Only The Top Glee Fans Can Match The Performer To The Song

Glee was an amazing breakthrough show as it blended the components of a musical and a television program. The show went on for 6 seasons between 2009-2015. The show focuses on the life and times of the glee club at William McKinley High School. On the show, the glee club is immensely disliked and is frequently facing attempts to have the group shut down. The club's enemy, Sue Sylvester, is consistently thwarted in her attempts to shut down the club.

The show received mixed reviews, but luckily, the creators and writers of the show became very good at being able to laugh at themselves. Despite harsh criticism towards song choices, for example Mr. Schuester's multiple attempts at rapping, the show continued to do what makes them stand out. While it was a stellar television show, the music is what made the show the huge success that it has come to be. Over the course of the show, the cast of Glee had over 25 combined songs on the Billboard Hot 100 list. This is the most any artist has had since The Beatles record smashing 31 in 1964. The cast of Glee also toured, doing a live concert series in which they performed the songs that they sing on the show.

Question 1

Who performed Valerie?

glee Quinn

The song Valerie is originally performed by Amy Winehouse. Bruno Mars also performed the song at an awards show, adding even more exposure to the music number. Glee chose to feature this song in the second season. It is performed as a solo by one female members of the New Directions during the groups sectional competition. The song was also accompanied by a dance featuring Mike and Brittany. Luckily, the performance was a huge success and led to a trip to the regionals competition.

Question 2

Who performed Teenage Dream?

Teenage Dream is a song originally performed by pop singer Katy Perry. This number is performed twice on Glee. Once during season 2 as an upbeat and fun number, and again as a slowed down piano version during season 4. The second performance was such an emotional rendition it raised questions from other characters as to what the motivation behind the sad song was, and what was wrong. Both times this song was used on Glee it was performed by the same character.

Question 3

Who did NOT sing Defying Gravity?

Defying Gravity is one of the most, if not the most, famous song from the smash musical hit Wicked. Both Kurt and Rachel express a borderline obsession with the musical hit over the course of the show. There are jokes made throughout the show that apparently Defying Gravity is the only song that can be performed in what is known as a "Diva Off", during which singers perform the same song and the remainder of the glee club votes on which singer performed the song the best.

Question 4

Which group performed Bohemian Rhapsody?

Bohemian Rhapsody is a grand song originally performed by the band Queen. This song is iconic in its own right, and would be incredibly difficult for any singer or singing group to tackle successfully. With that being said, one of these glee clubs decided to attempt to master the number for their regionals performance. This number mainly focused around one main vocalist, but due to the many vocal layers of the song, there were moments for other singers to shine as well.

Question 5

Which duet pair sang Lucky?

As much as some of the glee club members would prefer to have every number be a solo, duets are also a big part of this television show. Glee features all kinds of romantic relationship combinations, thus representing a fairly typical high school hormonal experience. In the show, duets are often used when representing both good and bad times of romantic relationships. Occasionally throughout the series, duets are used to emote the struggles or joys between two friends, or enemies in the case of Mr. Schuester and Sue.

Question 6

Who sang lead on Tik Tok?

Whenever the New Directions have a performance in front of the school, there is one singer they tend to turn to more than the others. It is arguably strategic that Mr. Schuester chooses one of the popular girls that has a great voice and a lot of energy to represent the group by singing lead during these school wide performances. This ensures that the group is less likely to be publicly mocked if the one singing lead is someone other classmates enjoy.

Question 7

Which guest star performed Forget You?

Forget You is a fun upbeat pop song about heartbreak by Cee Lo Green. This special guest star was featured on Glee when Mr. Schuester was sick, and this famous actress stepped in as the substitute teacher. Once she arrived, she quickly realized that the members of the glee club were not given many opportunities to perform the songs that they wanted to sing, as opposed to what Mr. Schuester wanted them to sing. When one of the students say they want to perform Forget You, this actress sings lead.

Question 8

Who sang I'll Stand By You in season 1?

I'll Stand By You is a classic rock song sun by The Pretenders. During the early seasons of Glee, classic rock was one of the main staples of the show. For example, the song performed at the end of the first episode of the show, that came to be a type of anthem for the show is Don't Stop Believing by Journey. Mr. Schuester is an obvious fan of classic rock, and many of the songs the glee club perform tend to be classic rock.

Question 9

Who was NOT a part of the trio that performed Shake It Out?

Shake It Out is a heart wrenching song from the band with many meaningful lyrics, Florence and the Machine. Glee often takes on issues that are sore subjects but common issues, and it uses music as a way to talk about these issues and the feelings which arise from them. In this example, the girls are singing about a bad situation when they discover someone close to them is being hurt. This performance is particularly touching and very well vocally executed.

Question 10

Which character wrote and performed Trouty Mouth?

Trouty Mouth is a song written about Sam, a member of the glee club with admittedly larger than usual sized lips. At one point during season 2 of Glee, Rachel convinces everyone that they should write and perform their own original songs in competition. For practice, many different members of the glee club take turns performing their own original songs. Mercedes wrote a song titled Hell to the No, and it was eventually put towards helping her land herself a record deal after graduation.

Question 11

Which duet pair sang Baby It's Cold Outside?

Over the years, the cast of Glee has managed to perform almost every well known Christmas song possible. Each year some of the song choices became more and more obscure. Baby It's Cold Outside is a romantic Christmas themed duet that sings about the cold weather and wanting the company of a loved one. Love is a big theme on Glee and there are many couples that could possibly sing this song. So, which of the following couples sang this heartfelt Christmas duet in season 2?

Question 12

Who sang It's All Coming Back To Me Now?

It's All Coming Back To Me Now is a show stopping song originally sung by Celine Dion. This song was sung at Nationals as an emotional solo performance. Competitions are always high stakes, but the National round of competition is the highest stakes there are for glee clubs. During the course of the series, the New Directions make it to Nationals 3 times. They came in 12th the first time, they won first prize the second time, and second prize the third time.

Question 13

Who sings lead on Copacabana?

Copacabana is a fun song by Barry Manilow. On Glee, it was performed as part of a week where the lesson was guilty pleasures. Sam and Blaine came up with the idea to get everyone to share music that they consider their guilty pleasures as a team building exercise as a way to get the group to open up to each other more. This led to a number of performances of fun and silly songs that would be incredible difficult to work into a story line.

Question 14

Who sang Safety Dance?

Safety Dance is a fun song about dancing and letting loose. This performance takes place at a mall and is a large dance number that includes the entire glee club. It begins as a sort of flash mob where some people start dancing and more and more people join in as the song goes on. However, at the end of the number it is revealed that the entire number took place in one of the members of the glee club's dreams.

Question 15

Who sang New York State of Mind for their audition for the New Directions?

In season 4, many of the members of the New Directions move on to college, or whatever their next steps may be. With numerous spots open on the New Directions, and coming off of a National championship, Mr. Schuester decided to hold auditions for the group. Unlike previous years of auditions, many people showed up and were vying for their chance to be a part of the glee club. Which of the new members sang New York State of Mind.

Question 16

Who sang America?

The song America comes from the hit musical West Side Story. West Side Story is based on Romeo and Juliet, and it is a very famous and long running musical. Glee became known for their renditions of songs and shows from the beloved world of musical theatre. Glee managed to bring many well known or obscure show tunes to the television, and presented these show tunes to a much younger audience that may not have been exposed to musicals before.

Question 17

Who sang Everybody Hurts?

Everybody Hurts is an emotional song originally performed by the group R.E.M. This song was performed by one of these leading men on Glee. This song was performed during an episode of Glee that was dedicated to taking everything down and performing songs with little to no accompaniment. During a power outage at the high school, Mr. Schuester decides to challenge the students to this stripped down musical assignment. This song is performed with an orchestra and it is explained that what the singer wants to strip down are their feelings.

Question 18

Who did NOT perform Call Me Maybe?

Call Me Maybe is a song originally by Canadian performer Carly Rae Jepson. On Glee, it was performed at the beginning of season 4, and it was deemed the song of the summer. This song was used for some of the members of the glee club to compete unofficially as what they were calling "the new Rachel". Rachel was always looked at as the star of the glee club, and she was given more solos than anybody else on the show.

Question 19

Who sang If I Were A Boy?

Beyoncé is difficult for most artists to tackle vocally, even the amazingly talented cast of Glee. If I Were A Boy is an emotional ballad during which Beyoncé sings about ways in which her life would be so much easier if she were a boy. This song tackles difficult issues. Therefore, choosing the right glee club member to deliver this song and the issues it presents is a difficult choice. Which one of the following members performed the emotionally challenging number?

Question 20

Who sang Beautiful?

Beautiful is a powerful song, originally performed by Christina Aguilera. In Glee, it is performed at a school assembly. This assembly is meant for the cheerios, which is the name for the cheerleading squad at the high school that the New Directions attend. This singer only got chosen to be on the cheerios for their amazing voice. They were meant to sing a different song to impress a journalist. However, at the last minute they decided to share the message of the song Beautiful by singing that at the assembly instead.

Question 21

Which duet pair sang Give Your Heart A Break?

Give Your Heart A Break is a song originally performed by Demi Lovato. On Glee, this song is turned into a duet. It is performed at Callbacks, which is a bar in New York City that many of the NYADA students like to go to for the chance to sing karaoke. Kurt and Rachel bring Blaine and Finn there to show them a small part of their world outside of school. But who ends up singing this Lovato pop hit?

Question 22

Who sang lead on Blurred Lines?

Blurred Lines is an upbeat funky pop song by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell Williams. This song caused quite a splash and was quite controversial. On Glee, the song had the same effect. The glee club sings this song during their protest to be allowed to twerk during their performances. They go out of their way to prove that every new dance has been deemed inappropriate. However, the controversial song choice may have hurt their cause more than supported it.

Question 23

Which duet pair sang L O V E?

L O V E is a song originally recorded by Nat King Cole. Since then it has been famously covered numerous times. One example is the cover sang by Frank Sinatra. On Glee, this song was performed as a duet during one of the Valentine's Day special episodes. Love is a big theme on Glee, and there are many relationships, some of which last, and some of which do not. Which happy couple performed L O V E for the glee club?

Question 24

Who sang If I Die Young?

If I Die Young is a country pop song by The Band Perry. It is a devastating song about the loss of a loved one, specifically at a young age. Glee tends to avoid the subject matter sang about in If I Die Young. The subject matter is a little too dark for a show that tends to be more light and upbeat. Every once in a while, Glee will tackle a difficult issue. But this song was sung in the light of the loss of a cast member.

Question 25

Which two guys sang Unchained Melody?

Unchained Melody is a love song originally sung by the Righteous Brothers. It is an older song, a classic, that has been covered many times over the years. This love song fits perfectly on the show because Glee would not be Glee without constant love triangles. The show, for the most part, is set within a high school. During high school, emotions and hormones tend to run wild. There are numerous complicated love triangles over the course of the show.

Question 26

Who sang I Believe In A Thing Called Love with a special guest star?

I Believe In A Thing Called Love is a classic rock song by eccentric band The Darkness. On Glee, it is performed by a special guest star that was in a number of episodes, Adam Lambert. Lambert is currently performing in a Queen cover band, so although The Darkness is a difficult band to cover, he is up to the challenge. This pop rock performer did not perform the number alone. He performed the number in a guitar shop as a duet with one of the main characters of Glee.

Question 27

Which guest star sang Landslide with Santana and Brittany?

Landslide is an emotional rock song by Fleetwood Mac. It has been covered by many acts, notably the Dixie Chicks. When Brittany and Santana are having a difficult time discussing their feelings for one and other, they are given the suggestion that they should attempt to choose a song and sing their feelings to each other. However, the two do not feel comfortable singing this song just the two of them to the glee club. They ask a special guest star to help them with expressing their feelings.

Question 28

Who sings And I Am Telling You?

And I Am Telling You is from the smash musical Dream Girls. Although originally performed by Jennifer Holliday, recently, it has been popularized by Jennifer Hudson. Hudson played the character Effie White in the film version of Dream Girls. Both Holliday and Hudson leave very large shoes to fill vocally. This number is chosen to be performed at the sectional competition one year. Which leading lady of Glee dares to tackle such an iconic and vocally difficult number for a competition?

Question 29

Which guest star does Rachel sing All That Jazz with?

All That Jazz is the intro song to Chicago the musical. It is also one of, if not the most, iconic song from the musical. In the film version, this number is hit completely out of the park by Catherine Zeta Jones. This is not the first number from Chicago covered in Glee, and it will not be the last either. Rachel tackles this number as a duet/battle with a guest star. It is a different vibe for Rachel and it is nice to see her step outside of her comfort zone.

Question 30

Who sings lead on I Say A Little Prayer?

I Say A Little Prayer is a song performed by Dionne Warwick that was released in 1967. It is an older song that was intended to convey the emotion of a woman upset and wishing well for their men in the Vietnam War. On Glee, it makes the list of songs allowed to be performed by the glee club while they are being reprimanded for singing a song deemed inappropriate. Which of these lovely ladies sings lead on I Say A Little Prayer?

Question 31

Who sang Never Say Never?

Never Say Never is a slow emotional ballad by the band The Fray. In Glee, it is sung during the auditions that take place during season 4. The audition proves very successful, but while the artist is singing they are signalled to stop the song. This angers the singer, who wanted to finish the song, and they end up knocking over a music stand. It was all a misunderstanding as Mr. Schuester intended to put them in the glee club, but was just short on audition time.

Question 32

Who sang Sway?

Sway is a pop styled jazz song first popularized by Dean Martin. Over the years there have been many famous covers of the song. The female girl group The Pussycat Dolls covered the song, as did the modern day crooner Michael Buble. On Glee, the song is performed by one of these men at Burt and Carol's wedding during season 2. This wedding successfully united Finn and Kurt as step brothers, a title which they both grew to love eventually.

Question 33

Who sang Isn't She Lovely?

Isn't She Lovely is a pop love song popularized by Stevie Wonder. On Glee, it is sang to ask one lucky lady from the glee club to a school dance. The other men from the glee club join in and play instruments and sing back up to help their friend have the courage to disrupt a class and sing in front of their classmates and ask out a girl. That is a lot of vulnerability for one person to handle.

Question 34

Who sang Make Em' Laugh?

Make Em' Laugh is from the classic movie musical Singing In The Rain. Covering songs from musicals and giving those musicals a new audience is one of the best parts about the television show Glee. Make Em' Laugh is a number that relies less so on vocal ability, and moreso on theatricality, physicality, and comedic timing. It is a song that talks about how humour is the best way to win people over, and that making people laugh is an easy way to success.

Question 35

Who sang Hopelessly Devoted?

Hopelessly Devoted is a song from the musical Grease. The song You're The One I Want is sung in the pilot episode of Glee by Rachel and Finn backed up by the only remaining members of the glee club at the time, Kurt, Mercedes, Artie, and Tina. In the fourth season, the glee club decides to put on Grease the musical as their school musical. Without Finn and Rachel as students to play Sandy and Danny, the glee club must pick new leads to fill their shoes.

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