Only The Ultimate Grey's Anatomy Fan Can Answer These 35 Questions

Alright super fans, time to see who has been keeping a close eye on all of the things happening around Seattle Grace Hospital. For 15 seasons we have been watching the lives of these doctors unfold, and we have been hanging onto our seats throughout the entire time.

Today we will be getting to the bottom of who the truly devoted fans actually are. We will be asking a variety of trivia questions based around the entire series and its characters. Some questions may seem easy enough, but we are sure others will leave some fans scratching their heads. To pass this one, we will have had to have seen every single episode. Who is ready to prove their Grey's Anatomy knowledge? This one is going to be epic!

Question 1

Who is "007"?

One of our characters were given this nickname after making a pretty big mistake during a surgery. While the mistake did not lead to any lasting complications for the patient, it did wind this doctor up with the nickname "007". Does anyone here know which character we are talking about?

Question 2

Who was NOT an original intern?

Over the past 15 seasons, we have seen a lot of turnover in the cast That being said, it would be hard for any big-time fans of the show to ever fully forget where it all began in the first place. Can anyone here remember who was NOT an original intern?

Question 3

Who said "Pick me. Choose me. Love me."?

This line was dropped many seasons ago, but it was a very powerful and memorable one. When one of our doctors found themselves in the middle of a love triangle, they pleaded to be the one chosen. They poured their heart out, but unfortunately, in that moment, it was not enough.

Question 4

Which character was diagnosed with cancer?

While we have seen many of our doctors come down with various illnesses and suffer through many different injuries, one of them in particular was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer. While they made it out of the situation alive, their life was forever changed afterward. Who are we talking about?

Question 5

Who is "McDreamy"?

Here is a question all fans should know the answer to right away! While the series in general is quite well known for its use of nicknames, none of these nicknames have ever been used as much as this one has. It truly is one of the more iconic parts of the show.

Question 6

How did Meredith and Christina say goodbye?

When it finally came time for Christina to leave the show for good, many of us were very interested to see how they would go about having her and Meredith say goodbye. They were the ultimate pair of best friends after all, and regardless of how they did it, it was going to be a heartbreaking moment.

Question 7

Who was Christina first engaged to?

For this question, we must think all the way back to the beginning. Back when Christina was just an intern at the hospital, she started up a relationship with a colleague. While they did wind up engaged, the two of them never actually married. Is this ringing any bells? Take a guess!

Question 8

Who was Alex's first wife?

This one may actually be tough to remember. Alex Karev has dated many women throughout his time on the show, and while he did love this first wife of his dearly, they never actually spent any time engaged. Their wedding was as big of a surprise to them, as it was to us.

Question 9

Who is "Bethany Whisper"?

When a group of new interns arrived at Seattle Grace, it did not go unnoticed that one of them was particularly good looking. After doing a bit of digging, one of their fellow interns discovered that they had, in fact, worked as a model throughout med school. This situation led to them getting this nickname.

Question 10

What did Preston's mother take from Christina on their wedding day?

On the day Christina was meant to marry Preston, she had a ton of thoughts and emotions coursing through her. Not only was she second guessing this huge decision, but she had Preston's mother breathing down her neck as well. The final straw came when Preston's mother took something from her. What was it?

Question 11

Who wore a diaper while performing surgery?

There is simply no denying that the surgeons on this show are pretty hardcore. Not only do they refer to themselves as this literally all of the time, but we have seen them do some pretty hardcore things as well. One of these things was watching a surgeon wear a diaper during surgery. Who was it?

Question 12

Who is "BCB"?

This nickname was only ever mentioned in a single episode, but it did cause quite a stir. When a few interns noticed one of their superiors spending a lot of quality time with their husband, they decided to appoint them with this nickname. This doctor was less than impressed with the name.

Question 13

Which intern helped deliver Miranda's baby?

For those who can remember all the way back to when Miranda was pregnant, you'll recall that her delivery day was anything but peaceful. The hospital was in the middle of a blackout, and her husband was in a car crash. Throughout all of this, one intern stepped up to help her through the delivery.

Question 14

Who said "We don't do well with mothers here"?

Honestly, if we don't happen to remember exactly which character said this, it could be any of them. While we have seen one or two healthy mother/child relationships on the show, we have seen way more dysfunctional ones. Many of our characters have deep-rooted mommy issues. Which one said this line?

Question 15

Who is "Swap Monkey"?

Now here is a rather hilarious storyline for everyone to remember. Back when a bout of the flu was passing through the hospital like wildfire, the interns at the time decided to strike up a little wagger. The first one of them to go home sick, would become "Swap Monkey".

Question 16

Which character did Lexie NOT date?

Since our surgeons are always working impossibly long hours, a lot of them tend to date within the same circles. Meaning, at this point, they have all pretty much dated each other. That being said, there was one colleague that our girl Lexie Grey never actually dated. Does anyone know who?

Question 17

Who cut Denny's LVAD?

Even though Denny has not been on the show for years, his storyline will always be one of the most iconic. Denny had been a patient in the hospital, suffering from a heart condition. To ensure he was going to get a new heart, one of his doctors decided to worsen his condition by cutting his LVAD.

Question 18

Name this character

This character was never going to be one who stuck around for very long. When our leading man Derek Shepherd went through a life-threatening crash, he was brought to a hospital that was not Seattle Grace. She was not his only doctor at the time, but she was the one who took the blame for him not surviving.

Question 19

Who said "The carousel never stops turning"?

We have heard several characters use this line over the years, but it certainly did originate from one of them. This frequently used line has proven to be the most relevant one to the entire 15-season-long story. No matter what these characters go through, the carousel simply never stops turning.

Question 20

Who is the biological father of Callie's baby?

The love life of Callie Torres has been chock full of ups and downs. While we have seen in her in both good and bad relationships, her greatest reward out of any of them would have to be her daughter. Even though Sofia wound up being raised by Callie and Arizona, she did obviously have a biological father as well!

Question 21

Which character was NOT involved in the plane crash?

It is true that the plane crash that went down in season 8, affected just about every character on the show. However, the ones who actually happened to be on the plane at the time, were no doubt the ones who got it the worst. Can anyone remember who was NOT on the plane?

Question 22

Who is Owen's second wife?

It seems like Owen is a character who everyone happens to have a different opinion on, including the other characters on the show. Every time he makes a decision, his co-workers tend to look at it rather closely. His decision to marry his second wife, was definitely a case where people questioned his judgement.

Question 23

Name this character

Alright, here is a question for those who have been keeping up with even the newest seasons! Grey's Anatomy has always been great at adding in new characters along the way. In a recent season, this guy joined the crew. He is quickly becoming our second favorite ortho surgeon ever!

Question 24

Who are the "Twisted Sisters"?

This nickname might not sound the most endearing, but the Twisted Sisters themselves actually really like the name. The first ever time it was used, the characters who heard it automatically thought it was perfect. The name has definitely stuck around through the years. Does anyone know the right answer?

Question 25

What did April and Jackson name their first baby?

We know some fans are still not over the fact that Jackson and April did not end up together. While they have both seemed to find happiness now, back when they were expecting their first child together, things were really tough. The baby did not end up making it, but the couple did pick out a name for him.

Question 26

Who did April leave Matthew for on their wedding day?

When April first arrived at Seattle Grace, she had no friends, and certainly no boyfriends. We watched her fight very hard to create a better reputation for herself, so when she found Matthew, most people were really rooting for them. However, someone from her past stepped in right before the two could tie the knot.

Question 27

Who failed their Board Examinations?

Becoming a surgeon is no easy thing. Not only did our characters spend years in med school, but they then had to complete their intern year, several years as residents, and then they had to successfully pass their Board Examinations. Just as they were all about to cross the finish line, one of them happened to trip.

Question 28

Name this character

This character was not around for too long, but she has popped back into the hospital from time to time, just to make sure she hasn't been forgotten! This woman was once the best prenatal surgeon in the world. However, since losing her eyesight, she has instead begun teaching her skill to others.

Question 29

Where did Addison move to after leaving Seattle?

We have to give Addison some credit. Deciding to stick around after she realized her marriage to Derek was never going to work, could not have been an easy thing to do. While she tried her best to stay for as long as possible, she did eventually take a job elsewhere.

Question 30

Who is "Little Grey"

Of all the names to be featured in this show, "Grey" is no doubt the most important one. We obviously have our leading lady Meredith Grey, but her mother had also previously been an award-winning surgeon with the same name. We, of course, can't forget Meredith's younger sisters either! Who is "Little Grey"?

Question 31

Who removed Christina's icicle?

Christina was not a character who would often ask for help. However, when she got struck by a falling icicle one evening, there was just no way she was going to be able to handle the situation on her own. While her colleagues all contemplated the best approach, one of them just dove in and grabbed the thing.

Question 32

Who quit their job after the hospital fire?

To be honest, it is very surprising that Seattle Grace is even still standing at this point. We have seen the hospital go through floods, blackouts, shootings, and even one massive fire. Even though most did make it out of the fire unharmed, one of the surgeons was so upset by the event, that they decided to quit for good.

Question 33

What is Miranda's specialty?

Each and every one of our surgeons have had to pick a specialty. Miranda Bailey already happened to be working in her specialty when the show began, so we never actually saw her select it, but we have heard it mentioned hundreds of times. Can anyone here remember her specialty?

Question 34

Name this character

Here we have one character who was not around to play games during her time on the show. When one of our doctors fell ill, this woman was the one called in to take the lead on her case. Her bedside manor wasn't excellent, but nobody could have done a better job at saving the sick surgeon.

Question 35

How many kids does Meredith have?

Back when Derek and Meredith began thinking about children, it looked like they weren't going to be able to have any at all. After deciding to adopt instead, they wound up getting pregnant without even trying! So then, does anyone out there know how many children they wound up with?

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