Only The Ultimate Grey’s Anatomy Fan Can Answer These 35 Questions

Alright super fans, time to see who has been keeping a close eye on all of the things happening around Seattle Grace Hospital. For 15 seasons we have been watching the lives of these doctors unfold, and we have been hanging onto our seats throughout the entire time.

Today we will be getting to the bottom of who the truly devoted fans actually are. We will be asking a variety of trivia questions based around the entire series and its characters. Some questions may seem easy enough, but we are sure others will leave some fans scratching their heads. To pass this one, we will have had to have seen every single episode. Who is ready to prove their Grey's Anatomy knowledge? This one is going to be epic!

Question 1

Who is "007"?

Question 2

Who was NOT an original intern?

Question 3

Who said "Pick me. Choose me. Love me."?

Question 4

Which character was diagnosed with cancer?

Question 5

Who is "McDreamy"?

Question 6

How did Meredith and Christina say goodbye?

Question 7

Who was Christina first engaged to?

Question 8

Who was Alex's first wife?

Question 9

Who is "Bethany Whisper"?

Question 10

What did Preston's mother take from Christina on their wedding day?

Question 11

Who wore a diaper while performing surgery?

Question 12

Who is "BCB"?

Question 13

Which intern helped deliver Miranda's baby?

Question 14

Who said "We don't do well with mothers here"?

Question 15

Who is "Swap Monkey"?

Question 16

Which character did Lexie NOT date?

Question 17

Who cut Denny's LVAD?

Question 18

Name this character

Question 19

Who said "The carousel never stops turning"?

Question 20

Who is the biological father of Callie's baby?

Question 21

Which character was NOT involved in the plane crash?

Question 22

Who is Owen's second wife?

Question 23

Name this character

Question 24

Who are the "Twisted Sisters"?

Question 25

What did April and Jackson name their first baby?

Question 26

Who did April leave Matthew for on their wedding day?

Question 27

Who failed their Board Examinations?

Question 28

Name this character

Question 29

Where did Addison move to after leaving Seattle?

Question 30

Who is "Little Grey"

Question 31

Who removed Christina's icicle?

Question 32

Who quit their job after the hospital fire?

Question 33

What is Miranda's specialty?

Question 34

Name this character

Question 35

How many kids does Meredith have?

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