Only The Top Hogwarts Students Will Correctly Cast These Spells

Wizards, witches, and all magical beings in-between grab those wands and get ready for the best test out there. Magic requires some pretty intense practicing. It’s not all friendly adventures and Great Hall dinners when it comes to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

As much as we might want to use those powers for playing Quidditch and eating chocolate frogs, we need to keep our magic muscles flexed! Some of us might be in the midst of preparing for our 5th-year owls and some of us might be taking this as a little refresher course; no matter where we are in our magical journey, it’s important to understand the importance of practicing. Sure, having quality magical abilities and being able to cast a variety of spells is a big part of being the best Hogwarts student. But working to improve is really what being a great Hogwarts student is all about.

Try, try, and try again to make Dumbledore proud! That’s why we’ve prepared this list of the most popular (and useful) spells, as well as a few that might require a little more practice. Work on casting these and we’re sure to be professionals in no time. We might even end up giving Hermione herself a run for her money!

Question 1


One of the first spells that most of us will have experience with, this is something that many Hogwarts students use simply out of necessity. Wandering around the secret depths of Hogwarts (like Harry, Ron, and Hermione do in the Chamber of Secrets) is a hobby that not all of us have, though many of us might be tempted to pursue. Don’t go without correctly casting this spell. We might just need it to get through to some top secret spaces. The Harry Potter Wikia mentions that this is a useful spell to be learned for day to day life, even if wandering around locked-off spaces isn’t a hobby.

Question 2


This popular spell was a big hit during Defense Against The Dark Arts class. Every student might have had the opportunity to try out this spell against their foe, but the standout spellcast was done by none other than Ron Weasley. In book four of the Harry Potter series Ron cast this spell, which resulted in him dressing Snape in his grandmother’s frilly outfit. While it might not have been real Snape, it was Snape enough to get a chuckle out of us! This spell hasn’t been used much since, but it’s still an important (and fun) one to know.

Question 3


Having spells for protection is important, especially with all the whisperings of Grindelwald and Voldemort still swirling around. Knowing how to protect ourselves, our friends, and our muggle parents and partners should definitely be on the forefront of any witch or wizard’s mind. The Harry Potter Wikia states that this spell was used by none other than Hermione Granger herself, though for a sad use. That’s the kicker about this spell; it’s not always a happy one. We might be able to protect our loved ones, but who knows if they’ll come back to us after we cast it on them.

Question 4


Want to read without straining those magical eyes? It might be a good idea to learn this spell, which is one of the first that Hogwarts students seem to learn. Late night reading certainly requires learning some other spells to help facilitate it, especially when living in those shared dorm rooms and being unable to turn on the lights. We’ve even seen this spell come over into the muggle world, through Harry Potter housewares and fun novelty products. We don’t want to give away too much, but any wizard worth their wand should be able to cast this essential spell.

Question 5


We’re looking for the best Hogwarts students, which is why we had to throw in this spell. Not only is it important in battle, but it’s also one of those spells that has day-to-day use. We remember hearing this spell for the first time during The Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter’s fourth book. Ron’s mother sent him the dress robes that their family has worn too many Yule Balls past, and Ron is absolutely not having it. Lacking any way to immediately fix the ruffled sleeves, Ron turns to this spell to try and save a little bit of his reputation at the dance. It might not be used every day, but this is a spell that will certainly get some use once we learn it.

Question 6


How many times have we been sitting on the couch after a workout and craving the bag of chips that’s in the cupboard? For us, that happens way more often than we’d like to admit. The willingness to get up and off the couch is almost never there, though, which is part of the reason we really need this spell. Sure, we shouldn’t use magic lightly. But this helps to improve our lives, making it so our tired legs never really have to move. There’s so much that we can do with magic, and the Harry Potter Wikia points out that this is a spell that’s also very useful in battle.

Question 7


Now we’re in the serious spells. It’s not a difficult one, as it was the first that many students learned when they joined the DA in book five. While Umbridge didn’t think it necessary to learn this defense spell, we think that it’s an essential part of any wizard’s repertoire. It certainly came in handy in book five, when Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, and Luna found themselves battling some of Voldemort’s groupies in the Department of Mysteries. It might take some practice to make it work, but it’s very important to get this spell right! Otherwise, we might accidentally get ourselves rather than our target.

Question 8


On the flipside of our Alohomora, Colloportus is a spell that can be used to protect a variety of things. The Harry Potter Wikia reminds us that this is a spell that’s only effective when used on objects, and not people. It’s not great for going up against Bellatrix, Draco, or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but it is a good spell for protecting our secret snack stash from getting eaten by our roommates. It’s also useful for having secret conferences, especially when we don’t want the Inquisitorial Squad bursting in on us. While it might not be a big spell, it is an important one to know.

Question 9


Nox is a spell that we know deep down in our hearts. It’s one that we use as a counter to another spell on this list, making it just as essential in terms of magical knowledge. Beginners and seasoned magic users alike practice this spell all the time, especially if they’re fans of staying up late to sneakily read ahead in the textbook. Often found in conjunction with another spell, this is one that’s nearly impossible to cast without saying its partner spell first. Any ideas what it could be? Chances are high that even beginner magic users will get this one right. It's a classic!

Question 10


Ever been trapped on the side of a highway after the flying car has ceased running? Okay, okay, maybe that’s not the most common occurrence for us muggle born folks. But for any seasoned magical user it could be the secret to getting saved. Why waste money on survival gear when we have wands, right? They’re just as good for getting attention, especially if we’re using this spell. While we can’t quite remember when this spell was cast for the first time over the course of the Harry Potter series, the Harry Potter Wikia assures us that it’s an essential spell to know.

Question 11


On one hand, Tom Riddle’s diary wasn’t written for the faint of heart. Though, on the other hand, it was written with secret-keeping in mind since most of us couldn’t see what words were there anyway. In a similar fashion to the Marauder’s Map, the words in the book only seemed to appear to those that knew how to make them appear. This is a spell that’s important for any curious wizard to know. Finding out the secrets in a book, map, or piece of scrap paper is easy when we know this spell. Now we just need to figure out what to do with that information when we find it…

Question 12


This is a spell that was created with fun in mind, even if our laughter from using it isn’t always innocent. The spell itself isn’t necessarily a battle-ready one, but it’s great from bursting out in the middle of a playground argument. Having been used a couple times throughout the movies and books, it really is one of the more innocent spells we could study. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, though: the OWLs are approaching as the end of the year comes, and it’s important to study everything! Yes, that includes this hilarious spell as well.

Question 13


A popular (albeit not very nice) spell for any witch or wizard, this is one that might be a little awkward to practice. Not only does it require a little bit of help to perform, but it isn’t exactly the best way to make friends! We’ve seen at least one teacher use this as a punishment for a student being mean to another student, although it wasn’t condoned by the headmaster. Draco got a taste of this spell back in the fourth movie, even though the spell technically wasn’t said out loud. Only the best will know what this spell is used for!

Question 14


This is a spell that the Harry Potter Wikia lists as being part of a witches or wizard’s repertoire, though we don’t technically hear it in the Harry Potter movies. We believe it was cast by Hermione once in the books, to aid them after finding themselves a little bit damp; though, since it was a non-verbal casting, we can’t say for sure. Our magic might be a little bit rusty, but we know that more seasoned witches and wizards than us are taking this quiz. So, what does the spell Ventus do? Any guesses, or is it lost in the swirling sands of memory?

Question 15


This is a spell that we’re guilty of using for dramatic effect more than an actual, practical reason. Sometimes we just want to feel cozy, even if the seasons have other ideas. The spell itself seems to be a favorite of Dumbledore, who’s also a fan of the dramatic (Harry Potter Wikia). We personally don’t know if we would include it in a study guide, but who knows what’s going to be on the OWLs; it’s best to study everything and to know as much as possible. After all, who knows when it might come in handy? Magic powers are really life powers.

Question 16


This is a hard-hitting spell that we think could come in very handy during a battle against Lord Voldemort. While it might not have a direct impact on him, it certainly affects the surroundings we might be battling in. Duro is a spell that will definitely be on the OWLs. Kind of like the SATs of the wizarding world, we’d love to know exactly what the situation was for the witch or wizard who first created this spell. Did they need something to hold on to? Did they need to build a house? We have so many questions. Maybe it’s time to study some magical history too.

Question 17


A little more mean than some of our other spells, this is a great one to know just in case we do ever get caught up in a battle. The practical uses for this spell are actually greater than we might have initially thought. Birthday parties and surprises are so much easier with magic, as no one needs to scramble to hide decorations. Just a wave of the wand and it’s all gone. Of course, this is a spell that more affects the target rather than the objects around it. Either way, it’s a good spell to know. Just be sure to use it for good, and not for any sort of dark magic purposes.

Question 18


We’ll give a little hint for this question, so don’t read on if tips and tricks are unwanted. Many people know this spell as something else. Very few of us have ever, or will ever, cast this spell, as it’s counted as a curse. Not something that’s taught in classes, many of the Hogwarts students saw it happen only once in the fourth year Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Professor Moody used it on what looked like a really big bug, and we still can’t get the image from the movie out of our minds. Who knows what this could be?

Question 19


This fun spell is actually one that we don’t think we’ve heard much, if at all, throughout the movies of the Harry Potter series. That’s pretty surprising, considering the fact that this is a spell that so many of us would have use for. Fred and George likely had used this spell during the great fireworks adventure of 5th year OWLs, but otherwise we don’t believe we’ve seen it used much outside of that. We should keep it in our back pocket, though, just in case the Battle of Hogwarts round two ever happens. Not that we’re saying it should, but it would be cool to have our own Harry Potter moment.

Question 20


Inverse reveals that this was a spell used only once in the Harry Potter series. It’s uttered by Hermione in the third book, and we needed to go back and look up exactly why it was used. As much as these spells usually have some common sense to them, there are a few whose origins are more closely connected to their root words. This is definitely one of them. Hermione used it in the third book in order to hide Harry Potter from prying eyes at what was essentially a bar, but we think there could be some other, more practical uses too; especially around Christmas time!

Question 21


Perhaps this spell was inspired by some unhappy witch or wizard who was looking for the real-life delete button. While we’re not sure if the wizarding world has integrated Cloud-based learning systems into their curriculum yet, we’re willing to bet that this spell still gets a whole lot more use than a delete button does. Whether it’s hiding a secret note from a friend or making that terribly graded book report disappear, this is a spell that has a lot of solid and practical uses. It could even be used in battle, though we’re not sure how long it takes for the effect to start working.

Question 22


We’ve all felt that anxious, tight-jaw-and-sweaty-palms sensation at least once in our lives. Whether it’s talking to a person that we have magical feelings for or it’s born from frustration with the way a person is acting, it’s only natural to have difficulty speaking out sometimes. While this spell won’t fix that sensation, it will allow us to share it with the person that’s bubbling our emotional cauldron. For better or for worse, this is a spell that we should all know. Even if we don’t often get to practice it! Be warned, though: using this spell on parents or little brothers is not a great idea.

Question 23


A far cry from some of the other spells on our list, this isn’t one that’s built for battle. In fact, it’s actually built more for beauty. We believe that this is a spell that’s meant to spread joy, even if it might be used in some less-than-happy places. Whether it’s conjuring something to give to a date, or it’s leaving a gift for somebody’s parents, this is a spell that can come in handy. It’s very specific, but that’s not a bad thing at all. The more specific the spell, the more specific the results. It might even catch us a smile or two!

Question 24


Another spell that’s popular around the holiday time, it can get quite annoying if not used responsibly. Who needs to decorate when holiday magic is floating through the air 24/7? While that might be true, this isn’t our favorite way to make the magic happen. The result of this spell is actually some people’s pet peeve, which means the joy of the holidays might get a little lost in the din. Oh, well; it might not be the most practical spell, but it could be good for a practical joke or two! Let’s call up Fred and George and see if they have any ideas.

Question 25


This spell was most famously used by none other than Dolores Umbridge herself, all the way back in the fifth book. The fifth piece of the Harry Potter puzzle revealed the moment where Umbridge, Hermione, and Harry are traipsing through the Forbidden Forest in order to find Hagrid’s secret. They run into some centaurs and, sure enough, Umbridge insults them and gets herself taken away. Not before casting this spell, though, which has some surprisingly non-damaging effects. If there are any pacifists out there who want to prepare for a magical battle, this is a great spell to learn for it.

Question 26


One of the biggest questions we’ve always had about Hogwarts and the wizarding world in general is how they might protect themselves. Magic can come out of nowhere, at any time. Not only does the caster not need to be near their target, but their powers can often have far-reaching effects even without trying. This is a spell that gives Hogwarts, and no doubt other magical dwellings, a bit of a leg up in terms of the protection game. Casting this spell might take a whole lot of advanced power, but it’s certainly worth it for the peace of mind.

Question 27


Fashion statement, or hilarious misprint in a spell textbook? We’re honestly not sure, and we’re not complaining. We don’t have any recollection of this spell being cast in the movies, but we’re sure that it was done at least once in the books. We can’t quite place our finger on where. Regardless of the time or place, this is one spell that’s a totally classic prank. On the flipside, though, it could also be a fun, summer fashion statement too. This spell takes festival attire to a whole new level, which means it’s a must for any young witch or wizard to know.

Question 28


Mom may not like us using this spell, but we can’t help it. Sometimes we’re just not in the mood to do muggle work, and wish that there was a way to get the same results while using magic. It seems like other witches and wizards throughout the years also though this, which is likely how this spell came about. The Harry Potter Wikia is pretty clear about what this spell does. While it might sound like one that’s good for battle, we definitely wouldn’t bring this into a tussle with Voldemort. Not unless he wants to get his bald head polished!

Question 29


Ever wanted a moment of peace and quiet, but were too nervous to ask for it? We feel that. This spell might be a bit of a mean one to cast without the target’s consent, but sometimes we just have to use it. Take, for example, at 2 AM when our roommate hasn’t stopped snoring. See? Tons of real-world, practical uses. Even if this is the first time a wizard has encountered this spell, we don’t think it’s cause for concern. Most witches and wizards get this on their first try. Even if they don’t, at least the demand is still heard loud and clear.

Question 30


This adorable spell has one specific use, but it can be applied to a few different contexts. The Harry Potter Wikia mentions that Hermione used this spell as a way to get away from some of Voldemort’s lackies a little bit quicker. We think it could also be fun for other bored students to play with, as it’s the kind of thing that many people grow up enjoying and playing on. Is that enough of a hint? This is definitely one of the trickier spells in the book, so it’s okay if it takes a few tries before casting it right.

Question 31


Potentially more of a Voldemort spell than a Harry Potter spell, this is one that could be considered more of a taunt than one with any practical usage. The Chamber of Secrets book featured quite a few of the related creatures, and we’re willing to bet much of that atmosphere was conjured and created using this spell. That being said, it’s certainly not for everyone. We could see it being used to offer a little jump on Halloween, but maybe leave this spell alone for the rest of the year. After all, it’s a little “sssssssneaky” to use this spell on someone without their knowledge!

Question 32


Most famously used by Bellatrix during the big fifth year battle in the Department of Mysteries, Neville just couldn’t stop himself from being affected by this spell. Book five featured both the usage of this spell and the counter-jinx for it, which came after they escaped from the battle. We personally think that this is one of the meaner spells out there, as the target usually doesn’t know what to expect. The spell isn’t very common, and certainly isn’t one that they’ll teach us at Hogwarts. We’ve snuck it in here so we can help make everyone prepared. Being prepared makes for great wizarding technique!

Question 33


The spell might sound familiar, but trust us when we say that it’s not one of the more common ones. Most of our experience and knowledge about this spell comes from the flashback scenes in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, where Tom Riddle is leaving messages. It’s a very important spell to have tucked away in those magical brains, though, as there’s definitely a time and a place for using it. Maybe there’s a grand gesture of love that needs to be made, or maybe there’s an apology that needs to be said. Regardless the message, this is one way to certainly get a person’s attention.

Question 34


We personally love this spell, even if we don’t remember exactly when it might have been said in the books. As far as spells go, Harry Potter Wikia classifies this as more of a transfiguration spell than a classic jinx or battle-oriented spell. Cast against someone (rather than a something), this spell is less of a fashion statement than the Herbifors we looked at earlier. Rather, Lapifors has a different unfortunate effect, which is easily reversed. Save this spell for those intense moments, as it’s not to be played with lightly! This takes a powerful magic user to cast it both safely and correctly.

Question 35

Wingardium Leviosa!

“It’s wingardium levi-OH-sah, not levi-oh-SUH!” We all remember this famous phrase that young Hermione says to Ron, right? It’s impossible to not recognize this spell, as it’s one of the first complex ones that the young wizards learn in Charms class. What better spell to add into a magical quiz than the one that starts us off on our magical journey, right? At the end of the day, this is one spell that we’re proud of knowing. Go ahead: swish and click that answer, and we’ll reveal if this is the score of a great wizard, or just a decent one.

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