Only The Smartest People Can Pass This General Knowledge Test

Everyone loves being right. The internet has made it all too easy to prove our arguments. Or show how wrong we are. But either way, it's pretty cool to be able to say that you're the smartest person in any given room.

What better way is there to prove just how smart you are than with a classic general knowledge quiz? No matter where you stand, we suggest that everyone brushes up on their fun facts before taking this quiz. It won't be easy.

We've put together a nice mix of general knowledge questions in here, which should ensure a nice range of answers. With that in mind, we wish you all the best of luck!

Question 1

What is the biggest US state by land area?

In case you hadn't figured this out yet, the US is a pretty big country. As such some of the states that are present within their Geographical 'being' are unbelievably large, with some even being bigger than most countries. Oh, and yes, that is as scary as it sounds. Obviously.

Question 2

What is the name of the second book in the Harry Potter series?

The Harry Potter books are great and it's kind of hard to argue otherwise. The adventures of this boy, who turns into a man, originated in the written word prior to being thrust onto the big screen. To be honest, and we know this is controversial, we kind of prefer the books, too.

Question 3

How many seasons of The Office were made?

Many of us know about The Office is some form or another, and while we understand that not everyone finds it that funny, nobody can deny that it has an important place in the history of comedy. To this day, we can't help but love and hate Michael Scott in equal measure.

Question 4

Which airport has the code ‘BWI’?

Airports aren't always considered to be the most exciting of places, especially when you get the occasional delay from time to time. However, one thing that's pretty important is the airport code, because if you get that wrong then goodness knows where you may end up travelling to. It's kind of funny, but not really.

Question 5

Who has the most wins in the history of the UFC?

Mixed martial arts isn't a sport for everyone and we can completely understand why, but either way, the Ultimate Fighting Championship marks the pinnacle of the sport and that's just a fact. There have been some elite fighters to have taken part in the organisation, but only one has more wins than any other.

Question 6

Which group was Michael Jackson in?

He may be a little bit controversial, but for the most part, Michael Jackson is one of the greatest singers and performers that has ever lived. One way or another he will live on in the memory of millions, and will have his music experienced and enjoyed for the rest of time.

Question 7

Who won the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

A lot of people don't enjoy the sport of football, but even if that is the case, it's impossible not to tune in for at least one or two games during the FIFA World Cup. Last year's edition in Russia seemed like it was going to be hit or miss, but in the end, it was a home run.

Question 8

Who directed Pulp Fiction?

One of the greatest films of all time? You betcha. This 90s classic was beloved by pretty much everyone you can think of that enjoys a good film or two, and will forever go down in history as being a cult classic. We'd be very surprised if that wasn't the case, anyway.

Question 9

Where is Blenheim Palace?

As the once famous home of one of the greatest leaders to have ever lived, this place is pretty special. It's considered to be an area of natural beauty and it's not exactly hard to see why, and it's not difficult to understand why it's such a popular tourist destination.

Question 10

Which date ONLY appears during a leap year?

Leap years aren't all too difficult to understand or fathom when you really think about it, but it is still a little bit weird. Imagine being born on the day in question, and not having an official birthday again for another four years. You'd miss out on a lot of presents.

Question 11

What brand markets itself as 'The King'?

You've got to be pretty brave to market yourself as the king of your own field, and while we can understand the benefits behind doing so, it's still a little bit odd. Then again, the company in question is one of the biggest players in their respective field, so it must have worked.

Question 12

In which sport is the Davis Cup won?

Different trophies and different tournaments take on a lot of different names and traditions, but throughout all of sports, the Davis Cup is one of our favourites. It brings together athletes from the same nation, that would otherwise be battling against one another. That, in itself, makes it worth watching.

Question 13

Which was Daniel Craig’s first film as James Bond?

The James Bond movie series is one of the longest running and famous franchises in the history of British film, and it doesn't look like that's going to stop being the case anytime soon. They continue to produce classics every few years, enticing and exciting the masses (most) of the time.

Question 14

Which destination is known as Sin City?

If you've ever been to Sin City then you'll understand precisely why it has been given a nickname of this nature. It's one of the most intriguing cities you're ever likely to visit, and we can all but guarantee you won't leave as the same person you were when you arrived.

Question 15

What is Japan’s main form of currency?

Japan is a fascinating country and there are about a million and one ways in which that is the case, but one of the things we consider to be the most intriguing about them is their currency. It may not interest most, but it is certainly a different way of doing things.

Question 16

What is the longest river in the world?

The argument regarding which is the longest river in the world has been raging on for longer than we can remember, and no, that pun wasn't intended. Either way, the real answer marks a seriously incredible point on the planet, and we encourage you to go and see it one day.

Question 17

How many sides does a pentagon have?

A pentagon is a pretty cool shape and it has a certain amount of sides. Seriously, that's what we want to know - how many sides does it have? If you were interested in doing Maths at high school, then we've got a pretty good idea of what your answer is going to be.

Question 18

Where were the last Summer Olympics held?

The Summer Olympics are magnificent, to the point where we'd argue they are the single best thing in sports. The world of sports has changed and manifested in a million and one different ways, but through all of that, the Olympics have stood tall as being as remarkable as you could imagine.

Question 19

What is the capital of Germany?

The country of Germany has a complex history, but in the modern day, it's one of the most stunning countries you could ever hope to visit - be it in Europe or the world as a whole. They have one capital city that has so many different faces that it's impossible to define it.

Question 20

Who is Luke Skywalker’s father?

Any Star Wars fans out there? We thought so. The reveal of Luke Skywalker's father sounds like something that probably should've been on Jerry Springer, but trust us, it was worth it. This was the reveal that made the Star Wars saga what it is today, and that's a fact.

Question 21

True or False: Australia participates in the Eurovision Song Contest

If you're reading this from outside Europe then there's a good chance you don't even know what the Eurovision Song Contest is. Even with that being the case, though, we'd strongly encourage you to go and check it out. If you're a music fan, we promise, you will not be disappointed.

Question 22

Which coast is San Diego on?

There's a big question as to whether or not the West Coast is the best Coast, or the East Coast is the best Coast. It's a pretty odd debate when you really think about it, but one thing is for sure: the Coast in question here is lucky to have San Diego.

Question 23

Who are the current Super Bowl champions?

As is the case with a parade of other sporting events, everyone will watch the Super Bowl even if they aren't a fan of the sport. This past year's edition of the game was contested between two of football's finest, but it wasn't quite the spectacle everyone expected it to be.

Question 24

Complete the play title: Romeo &..

This play, written by William Shakespeare, has taken on a number of different forms over the years both on the stage and on the big screen. It's considered to be one of the most famous Shakespeare plays of them all, and to be honest, it's pretty hard to argue against that.

Question 25

Which country has the highest population?

They look set to be overtaken in the not so distant future, but for the time being, this nation has the highest population at over one billion individuals. That is an absolutely insane figure when you really think about it, and the scary thing is that it's only going to keep going up.

Question 26

Which artist cut off his own ear?

He may not be everyone's cup of tea from an 'art' perspective, but history will talk about this individual in an incredibly important way. After all, when you cut off your own ear, it's kind of hard to fly under the radar from that point on - which won't come as much of a surprise.

Question 27

What is the fourth month of the year?

We have twelve months in the year, at least, by the calendar that we all continue to work with (or that most of us work with). The fourth month in the year marks the slow and progressive changing of the seasons, and also takes us to a point where we are one third of the way through the year.

Question 28

What is the capital of California?

California is an incredibly complex state in more ways than one, and is also one of the biggest. However, despite there being many famous cities located in the realms of Cali, it may come as a surprise for the masses to learn that the actual capital isn't as well known.

Question 29

Which World Cup is being held in England & Wales this year?

This World Cup is particularly popular in certain parts of the world, and isn't quite as popular in Europe - which is ironic when you take a look at where it is being held. It is likely to be watched by well over one billion people, which is saying something.

Question 30

What is the name of the main character in The Sopranos?

The Sopranos is one of the greatest television shows of all time and that's just a fact. There's an entire generation of film fans that are completely 100% attached to this series, and probably always will be. One of the big reasons for that, of course, is the main boss man.

Question 31

What colour indicates ‘go’ on a traffic light system?

You should all probably get this one and if you don't, then we kind of worry for your safety on the roads. Even if you aren't a natural driver, then you have probably been able to learn this courtesy of a video game or two. After all, we've all played Mario Kart, right?

Question 32

How many teams are there in the NBA?

The NBA Finals are currently ongoing between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors, but there are many other teams that spent their season battling it out for the right to try and get to this point. Many of them failed, but specifically speaking, we want to know how many there are in the NBA as a whole.

Question 33

Which of these men is NOT an Apple founder?

Apple is one of the most profitable and lucrative companies in the world, and as such, it wasn't built in a day. Three primary individuals were responsible for building up the brand of Apple from the ground up, whereas one of these four was responsible for another very special company.

Question 34

Which athlete holds the record for the most Olympic medals?

Winning one medal at the Olympics, regardless of the colour, is a pretty special achievement. As such, you can imagine just how unbelievable it is to win as many as this individual did. The person in question is an incredibly special talent, and even that might be an understatement, to be honest.

Question 35

What colours are mixed to get green paint?

We happen to think that green paint makes for a really nice colour, but unless you want to go out there and outright buy it, then you need to get a little bit creative. One of the below combinations serves as a great way to get green paint, whereas the others are just a bit silly.

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