Only The Smartest Gamers Can Match These Villains To Their Games

Everyone loves a good villain. From film to books to TV, a great villain can enrapture an audience, causing them to root for someone they know they shouldn't. Whether it is due to their justifiable motives or just because they're so much fun to watch as they perform their wicked deeds, a good villain can often be just as vital as a good hero. After all, if one of these key roles isn't interesting, the story can falter.

Video games have seen a slew of fantastic baddies since the NES days. A lot of earlier ones may have been a bit uninspired due to lighter plotlines, but they still featured intriguing character designs. And some of them have continued on, appearing in sequel after sequel and becoming some of the most well-known figures in pop culture.

As games have evolved, so too have the villains. Many games now feature morally corrupt characters that push the hero, and thus the player, to reach their goals. It can provide a greater sense of accomplishment, triumphing over some of these deplorable individuals. So it is important that they be remembered and honored. But only the smartest gamers can remember which games these antagonists appeared in.

Question 1

What Nintendo series is Bowser from?

Bowser just may be the most well-known game villain on the planet. He first debuted all the way back in 1985 on the Nintendo Entertainment Console and he's been causing trouble for the hero gamers play as ever since. Known as the King of the Koopas, the dragon-like turtle has a plethora of minions at his disposal. Some of them are simple-minded, like the Goombas that are essentially walking mushrooms, while others are far more complex. Bowser himself has razor sharp claws and can spit fire with ease. But each title has seen him experiment with his moveset. What series is Bowser from?

Question 2

What series is this antagonist from?

Outside of Bowser, Ganondorf is Nintendo's most popular villain though he may be even more dangerous than the turtle. He's appeared in many forms; sometimes as a warlock, sometimes a giant pig-beast. But each time brings tremendous power. The game series he can be found in has entries across several timelines with various villains, but he is usually the one causing havoc for citizens. He craves power, but no amount seems to quench his thirst. He can also be found in the "Super Smash Bros." series. And while he may be slow, he packs a serious punch. What franchise is Ganondorf from?

Question 3

What series of games features Zeus as the main villain?

The stories of Greek Mythology have been explored across multiple styles of art, whether it be filmmaking, book series, or in this case, gaming. Even stories passed down haven't painted Zeus in the most positive light so it should come as no surprise that he appears as a villain in a major gaming franchise. He and the rest of the Greek Pantheon were responsible for major tragedies in the life of one particular warrior. But Zeus was also revealed to be this character's father; that didn't stop the warrior from taking revenge on him. What gaming series is Zeus the major villain of?

Question 4

What sci-fi game is Ridley from?

Games set in a science fiction universe can often have a lot of fun exploring different enemy designs as they can create a creature that resembles nothing in the real world. Ridley is such an enemy and he appears as the main villain in one of the longest-running sci-fi gaming franchises around. With massive wings, giant claws, the ability to shoot fireballs from his mouth, and even an extra tough metal form, Ridley is one seriously intimidating foe. Which is why the hero of this particular series always has a tough time standing against him. What series is Ridley from?

Question 5

What game series features Team Rocket as villains?

Team Rocket may be found in a more family friendly title, but that doesn't mean they aren't some of the most dastardly villains in gaming history. In the series they can be found in, powerful, yet adorable creatures can be trained and strengthened through battle. While many believe this to be a partnership between creature and trainer, Team Rocket views them differently. They only want to use them for world domination and don't care how poorly they are treated. Their leader, Giovanni, is actually an accomplished trainer himself and owns his own gym. What gaming franchise are Team Rocket from?

Question 6

What action adventure game is Rafe Adler the villain of?

One of the things that makes Rafe Adler such an interesting villain is that he doesn't even need the fortune he is seeking. He was born into riches and has wanted for nothing his entire life. What he desires more than anything, however, is the glory. The prospect of doing something himself is what drives him, and that is what makes him dangerous. The action adventure series Rafe is a part of has seen several memorable villains, though he was a bit more personal as he had a relationship with the hero before the game began. What game is Rafe Adler the villain of?

Question 7

In which series can Dr. Robotnik be found?

Dr. Robotnik (nicknamed Eggman by the game's hero for his body shape) is a pretty mean doctor. His quest for world domination has led him to trapping helpless animals inside machines, using them to power his minions. All of his minions were created by him, so this amounts to a lot of helpless creatures. Luckily, the hero is always there to set them free and put a stop to Dr. Robotnik's villainous plans. The series he is from hasn't had the most positive track record as of late, but it is getting a live-action movie released late next year. What game series is Dr. Robotnik from?

Question 8

What series is Albert Wesker the villain of?

The world of gaming has seen a lot of great villains, but nothing stings quite as much as a villain who is a traitor. That's what Albert Wesker is, and his betrayal began in 1996 with the original PlayStation classic. That game took place in a sprawling mansion, which happened to be littered with zombies. It focused on a team of officers as they tried to survive. Wesker was eventually revealed to have been working with the organization in charge of the zombie-creating virus and has since gained some impressive powers. This series just had a new installment released in 2017. Which one is it?

Question 9

What game is this dangerous robot from?

As many villains have proven, they aren't always obvious to spot. GLaDOS is that kind of villain. The game this dangerous robot can be found in focuses on a silent protagonist that wakes up in a facility with only a device that lets her transport herself and other objects to different locations. She uses this device to solve various puzzles, moving from room to room, all while being guided by the voice of GLaDOS. But as players continued on, they discovered this robot was really leading them to their demise. What first-person game can GLaDOS the robot be found in?

Question 10

What classic Nintendo game is King K. Rool from?

Similar to Bowser is this scaly villain, though he may be a bit more silly. He's still just as powerful though, with an army of minions by his side and some powerful attacks himself too. Unlike Bowser's minions, King K. Rool's are a bit tougher to defeat. They range from giant wasps that alternate their flight patterns to barrel-hurling orangutans. King K. Rool himself throws his crown like a boomerang, has an impenetrable belly, and uses his advanced technology to get the upper hand. He was added to the most recent SSB game as a popular heavy character. What game series is he from?

Question 11

What series is King Boo from?

Boos, as their name would suggest, are ghost enemies commonly found in one particular series. What makes them annoying is the fact that they only follow the player when their back is turned. And, being ghosts, the only thing the player can do is try to outrun them and make it the end of the level. King Boo, on the other, is a much more troublesome foe. He has been seen in several games with varying attacks. One of his more memorable was when he nabbed the main hero of the series and was almost successful with his army of ghouls until the hero's brother turned up to save him. What series can King Boo be found in?

Question 12

What series can this villain be found in?

He may not look as intimidating as some other villains, but he definitely is compared to other characters in the games he comes from. He rides around on his massive, imposing ship causing trouble for citizens, but he's also an impressive knight. He has gigantic bat wings that help him fly. He's also incredibly fast, slicing and dicing with his sword at lightning quick speed. Even though his body is small, it's heavily armored. No one is quite sure what he looks like underneath that mask. He's also been a popular pick in SSB for players who prefer speed over strength. What franchise is Meta Knight from?

Question 13

What FPS game can Handsome Jack be found in?

It must take a pretty confident villain to call himself Handsome Jack. The game world Handsome Jack can found in is Pandora, a desolate planet with dangerous creatures and, in some cases, even more dangerous humans. Jack has declared himself the ruler of Pandora by the time the game starts, and the plot follows four unique protagonists who are tasked with finding Jack and putting an end to him in order to bring peace (or as close to peace as they can get) back to the planet. His larger than life persona has made him a memorable villain. What game is he from?

Question 14

What spooky game can Pyramid Head be found in?

A villain doesn't need to speak, or even have a face players can see, to be effective. The game Pyramid Head can be found in has seen multiple entries all with a plethora of intense enemies. But when this monster debuted, he immediately became the poster child for the entire series. The games take place in a haunted town with grotesque monsters around every corner, so it says a lot that this villain is one of the most well-known. He drags around a giant sword, and players are helpless if they're cornered by him. What game is Pyramid Head from?

Question 15

Which game had players go against a giant hand as the final boss?

In the days of arcades, the final boss of a fighting game was an event as it took countless quarters to reach and defeat them. This particular game boss came after that time, but the developers still created an impressive boss for players to go up against. He flies around performing various, powerful attacks such as slapping the player, crushing and throwing them, and zapping them with lasers. Things were made even more difficult in later entries when his opposite, Crazy Hand, was introduced so players could duel them at the same time. What game is Master Hand from?

Question 16

What RPG can Sephiroth be found in?

The RPG series Sephiroth is found in has been a part of gaming for several decades, though each one tends to focus on a different world and characters. He was a former soldier for good, until he betrayed his militia and friends. He was actually one of the most respected in that organization until he went bad. His training and success as a soldier makes him a formidable opponent. He's the archenemy of the protagonist and has been seen in several forms of media outside of the main game, such as an animated film. What game can Sephiroth be found in?

Question 17

What series is this villainous penguin from?

Not every villain needs to be dark, gritty, or imposing. This villain in particular, is very bright, colorful, and silly. And he also isn't always a villain. He's been known to team up with the hero when a greater threat comes along, though the two obviously don't see eye to eye. He's a terribly greedy monarch, though a strong-willed one. He favors a ginormous hammer with which he can batter around his enemies. It has never been made clear how he has amassed the fortune that gave him massive fortresses, but he is richer than any other in Dream Land. What game series is King Dedede from?

Question 18

What FPS game is Andrew Ryan from?

A key feature of many video game villains is the desire to live by their own rules without anyone telling them what to do. While most try to change the world around them, or wrest power from those who have it, Andrew Ryan took a different route. He left the world behind and created Rapture, the city under the sea. He desired a city where people could make their own rules. But this, as one could guess, led to huge waves of crime and disorder. But he doesn't give up his city without a fight. What game is Andrew Ryan the villain of?

Question 19

Which long-running series is Dracula the villain of?

There aren't many villains more iconic than Dracula, Lord of Vampires himself. As a well known character in pop culture, the choice to make him into a video game villain in the first game, which debuted in 1986, was a smart one. He has armies of monsters to send the way of the player, many of which are as tough as nails. He's been seen as the villain in many other games after the first entry, but has also been shown as a more layered villain through the recent anime series of the games on Netflix. In which games does Dracula play the villain?

Question 20

What series is Shang Tsung from?

Shang Tsung is a sorcerer who likes to collect souls of the people he's defeated. Needless to say, he's a pretty bad guy. He comes from an exuberantly gory series of fighting games and one of his signature moves is turning into other various characters in order to use a variety of attacks. He isn't the main villain of the games, but he is one of the most dangerous in the roster. He's been seen in live-action a couple of times, though none are as memorable as his game appearances. In which game series can Shang Tsung be found in?

Question 21

What series is M. Bison the villain of?

From his unsettling white eyes to his dark energy based attacks, M. Bison is an obvious looking villain. He's a megalomaniac seeking world domination, so his goals are pretty standard for villains. Even though he's a little one-dimensional, he's still an incredibly tough boss to go up against. He can fly across the screen, surprising an enemy he comes in contact with. He's also very agile despite his size, flip-kicking with ease. He first appeared in the second installment of this long running series, but he's been seen in every entry since. What fighting games can M. Bison be found in?

Question 22

What sci-fi FPS series are The Flood from?

There are many gamers who experienced The Flood in this popular sci-fi FPS series that still find them incredibly unnerving years later. And that is completely understandable. The way that this parasitic alien species grows in number is by consuming other sentient lifeforms. They can vary drastically in enemy type, meaning that players would have to approach some differently than others. They first appeared in the first game of the series, but were so popular that they were brought back in multiple sequels. Their population has been able to grow incredibly quickly over games. Which series is The Flood from?

Question 23

Which Zelda game can Zant be found in?

While the majority of the games in The Legend of Zelda series feature Ganondorf as the main villain, there are others that introduce someone new. And while he was eventually revealed to be Ganondorf's puppet, he was still an interesting villain in his own right. He came from an alternate dimension covered in darkness and sought to expand that into Hyrule, taking over the land and its citizens. While at first he appeared calm and collected, he began to grow more unhinged as Link kept disrupting his plans. His boss fight was a lot of fun, as he transported the player through dungeons of previous boss fights in the game. Which title can he be found in?

Question 24

What classic platforming series is Dr. Wily from?

One just can't go wrong with a mad scientist as a villain. Similar to Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Wily creates all of his robot minions using his vast intellect. But unlike Dr. Robotnik, Wily's robots are much tougher to defeat. The formula of his games follows the hero through different stages themed after a certain robot boss, which they confront at the end of the level. Defeating each boss earns a new power-up for them to use against the next one, though the order in which to defeat them isn't always obvious. What series of classic platforming games, the newest of which was released in 2018, does Dr. Wily come from?

Question 25

What series of platforming games is Dr. Neo Cortex from?

Another mad scientist, yet from a very different type of game. Dr. Neo Cortex first premiered on the PlayStation in a 1996 3D platforming adventure game, which was so well received that it received a multitude of sequels. And he would be known as the hero's arch-nemesis. He's incredibly short-tempered and doesn't often think things through, at least in the immediate present. Though his schemes are usually elaborate, the hero always finds ways to stop him. His villainous desire for world domination came from other scientists mocking his plans and ideas. What series of 3D platforming games can Dr. Neo Cortex be found in?

Question 26

Which Zelda title is Ghirahim from?

Another memorable Zelda villain and one who made the skins of every player crawl. Ghirahim is an accomplished swordsman, and each time the player fought him, they had to use motion controls in order to get around his defenses. They made for intriguing boss encounters and got progressively more difficult as the game went on. His goals were not of world domination, but to resurrect his master who had been put under a spell centuries before hand. He could be overly confident, and he definitely didn't think much of Link. Which made it all the sweeter to defeat him. Which Zelda game is Ghirahim from?

Question 27

What game is Vaas Montenegro from?

First-person shooters are often praised for their gameplay and graphics, but the story, and consequentially the villain, usually seems to come after those aspects. But Vaas Montenegro proved that FPS games could feature villains that were ruthless and entirely captivating to watch. Performed by actor Michael Mando in a motion capture suit, Vaas was so captivating that he was featured in all promotional artwork for the game. Vaas is a pirate that comes across a couple of unlucky tourists looking for an island to do whatever they want with no rules. His line, "Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?" is one of the key quotes from the game. What game is Vaas from?

Question 28

What game is Vergil the villain of?

While this villain wouldn't appear until a later game in the franchise, he easily became one of the more well known figures in the series. He is one of two children born of a demon and therefore possesses some incredible mystical abilities. The hero is actually his twin, though he has spurned his demonic lineage while Vergil embraced it. He was popular enough to make a return in the special edition of the sequel where players could play as him through his own short campaign. But he is also a playable fighter in the Marvel vs Capcom series. What game is Vergil the villain of?

Question 29

What sci fi series is Mother Brain from?

The series that Mother Brain can be found in is home to all manner of dangerous alien creatures, though she is one of the more well known, having appeared in several entries. She is a powerful AI that was created by a peaceful race, though she turned on them as soon as their planet was invaded by space pirates. She's a villain that seeks to bring peace to the universe by wiping everything out. She isn't very mobile, though she doesn't need to be. She usually attacks with giant beams shot from her single eye. What game series is Mother Brain from?

Question 30

What FPS game is Vladimir Makarov the villain of?

Not every villain starts off as a big bad. Vladimir Makarov, for example, was a minor character in the game he first appeared in. But it was that game's sequel that made him such a force. He belongs to a group of particularly brutal individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. He's extremely strategic, being able to outsmart the protagonist at every turn. He was so clever, in fact, that it would take another entry in the series before the hero was able to get the upper hand on him and defeat him. What FPS game is Makarov from?

Question 31

What RPG series is Xehanort from?

While Master Xehanort isn't the villain in the main games of this popular RPG series, he has appeared as the villain of two of the spin-offs and will be the villain in the highly anticipated next entry coming out in early 2019. When he was younger, Xehanort studied everything he could about being a Key Master, but also found that forces for light and good were much more widespread than forces of darkness. He strove to create a perfect balance between the two, leading him to do some pretty villainous things. What beloved series of RPGs is Master Xehanort from?

Question 32

Which Final Fantasy title is Kefka Palazzo the villain of?

As mostly every entry in the Final Fantasy franchise focuses on a different world and different characters, the series has given the world of gaming several memorable villains. And Kefka Palazzo is one of the more deranged. The game begins with him as the Emperor's court mage, though Kefka schemes behind his back to reach his own goals. With his clown-like appearance, his demented laugh, and a desire to cause pain, Kefka has no doubt creeped many gamers out. He has also been seen in later spin-offs for the series, but the most memorable appearance is his original. Which Final Fantasy game is Kefka the villain of?

Question 33

What sci-fi series is Andross from?

A giant monkey head with hands floating in space is probably one of the more out-there designs for a villain in a game, though Andross wasn't always like that. Just like many other villains, he was once a good man (or monkey) and worked as a scientist for the forces of good. But his genius strove him to learn more, eventually lusting for power over others. After an experiment caused an explosion and wreaked havoc, he was banished. But he would go on to create his own army, seeking to rule over the galaxy. What series is Andross from?

Question 34

In which entry of a popular FPS series is Zachary Comstock the villain?

A villain isn't someone who needs to be seen frequently to be imposing. In the case of Zachary Comstock, the player only catches glimpses of him, yet his threat is felt throughout the game by his minions. Comstock rules over a giant city floating in the sky called Columbia and is viewed by many of his citizens as a prophet. The protagonist is a down-on-his-luck detective who is tasked with locating a young woman in the city, who Comstock keeps as his captive. She can perform incredible powers, but there is even more to her than meets the eye. What game is Comstock from?

Question 35

In which of these Zelda games can Vaati be found in?

The home console Zelda titles may get all the love from fans, but Nintendo's portable entries are still incredible additions to the franchise. And they also tend to feature new and unique villains. Vaati comes from one of these games and, just like other villains, was once a good person. He was the apprentice of a powerful wizard, but his lust for power drove him to betray his teacher. Vaati has appeared in a couple of titles, though his humanoid form has only been seen in one game while his other appearances were that of a monster. What Zelda game is Vaati the villain of?

Question 36

What survival game is David the villain of?

While this villain may not appear until the latter third of the game, he is still one of the more dangerous foes players come across. In this world, most of human civilization was lost when a virus swept through the states, turning people into rage-filled creatures. Years later, it can be hard to find those that are trustworthy, as most tend to look out for themselves. David may seem friendly at first, helping the young Ellie when he comes across her alone. But his true and brutal intentions soon come out. That game is set to receive a sequel soon. In which title can David be found in?

Question 37

What fantasy game is Gaunter O'dimm the villain of?

Some of the most dangerous villains are the least obvious as they can be incredibly sneaky and manipulative. Gaunter O'dimm is one of those types of villains and he is much more powerful than he looks. He can be found in one of the most beloved fantasy action-RPGs of all time, and he likes to make deals with people in exchange for their souls. He can also control time with a clap of his hands, so he's incredibly hard to get rid of. The series Gaunter is from was recently announced to be getting a live-action TV series. Which of these games was he the villain of?

Question 38

Where can this witch be found?

The early days of gaming saw some the silliest villains in history, and that facet continued well into the 90s as can be seen by this villainous witch. Her name is Gruntilda Winkybunion. And as if her name wasn't ridiculous enough, her entire goal is to steal the good looks of the hero's sister and become beautiful. The game consists of the hero going through different paintings within her lair in order to find enough collectibles to unlock the next one, progressing deeper into the castle. She hasn't been seen in quite some time, though she's still an incredibly fun villain. Where can Gruntilda be found?

Question 39

What action platformer series is Dr. Nefarious from?

This robotic mad scientist has been seen in several entries in the game franchise, though was also brought to life on the big screen when the games received an animated film adaptation. He is the nemesis of Captain Qwark, though that is not the hero of the game. His initial goal was to take over the galaxy and turn everyone into obedient robots. This plan obviously didn't work, and he's returned several times with new ones. He even tried to rewrite history so that villains always win. He's teamed up with other villains, but he isn't very trustworthy. What series is Dr. Nefarious from?

Question 40

Which of Mario's adventures did Wario debut in?

Wario is one of the most recognizable villains in gaming history, especially due to his mirror image of Nintendo's Mario. He's incredibly greedy, always seeking ways to amass a fortune. His outside appearance matches his gross, villainous inside, as his Super Smash Bros. appearance sees him use a fart as an attack and he eats a clove of garlic to turn into Super Wario for his ultimate move. These days, he mostly appears in the various Mario spin-offs and his own party games, but he was once a dangerous foe to Mario. Which of these games did Wario make his debut in?

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