s efforts to save them. At least one of Buffy’s classmates hates her so much she blames the Slayer for all of her problems in life, once making a wish to a vengeance demon that she never came to Sunnydale.

Question 7

Who kills the Anointed One?

Typically, children are in the harmless category that Buffy would never dare take arms against, unless they happened to be prophesized as future leaders amongst their fellow vampires. That was the case with this child chosen by The Master to become the Anointed One, a being of unclear power who nonetheless had great influence over the undead. Unfortunately for the kid, he doesn’t really get to use it, as someone wanders into his budding empire and traps him in a cage they then send directly into the sunlight.

Question 8

Who is The Key?

When season five first introduced Glory, the stylish hell goddess who soon became the next Big Bad, fans were confused and intrigued by this mysterious blonde “Beast.” In fact, that was pretty much par for the course this season, as a few episodes earlier, audiences also met someone who had apparently been living with the Scooby Gang all along. Turns out, this “newcomer” wasn’t even really a person, but rather the mystical Key that could bring Glory back to her evil dimension. Naturally, it’s up to Buffy to ensure that absolutely never happens.

Question 9

Who dances with Buffy at her prom?

While the main focus of Buffy’s story is that she’s the fated hero destined to save the world time and again, being a teenage girl, her love life also plays a major role. Like with most teens, this was especially true during prom season. Despite the fact Buffy was busy fighting off a bunch of weird hellhounds, she still makes it to school in time for the big dance. Having broken up with her boyfriend earlier that week, the Slayer worried she’d be going solo, but he ultimately decided to show up for one last dance.

Question 10

Who sends Angel to hell?

Throughout her countless efforts to save the world, the hardest battle Buffy ever fought was likely against the demonic Angelus. Moments after the Slayer and Angel were intimate for the first time, her vampire boyfriend lost his soul and became the most evil creature she’d ever encountered. However, her past feelings for the man as a hero were so strong it was nearly impossible for her to kill him, let alone take him on in a fistfight. Does Buffy get over it and send Angelus to hell, or do one of her friends step in and do it for her?

Question 11

Which member of the gang is a werewolf?

Vampires, witches, and demons are still just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the horror monster Buffy and friends battle in their everyday lives. As one might expect, werewolves are very much also part of the deal. Though equally dangerous to a vamp or demon, there’s an extra dimension to the menace of a werewolf in that they truly can’t control their actions, so the Gang has serious trouble with the idea of killing them. These feelings grow stronger when one of their own gets bitten by their nephew and becomes lycanthropic.

Question 12

Who summoned Sweet, the singing demon from Once More, With Feeling?

99% of the demons that come to Sunnydale are all evil, with their sole intention the death and destruction of innocent people. At least one of them has a lighter side, though, in the stylish all sing, all dancing demon Sweet. In fact, Sweet’s unique powers were directly responsible for the action of Once More, With Feeling, generally considered one of the greatest episodes Buffy would ever produce. Of course, it’s not like Sweet just wandered into Sunnydale with a song in his heart—someone had to summon him there.

Question 13

Who kills Jenny Calendar after turning evil?

Radiantly charming and clearly popular with students, Jenny Calendar immediately caught the eyes of Rupert Giles once the two started working together. Turns out those computer things can be pretty powerful, maybe even more so than Giles’s books, quickly making Ms. Calendar a trusted ally and potential romantic partner to Buffy’s Watcher. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be, as she was also the first target of a former Scooby Gang member when they jumped to the dark side. If there’s any upside, it’s that this made Buffy finally realize she had to fight back against her old friend.

Question 14

In addition to Buffy, who else is a Slayer?

With the sheer number of bad guys Buffy has to face in her day, it would be almost impossible for one girl to handle it all. While it’s very nice of her friends to offer moral support, few of them can really match a Slayer in combat, mostly just hanging by the sidelines or making things worse. However, that’s not the case for at least one other Scooby Gang member, introduced in season three as the second Slayer. The downside is that this gal and Buffy have wildly divergent personalities, and they often have serious trouble getting along.

Question 15

Who is the only woman not affected by a spell that makes every female in Sunnydale obsessed with Xander?

For all the comic relief he provided fans over the years, it took Xander Harris quite some time before he was lucky in love. Desperately obsessed with Buffy throughout season one, when Xander finally starts dating someone else in season two, she quickly breaks up with him due to their differing social standings. Wanting some revenge, Xander attempts casting a love spell on his ex, only for it to backfire and affect every other woman in town instead. Ironically, when the effects of the spell wore off, the two were back together, so Xander’s idea may have worked after all.

Question 16

Who turns into a Victorian noble on Halloween?

Believe it or not, Halloween is actually one of the quietest nights in Sunnydale. For the most part, vampires, demons, and other such villains find the whole idea of humans dressing up like them a bit garish, choosing to spend their time doing…well, whatever else it is those monsters do when not killing people. That all changes one year when a mysterious stranger named Ethan Rayne casts a spell turning everyone in town into their costumes. This is especially damaging to the Scooby Gang when one of them becomes a literal damsel in distress and needs saving.

Question 17

Who sets off the explosives that kill The Mayor?

From the moment Buffy and friends realize they’re latest and greatest enemy is the Mayor of Sunnydale, he becomes one of their most formidable opponents through his political power alone. Turns out he also has an incredible amount of mystic power as well, having survived several hundred years in his human body, using his time to prepare for an ascension ceremony that will make him a demon. The fated time finally comes during the Mayor’s commencement speech at Buffy’s high school graduation, leading to an epic battle that ultimately sees him blown to bits.

Question 18

Who makes a wish that gets everyone trapped in Buffy’s house on her birthday?

Everyone loves a good party, but we all have things to do the next morning, as well. There’s work, school, and of course Slaying, all of which are activities the Scooby Gang slowly realizes they should be doing somewhere around hour 12 of Buffy’s 21st birthday celebration. What was initially all fun, cakes, and fancy new weapons chests soon becomes a frightening chore as the party guests realize it’s physically impossible for them to leave. It doesn’t help that a sword swinging demon is trapped in the house with them.

Question 19

Who binge watches the soap opera Passions with Buffy’s mom?

Considering how much time they spend fighting for their lives against horrific monsters, the Scooby Gang are the last sort of people anyone would expect to sit at home watching soap operas all day. Surprisingly, that’s exactly what one of them does with Buffy’s mother Joyce on many occasions. In particular, the two are huge fans of the supernatural series Passions, showing more interest in Timmy get caught in wells than their own intensely dramatic affairs. The biggest fan of all doesn’t even stop obsessing over the show when chained to a bathtub.

Question 20

Who is in a band called Dingoes Ate My Baby?

Important as it is to rid the world of demons and vampires, the Scooby Gang members unfortunately have little outlet for their creativity when saving the world. To make up for this, at least one of them moonlights as a guitarist in Sunnydale’s most popular alternative rock band, Dingoes Ate My Baby. Alongside singer Devon MacLeish, the budding musician used the three chords he knew and brought Dingoes to local fame, headlining The Bronze more times than any other act. They were also a regular touring act, booking shows as far away as Los Angeles.

Question 21

Which character works for The Initiative?

For many years, the Scooby Gang assume they’re pretty much fighting the war against evil all on their own. Much to everyone’s surprise, in season four it’s revealed that the government is well aware of the issue and is trying to do something about it, although in typical governmental fashion, the methods they use are seriously flawed in many ways. If nothing else, at least a couple people in The Initiative have their hearts in the right place, including the high ranking cadet who soon becomes Buffy’s first real human boyfriend.

Question 22

Whose family convinced them they were a demon for years?

By and large, the residents of Sunnydale are oblivious to the existence of vampires and demons, responding in constant shock and terror when these monsters wreck havoc on their town. Those who are aware of the bad guys understandably fear them, wanting nothing to do with the evil of demon kind. Such is the nature of humanity that some people use this fear in deplorable ways, like convincing family members they’re “part demon” in order to quietly control them. Luckily, Spike has a tried and tested method of finding out whether or not lies like this are actually true.

Question 23

Who commissions the Buffybot?

From a tactical standpoint, there were countless advantages to the Scooby Gang coming into possession of a life-sized robotic version of the Slayer. Indeed, after a little bit of reprogramming, the Buffybot became a helpful ally against enemies like Glory, but that wasn’t enough for the real Buffy and friends not to feel grossed out about why the thing was made. War was the last consideration of the person demanding the Buffybot get built, with extremely creepy robotic loving the only thing on their mind.

Question 24

Who becomes a cashier at The Magic Box?

When Giles initially purchased local mystic business The Magic Box, his mentees in the Scooby Gang were a little reluctant to support his endeavor. Granted, a lot of that had to do with the goofy robe and wizard hat he wore on opening day, and once he ditched the ridiculous ensemble, they were all happy to spend most of their time there. At one point or another, almost everyone helps out with the store’s operations a little bit, but one character in particular finds themselves utterly in love with the idea of capitalism, becoming the primary cashier.

Question 25

Which character tried to destroy the world in season six?

Buffy’s vampiric boyfriend Angel is far from the only character to lose his mind and go evil at one point or another. The same thing happens at the end of season six, after the presumed Big Bad shot and killed the true love of a Scooby Gang member and drove them to the dark side. Suddenly, Buffy’s closest ally became her strongest foe, with a power differential so vast the Slayer literally didn’t stand a chance in the fight. Luckily, the power of love (and talking) gradually calmed this person down and saved the day.

Question 26

Who idolized Olympic ice skater Dorothy Hamill as a child?

The way Buffy and her friends live their lives, one might expect their heroes to be people like Van Helsing or Simon Belmont, or at least an action star like Bruce Lee. Instead, it would turn out one member of the Scooby Gang spent much of their formative years worshipping Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill. This interest lasted well into their teenage years, at which point the person would regularly attend ice skating events with their father on birthdays and special occasions (until he callously stopped caring about them).

Question 27

Who tried turning Buffy’s fight against The First into a documentary?

Based on the real-world success of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a television show, it makes perfect sense that a member of the Scooby Gang would get the idea to turn Buffy’s life into a movie. Apparently named something like “Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyres,” pronounced in an utterly bizarre way, this pseudo-documentary filmed in season seven is equal parts fact and absurdist fiction created in the director’s mind. In classic documentary fashion, the film also ultimately reveals something completely unrelated to the intended subject, when the creator finally admits regrets about killing a close friend.

Question 28

Who briefly replaces Giles as Buffy’s Watcher?

Despite the incredible bond that grows between them, the Watcher’s Council eventually decides Rupert Giles is unfit to watch over Buffy Summers. In fact, it’s because of that very close connection that the Council makes this decision, feeling Giles cares about Buffy too much to effectively perform his duties. Once a new Watcher gets introduced to the scene, though, the Scooby Gang quickly learned there were much worse things someone in the position could do than simply care too much about the Slayer. Caring too much about the job was probably worst of all.

Question 29

Who is the next Sunnydale High principal after Snyder?

Of all the jobs one can have in Sunnydale, Principal of the high school actually seems like it could be the most dangerous. Mere weeks after Buffy arrived in town, the affable and supportive Bob Flutie was eaten by hyena-possessed students, and no more than two years after that, a giant snake demon likewise devoured his replacement, Principal Snyder. The second time around, the school also got blown up as a result of the chaos, but the town eventually rebuilt and needed someone new to fill the slot. Thankfully, this one never got eaten.

Question 30

Who was once split in two by a demon’s staff?

Gotta give it to the demons constantly plaguing Sunnydale—they never stop coming up with unique ways to wreck havoc on the town. Take for example this Tothric demon, which managed to split a key member of the Scooby Gang into two diverse personalities with his magic staff. Initially, the two halves of Buffy’s friend assumed they were in conflict with one another, only to gradually realize one was all of their “good” qualities and the other were the “negative” ones. Luckily, they were able to reconvene into one before the character became a bad influence on themselves.

Question 31

Who suffocates Ben?

Thanks to the power of Olaf’s hammer, Buffy manages to beat the ever loving tar out of the hell goddess Glory, only to stop short of delivering the final blow. The problem is that Glory always shared a body with Ben, a seemingly normal human, and the Slayer could never take an innocent life for any reason. Because she’s a hero, you see. Unfortunately for poor nurse Ben, not all of Buffy’s allies in the Scooby Gang are quite so virtuous, recognizing his death is the only way to ensure Glory will truly never reign again.

Question 32

Who once ran away to Los Angeles?

Hundreds of children and teens run away from home every day, and not a single one of them has the weight of the world on their shoulders in as literal fashion as those in the Scooby Gang. It’s easy to imagine how the wrong encounter with a vampire could make any of them bolt out of Sunnydale one night and never look back, but only one character actually had the courage to do this. Well, temporary courage that is, as they came running back home shortly thereafter upon realizing how many people they were hurting.

Question 33

Who unlocked the Potential Slayers power?

By season seven, Buffy and the Scooby Gang’s journey was reaching it’s ultimate conclusion, with the Slayer and friends facing the First Evil itself in an epic final battle. With literally hundreds of uber-vamp Turok-Han standing against them, one Slayer alone wouldn’t be enough to get the job done. Luckily, they have a secret weapon in the Potential Slayers who would theoretically get called were Buffy or Faith to meet their end. Through an extremely powerful spell, each of these young girls can tap into her full capabilities, joining Buffy as her greatest allies.

Question 34

Who turned their ex-lover Olaf into a troll?

At this point in the quiz, it should be clear the characters in the Scooby Gang would literally date just about anyone. In addition to vampires, demons, and creeps like Parker, this even includes a gigantic, grog-swilling troll from the middle ages. Of course, technically speaking, this big oaf was a normal human before hooking up with the Scooby member. In fact, it was cheating on her that lead to his current condition. He was soon trapped in a crystal from there, only to break free in the modern era and wield his hammer once again.

Question 35

Who is the child of a Slayer?

Still a relatively young woman when her series ends, Buffy Summers never had any children that audiences were able to meet. She’s not alone in this, as most Slayers don’t get the time or lifespan to settle down and have kids, making it a typically childless profession. However, at least one former Slayer named Nikki Wood was able to give birth, bringing new life into the world shortly before getting tracked down and killed by Spike on the New York subway. Later on, her child seeks revenge as a member of the Scooby Gang.

Question 36

Who revives Buffy the first time she dies?

Given how often Buffy puts her life in danger, it’s kind of surprising she only manages to die twice across seven seasons on the air. Obviously, in both occasions, one of her friends is very quick to jump into action and bring her back to life. The first time was significantly easier in this regard because of the Slayer’s method of death—the fact she drowned after being bit by The Master meant it only took a little CPR to breathe some life back into her body.

Question 37

Who brings Buffy back to life the second time she dies?

Second verse…quite a bit different than the first, actually. While Buffy’s original brush with mortality was a relatively quickly affair, the Slayer’s second death was a much more complicated matter. This time around, she couldn’t get saved with immediate medical intervention, having leapt to her death into a portal to hell, jolted her with millions of volts of electricity before dropping hundreds of feet to the ground. That’s the kind of overkill that requires mystical intervention to somehow overcome. While everyone in the Scooby Gang helped make it happen, only one had the power to bring her back.

Question 38

Who did Ethan Rayne once turn into a demon?

Ever since the Halloween incident where he turned everyone into their costumes, the Scooby Gang knew Ethan Rayne was a pretty bad dude. Actually, one member was well aware of this fact for quite some time before that, having been an old friend of Ethan back in their more rebellious days. Feeling a little cheesed those good times were over, Ethan later returns to the Sunnydale and gets a little revenge by turning his childhood chum into a snarling Fyarl demon. Luckily, the always thoughtful Slayer is able to recognize their true identity by looking into the demon’s eyes.

Question 39

Who has to get a job at a fast food restaurant?

The hardest part this world may not be “living in it” as Buffy once told Dawn. No, the real issue is paying for the right to do that, a fact the Slayer and her friends all come face to face with at one point or another. Saving the world on a nightly basis unfairly doesn’t pay a dime, meaning each one of them needs to seek employment elsewhere to make ends meet. Lacking in traditional education and only knowing how to fight, one of them has to sink so long as to become a cashier at Doublemeat Palace.

Question 40

Who sacrifices themselves to destroy the Hellmouth?

Nothing comes easily in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and in order to save the world once and for all, an unfortunate number of sacrifices need to be made. Multiple members of the Scooby Gang fall in the final battle against the First and the Turok Han, yet none faced a more heroic death than the “Champion” whose soul combined with the Amulet and quickly destroyed the entire Hellmouth. The only catch is that the rest of the crew needed to run for their lives getting out of there before the destruction was over.

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