Only The Most Street Smart People Have Any Hope Of Passing This Test

We’d all like to think that we could handle anything that life has to throw our way. But the truth is that everyone has their own set of strengths and weakness, which will inevitably result in us being less equipped to handle certain situations at some point down the line. But knowing how our brains work is just one of the many ways we can prepare for future events.

For instance, some people better absorb knowledge through reading and the typical classroom setting. These people would be known as “book smart,” as they prefer to learn in the more traditional sense. Meanwhile, someone who prefers to learn through hands-on experience and social interactions would be known as “street smart.”

While this may seem like a lesser-form of knowledge upon first consideration, those who are street smarts are probably better equipped to handle a wide range of obstacles throughout life. Because while being book smart may result in good grades and a successful job, studying the same thing for four to eight years might leave one seriously lacking in expertise outside of their chosen field. Not to mention that those who are book smart might, unsurprisingly, be more interested in reading a book than conversing with others.

So let's take the quiz and find out who has more street smarts than the rest!

Question 1

Rather play a board game or a video game?

With more electronic entertainment available now than ever before, it can be easy to reach for a video game rather than a board game when trying to pass the time with friends and family. But board games often require more interaction with the players, making way for more shared memories and experiences than one might get with a video game. So would you still rather turn on your console and fire up a game? Or select a good old fashioned board game to enjoy with others?

Question 2

Is it ok to lie to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings?

Most people would agree that lying is never a good thing. That being said, most people lie at least a few times every week, if not every day. However, these small lies are often told to protect the feelings of others. These are called white lies — which most people would agree are harmless so long as they’re told sparingly. So do you think it’s ok to stretch the truth to make someone feel better? Or is it always wrong to be dishonest?

Question 3

Someone is interested in talking to me if they…

When talking to someone — whether it be a friend, family member, co-worker, or someone else — it’s not uncommon to wonder if they’re actually interested in what you’re saying, or if they even want to be talking to you in the first place. So do you think you’re good at judging when someone isn’t interested in the conversation? It might not even be that they aren’t interested, just that they have someplace else they have to be but don’t want to seem rude by ending the conversation abruptly.

Question 4

Rules are…

As the old saying goes, “Rules are made to be broken.” But, of course, the rules were originally made to be followed before someone decided that they didn’t want to obey them. So do you think rules were made for a good reason? Or do you more often find yourself questioning authority and the way things are done? This certainly doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Maybe it even means you’re a better person than someone who always follows along with the rules rather than forming their own opinion about the matter.

Question 5

Rather watch The Office or Rick and Morty?

One of the most popular sitcoms of all time, The Office ran for nine seasons on NBC between 2005 and 2013 — though many people now enjoy watching the show on Netflix or through reruns. One of the many reasons The Office was so popular is that it felt like a spot-on examination of everyday life. Meanwhile, Rick and Morty might not be all that relatable, as it often involves the characters going on out-of-this-world adventures. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find the show funnier or more entertaining.

Question 6

Best way to deal with an awkward conversation?

With people communicating via technology more than ever before, it can be easier to find certain human interactions awkward to say the least. Interacting with someone new or someone who you aren’t particularly fond of can be a struggle, turning the conversation awkward before it’s even begun. So do you have strategies to make the experience more enjoyable, like really trying to take an interest in what the other person is saying? Or do you try to abort the conversation at all costs?

Question 7

Rather work out at home or at the gym?

With 2019 still relatively fresh, many people may find themselves trying to fulfill their New Year’s resolution of exercising more. Many people like to take the initiative by joining a gym. Working out with or around others can be motivating, after all. But gym memberships can also be pricey. Not to mention that it means you have to share the space and workout equipment with others. So would you rather just save the time and money and get in a workout at home?

Question 8

An ex texts late at night. Pick a response.

Going through a breakup can be tough. As a result, many people find it best to try and move on with their life and not fixate on past relationships. This can be especially difficult if your ex ever decides to see what you’re up to at some point down the line. So do you think you would ignore them and keep moving on with your life? Or do you think there’s no harm in seeing what they’ve been up to?

Question 9

Ever cross the street without using a crosswalk?

Jaywalking might not seem all that serious of an offense, but in some parts of the world, it technically is against the law. However, most people tend to think it’s fine to cross the street without a crosswalk so long as there are no cars coming. Are you one of those people? Or do you tend to play it safe and only cross where pedestrians are allowed to? After all, crosswalks were made to protect pedestrians, and in most places where crosswalks are present, the driver has to yield to the crosser (Wikipedia).

Question 10

Rather watch Black Panther or A Star Is Born?

Two of the biggest movies of last year, both Black Panther and A Star is Born are nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year at the Academy Awards. That being said, both movies are very different in tone and might not appeal to the same audience members. Most people know that Black Panther is one of the many installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Meanwhile, others may not realize that A Star is Born is actually a remake. In fact, it’s the third remake of the 1937 original — though the story has changed considerably over the years.

Question 11

Is it better to believe what someone says or question their ulterior motives?

It can be easy to trust your closest friends, family members, and significant other. But that still leaves a ton of other people who we interact with on a daily basis. So are you the type of person who likes to take people at their face value? In other words, do you just accept what they say as truth? Or are you constantly trying to figure out what is going on beneath the surface? This doesn’t mean that you don’t trust people, just that you believe there is often more than meets the eye.

Question 12

The roommate left the sink full of dirty dishes. Pick a response.

Anyone who has lived with a roommate has likely found that they have to get used to the lifestyle of someone else. Even if they’re not particularly messy or loud, they’re bound to have a few quirks that don’t quite mesh with your own. Of course, if they do happen to be a slob, this can be a difficult situation to navigate. You don’t want to find yourself acting as the roommate's mother or father. But at the same time, you probably don’t want to be cleaning up their messes either.

Question 13

Preferred means of transportation?

How you get around in your day-to-day life isn’t just about which method you prefer, it also has a lot to do with where you live. For instance, there are many cities where it can be extremely expensive (and downright impractical) to own a car — especially when everything you need may be in walking distance. Meanwhile, living in a small town or the suburbs may mean you have little choice but to own your own vehicle. But if you could choose, which one of these methods would you use the most?

Question 14

Pick a vacation destination.

If you’re someone who goes to school full time or works 40 hours a week, then there are likely a few things you look forward to more than some time off. Since days of vacation are often few and far between, many people spend a lot of time thinking and fantasizing about how they’re going to spend their time off. So are you someone who would rather kick back and spend some time relaxing nearby where you live? Or do you have the energy to take a trip to someplace new and exotic?

Question 15

Rather watch Star Wars or Star Trek?

You may think that both of these popular movie and TV franchises are both cut from the same cloth. They both involve characters going on adventures in space, after all. But Star Wars and Star Trek have a lot of differences as well. For instance, Star Wars is a lot more about spectacle, and the storyline often verges closer to fantasy than science fictions. Meanwhile, Star Trek often has a much more thought-provoking storyline, which centers on the characters more than special effects. So which do you prefer?

Question 16

Rather have a cat or dog?

The type or amount of pets a person has can certainly say a lot about their personality. For instance, having a cat is often a lot less responsibility than having a dog. Cats can come and go as they please, and they don’t have to be taken on a walk every day as a dog might. Meanwhile, dogs can often be friendlier companions. In other words, they often very excited to go out into the world with their owner. But this also means they require a lot more attention than a cat does. Which one would be the better fit for you?

Question 17

I make the bed…

Walking up and immediately making the bed can start the day off right. It can give you a sense of accomplishment and organization before the day has even really begun, not to mention that it may prevent you from crawling back under the covers. But some people might not find much of a point to making the bed. You’re just going to get back under the covers later that day anyway, right? So if no one else is going to be judging your room, what does it matter?

Question 18

Rather live in the city or a small town?

Those who are more street smart might find themselves enjoying being around people than those who are more book smart. This might mean they would prefer to live in a city, where they are surrounded by more young people who often seem to have a lot more energy. But if you’re someone who is more of an introvert, being surrounded by hordes of people may sound downright draining. In which case, living in the suburbs or in a small town might sound a lot more pleasing.

Question 19

Pick an open mic night talent.

Public speaking is often sighted as the number one thing amongst the general population that they wouldn't want to do. Therefore, the idea of getting up in front of any group — no matter the reasoning — doesn't always seem like the best idea in the world to everyone. But if you absolutely had to get up during an open-mic night and put on some kind of show, which one of these four talents would you find yourself leaning toward? If you don’t think you’d have the courage to sing or talk, you could always stick with something like playing an instrument.

Question 20

Rather watch Game of Thrones or True Detective?

HBO has turned out some of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time, including The Sopranos and The Wire. But two of their biggest shows which are still on the air today are definitely Game of Thrones and True Detective. But while both of these series have received their fair share of praise, they both have very different storylines and tones. So do you find yourself preferring the high fantasy storyline of Thrones? Or the gritty tone of True Detective?

Question 21

Pick an author to read.

Reading is one of the best ways to stay sharp and expand the mind. And just because someone enjoys burying their head in a good book, certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t have street smarts. In fact, many fictional novels are extremely character-based — and those who enjoy learning through experience and other people might greatly enjoy getting into the head of another “person” and examining how they think. So if you had to pick one book from either of these authors, which one would you read?

Question 22

Pick the better actress.

Both Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are two of the most critically acclaimed actresses of their generation. They’ve each won an Academy Award — Lawrence for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, and Stone for her performance in La La Land (Wikipedia). They’ve each both starred in their fair share of hits across multiple genres, so there’s no denying that either actress is talented. Therefore, who you think is the better actresses will simply come down to personal preference. So who would you rather watch?

Question 23

Pick the better actor.

Much like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling have managed to be seen as both movie stars and serious actors. In other words, they can star in blockbuster hits while also appearing in critically acclaimed masterpieces. Last year, Gosling appeared in the well-received First Man, where he played Neil Armstrong. Meanwhile, DiCaprio hasn’t appeared in a film since 2015’s The Revenant — which was the first film to earn him an Oscar after years of being nominated for other performances (Wikipedia).

Question 24

Coffee or tea?

While it’s certainly possible to be a fan of both coffee and tea, most people will probably find themselves preferring one of these beverages over the other at some point in their lives. Coffee is certainly a more popular morning beverage, as it usually contains a good deal more caffeine than most teas. But some people simply don’t enjoy the effect caffeine can have on their bodies. In which case, many teas are caffeine free — meaning they can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Question 25

Rather watch Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings?

Two of the biggest fantasy franchise of all time, both the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series were popular books before they were ever brought to the big screen. Since they already had a massive fan base, both film franchises brought in boatloads of money at the box office. In fact, both The Fellowship of the Ring and The Sorcerer’s Stone — the first installment of each series — where released back in 2001, making it a very good year for fantasy buffs.

Question 26

An unknown number calls. Pick a response.

Even if you’ve managed to break away from having a landline phone, you still might find that you get a massive number of unknown calls to your cell phone. More often than not, it seems like these are telemarketers or pre-recorded messages trying to sell us something. They can be annoying to many, meaning some people might be hesitant to ever pick up when an unknown number calls. But picking up is often the only way to be removed from the call list. So what do you do?

Question 27

Ever pulled an all-nighter?

Some people are very precious about their sleep. They like to get in bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. While most people would agree that it’s helpful to get into a routine, others have no problem mixing things up every once in a while. So have you ever stayed up all night long, whether it be to study for a big test, keep hanging out with friends, or for any other reason?

Question 28

Opinions should be formed based on…

An opinion is an individual viewpoint that someone has about a certain topic or issue. But just because everyone has them doesn’t mean that all opinions are created equal. For instance, some people will only base their opinions on solid research, while others will form opinions based on nothing but their personal beliefs or the beliefs of others. So do you think it’s better to heed the advice of experts, even if you’ve never met them? Or would you rather trust yourself and the experience of those around you?

Question 29

It’s the night before a big test but my friends are hanging out. I would…

Life has no shortage of hard choices. Many of which involve deciding between what we want to do, and what we should be doing. It can be hard to study for a test when you know your friends have plans to hang out and have a good time. Because while doing good on the test may help make you happier in the long run by resulting in a good grade and a successful job, it can be hard to deny the instant gratification of hanging out with loved ones. So what would you do?

Question 30

Rather watch Stranger Things or Orange is the New Black?

Netflix now has no shortage of original series and movies to choose from. Two of the most talked-about shows since the streaming service started releasing original content would have to be Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black. But while both shows have earned their fair share of praise and awards, the stories of both shows are very different. So do you find yourself leaning toward the sci-fi/ fantasy elements of Stranger Things? Or would you rather watch Orange is the New Black, which is based on a true story?

Question 31

Someone I don’t know is being picked on, I would…

You may think that bullies only had to be dealt with in middle and high school. But as you get older, many people discover that these types of people are everywhere. Of course, no one likes someone who attempts to pick on and make fun of others, and it’s important to stand up to these types of people. Or, at least let someone in charge know so they can handle the situation. Even still, many people are uncomfortable confronting someone else, especially when that may put them in the crosshairs of someone like that.

Question 32

Ever texted the wrong person?

If you’ve ever been texting multiple people at once, it’s not hard to start typing in the wrong thread. But if you’ve ever found yourself doing this, hopefully you caught yourself before you pressed send. Of course, sending the wrong message to the wrong person wouldn’t always be a bad thing. But there are certain things you likely wouldn’t want sent to others, which could make this mishap turn into a very bad moment indeed. So have you ever found yourself having to explain yourself?

Question 33

Choose a superpower.

Superhero movies have been dominating the box office for the last few decades. Even just last year alone, Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War went on to be two of the highest grossing movies of all time (Wikipedia). One of the reasons that these movies continue to be popular is because people can’t help but imagine what they would do if granted the powers and abilities of these heroes. But do you find yourself gravitating toward one particular superpower, either because you find it more interesting or think it would be of better use in the real world?

Question 34

Pick a board game to play.

Certain board game requiring nothing more than sheer intelligence in a particular area of study. For instance, when playing Scrabble, the better someone’s vocabulary and spelling are, the better they will be at the game. However, certain games require a lot less specialized skill sets. For instance, in games like Risk and Catan, it’s important to be able to read the people you’re playing against. Can you trust them to have your back? Or do you think they’re secretly mounting an attack against you?

Question 35

Rather watch the MCU or DCEU?

When it comes to box office success, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has the DC Extended Universe beat out by far. But at the same time, the MCU has enjoyed a much bigger head start than the DCEU. Meanwhile, the DCEU also has the unfair advantage of having to follow in the footsteps of the MCU. So just because one franchise may have more critical and commercial acclaim than the other, doesn’t mean you can’t have your own opinions on the matter. Especially since characters like Batman and Wonder Woman have long been popular for decades.

Question 36

Ideal way to spend a Friday night?

A week of vacation may be the ultimate reward for getting through work and school. But every week, most people get to enjoy a Saturday and a Sunday to themselves. Inevitably, there will be a number of chores and errands that need to get done during this time — which is why many people end up cutting loose on Friday night before the weekend even really begins. So do you like to spend this time relaxing with friends and family? Or do you need some time to unwind by yourself?

Question 37

I usually think of the perfect comeback…

Having a good sense of humor can immediately make someone likable. After all, everyone likes to laugh, and being funny is often a good sign of high emotional intelligence. Of course, it’s not always easy to come up with the funniest line or best comeback in the moment. We’re sure even the wittiest of folks have thought of something funnier to say after the remark no longer applied. So do you usually have perfect timing? Or are you always thinking of something clever after the fact?

Question 38

Pick a fictional character to spend the day as.

One of the joys of getting lost in a movie is imagining yourself as the character up on the screen. Many people wish they could go on cross-world adventures like Indiana Jones. Or be a master of magic like Hermione Granger. Unfortunately, these out of this world adventures may never be a reality for us. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t admire these characters from afar and try to adopt their most noble qualities into our own lives. So which one of these four characters would you rather spend the day as?

Question 39

Visiting a fortune teller sounds like…

If you’re someone who believes in supernatural forces, then you might always believe that there are people out there who actually possess the ability to see into the future. But even if that describes you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d want someone to tell you what your fortune was going to be like. Meanwhile, there are those who are all around skeptics, who think it’s a bit ridiculous to believe in the ability to see the future. But that doesn’t mean it still can’t be fun to see what a fortune teller has to say.

Question 40

Rather watch Breaking Bad or Mad Men?

Much like Netflix, there was a time when AMC wasn’t known for turning out original content. But then they started airing shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, which have since become some of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time. While the two series have very different subject matter, they are both chock-full of characters who like to deceive one another — often for personal gain. So which one of these heavily character-driven shows would you prefer to sit through?

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